As well as being president of the Conditional Immortality Association I also pastorThe Church of Christ (L&A) in Takanini and as part of my work with the AdventChristian Conference of New Zealand, the Randwick Park Christian Life Church.
The Randwick Park Christian Life church meets in a Council run Community house.
But we are not the only "spiritual" group that uses the building. There is our smallgroup of Bible believing Christians who meet there. There are three other groups ofspiritualists and mediums that meet there. These people are convinced that thereexist invisible, superhuman "spirit guides" wanting to make contact with people hereon earth. These people are convinced that it is possible and even desirable to makecontact with the spirits of human beings that have lived and died here on earth.
The Bible speaks of invisible, superhuman intelligences, called "angels" or "spirits"(Psa. 104:4, Heb. 1:13, 14), but these are not the ghosts of dead people. Theangels were there with God when he laid the earth's foundation's (Job 38:7). Lucifer,the anointed cherub, rebelled against God (Isa. 14:12-15, Ezek. 28:12-19). It seemsa third of the angels joined him in his rebellion (Rev. 12:7-9). Lucifer became "Sa-tan", the accuser. He and the rebellious fallen angels are still at work on earth.
Angels have the power to assume the appearance of human beings (Gen. 18:1-33,Heb. 13:2). Satan spoke to Eve in the Garden through the medium of a serpent(Gen. 3:1-4). Evil angels can speak through the "medium" of a human being. Asorcerer is one who gains power with the assistance of evil spirits, especially forpredicting the future (Acts 16:16, 18). Moses says that anyone who practices "divi-nation or sorcery" or "interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, orwho is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead" . "is "detestable to the Lord"(Deut. 18:9-12). Unless, they repent they will have no part in the world to come (Rev.
21:8, 22:15).
Spiritism is on the increase in our "enlightened" age. Paul warned Timothy, "TheSpirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceivingspirits and things taught by demons. (1Tim. 4:1). The fundamental doctrine that allthese spiritualist groups share is that which the devil told Adam and Eve in theGarden: "You will not surely die" . "you will be like God" (Gen. 3:4-5). "You have animmortal soul . you just get recycled to a higher spiritual plane."The Bible declares the opposite: "For the living know that they will die, but the deadknow nothing" (Ecc. 9:5). The Psalmist declares, "No one remembers you when heis dead." "Who praises you from his grave?" he asks (Psalm 6:5). Elsewhere hesays, "It is not the dead who praise the Lord, those who go down to silence" (Psa.
115:17). To what? To silence. Mortal human beings cannot save. "When their spirit[breath] departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing" (Psa. 146:3-4). "as a cloud vanishes and is gone sohe who goes down to the grave does not return." (Job. 7:9-10). The only remedy for error is the truth. The whole truthand nothin' but the truth. To attack the hydra of spiritualismby chopping at one of its many heads is almost pointless. Toslay the beast, one must go for the heart. The heart of spir-itualism is the belief in the immortality of the soul. The Wordof God is the sword of the Spirit. Conditional Immortality isthe finely honed edge to that sword which will cut through tothe heart of this demonic beast. Will you stand and fight?Are you using the weapon that God has provided? Pastor David Burge By Carl Josephson
In the last issue we began this series adapted from my Master'sThesis. The first chapter is onPaul's anthropology – what he understood each human was made of. Our conclusion was that,as in the Old Testament, Paul understood each one of us to be a single unit, a living soul, notmade up of two or three separable parts (body/ soul/ spirit). The outcome of this basis is thatfor Paul there was no thought of an immortal soul.
ports neither view. Rather than involves the word pneuma divide the person into three: (wind, breath or spirit - in the Paul's intention is just the op- LXX "chiefly and very frequently posite: ‘May God … sanctify for ruach4 ). Pneuma "suggests What follows is a brief survey you through and through the knowing and willing self of of some of the key anthropo- [holoteleis]. May your whole man and as such reveals him to logical terms Paul employs.
[holokleron] spirit, soul and be particularly apt to receive the Whole books have been written body be kept blameless' at Spirit of God."5 But Paul's use on the subject so this is a fairly Christ's return. Far from dis- varies considerably and it is not superficial treatment of them - secting the person, Paul ex- always certain as to his the point being that they can be
presses the hope that believ- intended meaning. For example read as coming from a monistic ers may, by God's sanctifying in 1 Corinthians 14:2 pneumati understanding of human makeup work, be saved from disinte- may be translated ‘in the Spirit' (the argument remaining open gration and preserved as (NRSV) or ‘with his spirit' (NIV).
as to whether they should be
whole [holos] beings. He joins However Dunn notes that "there read this way).
the three terms together has been a persistent view that (here only in his letters) "for for Paul the human spirit is but There are 15 appearances of emphasis rather than for a manifestation of the divine psuche (‘soul') or a derivative in Spirit"6 and that is the position, the major Pauline letters and the reflecting the Hebrew Scriptural NRSV shows the same sort of D. Guthrie compares 1 position, that this paper adopts.
variety in translation as it does Thessalonians 5:23 with the with the equivalent Hebrew Great Commandment in Yet another important term for word, nephesh, in the Penta- Deuteronomy 6:5 and Matthew Paul is soma (body). While at teuch. Examples are: person, 22:37 in support of this.3 That times Paul uses this term to life, mind, soul, being, you, and is, just as we do not regard the speak only of the "physical me.1 Only once is it commandment to love God with structure and substance"7 of a translationed as ‘soul', in 1 all our heart, soul, mind and human being (eg. Rom. 4:198 ; Thessalonians 5:23, and this strength as indicative of 4 1 Cor 13:39 ) he more frequently has often been used in the de- separable parts, but rather one uses it in a far broader sense - bate as to whether Paul under- complete whole, so too we "Man does not merely have a stood there to be three parts should understand 1 soma, he is a soma. …. It (body, soul and spirit) or two Thessalonians 5:23 as denotes man as a whole, as a (body and soul/spirit) to a hu- emphasizing the whole.
unified, complex, living man being. There is growing organism."10 Thus Paul writes recognition that this verse sup- A rather more difficult case to the Corinthians, "Your bodies are members of Christ" (1 Cor disobeying or ignoring the will designate human capacity for 6:15) and four verses later, of God. Putting it slightly "Your body is a temple of the differently, Moule says, "Man's planning, and decision (cf. 1 Cor Holy Spirit". By this Paul is not predicament is not that he is 1:10; 2:16; Rom 14:5)" and the just referring to "the physical sarx, but that, via his sarx, sin latter connotes "the more body, as though the body was got hold of him." And further, responsive and emotional something distinct from the that this "explains why Paul reactions of the intelligent, whole person, but the body as sometimes speaks of flesh as planning self."19 Robert the embodiment of the whole a realm opposed to Spirit, and Jewett, referring in particular to associates it closely with sin."16 1 Corinthians 2:16 (‘mind of This is a very important Christ') and Romans 1:28 Related to soma is sarx, which argument in assisting us to (‘reprobate mind') says nous "is is most often translated as understand Paul's thinking. He the constellation of thoughts and ‘flesh'. Once again Paul's use does not believe that matter is assumptions which makes up is not absolutely uniform, evil and spirit is good. What he consciousness of the sometimes using it as a person and acts as the synonym for soma (1 Cor agent of rational 6:16; 2 Cor 4:10-11; cf. Gal 4:13; 6:17), but his more communication." He typical use is to denote It is very humbling then goes on to note that "man in his natural, physical the mind is treated "as and visible existence, weak an objectifiable, almost and earthbound."12 As spatial reality in 2 Thess.
Dunn notes, "the sinning ‘I' c reatureliness as 2:2 and 1 Cor. 1:10."20 cannot distance itself from This suggests Paul feels the flesh. …. The problem free to treat different …is …'I (myself) am fleshly.'"13 Or, as C.F.D.
existence almost as if Moule puts it, "The fleshly they truly were separate, outlook … is self-centredness, does say is that it is our very but without ever compromising it is Adam's refusal to accept weakness as creatures that sin the monistic anthropology he his status as a creature."14 Our uses to gain a hold over us - a has. Indeed, were one so suggestion is that this is one of hold that is fatal. He also warns inclined to build it, there the major reasons many that our spirit can be defiled or appears to be a stronger case Christians have held so tightly contaminated (2 Cor 7:1).17 for Paul seeing mind as to the Platonic notion of a(n separable from body than there immortal) soul - it is very If a distinction can be made is for him differentiating to the humbling to accept our between soma and sarx it is same degree between psuche creatureliness as beings of that "the spectrum of meaning dust. Yet, so we propose, this for soma is for the most part is the very essence of our status morally neutral, whereas the Robert Gundry argues that "in before God as revealed in the spectrum of meaning for sarx monadic anthropologies God Pentateuch and adhered to by is for the most part morally tends to become an unnecessary encumbrance, orat best only a distant necessity" However Paul does not Further Pauline terms include because man would then need associate flesh with evil as if nous (mind) and kardia (heart) "nothing from the outside to be flesh is evil (as some forms of which are not sharply himself."21 This begs the Greek thinking propose).15 Evil distinguished from each other question as to whether Paul is sin and the essence of sin is although the former tends to ever thought "being oneself" is the goal of humanity. It rather throughout the whole man"26 in would seem that for Paul "being effect somewhat nullifying his 6 Dunn, 77. He directs his readers to Gen 6:3; in or with Christ" is the goal and own argument.
Job 27:3; 32:8; 33:4; 34:14-15; Ps 104:29-30;Eccl 12:7; Isa 42:5; Ezek 37:5,6,8-10 in support it is sinfulness and weakness, not monism, that hinders this.
7 Webster's New World Dictionary of the Gundry asks, "What in the We conclude this chapter by American Language. Second College Edition(1976) 157.
constitution of man requires outlining our understanding of 8 Rom. 4:19 - And not weakening in faith he God to be there with man?" and Paul's anthropology. Human considered his body to have died.
then replies "But in that man beings are single units but, 9 1 Cor. 13:3 - And if I deliver my body in order that I be burned.
exists as a unity of two depending on where they are 10 Fitzmyer, 1406.
substances, spirit and body, he viewed from, can be described 11 Dunn, 58.
requires the cohesive force of by terms such as soma, sarx, 12 Fitzmyer, 1406.
13 Dunn, 66.
God for true and full being."22 or psuche. Other terms like 14 C.F.D. Moule, "St Paul and Dualism: The This is not Pauline thinking. Our nous and kardia are more Pauline Conception of Resurrection." New need for God is not expressed specifically looking at one Testament Studies 13 (1966-67) 106-23, at 113.
15 Eg. Aune, 296, writes , "The notion that the in terms such as "true and full aspect of our constitution. Paul, body was intrinsically evil …(is)… generally being" but as sinfulness and following the Pentateuch, is considered an Orphic or Pythagorean view deserving death. And our thoroughly monistic in his adopted by Plato." 16 Moule, "Dualism," 113.
greatest need is not unity as 17 2 Cor. 7:1 … Let us cleanse ourselves from such, but life. Indeed, life itself every defilment of body and of spirit.
is a gift from God and for that 1 The full list is: selves (1 Thess 2:8), person 18 Dunn, 71.
19 Fitzmyer, 1407.
alone we are totally dependent (Rom 13:1), mind (Phil 1:27), life (Rom 11:3;16:4; Phil 2:30), soul (1 Thess 5:23), (every)one 20 R. Jewett, Paul's Anthropological Terms: on Him. Paul writes or implies (Rom 2:9), being (1 Cor 15:45), me (2 Cor 1:23), A Study of Their Use in Conflict Settings. at different times of the physical (1 Cor 15:44 (2x), 46), unspiritual (1 (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1971) 450 necessity for the whole person Cor 2:14), and you (2 Cor 12:15) 2 Chamblin, 770. The last phrase, "for 22 Gundry, 202.
to be saved - our body emphasis rather than for definition," Chamblin 23 Eg. 1 Corinthians 9:27 - but I punish my (soma)23 , our mind (nous)24 quotes from D. Guthrie, New Testament body and enslave it, so that after proclaimingto others I myself should not be disqualified.
our spirit (pneuma)25 . This is Theology (Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 1981)165.
24 Eg. Romans 1:28 - And since they did not not in contradiction to monism 3 D. Guthrie, New Testament Theology see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them but rather showing the totality (Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 1981) 165. See up to a debased mind and to things that shouldnot be done.
of our limitations. Actually also Dunn, 57.
4 G. Abbott-Smith, Manual Greek Lexicon 25 Eg. Romans 11:8 – as it is written, "God Gundry doesn't deny this, of the New Testament (3rd Ed. Edinburgh: T.
gave them a sluggish spirit, eyes that would writing later that "The Pauline & T. Clark, 1981) 367.
not see and ears that would not hear, down to this very day".
answer is to locate evil Fitzmyer, 1407.
26 Gundry, 216.
On Saturday, March 25th, 2000 At Takanini Church of Christ (L. & A.) 160 Great South Rd, Takanini Beginning at 7.00pm Meet with Hal Patterson (Director of World Missions), George Teshera
(Area Director for Asia / Pacific) and Russell Carle (An Advent Christian
Missionary to New Zealand). Anyone interested in the work of Advent Christian Missions, New Zealand or in Conditional Immortality movements around the world is welcome to attend. There will be a hymn sing and supper to follow.

" .But it was rewarding to finish each
bers of the faculty at Oro Bible College The Kiwi ability to turn a hand to any- day's labor and see that I had accom-
have lived in and over the last few years thing and everything, and to adapt to pre- plished something for Christ."
we have had discussions with our Fili- vailing conditions has proved a great as- So said a member of one of the six Work pino brothers and sisters with the aim set to past Teams, and will again undoubt- Teams that we have sent out to serve the of assisting them to improve those liv- edly ensure that good progress is made Lord in the Philippines and in India since ing conditions. The prayer, planning and on this year's project. Recent comment discussions have come to fruition this from Rev Hal Patterson, Director of year as we send a great Team of four-
World Missions for Advent Christian These words would be echoed by each teen Kiwis to assist with the construc-
General Conference of America, who of the forty one different people who tion of a much needed two storied, four has just returned from a visit to Oro Bi- have been members of those Work apartment accommodation block, on ble College, indicates that Teams - forty one people who have been campus at the College, which will house "Good progress has been made
richly blessed as they have served the faculty members.
on the faculty housing in the Philip-
Lord on foreign fields, and who have pines. They are anxious for the Team
been a blessing to those they went to The project has been well researched and to come to do most of the finishing up.
well designed and well organised by the One of the things that thrills them in
the Philippines is not
Our seventh Work
only the work [the
Team leaves Auckland
Team] does, but also
the opportunity of fel-
on December 27,
lowship with a Team
bound for Oro Bible from New Zealand. It
College in the city of really means a
Cagayan de Oro in the lot to the na-
When this Team re-turns, there will have been 52 different peo- ple who have been en- gaged in Short-Term tist and Presbyterian. It Mission activity under is heartening to see the our auspices! We give base from which our thanks to God for the privilege and the re- drawn widening to in- sponsibility of such clude churches which Board of Oro Bible College, and con- are not "ex Churches of Christ". Many struction is already well under way - so of this year's Team have heard of our Oro Bible College is the training centre that when our Team arrives on site they teams from friends and families, and of the Philippine Advent Christian Con- will be able to be of maximum assist- have felt the Lord calling them to be in- ference Inc., and this year has a roll of ance. Foundations have been laid, con- volved this year.
36 students (including 4 serving crete floor slabs poured and supporting internships in churches). These are columns built - all of this paid for with The Team includes four ladies who will mainly young people who have re- funds that we have sent up during the year.
have the very important responsibility of sponded to the call of God to equip There will be no waiting for concrete to cooking for the Team - buying provi- themselves for future service as pastors, cure - our men will be able to start work sions in the local market will be a new teachers and leaders in the churches of immediately they arrive! They will be and different experience for them! Team the Conference and in other Christian involved in laying concrete blocks, con- members' skills, abilities, experience structing wooden internal partitions, and ages cover a very wide range, and putting the iron roof on the building, together make a great Team which could Members of previous Teams to the Phil- making door and window frames, tiling, only have been chosen by the Lord- ippines have been very aware of the very finishing, and a host of other tasks - all poor living conditions that some mem- done in the "interesting" Filipino way!!

Please support the team prayerfully
Please support the Team by going to
Philippine pesos or approximately - as a whole and as individuals. Mem- the airport to see them leave and to
NZ$100,000) but there are insufficient bers of past Teams have testified to the welcome them home. They leave on
funds available at this stage to enable the value of the prayers of those at home on Monday December 27, on Singapore project to be completed. Team members their behalf - this minis- personally meet the cost try is an important and of their travel and living essential one, and one expenses whilst they are which will bring daily encouragement to each receiving help from their Team member.
churches. Contributions Pray for safe travel
to the Team funds will - the team has to assist all Team members, have two overnight and contributions to the Project fund will ensure the earliest possible completion of the badly Singapore and one in Pray for safety as
Our Team is going to
they work on the
the Philippines to
assist with the
teaching and
illness and accident of any kind.
Airlines flight SQ286 at 3.15pm. and preaching of the Gospel in the
Pray for sweet fellowship that will
arrive home on Tuesday January 18, be an encouragement to both the 2000 at 11.15am (Flight SQ285). They The past team member who wrote the Team members and to the Filipino will be greatly encouraged to have sentence at the beginning of this article friends and supporters as well as family also wrote "We received much more
Pray for those who have accepted
at the airport at those times.
than we gave our Filipino brothers and
sisters. We could see that God is not
the Team - that they may have You can support the team and/or the
limited by lack of resources, that the
wisdom and patience.
project financially, should you wish to
lost find Christ when evangelism is a
Pray for the families of Team
way of life, that people lead spiritually
rich lives in the
midst of grinding
poverty, and finally
that the bond of
Christ's love is
stronger than iron
and cares nothing
about differences
of speech, clothing,

culture or color of
skin. May the Lord
touch others with
His love in New
Zealand and in
North America as
Left to right back He does in the
Rachel Henderson, Alan Raney (Project Leader), Vivienne As always, we raise funds for the looking to the Lord for similar Raney, Lyn Cameron, Grant Cameron purchase of materials for the project, to blessings, and would appreciate your (Chaplain), David Sadgrove.
ensure that our Teams' visits do not put support for their ministry.
Left to right front row: Grant Aldridge financial pressure on the Colleges. The (Team Leader), Carl Josephson, Scott Lord has wonderfully provided, through Further information from Ernie Tremaine, Kerryn Josephson, Alan His people here in New Zealand, in the United States and in the Philippines, a phone 09 627 2124, The other team member is Joe Ayers substantial amount towards the cost of the project (total cost is 2 million

November 1999
‘Isn't life strange'
Last wee k we were rung by the Police and told that our camp van had been driven into a petrol station in the W aikato area, fil ed with $20 worth of petrol and driven off without payment. They gave the registration plate number, ‘Kids camp'
the Police checked on ‘the' computer and came up with us. The only proble m was our van was being used by our staff at the ‘time of offence' and further more our van ran o n ‘Teen camp'
diesel not petrol. They then decided it was a Holden Ute, not a van and very quickly released us from a ny part in the ‘said' criminal action. Someone said in the ‘12 Steps to Insanity'."we admitte d Please pray
that we were po werless over nothing - that we could ma nage o ur lives perfectly and those of anyone who wo uld allo w us". Two things, at least, prove that wrong: firstly some things happen which are beyo nd o ur control and secondly if we think we are so powerful, ho w come we fail so much? Thank God for 2 Cor. 12:20 "When I am
weak the n I am strong". God is good!!
At Carey Park we see evidence of His goodness all the time. We have a need that we can't do a whole lot about and God meets it. ♦ We were really stretched to do al the ‘Fol ow-up' properly, but now OAC are doing it for us and tha t's so good. This is an importa nt part of our ministry because it's one thing to make a commitment to Christ, it's another to kee p not return ♦ W e have a number of projects that we would like to do, but financially it's beyond our resources, so we apply and receive funds from different Trusts for which we are grateful. We are also grateful to a number of you folk who bless us with gifts and to the ‘CIA' for their assistance. Tha nks to the two people who left something in their estates for CP., again we are grateful. ♦ Unfortunately Sean, Cherie and their two boys Joel & Ben are leaving us to move to Tauranga. We will miss this family , they ha ve quickly become part of us. They have large needs with their two boys who have muscular dystrophy - please pray for them. Sheralyn too is leaving, s he wants to get back into a classroom full of kids. One of her favourite words is 'hullo' - ima gine wanting to go back into a classroom of noisy kids.! Anyway we wish them al God's blessing and look forward to see where their lives take them next. ♦ Wouldn't you guess it though, we had a need - more staff and God met it for us. So here we are lookin g for replacements and God brings across our
paths, two gu ys with just the skills we need. Let me introduce them.

Cam & Sandy Dick and their two children, Ashleigh & Nathan, will be joining
us in January. Cam will be largely on maintenance an d administration , along
with running holiday camps. They have just finished B.C.N.Z. Ca m has also
been very active in Scripture Union camps.

Jarrod & Geraldine Seaton will also come on board in January. Jarrod will be
doing a ‘changed teachers' job, (the job's changed not the teacher) he will also be on
maintenan ce and holiday camps. Jarrod has worked in another camp before
so we are looking forward to him coming. Geraldine is Ralph & Hazel Woods
granddaughter (Graham & Joan's daughter)
So these folks will be joining our team and we're looking forward to that.
Like everyone else we are asking the question - what will the New
Millennium bring for us?
New staff. (please pray for them and us - thanks)
We continue to strive for financial stability and because of the impact of
our economy th at's n ot easy.
One of our goals is to continue to expand our ministry opportunities.
We continue to seek good new leaders to go with those we have for our
holiday camps. (if you know of some please let Tim know 837 0494)
Angela (and Dave), Dave & Emma, Cindy (and Aaron) - some of our
leaders - are getting married in December. Please pray for these as they
have an experience even more exciting than leading in a camp at CP.
Our Father & Son & Mother & Dau ghter camps were very goo d th is year,
although small. We want to see these continue next year with even greater
effect. (one mother- a new Christian - got baptised two weeks after the M & D camp, one father

decided he needed to get back to church)
As was mentioned we have a number of projects lined up and could do
with some physical assistance, like painting, building, electrical or just
manual labour. The maintenance and development in a place like this is
enormous and any help we can get - whacko!!! (give Tim a ring)

If you kn ow an yone you think h as relevant skills and would help on our
Trust Board eg. in the areas of management, promotion, secretarial etc.
then please ring Wayne (09) 827 6857 (he would love to hear from you!!)

Th e challenge of the next century is there for us all. Let me give you another
quote: Challenge: ‘Christians are like teabags. The flavour only comes out when we
are placed in hot water. Something is seriously wrong if we are not experiencing
some form of resistance to our ministries'. God bless you in whatever you are doing
for Him right now, be it praying, giving, serving, doing - whatever. As we give He
multiplies it and great things happen for His kingdom through "whatever our hand
finds to do"

If I Should Wake Before I Die: The Biblical and Medical Truth about Near-Death Experiences.
By H. Leon Greene M.D.
There is a whole host of beliefs in the world today ing through carefully as it offers a good outline ofthat are often adopted and adapted by Christians where medical research and understanding of thewithout careful examination against the truth of Scrip- human brain is at. His conclusion on the subjectture. Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) are an ex- of the book is that "brain perfusion . seems to beample of this. People from all walks of life, from all the most feasible explanation of the origin of thereligious and ethnic backgrounds are NDE." This begins with decreased blood flow to claiming encounters with ‘god' after ex- the brain triggering the sensations reported periencing ‘death' and then being re- with NDEs, followed by the brain try- vived. Dr Greene pulls no punches ing to ‘make sense' of the as to what he believes. He writes, unusual sensory inputs, "As a Christian cardiologist I view which it does in a way that these descriptions of the NDE to be is consistent with the back- at variance both with my own clini- ground of the person having cal observations of patients and with my Christian beliefs." The final section deals with the The book is a clear and logical Bible and while this is a very in- presentation of why he views teresting and well-reasoned sec- NDEs like this. The first sec- tion I couldn't help but think that had tion defines the NDE and Dr Greene understood conditional overviews many of the ma- immortality his case would have jor researchers and propo- been that much stronger. The Bible nents of the popular con- does not speak of us going to heaven cept. It concludes with a or ‘hell' at the time of death, but rather chapter raising some of following the Day of Judgment, after the the major questions that need glorious return of our Lord.
to be asked, such as "Is the methodol-ogy for studying the NDE valid?" "Is it actually Overall this is a very good book and I necessary to be near death to experience the NDE?" would freely recommend it to those inter- "Can the NDE be produced by means other than ested in a careful, reasoned approach to the sub-being near death?" "Is the NDE identical around the ject. As Tal Brooke, President of Spiritual Coun-world?" The doubts raised under these headings terfeits Project, writes on the back cover, "If youare worth serious thought by those, Christian or not, are among the millions who have read Embracedwho believe the experiences are a valid work of God. by the Light or Saved by the Light, do yourself a favor and read this book!" The second section deals with "Medicine and the Near-Death Experience." I found this section of thebook to be a fairly ‘heavy' read because despite DrGreene's efforts at making it understandable by non- If I Should Wake Before I Die is published by Crossway Books,medical readers the use of a certain amount of medi- a division of Good News Publishers, Wheaton Illinois, 1997.
cal jargon was unavoidable. However it is worth read- Ask at you local Christian bookseller.
My recent studies challenged have been placed at the right any healthy, growing relation- me to ‘open the case' against epistemic distance from God ship is to know the other per- conditional immortality again.
to make a real decision. From son better. Just because we As I read dozens of articles this point we can move toward will never fully know our and books related to my The- God or turn away.1 spouse is no reason to give sis topic, from many different up! Our goal as believers and points of view, I sought to re- This is a freedom that lasts followers is to keep growing assess my understanding through out our life time. We in knowledge and understand- once more. It was a good remain free to choose to be ing of our Creator.
exercise. Not only have I be- open to God or to be content come even more convinced of with where we are at (and go It is not uncommon for us to the truth of ‘life only in Christ', backwards? - "He not busy think it a matter of pride that but my love and appreciation being born is busy dying"2 ). It we are doctrinally correct, as of God for who He is has astounds and disappoints me well we might be on this mat- how readily we Christians ter of conditional immortality, give up searching for deeper but there is so much more to As I study and think and write truth and a richer understand- our understanding, even on and preach I realise afresh ing of God. We so easily fall this doctrine, that there is no that the prime reason for ac- into the trap of limiting God to room for complacency. The cepting the call of the Gospel our own understanding. We so Pharisees were correct to is, or should be, a positive re- quickly assume our under- expect a resurrection, but sponse to the character of the standing is correct that we fail many of them still failed to Almighty Creator and Re- to see the need to keep learn- believe in Jesus' resurrection.
deemer. He reveals Himself ing and changing. It is a We must not fail to be ready in His Son as the God who strange irony that as Chris- to keep learning, being open calls, but never forces, us to tians we verbally acknowl- to challenge and change as worship Him; who opens the edge the need for constant others bring the word to us.
way for our fellowship with change because of our sinful- This doesn't mean being Him; who goes to all lengths ness, yet we are often the "tossed about by every wind to restore us into the image in most reluctant to change.
of doctrine', but rather exam- which we were originally cre- ining the Scriptures daily to ated. I am amazed at His God is infinite and we are lim- see if what others say is so.
grace, and astounded at the ited and finite, so by definition freedom He has given us to our quest for Truth can never 1 Clark Pinnock, Flame of Love: A choose to follow or to ignore end – we can never reach a Theology of the Holy Spirit (IVP: Him. Clark Pinnock writes: complete appreciation of the Downers Grove, 1996) nature of God.
2 Bob Dylan, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Human beings are placed Only Bleeding) Copyright 1965 by in a position in which it is pos- Warner Bros. Inc.
What then, shall we give up sible to be aware of God or because we cannot ever not to be aware, to respond reach the end of our task? Carl Josephson to God or not to respond. We May it never be! The goal of Check out our Website it IS up and running at last! A full copy of Carl's Thesis "The Intermediate State in Paul" is available for $15.00 Front Cover photo obtained from IMSI's MasterClips® and MasterPhotos® Premium ImageCollection 1895 Francisco Blvd, East, San Rafael, CA 94901-5506,USA


Exigimos Igual Respeto a los Tratados Mapuche Celebrados con el Estado de Chile. EL RESPETO A LOS TRATADOS INTERNACIONALES Y EL FALLO DE LA HAYA. Por Aucan Huilcaman Paillama. Egresado en Derecho. Encargado Relaciones Internacionales-Consejo de Todas las Tierras. Resultan muy destacables las declaraciones del presidente Sebastián Piñera Echeñique, en cuanto al pleno respeto a los Tratados celebrados con la comunidad Internacional y en especial con los acuerdos celebrados con el Perú y del mismo modo su decisión del respeto y cumplimiento del Fallo que emitirá la Corte Internacional de Justicia CIJ de la Haya. Bajo el mismo principio de la igualdad los Mapuche exigimos el respeto por los Tratados/Parlamentos celebrados con el Estado Chileno y muy especialmente aquel que la historia lo identifica como Tratado de Tapihue celebrado en el mes de enero 1825 y que últimamente ha sido reconocido por parte del derecho internacional.

The Power of NaTure aquaPresÉN® The Power of NaTure There are two main ingredients that define our AQUAPRESÉN products. The power of activated water and whey give our products the effects that make them so WHAT IS ACTIVATED WATER? Activated water is water that has been The AQUAPRESÉN SWISS product line with electrochemically altered and has the ability to activated water as its main ingredient is one of destroy microbiological creatures like bacteria, the most innovative developments in the field virus and fungus. Because this effect is achieved of natural cosmetic of the last years. Activated through an electrochemical process activated water has a broad application field: Through water is 100% natural and lacks any chemicals. the use of this highly effective ingredient our This has been scientifically proven.

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