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Lexapro® (escitalopram oxalate) tablets/oral solution

17.2 FDA-Approved Medication Guide Medication Guide 3. Severe allergic reactions: Lexapro® (leks-a-pro) trouble breathing (escitalopram oxalate) swelling of the face, tongue, eyes or mouth Tablets/Oral Solution rash, itchy welts (hives) or blisters, alone or with fever or joint pain Read the Medication Guide that comes with Lexapro before


Hindawi Publishing CorporationParkinson's DiseaseArticle ID 390512 Clinical StudyThe Parkinsonian Gait Spatiotemporal Parameters Quantifiedby a Single Inertial Sensor before and afterAutomated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation Treatment Ana Kleiner,1,2 Manuela Galli,1,3 Maria Gaglione,4 Daniela Hildebrand,5 Patrizio Sale,3Giorgio Albertini,3 Fabrizio Stocchi,3 and Maria Francesca De Pandis4


World Society for the Protection of Animals Methods for the euthanasia of dogs and cats: comparison and recommendations This document aims to provide guidance on the euthanasia of dogs and cats by identifying methods considered humane and methods that might compromise animal welfare. The euthanasia of companion animals is a much


CPD Article: Antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction Antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction Outhoff K, MBChB, MFPM(UK) Department of Pharmacology, University of Pretoria, South Africa Correspondence to: Dr Kim Outhoff, e-mail: [email protected] Keywords: depression; sexual dysfunction; antidepressants Depression and sexual dysfunction are both common in the general population. When they co-exist they have the potential to impact negatively on each other in a bidirectional manner. Medication used to treat depression may cause additional problems with the sexual response cycle; although no drug is completely innocent, serotonergic agents such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) are most frequently implicated in antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction. Adherence to long-term treatment may be compromised, which may have serious consequences. Various psychological and pharmacological strategies, including the ad hoc use of sildenafil, may offer some respite.

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B6 UltimateProfessional Balance Charger/Discharger SkyRC Technology Co., Ltd. 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction.02Special features.05Warning and safety notes.09Program flow chart.14Lithium polymer balance charge program connection diagram.16Initial parameter setup (users set up).18Lithium battery (LiIon/LiPo/LiFe) program.21Charging lithium battery in the charge mode.22Charging lithium battery in the balance mode.23Charging lithium battery in the fast charge mode.24Charging lithium battery in the s


Mixed Methods Research Designs: Applications to Public Health Stephen Lankenau, PhD École des hautes études en santé publique April 11, 2013 • Grant support from the National Institute on Drug Abuse: R01 DA015631; R01 DA021299; R21 DA026789. • Colleagues, staff, and students at Drexel University, University of Southern


ocho razones por las que la juventud norteamericana Cómo se ha aplastado la resistencia juvenil en Estados Unidos Cuadernos de reflexión: La juventud y la rebeldía Nota de presentación: Dr. Bruce E. Levine es un psicólogo estadounidense, especializado en psicología clínica, muy crítico de la corriente principal de su profesión. Escribe habitualmente en diversos medios, AlterNet,

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CURRICULUM VITAE ROBERT KAPLAN MBCHB FRANZCP MA [JOURN] Forensic Psychiatrist Clinical Associate Professor Graduate School of Medicine Wollongong University NSW Australia 332 Crown Street 16 Vernon Street DATE OF BIRTH: 13/04/50 Medical Board of Australia: current to April '12.


Caucus on New and Underused Reproductive Health Technologies Misoprostol for maternal health oral misoprostol was associated with a significant reduction in the rate of postpartum hemorrhage Misoprostol can be used for a number of obstetric compared to women not using a uterotonic.3 A indications that address maternal health concerns. significant reduction in PPH was also observed with

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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Office of the Vice Provost for Research Division of Research Compliance   Institutional Biosafety Committee Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - Tamoxifen Principal Investigator: _ Room & Building #: _ Department: Phone # Date: _ Location(s) Covered by this SOP. Building Lab # Fume hood area Animal procedure Animal Holding


Circulaire d'information n°491 Procès-verbal de la réunion du Comité Directeur 17 & 18 mai 2014 – Holiday Inn (Noisy le Grand) Destinataires : Membres du Comité Directeur, Philippe BOUCLET, Catherine CAUCHY, Jean-Michel Présidents de ligues et Comités Départementaux, CLEROY, Michel DAUMAS, Nicole DAUPHIN, Geneviève Responsables Arbitres de ligues,


Cult Med Psychiatry (2010) 34:132–168DOI 10.1007/s11013-009-9163-1 Post-Soviet Placebos: Epistemology and Authorityin Russian Treatments for Alcoholism Published online: 5 December 2009 ! Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2009 The dominant modalities of treatment for alcoholism in Russia are suggestion-based methods developed by narcology—the subspecialty of Russianpsychiatry which deals with addiction. A particularly popular method is the use ofdisulfiram—an alcohol antagonist—for which narcologists commonly substituteneutral substances. Drawing on 14 months of fieldwork at narcological clinics inSt. Petersburg, this article examines the epistemological and institutional conditionswhich facilitate this practice of ‘‘placebo therapy.'' I argue that narcologists'embrace of such treatments has been shaped by a clinical style of reasoning specificto a Soviet and post-Soviet psychiatry, itself the product of contested Soviet politicsover the knowledge of the mind and brain. This style of reasoning has facilitatednarcologists' understanding of disulfiram as a behavioral, rather than a pharmaco-logical, treatment and has disposed them to amplify patients' responses throughattention to the performative aspects of the clinical encounter and through man-agement of the treatment's broader reputation as an effective therapy. Moreover,such therapies have generally depended upon, and helped to reinforce, clinicalencounters premised on a steeply hierarchical physician–patient relationship.


Pressure transPonders / data loggers with Passive rfid transPonder interface series 21 dc rfid This series is a unique combination of an extremely sturdy, tried-and-tested industrial pressure transmitter and RFID (radio frequency identification) wireless technology.The D line piezoresistive transmitters used to measure pressure are based on KELLER's own chip-in-oil technology. The laser-welded, hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, which

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New Zealand Journal of Botany, 2004, Vol. 42: 815–832 0028–825X/04/4205–0815 © The Royal Society of New Zealand 2004 Diversity of Brassica (Brassicaceae) species naturalised in Canterbury, New Zealand hybridisation. One plant has a fl ow cytometry profi le and a high percentage of malformed pollen that are consistent with being the putative interspecifi c F1


Long-Term Use of Contraceptive Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate in Young Women Impairs Arterial Endothelial Function Assessed by Cardiovascular Morten B. Sorensen, PhD; Peter Collins, MD; Paul J.L. Ong, MA; Carolyn M. Webb, PhD; Christopher S. Hayward, MD; Elizabeth A. Asbury, MSc; Peter D. Gatehouse, PhD; Andrew G. Elkington, MB, BS; Guang Z. Yang, PhD; Ali Kubba, MB, ChB; Dudley J. Pennell, MD


The RCPA(NZ) News In this issue - Professor Peter Browett, Haematologist, University of Auckland, discusses a case of Polymyositis provides an update on Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Update Key Points • lymphomas are a heterogeneous group of malignancies with variable clinical presenta-tion, response to therapy and prognosis.


Credentialing as a Prescribing Psychologist in the Military: A Resource Manual Fairleigh Dickinson University M.S. Program in Clinical Psychopharmacology We are grateful to a number of individuals who contributed to the completion of this manual. The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy of position of the Department of the Army, Department of the Air Force, Department of the Navy, Department of Defense, Public Health Service, Indian Health Service, the United States Government, or any other agency for which the authors are employed. The final content is the sole responsibility of the Fairleigh Dickinson University M.S. Program in Clinical Psychopharmacology.


13. Safety instructions for CR2032 lithium batteries1. Lithium batteries are lithium manganese cells. If you do not use the monitor over a longer period, you should take out the batteries of the device. 2. Never open the lithium battery, do not put into fire, or expose to shocks because Glass Body Fat Monitor with Scale an explosion risk lasts or discharge of poisonous exposure to fumes might possible.


Farbanstriche und Beschriftungen an RhB- Fahrzeugen Farb- und Beschriftungsangaben sind für Modellbahner von praktischem Wert, muss doch entschieden werden, welchem Zeitabschnitt die RhB-Modellfahrzeuge zuzuordnen sind. Meistens gehen mit einer Farbänderung auch andere äussere Veränderungen, wie Beschriftung und innere Gestaltung einher.


It is my pleasure to bring this annual technical report for the fiscal year 2071/72( 2014- 2015). This annual technical report is a routine publication and presents an overview of the programs and activities of Regional Veterinary Laboratory, Pokhara. This report includes progress and achievements, laboratory findings and investigation works carried out during the period. Western development region (WDR) has tremendous scopes for livestock production. Most of the districts in the region have good infrastructures and access to markets, growing tourism and changing food habits of the people favor livestock production to become commercialization.

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Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 5(10), pp. 1836-1842, 18 May, 2011 Available online at http://www.academicjournals.org/JMPR ISSN 1996-0875 ©2011 Academic Journals Full Length Research Paper Medicinal and edible wild fruit plants of Botswana as emerging new crop opportunities Daniel M. Motlhanka* and Shimane W. Makhabu


Diagnosis and Treatment of ImpetigoCHARLES COLE, M.D., and JOHN GAZEWOOD, M.D., M.S.P.H. University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia Impetigo is a highly contagious, superficial skin infection that most commonly affects children two to five years of age. The two types of impetigo are nonbullous impetigo (i.e., impetigo con-tagiosa) and bullous impetigo. The diagnosis usually is made clinically, but rarely a culture may be useful. Although impetigo usually heals spontaneously within two weeks without scarring, treatment helps relieve the discomfort, improve cosmetic appearance, and prevent the spread of an organism that may cause other illnesses (e.g., glomerulonephritis). There is no standard treatment for impetigo, and many options are available. The topical antibiotics mupirocin and fusidic acid are effective and may be superior to oral antibiotics. Oral antibiotics should be considered for patients with extensive disease. Oral penicillin V is seldom effective; otherwise there is no clear preference among antistaphylococcal penicillins, amoxicillin/clavulanate, cephalosporins, and macrolides, although resistance rates to erythromycin are rising. Topical disinfectants are not useful in the treatment of impetigo. (Am Fam Physician 2007;75:859-64, 868. Copyright © 2007 American Academy of Family Physicians.)


Internal Medicine Journal 44 (2014) Australian Centre for Sexual Health, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Key words erectile dysfunction, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, alprostadil, intrapenile prosthesis, In the past 30 years, advances in basic science have been instrumental in the evolution vacuum constriction device. of the male sexual health treatment paradigm from a psychosexual model to a newmodel, which includes oral and intracavernosal injection pharmacotherapy, vacuum


corona española los indígenas significaron: nuevos tributa-rios y nueva mano de obra. Para la iglesia católica los indíge-nas significaron: nuevos creyentes y nueva mano de obra pa- ra las parroquias. Millones también opinan que la rápida despoblación de América no fue sólo el resultado de la sobreexplotación de los indígenas en las minas, cultivos y obrajes; fue también por lacarencia de antígenos ante las nuevas enfermedades comosarampión, viruela, peste bubónica, influenza, etcétera.


The Right To Refuse Hail Abdullah In recent years pharmacy counters have become a new front in the bitter battle over abortion. The refusal of some pharmacists to dispense emergency contraceptives (ECs) or abortaficient drugs all around the nation have been increasing. In Missouri, a pharmacist, citing personal moral grounds, refused to dispense an EC.1 In Texas, a pharmacist refused to dispense such a drug to a rape victim, and in Ohio, a pharmacist was fired from Kmart for obstructing access to emergency contraceptives and other birth control drugs.2,3 This has sparked a controversy of whether or not pharmacists should have the right to refuse to dispense ECs or abortive drugs based on their moral and religious beliefs.


Qualtrics Survey Software ROTARY RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS AWARD Default Question Block Submission Deadline: Friday 29 July In keeping with the international community's current conversation about the need for inclusive economic development and in recognition of the important role that businesses play in advancing economic conditions around the world, Rotary will honor six individual Rotary members and two business partners with our first Rotary Responsible Business Award during Rotary Day at the United Nations on Saturday 12 November 2016.


RCSLT RESOURCE MANUAL FOR COMMISSIONING AND PLANNING SERVICES FOR SLCN APHASIA © RCSLT 2009 (literature synthesis updated 2014) RCSLT RESOURCE MANUAL FOR COMMISSIONING AND PLANNING SERVICES FOR SLCN 2 Aphasia Key Points 1. Speech and language therapists play a unique role in identification and assessment of those with

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IODINATED CONTRAST MEDIA GUIDELINE, 2016 VERSION FACULTY OF CLINICAL RADIOLOGY THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND COLLEGE OF RADIOLOGISTS® Iodinated Contrast Media Guideline Faculty of Clinical Radiology Guideline Name of document and version: Iodinated Contrast Media Guideline, 2016 Edition Approved by: Faculty of Clinical Radiology Council Date of approval: 22 April 2016 Suggested Citation: The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. Iodinated Contrast Media Guideline. Sydney: RANZCR; 2016.


RÉMY MARTIN NIGERIA – WEBSITE T&CS: 1. Information on how to enter and the prize(s) form part of these Terms and Conditions. Participation in this promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 2. Entry is only open to Nigerian residents who are aged 18 years or over. Winning entries will only be selected from individuals who are able to come to Lagos to redeem their prizes. Employees (and their immediate families) of the Promoter and agencies associated with this promotion are ineligible to enter.

Running head: select causes, diagnosis, and treatment

Running head: SELECT CAUSES DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT 1 An Examination into Select Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Submitted to Instructor (with credentials) in partial fulfillment of NR 444 Professional Role Development Regis University SELECT CAUSES, DIAGNOSIS, AND TREATMENT 2 An Examination into Select Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Gaze control for goal-oriented humanoid walking

Gaze Control for Goal-Oriented Humanoid Walking J. F. Seara, O. Lorch, and G. Schmidt Institute of Automatic Control Engineering, Technische Universit¨ D-80290 Munich, Germany (i) development of strategies for walking pattern In this article a predictive task-dependent gaze primitive synthesis and concatenation to a stable control strategy for goal-oriented humanoid walk-


A BRAZILIAN NEGLECTED DISEASE Jansen Fernandes Medeiros1, Felipe Arley Costa Pessoa2 and Luis Marcelo Aranha Mansonelliasis is a filariasis whose etiological agents are Mansonella ozzardi, Mansonella perstans and Mansonella streptocerca. Only the first two cited species occur in Brazil. M. ozzardi is widely distributed in Amazonas state and it is found along the rivers Solimões, Purus, Negro and their


Payments and Quality of Ante-NatalCare in Two Rural Districts ofTanzania Paper 4 from the Ethics, Payments, and P.O. Box 33223, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Maternal Survival Project 157 Mgombani Street, Regent EstateTel: +255 (0) 22 2700083 / 2772556Fax: +255 (0) 22 2775738 Paula Tibandebage, Maureen Mackintosh, Tausi Kida,


THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC STAFF RESEARCH OUTPUTS FOR YEAR 2009 Research Outputs for the Faculty of Arts and Law (FAL) Refereed Journal Articles Campbell, I.C., 2009. Chiefs, agitators, and the navy: the mau in American Samoa, 1920-1929. Journal of Pacific History, 44(1): 41-60. Campbell, I.C., 2009. New Caledonia and French Polynesia since the 1980s. Journal of Pacific History, 44(2): 163-164. Dorovolomo, J., 2009. Games and play school children engage in during recess in Suva primary schools, Fiji


Ashley C. Brown, Executive Director, Harvard Electricity Policy Group Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University Of Counsel, Greenberg Traurig In Collaboration with Raya Salter, Environmental Defense Fund International Experience with Private Sector Participation and Open Access in Power Grids Open Access Component NORTH AMERICA: THE UNITED STATES Competition and the Development of the U.S. Electricity Sector: Competition in U.S. electricity


PRC-2090 Tactical HF radio system Features include:- 1.6 MHz to 30 MHz continuous coverage Lightweight and compact All modes J3E (USB, LSB), H3E (AM) J2A (CW) J2B Fully immersible to one metre Detachable display for remote extended control Advanced tactical handset

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Ent-Setzte Lektüren.Literarische Bildung und ästhetischeIndividualität in Antoni Tàpies'Memòria personal Gerhard Wild (Frankfurt am Main) l'esprit n'achève rien par soi-même (Paul Valéry, 1957: 622) „ 1 Ästhetische Erfahrung als Selbst-(Er)findung Mehr als einmal hat sich Antoni Tàpies generell zur schriftstellerischen Tätigkeit bildender Künstler geäußert und beklagt, dass in Spanien nach

Biowaiver monographs for immediate release solid oral dosage forms based on biopharmaceutics classification system (bcs) literature data: chloroquine phosphate, chloroquine sulfate, and chloroquine hydrochloride

Biowaiver Monographs for Immediate Release Solid OralDosage Forms Based on Biopharmaceutics ClassificationSystem (BCS) Literature Data: Chloroquine Phosphate,Chloroquine Sulfate, and Chloroquine Hydrochloride R.K. VERBEECK,1 H.E. JUNGINGER,2 K.K. MIDHA,3 V.P. SHAH,4 D.M. BARENDS5 1Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa 2Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, Leiden University, Division of Pharmaceutical Technology,Leiden, The Netherlands


Adv Ther (2009) 26(4):447-454. ORIGINAL RESEARCH Rate of Bacterial Eradication by Ophthalmic Solutions of Fourth-Generation Fluoroquinolones Michelle C. Callegan ∙ Billy D. Novosad ∙ Raniyah T. Ramadan ∙ Brandt Wiskur ∙ Andrea L. Moyer Received: February 25, 2009 / Published online: April 16, 2009 / Printed: May 8, 2009 © Springer Healthcare Communications 2009

Effect of robotic milling on periprosthetic bone remodeling

Effect of Robotic Milling on Periprosthetic Bone Remodeling Takehito Hananouchi,1 Nobuhiko Sugano,1 Takashi Nishii,1 Nobuo Nakamura,2 Hidenobu Miki,1Akihiro Kakimoto,2 Mitsuyoshi Yamamura,2 Hideki Yoshikawa1 1Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka, Japan 2Center of Arthroplasty, Kyowakai hospital, Osaka, Japan Received 6 June 2006; accepted 26 December 2006

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RIA / Vol. 37 / N.À 2 Study and evolution of the qualityof raw milk from dairy farms in thenorthwest of the province of Santa Feand south of the province of Santiagodel Estero, Argentina (1993 – 2009) REVELLI, G.R.1; SBODIO, O.A.2; TERCERO, E.J.2 A total of 10,704 raw milk samples from a bulk tank were collected on 55 dairy farms associated to the Coo- perativa Tambera y Agropecuaria Nueva Alpina Ltda. between 1993 and 2009. Physicochemical, microbiologicaland sanitary parameters were analyzed within the framework of the Comprehensive Milk Quality ImprovementProgram to determine the mean values that characterize the zone. The following values were found: Acidity:16.30 ± 0.96 °D, pH: 6.68 ± 0.04, Fat: 3.48 ± 0.24%, True Protein: 3.11 ± 0.12%, Lactose: 4.74 ± 0.16%, Ash:0.70 ± 0.09%, Total Solids: 12.18 ± 0.42%, Freezing Point: -0.530 ± 0.02 °C, Total Bacterial Count: 9.6 x 104± 2.2 x 105 CFU/ml, Somatic Cell Count: 407,000 ± 230,000 cells/ml and Antibiotic Residues: 99.64% Negative.The most significant correlations were: Fat vs Total Solids (r = 0.784; P < 0.001) and True Protein vs TotalSolids (r = 0.557; P < 0.001). The compositional quality of raw milk from dairy farms in the northwest of SantaFe and south of Santiago del Estero were studied over a period of 17 years and showed a significant improve-ment, particularly regarding the indicators that infer a high industrial value. Optimization of the producers' ma-nagement capacity and the operational quality of dairy farmers contributed to achieve these results.


Thank you for purchasing IMAX B8 charger. This is h i g h - s p e e d r e c h a r g e / d i s c h a r g e e q u i p m e n t manufactured with high technology & professional control software. It enables you maintain your battery with optimal status with high level of safety. Optimized user interface When charging or discharging, B8 has an function that sets the feeding


a fact sheet from react – action on antibiotic resistance, www.reactgroup.org First edition May 2008 Burden of Antibiotic Resistance on Women's Health u Sepsis is still one of the major cau- adequate treatment of the mother Newborn babies may become blind. ses of death following abortion and


Braz J Cardiovasc Surg 2016;31(2):106-14 Clopidogrel use After Myocardial Revascularization: Prevalence, Predictors, and One-Year Survival Rate Paulo Roberto L. Prates1,2, MD; Judson B. Williams3,4, MD; Rajendra H. Mehta4,5, MD, MSc; Susanna R. Stevens5, MSc; Laine Thomas5, PhD; Peter K. Smith3, MD; L. Kristin Newby4,5, MD; Renato A. K. Kalil1,2, MD, PhD; John H. Alexander4,5, MD, MHS; Renato D. Lopes4,5, MD, PhD


Type II Diabetes Targets:• HbA1c ≤7% (53 mmol/mol)** HbA1c can be used for screening, diagnosis and ongoing • Lipids: TC<4, TG<2, HDL>1, LDL<1.8 mmol/L Early detection and glycaemic control can prevent serious monitoring of diabetes. (See FLOWCHART) Interpretation of HbA1c: • BMI <25kg/m2 • All Aboriginal people over 15 years of age.


Revista de GeoGRafía espacios Vol. 3, No6: 63-97, 2013 La memoria emplazada: proceso de memorialización y lugaridad en post-dictaduraTHE PLACED MEMORY: THE PROCESS OF MEMORIALIZATION AND PLACE IN POST- DICTATORSHIP. Gabriela Raposo QuintanaFacultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Universidad de ChileE-mail: [email protected] ResumenEste texto expone y discute temáticas y conceptos útiles a la comprensión del proceso de me-morialización en Chile, tanto aquel impulsado desde el Estado como aquellos que nacen desde su oposición. Paralelamente se realiza una bajada práctica a partir de la exposición de un caso de estudio –Villa Francia– haciéndolo dialogar con los principales tópicos que hoy en día se trabajan desde los estudios de las memorias post-dictadura. Uno de los aspectos centrales que se aborda es la relación entre espacialidad y memoria, como resultado de las expresiones materiales y sim-bólicas que ha conllevado el proceso de memorialización. Ejemplificado en Villa Francia, se expone como se da esta relación en una comunidad que disiente de los contenidos y expresiones de la memoria oficial. Para la incorporación del caso se ha recurrido a información obtenida a partir de entrevistas en profundidad, observación de campo y recopilación de imágenes fotográficas1.Palabras Clave: Memorialización, dictadura militar, geografía cultural, lugaridad, Villa Francia

Revista enfoques . pragmatismo ecológico en américa latina: precomprensión y perspectiva de la sustentabilidad

Pragmatismo ecológico en América Latina: Precomprensión y perspectiva de la Hugo Rodríguez Uribe* Esta es una explicación acerca del proceso histórico que concluye en diferentes pers-pectivas de conocimiento, preservación o alteración en los sistemas naturales. Habla-mos de sistemas de ideas delimitados e integrales vinculados con valores y particularesmecanismos que establecen la relación entre el hombre y el entorno ambiental. Sonsistemas diferenciados de ideas que encontramos asociados con comunidades étnicas orurales y sectores liberales de la población nacional. La solución que hallamos destacael retorno a un mundo que aparece bajo el lenguaje analógico, valores que derivan dela racionalidad de la naturaleza y la inclusión de comunidades marginales como parteimportante en la concepción de la política pública. Es obvio, crear las condiciones parapromover la inserción de comunidades en una escena donde los políticos prejuzgancon valores liberales, anticipa dificultades para alcanzar ese objetivo. La solución portanto, no consiste en esperar bondad del poder político, será la condición de riesgo porla escasez de recursos y la acción social basada en ideas verdes, una nueva condiciónpara establecer una política coactiva en beneficio de las mayorías. Eso aparece comoperspectiva común y en algunos casos como utopía en América Latina.


Hong Kong Results Review FY15: beat consensus but missed ours Industrial Misc. Manufacturer Neutral (Maintained) Tianneng Power Decent Outlook Priced In Bloomberg Ticker: In the post results meeting, management highlighted the aggressive Share Data lithium batteries capacity expansion plan and the auto industry's Avg Daily Turnover (HKD/USD)

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Etude Suisse sur la santé des enfants après une maladie grave Questionnaire pour les parents Ce questionnaire s'intéresse à la santé et à la qualité de vie des enfants qui ont été atteints d'une maladie grave (cancer, leucémie ou tumeur). Les résultats aideront les médecins à améliorer le traitement et le suivi de ces enfants. Vos réponses resteront strictement confidentielles. La première page con-tenant votre nom sera détachée du questionnaire et traitée de façon confidentielle. Ensuite les données seront saisies et analysées anonymement.


RAMCO Catalogue 2014 RAMCO . DK-8920 Randers NV . Denmark . Tlf +45 86 401 789 . www.RAMCO.dk . E-MAil [email protected] Dear Ladies and Gentlemen anddear friends of RAMCO. We are pleased to present our latest RAMCO-Catalogue "March 2014". Diagnostica ( kits, reagents & Point Of Care ) . 3 - 10 Please note, that the articles shown in this catalogue is only part of our range. We got more than 10,000 articles numbers in our range.

The broad-host-range plasmid psfa231 isolated from petroleum-contaminated sediment represents a new member of the proma plasmid family

1,2, 3, Yafei Wang 1, , 1,2, Shan Yang 1, 1 and1* 1 State Key Laboratory of Forest and Soil Ecology, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, China2 College of Resources and Environment, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China3 Department of Biological Sciences, Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA

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