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My name is Antoinette Ant. I live in a large colony of ants. I think we have a big problem in our colony. Guess what! I'm the I can get the ants problem! I'm Lonnie, the to do just what I Lomechusa beetle. I moved into the ant colony. Yeah, I think Lonnie is just I lay my eggs all over the great. She gives me a sweet place. I have something the young ants when I -smelling drink from her stroke them with glands—Oh, it's so good I can't think of anything else! work? Let's just enjoy the drink! Proverbs 31:27, 28 She carefully watches all that goes on in her Her children stand and Published for the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Australia by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Vic. Inc. ABN: 88 840 697 352 E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://www.dfk.com.au
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This quarter, I received mail from: Fiacre Munezero – 30 points Fiacre wrote
about his favourite sport and why it is important to be drug-free to I really must look play well. Well done! after this beetle My favourite
sport is soccer
Welcome to new DFK members: Chelsea Petterd
and if you take
You can write to me or send things for the Fun drugs while playing
Pages at the email address on page 1 or to the sport you might be
postal address on the promise form on page 4 or good but you wil
end up with
by filling out the form on the website— problems. Fiacre www.dfk.com.au. Answers to puzzles can also be
found on the website address. I don't think they realise that we also eat their ant larvae. They feed us, clean us, look after our young and even rescue our larvae before their own when trouble strikes. ! It's true! We're slaves to the Lomechusa! We are decreasing in numbers while they are growing. We are weak and feeble. We forget to work and are devoted to satisfying our desires for this drink! Our young suffer from neglect. I think there's a lesson there somewhere! Can't think anymore— I'm too tired! Warm and happy memories of all the things you've done, Many, many thank you's for each and every one, Worlds of special love and pride And many fond thoughts too. Come with this wish, A woman who fears the Lord because it's meant for you! will be greatly praised.

1. What the beetle uses to tap 1. People and ants or stroke the ant to get it become . to substances when they cannot live without them 5. What the young beetles do 2. An insect which moves to the ant larvae into an ant colony and makes 7. To not look after; the ants slaves of the ants do this to their young when 3. A sensation which often they drink beetle juice only lasts a short time 8. The type of beetle that gives 4. The type of smell of the a sweet-smelling drink to substance that the ants like the ants from its glands 6. The name given to the 10. When someone or something homes of ants when they all live has complete control over 9. The ants spend much time 11. To collect together; the ants doing this to the beetle larvae do this to the beetle eggs. and beetles to keep them clean 13. A place equipped with tufts 12. This means to save; the of bright red and golden ants save the beetle grubs hairs from which the ants before their own larvae when get the beetle juice danger threatens 15. To look after; the ants do this to the beetle eggs, 14. A stage through which ants and beetles pass in their larvae, grubs and beetles 17. What the ants forget to do when they drink beetle 16. What the beetle lays at random around the ant nest 17. What the ants become when they are addicted to the Insects which live in colonies and are usually known pleasure from beetle juice. for their hard work pages  have  letters next  to  them.    Use the  letters  to  work out  Watch out as some of the  insects  look  alike but  are  walking  in different directions.  Page 3
Great Promises from God:
"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you
should go; I will counsel you and watch over you."
Psalm 32:8
April: Maddyson ………………., Tahlia Andrews-Jones, Allegra Bottrell-Thorburn, Oliver Burnell,
Emily Craig, Amy Hodgetts, Rebecca Hopton, Logan Humphrey, Sophie Hutchinson, Amelia Keefe, Harley Kirby, Bethany Koch, Ebony Max, Jonard Odal, Tully O'Neil, Ethan Parker, Tahni-Lee Pederson, Nathaniel Rothwell, Mikayla-lee Sammut, Shaynodah Smit, Ewan Snodgrass, Ria Snodgrass, Nathan Stewart, Matthew Wenle, Jacob Wills, Daniel Wood, Joel Wright May: Mitchell Baumgarten, Ethan Brown-Duthie, Ashley Bunag, Maddesyn Collins,
Felicity Dannock, Candise Davenport, Tanisha Delcastegne, Trent Job, Izaak Kamvissis, Slade Kirkpatrick, Shyneé Ling, Chrystal Longan, Pia Love, Mikayla Martin, Jessica McCarten, Georga Menzie, Nicole Minter, Delaney Morvell, Q. What do you call a
sick crocodile? A.
Jack O'Connor, Rebecca Orr, Seth Page, Scout Parker, Orlando Pule, Isaac Purdie, Corben Quick, Travis Quinn, Sarah Schurr, Tamika Shell, Seth Simmons, Elizabeth Simpson, Rebecca Simpson, Katlyn Staker, Kerrilea Stanton, Matthew Tainsh, Nicole Tainsh, Liam Taylor, Shanae Tilley, Dallas Urand, Shania Watkins, Jarrahd Wenle, Coral Yeung
Brady Boehm, Amber Dransfield, Peter Edwards, Jack Emanuelli, Kaitlin Gordon, Reanna Hall,
Nathan Hill, Jack Hillard, Bridie Hutchinson, Amber Jones, Sophie Jones, Sophia List, Kiara Luck,
Joshua Masierowoki, Lachlan Norris, Kyra O'Connor, Narelle Pitchford, Gabriella Pretty, Isabella Pretty,
Noah Purdie, Zac Robinson, Yianni Skoulakis, Liam Smith, Ethan Tonkin, Jasmine Tregenza, Belinda Turmine,
Malachi Wells, Ashlee Young, Joel Zanetti, Samuel Zupp
13th Birthdays: April—June
Welcome to Drug Free Christian Youth!
God provides the courage and power to
stay drug-free and to make good choices.
Always rely on Him!
Julia Bain, Daniel Carter, Blake Follett, Matthew Gardner, Ashley Jones, Mark McEwan, Shavaunne Newman, Eliza Purdie, Daniel Ralli, Matthew Rix, Casey Sargent, Shaun Symes, Katelyn Turmine, Mary Vo, Courtney Weightman, Tyren Wood "The person who wins out over the world's
ways is simply the one who believes Jesus is
the Son of God. "
Q. What do spiders eat
1 John 5:5 (The Message)
with their hamburgers? DRUG FREE KIDS' PROMISE & ENROLMENT FORM For boys and girls aged 6–12 years My name is
To be returned to: "Drug Free Kids", PO Box 4044, WOODRISING, NSW. 2284. "Trusting in God's help,
State Postcode
I PROMISE not to take anything
containing alcohol or other harmful drugs." I was born on (day) (mth) (yr)
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Homosexuality anxiety: a misunderstood symptom of ocd

In: Leading-Edge Health Education Issues ISBN 978-1-60021-874-3 Editor: Lennard V. Sebeki, pp. 195-205 © 2008 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Chapter VII Homosexuality Anxiety: A Misunderstood Form of OCD Monnica Williams University of Virginia, Department of Psychology Abstract Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) involves unwanted thoughts and repetitive

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