Vanquish uhplc system: revolutionize your uhplc experience

Thermo Scientific
Vanquish UHPLC System
Revolutionize Your
UHPLC Experience

We feel that achieving better performance is not the same as spending more effort. We know that every breakthrough starts with a challenge. We want that challenge to be your science, not your instrument. Our mission is to let you find better answers, more answers, and get them faster. Make your life as a chromatographer easier by seeing what you couldn't see before and doing what you couldn't do before.
In 2010 we embraced UHPLC as the standard for all our liquid chromatography systems. Now we offer the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ UHPLC system, combining all our knowledge and passion for chromatography into one revolutionary instrument.

What is the Vanquish UHPLC System?
The Vanquish system was built around the column and the user to deliver better separations, more results, and easier interaction. The Vanquish UHPLC system is an integrated, fully biocompatible system, addressing the needs of chromatographers performing state-of-the-art UHPLC. The Vanquish system can …
… drive the separation with more power
• 1500 bar (22,000 psi) of pump pressure at flow rates up to 5 mL/min • Industry-leading flow and gradient precision • 2 x 3 solvent channels … handle the sample with more accuracy
• Up to 23 well plates for 8832 samples • Excellent injections up to 100 µL in 0.01 µL increments • Automation of workflows with barcode reading … control the separation with more confidence
• 2 thermostatting modes • 5 ºC to 120 ºC temperature range • Active pre-heating … detect the analyte with more sensitivity
• Linear up to 3000 mAU • Noise levels down to ±3 µAU • Lowest dispersion with Thermo Scientific™ LightPipe™ technology .do more!

The Vanquish Promise
a method with a cycle time of 60 s
So you can enjoy
to analyze 8000 samples
One weekend
full of results
The Vanquish system can hold
up to 23 x 384 samples
The Vanquish system takes high-end UHPLC to a new level, offering more resolution while meeting the throughput demands of modern laboratories. The system is driven by the gold-standard Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software and delivers better separations, more results and easier interaction. The Vanquish system delivers these values simultaneously, without compromise.
When combined with the Thermo Scientific Charger module, the Vanquish system allows for added sample capacity, performing the highest throughput UHPLC analysis. This setup combines enough sample capacity to run over the weekend, while Chromeleon CDS ensures convenient sample tracking and results processing of even the largest sample sets.
The Vanquish Promise
There are many different questions in science, and all require a
dedicated answer. The Vanquish system helps you to get
that answer, every time.

Separate more peaks than ever before. The Vanquish system improves specifications on all fronts. It supports higher backpressures, better thermostatting, optimized volumes, better linearity, and more sensitivity. The Vanquish system supports you without compromising performance while applying the most advanced column technologies, for all of your critical separations.
More results
Regain time during your projects. The system improves analysis speed, increases sample capacity and has improved robustness. No longer fear the deadline — rely on the Vanquish system to take it head on.
The Vanquish system has an optimized design, automated features and works with the operational simplicity of Chromeleon CDS, making the Vanquish system a true joy to work with. Pressure is only half the story in Ultra High Performance LC. How you
can use the available power of 1500 bar is what separates the Vanquish
system from the others. Maximize resolution or maximize throughput,
both require a system that has more to offer than just high pressure.
The Vanquish system was designed to work on both these ends and
everywhere in between.

Peak capacity of 720 at 1360 bar
Take full benefit from the impressive power of the Vanquish system. Run your analysis on long UHPLC columns with ultra high-efficient sub-2 µm particles or by applying column chains for maximum efficiency. The thermostatting options in the column compartment will allow you to get that extra bit of resolution, so you can separate more compounds than Absorbance [mAU] 30
ever before.
Maintain Your Separation
The entire fluidic design needs to focus on the column as the core of separation. The Vanquish system by design has UHPLC in its genes. The low dispersion Thermo Scientific™ Viper™ fingertight fitting capillaries and optimized fluidic flow Retention time [min]
path translate the separation power of your column into superb Ultra high peak capacity for a complex herbal extract analysis.
chromatograms for a resolution that matters, plate for plate.
Detect More
The most efficient separation is incomplete until you detect your compounds. The Vanquish detector will keep up with the speed of UHPLC separation and with its exceptionally large dynamic range and sensitivity, unveiling the full picture of your sample. Throughput Beyond Speed
Never Run Out of Sample
For throughput, you need more than fast chromatography. You can only find answers when your results line up. The All the hardware needs to keep pace with the analysis speed. Vanquish system provides the reproducibility you need to The Vanquish system injects your sample accurately and compare results accurately, every single time.
precisely with fast cycle times every time you need it. You can Telmisartan - 0.029% RSD run large numbers of samples out of a wide range of sample vials and well plates, perfectly matching your sample volume demands. Count on the reliable bar code identification of the Azilsartan - 0.030% RSD diverse racks and well plates by automated recognition and the accurate Charger module sample loading technology. Control the Vanquish system with ease by using Chromeleon CDS, the Valsartan - 0.033% RSD gold-standard in chromatography data system software.
Run Faster
Absorbance [
The Vanquish system features true ballistic gradients due to the perfect symbiosis of pumping control and smart fluidics for lowest gradient delays and exceptional gradient profile formation. The minimized system dispersion preserves chromatographic resolution even on short and slim high- throughput columns.
Retention time [s]
Retention time precision — overlay of 10 consecutive injections of a sub-minute pharmaceutical screening application.
Drive the Separation
The Vanquish system was developed to offer more pressure capabilities than ever before, without any tradeoff on durability or robustness. From ultra-fast to extremely shallow gradients at pressures up to 1500 bar, the industry-leading fourth generation SmartFlow™ pumping technology of the Vanquish system provides you with unmatched retention time reproducibility and lowest baseline noise for the highest detection sensitivity. Profit from the perfect harmonization of pumping control and HexanophenoneRSD 0.016% smart fluidics for lowest gradient delays and exceptional gradient profile formation.
• Rely on unmatched flow accuracy and precision with nanometer piston motion control • Enjoy lowest pulsation up to 1500 bar (22,000 psi) by our Adaptive Thermal Effect Compensation • Benefit from tool-free fluidics installation powered by Viper fingertight fitting technology • Achieve maximum seal and piston lifetime by optimized stroke volume Retention Time [min]
Overlay of 69 injections of hexanophenone showing excellent retention time precision.
Handle the Sample
The Vanquish system combines maximum injection precision with huge sample capacity and high-throughput capabilities. The fully biocompatible fluidics is consequently optimized for the highest ruggedness and uptime even under the toughest system pressure and eluent conditions.
• Rely on your results thanks to unsurpassed sample Peak Area [mAU x min]
dosage precision • Take advantage of maximum sample integrity by an Injection volume [µL]
innovative air stream cooling, even in challenging Pharmaceutical substance 10.2 s • Enjoy incredibly easy method transfer and unlimited application flexibility by customizable gradient delay volume • Forget about tedious sample configuration thanks to the automated barcode reader Absorbance [mAU]
Get more through the Chromeleon
CDS driven Charger Module
This module is an intelligent, fully integrated robotic unit for environmentally controlled sample management and automated sample loading into the Vanquish system.
• Change your samples at any time while the barcode reader automatically inventories each plate or rack   • Monitor and manage reliably an inventory of up to 9 sample Overlay of 10 injectionsprovides an area RSD racks, deep well plates, or 20 shallow well plates of 0.4% with V = 0.1 μL (15 mm height) in SBS format Injection linearity and precision of a pharmaceutical substance.
Overlay of 69 injections of hexanophenone showing excellent retention time precision.
Control the Separation
Temperature rules retention, selectivity and efficiency in chromatography. And the Vanquish system is your key to pave the way to maximum efficiency and resolution through an exceptional temperature control.
• Perfectly align eluent and column temperature by our unique active pre-heating concept • Benefit from the unique choice between still air and forced air thermostatting capabilities • Extend your workflow capabilities with up to three independent column chambers and multiple Ensure best efficiency by keeping the frictional heat within switching valves the column — boost your separation speed and resolution by still air thermostatting. • Track your column records with the new column ID system fully integrated with Chromeleon CDS Why Temperature Control Matters
Hosting the LC column means much more than simply "hold and heat". Pressure and viscosity lead to frictional heat inside the column. This might interfere with the chromatography if not dissipated adequately.
Enjoy seamless method transfer by gaining constant separation The Vanquish column compartment is designed to offer two temperature through removing frictional heat — use forced air thermostatting modes and their hybrid versions to match all thermostatting to even mimic other column thermostats.
application needs. Detect the Analyte
The LightPipe technology within the Diode Array Detector (DAD) provides you with an unmatched detection experience. It achieves a wide linear range and industry-leading signal-to- noise performance, even beyond the capabilities of variable • Benefit from the best sensitivity with low-dispersion Absorbance [mAU] 10 mm and 60 mm flow cells and a wide linearity to comply Nevirapine [mg/mL] with even the most demanding applications • Acquire simultaneously up to ten signal channels and a spectrum 3D field at 200 Hz • Optimize sensitivity, linearity, and spectral resolution of Retention Time [min]
your application with four programmable optical slit widths High-speed pharmaceutical impurity analysis combining wide linear range and • Exploit lowest baseline drift for best quantitation reproducibility. This is achieved through optimized fused-silica LightPipe flow cells and an effective thermal control.
As seen in the example, Nevirapine was used to demonstrate impurity profiling under challenging conditions. Even with a 1.2 min gradient separation at 100 Hz data rate, the assay allows quantitation (S/N = 10) down to 0.008% relative area, which is well below ICH requirement of 0.050%. Separate With Confidence
Delivering Powerful Separations
Founded on state-of-the-art Core Enhanced Technology™ and utilizing vast experience in phase bonding and packing, Thermo Scientific™ Accucore™ Vanquish™ C18 UHPLC columns provide a unique chromatography solution to enhance laboratory workflow and productivity.  The Accucore Vanquish UHPLC column features 1.5 µm solid Connections With Ease of Use
core particles, which provide ultra-short diffusion path lengths Viper fingertight capillaries revolutionize the way connections resulting in the most efficient separations. are made with UHPLC. Viper fittings pave the way for easy • Get better separations for the most complex mixtures with setup from the simplest to the most advanced column the high efficiency of Accucore Vanquish UHPLC columns configurations, while providing virtually dead-volume-free • Achieve more separations while maintaining the efficiency at chromatography to get the performance you require. • Benefit from optimized fluidics with minimized dispersion for dramatically improved LC performance • Enjoy fingertight connections with full confidence, even when working at up to 1500 bar Separate With Confidence
Control Your Instrument
The Gold Standard in Chromatography Data
Today's world is connected, so why not extend this to your The Vanquish system is controlled by Chromeleon CDS. The UHPLC system? As an accessory to the Vanquish system we operational simplicity is in full support of the easier interaction provide a handheld tablet with a Chromeleon CDS App. the system offers. The in-depth integration of the Vanquish This App will let you see the instrument status, check runs, system with Chromeleon CDS extends the Vanquish system's make changes if required, all from the tablet directly. efficiency and performance benefits with smart start-up and shutdown functionality for unparalleled instrument uptime The Chromeleon CDS App will be available on all major and sequence-ready and method compatibility checks, mobile platforms.
preventing typical analytical errors as well as tracking of every instrument parameter in audit-trails for an unmatched level of audit security. • Monitor data acquisition live in the ePanel or sequence overview • Protect your work from data loss during a network failure through secure Xvault • Reduce the training effort for your lab staff with the intuitive workflows • Use integrated mass spectrometry support for single point control of Vanquish LC-MS setups Integrate Your Instrument
MS detection has become more affordable, accessible, and even mandatory in many fields of research. Only detecting a peak is no longer sufficient; you also need to know what compound you are looking at.
When the Vanquish system meets mass spectrometry, we combine our pioneering UHPLC system with our best-in-class mass spectrometers to provide that extra level of confidence.
The Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Endura™ and TSQ Quantiva™ Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometers are the perfect match for a wide range of quantitation workflows that utilize selected reaction monitoring (SRM) analyses. Alternatively, the Vanquish system is a great match for our unique Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ technologies including the Thermo Scientific™ Exactive™ line of benchtop mass spectrometers or the revolutionary Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ Relative Abundance mass spectrometer to take full advantage from all the benefits of high-resolution, accurate mass detection by LC-MS.
346.0 346.4 346.8 347.2 347.6 348.0 348.4 348.8 Retention time [min]
Full scan LC-MS analysis of Omeprazole and metabolites in human urine on a Vanquish UHPLC and Q Exactive Plus LC-MS system.
Scan the QR code or follow the link below for a virtual demo of the system, videos, resources, and much more.
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