Date your procedure is scheduled .
Please check in at (time) _ am/pm. Your procedure is schedule for (time) _ am/pm at: _ Tallahassee Endoscopy Center (DDC building 2nd floor) _ Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (Outpatient Registration) _ Capital Regional Medical Center (Admitting Office) A Few Days Before Your Examination:
A few days before your procedure, have the prescription filled for OsmoPrep at your pharmacy. Do NOT begin taking the medication until the
day before your procedure.
In addition, you will need to purchase Dulcolax (5mg tablets), an over the counter laxative.
The Day Before Your Examination: Date: _
You must maintain a clear liquid diet. Clear liquid diet includes: water, tea, Gatorade, black coffee, clear soda pop, clear juice (apple, grape),
jello (lemon or lime without added fruit), bouillon, or popsicles. NO SOLID FOOD ALLOWED. AVOID RED COLORED LIQUID. DO NOT
At 8AM take 4 Dulcolax 5mg tablets.
Continue with clear liquids the day prior to the exam for the entire day.
At 4PM start the first dose of OsmoPrep. You will consume 4 OsmoPrep tablets every 15 minutes with at least 8oz of clear liquids (follow the
clear liquid diet) until you have taken all 20 tablets.
5:00 p.m. with gingerale ***Each dose followed by 8oz of clear liquids include: water, clear sodas, apple juice, gingerale, etc.
The Day of Your Examination:
At 5 hours prior to your scheduled procedure begin the second dosing regimen of OsmoPrep. Take 4 tablets of Osmoprep followed by 8oz
of clear liquids repeating this every 15 minutes until you have taken 12 tablets.
5 hours prior to procedure 15 minutes after first dose 15 minutes after second dose ***Each dose followed by 8oz of clear liquids include: water, clear sodas, apple juice, gingerale, gatorade, etc.
If you feel your colon is not adequately prepared, please let the outpatient nurses know when you arrive at the hospital/facility.
If you are taking blood pressure, heart medication or seizure medication and generally take this medication in the morning, we DO
want you to go ahead and take these medications the morning of your procedure with a sip of water.
❐ Terence N. Reisman ❐ H. Timothy Paulk, Jr. ❐ Hardeep Singh ❐ Joshua Somerset ❐ Larry D. Taylor Your procedure will be performed by ❐ Michael J. Mangan ❐ Andres F. Rodriguez ❐ C. Raymond Cottrell ❐ Eugene Trowers Additional Instructions:
If you take insulin please check with the physician managing your diabetes for instructions regarding management of your diabetes during this
time period. Please bring your insulin, oral diabetes medications and your blood testing equipment with you on the day of the procedure.
If you take aspirin/NSAID/Coumadin, please consult with your MD regarding holding this medication. If you are taking Coumadin makearrangements to have your blood drawn (for PT) the day prior to your procedure. If you have any questions, please call 877-2105. You will begiven instructions regarding your normal daily routine following the procedure at the time you are discharged from the facility.
1. If applicable, D O follow your colon preparation
instructions. If you have questions regarding your colon
1. D O N ' T eat or drink after midnight prior to your
preparation, please call, (850) 877-2105 for instructions.
2. If you are taking Coumadin, aspirin, Advil, Motrin,
Ibuprofen, or iron, DO hold these medications days prior
2. D O N ' T wear nail polish on at least one fingernail
to your procedure. Please resume your medications per your (for patient monitoring purposes).
physician's instructions. Tylenol is o.k. to take.
3. DON"T bring unnecessary valuables.
3. If you are taking Coumadin DO make arrangements to have
your blood drawn (for a PT) the day prior to your procedure.
4. DON'T drive or operate machinery the day of your
4. DO bring your medications the day of your procedure. DO
take your heart, blood pressure, seizure and asthma medications,if applicable, with a sip of water.
5. DON'T take herbal supplements or herbal medications
seven days prior to the procedure.
5. DO follow your insulin instructions per your primary care
physician. Please discuss with him or her your preparation for
the procedure, diet and time your procedure is scheduled. If
applicable, DO check your blood sugar prior to leaving your
house the morning of the procedure. Please bring your
glucometer, testing strips and insulin to the endoscopy center themorning of your procedure.
1. To provide care for all patients in a timely manner
6. DO wear casual clothes the day of procedure.
and maximize your physician's time, please cancel your procedure as soon as possible and no later than 7. DO bring a copy of your insurance information and/or
4 days prior to your appointment.
Call 877-2105 to payment. If you have questions regarding payment, please cancel your procedure.
contact our billing specialist at (850) 942-4706.
8. DO make arrangements for someone to drive you home. It
2. To obtain biopsy results, you may call 1-866-436-6197.
is necessary to have a responsible adult available on discharge to You will be asked for your unique ID, (your social receive post-procedure instructions and to drive you home. If a security number) and your PIN number, (your date of birth responsible adult is not available to drive you home, sedation entered as mm/dd/yy, for example 12/05/45). You may WILL NOT BE ADMINISTERED. also obtain results online at www.mytestresults.com. Youwill need to enter 8664366197 in the customer number There is adequate waiting space for you and one responsible field and your unique ID and PIN number as indicated adult. To prepare for your procedure, please arrive and check in for your procedure on: 3. Your procedure is scheduled at:
Tallahassee Endoscopy Center 2nd Floor of Digestive Disease Clinic ARRIVAL TIME _ AM/PM Tallahassee Memorial HospitalCentral Registration PROCEDURE TIME AM/PM Capital Regional Medical CenterOutpatient Registration Some medications we use can have amnesiac affect, for that reason, your responsible adult should be available uponcompletion of the exam for consultation with you and your H. TIMOTHY PAULK, JR., M.D.
9. DO resume your normal daily routine the following day
unless specific instructions are given to you at the time of LARRY D. TAYLOR, M.D.
10. If applicable: D O bring your implanted cardiac
defibulator/pacer identification card to the hospital on the day of C. RAYMOND COTTRELL, M.D.
the procedure.

Source: http://www.ddctally.com/forms/osmoprep.pdf


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