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Legato Treatment ResultsSkin Barrier Breakthrough System Maria Claudia Almeida Issa, MD, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Clinical MedicineFluminense Federal UniversityRio de Janeiro, Brazil Dr. Maria Claudia Almeida Issa is among the leading dermatologists in Brazil and South America. She has had 9 articles published in dermatology trade journals, and has presented her findings at 15 international conferences.


Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine 2008 8(1), 24-31 Investigation into the mechanism of action of Moringa oleifera for its anti-asthmatic activity Anita Mehta* and Babita Agrawal Department of Pharmacology, L.M. College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad - 3800009, India In the present investigation, we studied the effect of alcoholic extract of Moringa oleifera (M.oleifera) seed kernels on various experimental models of bronchial asthma. Significant (P < 0. 05)increase in preconvulsion time was observed due to pretreatment with M. oleifera when theguinea pigs were exposed to either acetylcholine (Ach) or histamine aerosol. This bronchodilatingeffect of M. oleifera was comparable to ketotifen fumarate. Spasmolytic effect of M. oleifera was alsoobserved by dose dependent inhibition of ideal contractions induced by Ach, 5HT, histamine andBaCl2. Alcoholic extract of M. oleifera produced significant dose dependent protection by eggalbumin and compound 48/80 induced mast cell degranulation. Pretreatment with alcoholicextract of M. oleifera also decreased carrageenan induced rat paw edema, which was comparableto that of standard diclofenac sodium. Minimum inhibitory concentration for alcoholic extract ofM. oleifera was low as compared to cold-water extract and hot water extract when antimicrobialactivity was tested against various respiratory pathogens like Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococusaureus (S. aureus) and pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa). Our data suggest that antiasthmaticactivity of M. oleifera seed kernels may be due to its bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory, mast cellstabilization and antimicrobial activity.

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Asthma Policy Purpose To outline requirements for Asthma Scope All operational levels of Life Saving Victoria Policy Introduction Bronchial asthma or wheezy bronchitis, is a common condition within the community and may affect all groups from infancy to advanced old age. In its most severe form it requires hospitalisation in an Intensive Care Ward but in its milder form does not prevent sporting competition at the highest level. There are several examples of world and Olympic champions who have suffered asthma for years and whose case histories have been described in Medical Journals. There is considerable evidence that exercise is very helpful in the overall management of people with asthma1. A history of asthma by itself should be no deterrent to participation in any aquatic activity including teaching, being taught, examining, competing, or practical lifeguarding providing the lifeguard or student concerned is following the advice of a medical practitioner who is fully conversant with the implications of these activities. Asthma is a very variable condition and LSV recognises that a lifeguard with asthma may be fully fit at some times but not fit for various lifeguarding activities at other times. The responsibility for the


International Journal of Obesity (2004) 28, 1124–1133 & 2004 Nature Publishing Group All rights reserved 0307-0565/04 $30.00 Pretreatment predictors of attrition and successfulweight management in women PJ Teixeira1*, SB Going3, LB Houtkooper3, EC Cussler2, LL Metcalfe2, RM Blew2, LB Sardinha1 andTG Lohman2 1Department of Exercise and Health, Faculty of Human Movement, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal;

London's emergency preparedness guide

preparedness guide A step by step planner to help your family prepare for emergencies and disasters Preparation you can't live without. Using 911 and Emergency Contact Numbers call 911 When you need Police, fire or Paramedic services to resPond immediately When should you call 911? Call 911 if there is: • a medical emergency


EDITORE - PUBBLICITÀ - AMMINISTRAZIONE S O M M A R I O Euroedizioni S.r.l.Viale Lombardia 266 - 20047 Brugherio (MI)Tel 039.28708 - Fax 039.8942601e-mail segreteria: [email protected] IL FEDERALISMO FISCALE NEL CONTESTO DELLE AUTONOMIE FINANZIARIEdel Prof. Avv. Domenico Ciavarella . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IX MANOVRA ECONOMICA (D.L. N. 78/2010): LIMITI TEMPORALI


PHONE #: 051-9208752 Fax # 051-9214797 No.F.1/DS-(A)/2011/Conference/NJMPC Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan (Supreme Court Building) Islamabad 21th April, 2012 INTERNATIONAL JUDICIAL CONFERENCE, 2013 Press Release The 3 days International Judicial Conference 2013 concluded with the adoption of Islamabad Declaration. The concluding session was presided over by the Hon'ble Chief Justice of Pakistan /Chairman, Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan. The Conference was attended by Judges of the Supreme Court, Chief Justices and judges of the Federal Shariat Court and the High Courts. The Chief Justices and judges of the Supreme Court and High Court of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, the Supreme Appellate Court and Chief Court of Gilgit Baltistan also attended the Conference. Delegates from many other countries also attended the Conference which included the Hon'ble Chief Justice of Afghanistan, Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Judge Supreme Court of India, Judges of Supreme Court of Libya and Iran, Judge High Court of Bhutan, and intellectuals, and eminent jurists from the UK, Iran, Afghanistan and India. This International event was aimed at to provide opportunity to the relevant stakeholders to share their views, experiences and best practices to evolve strategies for confronting the challenges being faced in the administration of Justice. On the second day of the Conference, the participants assembled in nine thematic groups which were headed by the Judges of the Supreme Court and co-chaired by the Judges of the Supreme Court and the Chief Justices of High Courts. The foreign delegates also participated in all the groups with great enthusiasm and came up with sound recommendations. After discussion, each group formulated recommendations which were presented in the concluding session by the Chairperson of the respective group on the basis of which a declaration was drafted and presented in the concluding session. The participants of the Conference unanimously adopted the same as a Declaration of International Judicial Conference 2013 wherein it has been recommended as under: Groups I:


Heart Rate Variability : Standards of Measurement, Physiological Interpretation, and . Page 1 of 52 AHA Journals Home « Previous Article Table of Contents Next Article » (Circulation. 1996;93:1043-1065.) © 1996 American Heart Association, Inc. Alert me when this article is cited Alert me if a correction is posted Heart Rate Variability


ANSWERS FOR SCIENCE. KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE.™ High Resolution Separation and Quantitation of Charged and Polar Analytes P/ACE™ MDQ PLUS CAPILLARY ELECTROPHORESIS SYSTEM A Robust, Automated Analytical ToolSCIEX Capil ary Electrophoresis (CE) has global y proven itself in many different research projects and industrial applications, including biological science, chemistry, forensic science, food and beverage, petrochemical, biofuels, environmental safety and more…


Serving People with Developmental Disabilities since 1978 on a World-renowned saxophonist Branford Marsalis made a very special appearance at the newly renovated Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre to receive the 13th Annual Lifetime Inspiration Award. The award, bestowed annually by the Lifetime Assistance Foundation, was presented to Branford Marsalis by WXXI's Thomas Hampson and Patrick Burke, Regional President of First Niagara Financial Group and Chairman of the Foundation Board.


Merkblatt - Fettlösliche Antioxidantien: Vitamin E und (Pro-)Vitamin A Dieses Merkblatt bezieht sich generell auf Vitamin E, Vitamin A sowie Pro-Vitamin A (Carotinoide). Es gilt bezgl. der präventiven Eigenschaften und gesundheitlichen Aspekte dieser Mikronährstoffe für MS-Erkrankte und generell für gesundheitsbewusste Menschen. Insbesondere soll es dabei helfen, Unsicherheiten und Gerüchten bezgl. vermeintlich schädlicher Wirkungen dieser Stoffe entgegenzuwirken bzw. dort Klarheit zu schaffen.


Nous avons conçu cette brochure en tant que guide pour votre prochaine opération du genou. Cette brochure vous expliquera comment et pourquoi vous serez soigné. Cela vous aidera à bien situer tout ce qui se fera ou devra se faire au cours des semaines à venir. Vous vous sentirez davantage chez vous dans notre service, vous


Codigo Monetario y Financiero de la Republica Dominicana Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom. Agosto 2007 Título I: Marco Regulatorio e Institucional . 7 Sección I: Principios de la Regulación del Sistema Monetario y Financiero .7Sección II: Organización de la Administración Monetaria y Financiera .13Sección III:


N.º 240 // Año XXIV // Diciembre de 2015 Publicación decana de prensa gratuita en Navarra Calles sin Tercera San Silvestre para zona ZERT hasta el 6 de despedir el año a la carrera ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! EGUBERRI ON! La prueba, organizada por Barañaingo Korrikolari Taldea con la colaboración del Ayuntamiento,


LA BEAUTE DU VISAGE EN ASIE DU SUD ET DE L'EST : une contribution socio-sémiotique à la Théorie des cultures de consommation (CCT). François Bobrie, MdC IAE POITIERS, CEREGE, Directeur du CEPE (Centre Européen du Packaging) 186, Rue de Bordeaux 16000-Angoulême Résumé : Cette communication présente la synthèse des résultats de plusieurs études des stratégies marketing-communication d‟un échantillon de firmes majeures de cosmétiques, internationales et nationales, dans le domaine des produits de soins du visage, « fairness » et « whitening », en Asie, de l‟Inde au Japon, entre 2006 et 2009.


2015 Board of Directors My apologies to all of you for being so lax in putting out a newsletter. Life just got in the way and I know Recording Secretary many of you can relate. In January, I merged my printing business with another, larger print shop. Lots of little details and here I thought I would have Corresponding Secretary more extra time! Not! Many of you are caring for an aging parent and we all feel the respon-


NeurosurgeryIssue: Volume 36(6), June 1995, p 1112–1117Copyright: Copyright © by the Congress of Neurological SurgeonsPublication Type: [Technique and Application]ISSN: 0148-396XAccession: 00006123-199506000-00007Keywords: Dyskinesia, Morbidity, Pallidotomy, Parkinson's disease, Stereotaxy, Surgery [Technique and Application]

Estrogen and cancer

Estrogen and Cancer Jing Liang1,2 and Yongfeng Shang1,2,∗ Tianjin Key Laboratory of Medical Epigenetics, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin 300070, China; email: [email protected] 2Key Laboratory of Carcinogenesis and Translational Research (Ministry of Education), Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Peking University Health Science Center,Beijing 100191, China; email: [email protected]


Pediatr Nephrol (2010) 25:169–172DOI 10.1007/s00467-009-1284-9 Cellular stress-response modulators in the acute rat modelof peritoneal dialysis Michael Boehm & Helga Bergmeister &Klaus Kratochwill & Regina Vargha &Hans Lederhuber & Christoph Aufricht Received: 9 February 2009 / Revised: 25 May 2009 / Accepted: 15 June 2009 / Published online: 25 August 2009# IPNA 2009


Bacteremia associated with naturally occurring acute coliform mastitis in dairy cows John R. Wenz, DVM, MS; George M. Barrington, DVM, PhD, DACVIM; Franklyn B. Garry, DVM, MS, DACVIM; Kevin D. McSweeney, BS; R. Page Dinsmore, DVM, DABVP; Gregory Goodell, DVM; Robert J. Callan, DVM, PhD, DACVIM become the predominant form of mastitis in herds inwhich contagious mastitis has been effectively con-




Liceo Linguistico "Sophie Magdalena Scholl" ANNO SCOLASTICO 2015 - 2016 CLASSE 5 B DOCUMENTO FINALE DEL CONSIGLIO DI CLASSE (ai sensi dell'art. 5 del D.P.R. 323 del 23/07/1998) Coordinatrice di classe: prof.ssa Roberta Lutteri SOMMARIO 1. PRESENTAZIONE DELL'ISTITUTO


Reproductive Technologies: Royal Commission Final Report(MR-124e) ROYAL COMMISSION FINAL REPORT Prepared by Nancy Miller Chenier Political and Social Affairs Division 22 April 1994 TABLE OF CONTENTS PART ONE: REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND CANADIAN SOCIETY PART TWO: CONDITIONS, TECHNOLOGIES, AND PRACTICES A. Prevalence, Risk Factors and Prevention of Infertility

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LESHIBA WILDERNESS PROPOSED ESTABLISHMENT OF A CENTRE FOR INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE AND APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY ‘… the story of the Mountain and its surroundings should be told in all its intriguing richness and given the possibility to contribute to a better future for humanity.'


Rule-Based Policy Representation andReasoning for the Semantic Web Piero A. Bonatti and Daniel Olmedilla a di Napoli Federico II, Napoli, Italy L3S Research Center and University of [email protected] Summary. The Semantic Web aims at enabling sophisticated and autonomic ma-chine to machine interactions without human intervention, by providing machinesnot only with data but also with its meaning (semantics). In this setting, traditionalsecurity mechanisms are not suitable anymore. For example, identity-based accesscontrol assumes that parties are known in advance. Then, a machine first determinesthe identity of the requester in order to either grant or deny access, depending on itsassociated information (e.g., by looking up its set of permissions). In the SemanticWeb, any two strangers can interact with each other automatically and thereforethis assumption does not hold. Hence, a semantically enriched process is requiredin order to regulate an automatic access to sensitive information. Policy-based ac-cess control provides sophisticated means in order to support protecting sensitiveresources and information disclosure.


Curr Bladder Dysfunct Rep (2010) 5:212–218DOI 10.1007/s11884-010-0067-2 Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Male Lower Urinary TractSymptoms: Epidemiology and Risk Factors J. Kellogg Parsons Published online: 7 September 2010 # The Author(s) 2010. This article is published with open access at Springerlink.com Abstract The epidemiology of benign prostatic hyperpla- sia (BPH) and male lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)has evolved considerably during the past several years. The


Carta dei Servizi Laboratorio Iris S.r.l Via dei Castani, 236 00171 Roma Tel. 06.21 80 24 66 - 06.25 94 381 - Fax: 06. 21 80 12 23 Carta dei Servizi Vers. 5.4 Luglio 2016 ANALISI CLINICHE* ANALISI DI LABORATORIO GENERALE batteriologia - chimica clinica - citologia - coagulazione - dosaggio farmaci - ematologia - esami ormonali - HIV - markers epatiti e tumorali - radioimmunologia - tossicologia ANALISI SPECIALISTICHE breath test - citogenetica (mappa cromosomica su sangue periferico e su liquido amniotico) - esami istologici - intolleranze alimentari - alta specialistica BIOLOGIA MOLECOLARE accertamenti paternità - cariotipo molecolare - indagini genetiche - infettivologia molecolare - oncologia molecolare - prenatal safe ®

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Review and its Relevance to Hospice and Palliative Medicine Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellow Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners John Mulder, M.D. Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program Director Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners • A retrospective review and study (n=4,252) to determine the most commonly prescribed medications in a population of


Networks, Social Learning, and Technology Adoption: The Case of Deworming Drugs in Kenya University of California, Berkeley and NBER Harvard University, The Brookings Institution, The Center for Global Development, and NBER Abstract: We examine social learning using data from a program that promoted use of deworming medicine in Kenyan schools. These drugs kill worms in the body; although people are soon reinfected, treatment interferes with the cycle of transmission, generating positive externalities. Individuals randomly exposed to more information about deworming drugs through their social network were significantly less likely to take the drugs and more likely to believe the drugs are "not effective." This finding is consistent with the hypothesis that those exposed to the program had overly optimistic prior beliefs about net private drug benefits. The combination of strong social effects and extensive social networks among teenagers implies that a "child-to-child" public health approach focused on teenagers will speed social learning. There are large differences between social effect estimates relying on experimental variation (negative estimates) and nonexperimental methods (positive estimates).

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HACIA UN PROCESO CIVIL MÁS EFICIENTE: COMUNICACIONES TELEMÁTICAS. EL SISTEMA "LEXNET" MONTSERRAT DE HOYOS SANCHO Profesora Titular de Derecho Procesal. Universidad de Valladolid1 I. INTRODUCCIÓN Los actos procesales de comunicación -cuya trascendencia no siempre es considerada en toda su dimensión2- constituyen la "correa de transmisión" que permite el correcto funcionamiento del sistema que nos conducirá al dictado de la resolución que dará respuesta a la pretensión de tutela judicial efectiva. Sin embargo esta funcionalidad, con su indudable relevancia, no alude expresamente a su trascendencia más allá del acto procesal, o concatenación de actos procesales preordenados a la obtención de la resolución final; debemos tener presente también que de su correcta ejecución y puntual eficacia depende la plena vigencia de derechos y garantías que forman parte del más amplio derecho fundamental al debido proceso o al proceso con todas las garantías: los derechos de defensa, audiencia y contradicción, con observancia además del derecho a un proceso sin dilaciones indebidas. Recordemos además que no son pocas las nulidades declaradas por nuestros tribunales, precisamente por notificaciones practicadas con vulneración de garantías esenciales del procedimiento que han provocado indefensión –art. 238 LOPJ, vid. LEC-.

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TRANSMISSION NERVEUSE MEDIATEURS CHIMIQUES RECEPTEURS 1. TRANSMISSION NERVEUSE. El e est essentiel ement de 2 types : - Transmission Electrique : Le potentiel d'action (dépolarisation) se propage de proche en proche selon une solution de continuité (la fibre nerveuse), puis il y a repolarisation.

Pii: s0896-6273(02)00899-

Neuron, Vol. 35, 1147–1156, September 12, 2002, Copyright 2002 by Cell Press Human Brain Activity during IllusoryVisual Jitter as Revealed by FunctionalMagnetic Resonance Imaging Yuka Sasaki,1,4 Ikuya Murakami,2 demonstrated to reflect retinal slip due to small eye Patrick Cavanagh,3 and Roger H.B. Tootell1

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