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Drought broken
Pg 1 Dr Greg Tate retired
Pg 2 Nitrogen Efficiency
Pg 3 Green grass in a drought
Pg 3 Hauraki Plains Hemp
Pg 3 The EF Maize Block
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Pg 5 Thoughts to ponder
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The drought is broken and
pasture growth. EF fertilisers are with the rain here there will
soil and microbe friendly, improving be a scramble for fertiliser.
your soil's microbial balance, natural nitrogen-fixing and microbial-cycling HOW WILL YOU MANAGE YOUR
ability, sequestering atmospheric AUTUMN PASTURE GROWTH?
carbon dioxide and manufacturing More urea for instant green, high- humus to house more microbes, build nitrogen, watery pasture your stock will topsoil and increase nutritive value of negatively react to or will you consider pasture to stock. the livestock under your feet? The beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, Our fertilisers are inoculated with nematodes, insects, mites and beneficial microbes (Azotobacter, earthworms that are your natural soil Bacillus and Pseudomonas bacterial workforce, eager to supply a balanced species, Trichoderma and mycorrhizal diet of plant-available nutrients such fungal species) and composted which as nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, adds greater fertility-building value by phosphorus, potassium, sodium for promoting humus creation in soil and Continued on page 2 >
Dr Greg Tate has Retired SAVE
Greg made a life-change;

paradigm and never been more he left a life of researching
satisfied with my work. I just wish I had known all this 30 years ago." plant pathology and
Greg's last day was the 19th of April, entered the world of
building soil fertility when
and we had a few of his valued friends he began working with
and clients over for a bbq to see him off. He will be moving to Turangi. Environmental Fertilisers
"It's not the seaside, but lakeside is Add EF Humates
around 7 years ago.
the next best thing".
@ 5% and reduce your
Greg has enjoyed improving soil Greg has been a real asset to the fertility and escaping the "conventional company and he will be sorely missed.
Environmental Fertilisers Autumn 2013 Newsletter #06

Drought broken
providing nutrients for plant growth. Both free-living Azotobacter and clover-nodule Rhizobium bacteria fix free nitrogen from the atmosphere. Pseudomonas bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi solubilise locked-up inorganic phosphate, store calcium, build soil structure and sequester atmospheric carbon into soil humus – key things that conventional fertilisers do not support. EF Biological Fertilisers house, protect and feed beneficial microbes and contain plant-available nutrients that are not subject to leaching or greenhouse gas emissions. Biological fertilisers, by drastically reducing nitrogen inputs, also replace the need for nitrogen or nutrient budgeting required by some councils. This imposition on farmers is a direct result of the increasing inputs of urea over the last few decades which has seen soil carbon levels, soil health and water quality plummet and stock health problems escalate. Our safe alternative to urea is Bio Rocket.
Nitrogen Efficiency – Reducing
Soil microbes can build new topsoil and deliver nutrients free to your pasture if you look after them, while your Nitrogen/Urea bill by half
chemical fertilisers and herbicides degrade soils and discourage or kill microbes. Some signs of a degraded With nitrification inhibitors
Fertilisers had been working on the soil are compaction, poor root like DCD gone, what are the high cost issue and have secured the
penetration, reduced earthworm rights to the same product (Soluble numbers, runoff, drought-proneness, options for farmers using
Humate Granules). We now have it inactive clover nodules, weed synthetic nitrogen like
available on the market for $600/ infestation, increased pesticide usage Urea, Sulphate of Ammonia tonne (saving $1900/tonne). This has
and high vet bills.
significant cost savings by reducing the on farm costs of nitrogen Your soil is your
The answer has been out for over 10 applications in excess of 50%.
greatest farm asset. years, for some reason a leading soil
Environmental Fertilisers have also scientist from a prominent university developed a urea/humate mix and is in New Zealand did some trials with applied at reduced rate of 40-60% of Our message to you is this: persist with soluble humate granules mixed with normal nitrogen applications.
a biological soil fertility programme if a nitrogen source. The results were The key to any nitrogen application is you want long term farm sustainability. outstanding: 30-40% reduction in to apply the nitrogen with a carbon Don't be tempted by cheaper fertiliser ammonia volatilisation and a 35-40% source. And this carbon source needs mixes; as the saying goes, ‘you get reduction in nitrate-nitrogen leaching.
to be soluble like Urea is when you what you pay for'.
These figures basically meant a farmer/ put it into a bucket of water, so don't Don't leave it too late, with
grower using this technology could get fooled by those selling Humate halve his nitrogen bill. The only issue Powders (they are very slow release the rain here it could get
with this technology was the cost of and they are not capable of giving really mucky! Contact
the soluble humate granules, (cost the same benefits that a soluble Environmental Fertilisers for $2500/tonne and the recommended
humate can especially with Nitrogen your autumn requirements
mixing rate was 5-10%- which basically on 0800 867 6737.
increased the cost of each nitrogen application by $125-$250/tonne of There are huge benefits here for the farmer/grower financially and also environmentally. There are a number Over the Christmas break and into the of soil health benefits that come with early parts of this year Environmental adopting this technology.
Environmental Fertilisers Autumn 2013 Newsletter #06

Green grass in a drought
Was one of the comments on facebook about Sundaise Festival "And how is it there
Maize Block
is green grass there
held on Rachel Sorley's farm at Dickey Flat, Waihi, on the 9th & 10th of March. when there is none
Could it be the benefits of feeding in the rest of the
the soil with Environmental Fertiliser's products?! This is with only 54mm of rainfall this year.
Grant Paton planted out an old,
very depleted maize block with
the following mix:
The same mix as went on the Hemp
Crop (below), plus 1kg/ha BioVam and 1kg/ha Combo 12. The starter fertiliser was only surface applied due to time Highland cow grazing 3 days after Sundaise
constraints, but the results! The local Festival where over 1000 people have been
contractor is suggesting we have walking through that entrance archway.
yields 40-50% above the regional average – on only 50mm of rain.
Hauraki Plains We finally harvested the crop and dried It appears that the Hemp uniforms act
the seed and have harvested 750kh/ha as a disease suppressant.
Hemp Crop
of seed, we plan to extract the oil from this seed and then market it, as it will While the industry is very young in be the first North Island grown Hemp New Zealand it has huge potential in the health, building and clothing This summer we decided to
Oil for sale in New Zealand.
trial growing a hemp crop
Next year we plan to harvest the fibre on some very flogged out
and herd from the plant, however this year with the soil being in very poor condition we have decided to put all The marine clay had been experiencing this fibre back into the ground.
diminishing maize yields and returns over the last 5 years to the point where Hemp Oil is one of the most beneficial the land owner wasn't prepared to risk oils for human health, having an (financially) another crop of green feed ideal omega 6 to omega 3 ratio even superior to olive oil and avocado oil.
So after a few home brew rums we
Only Hemp Seed Oil contains- came up with a lease agreement
a. Omega6,Omega3 and GLA and plan.
(gamma linoleic acid- 2.5-3% With a Reams Soil test and Lismore Soil test results in hand we applied a 14 b. 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty tonne per ha fertiliser mix comprising acids which is the highest in of 10 tonne/ha of compost and 4 the plant kingdom and unique tonnes/ha of minerals, comprising of amongst seed oils.
paramagnetic rock dust, Soil Force, Soil Conditioner, trace minerals, The Chinese grow in excess of microbial feeds and microbial 100,000ha of hemp a year, and a inoculations (Bio-Vam, 10/25 and recent trial with military troops going into adverse battle conditions, clearly showed that the troops with hemp After obtaining a license for
clothing/uniforms didn't suffer the growing Hemp, we proceeded to
skin disease that the troops dressed in plant and learn.
Environmental Fertilisers Autumn 2013 Newsletter #06

Fluoridation of water supplies and toothpaste
Based on wrongly-
enzyme disrupter of all elements. It Auckland, studied the effect of interpreted observations
poisons enzymes by tenaciously binding fluoridation worldwide (including NZ), by ‘health professionals';
to the trace elements essential to their and found no evidence it reduced function, thereby blocking their action. In dental caries. He recanted his stance on a waste-product disposal
this way it shuts down 71 known enzyme- fluoridation. But big industry (including solution, and profit for the
catalysed reactions in humans, plants Health) has a powerful influence on aluminium and phosphate
and animals.
Government and his findings fell by the wayside. Paradigms are powerful and industries.
Worse, fluorine is a gene poison (is people will sincerely believe a lie if they mutagenic) at the doses administered hear it enough times from authorities.
in water supplies so that normal healthy The children of Deaf Smith County gene expression is disrupted. During the To make matters worse, aluminium (Texas, USA) were found in the early second WW Hitler had his scientists hunt is added to water supplies to 1950's to have significantly lower tooth down an odourless drug that could be remove turbidity and added to most decay than other areas, and the ground unobtrusively added to German water pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics like water to have higher than normal fluoride supplies to make them more docile and antiperspirants. Aluminium is a human content. Following an investigation by the open to suggestion. Chemists at IG toxin which suppresses boron and American Dental and Health authorities Farben came up with sodium fluoride, yttrium, both with essential functions it was concluded that the fluoride in the which at very low doses produces a (B for Ca uptake and Ca, Mg and P water (about 1 ppm) was responsible for marked weakening of the will to resist metabolism; Yttrium for absorption and the low incidence of tooth decay, hence domination. This was also used in distribution of Selenium, essential for the fluoridation of all drinking water concentration camps to keep prisoners cancer prevention). Aluminium plus supplies in the USA began. We in NZ are fluoride in your body are a recipe for also recipients of this decision since NZ Alzheimer's disease, an increasingly Dental and Health authorities generally Richard Olree, an American chiropractor prevalent disease in older NZer's and a uphold their conclusion as ‘settled and geneticist declares fluoride a truly horrible disease to inflict on any science'. But was it good science and is serious poison which also binds lithium, crucial for emotional stability. Prozac, a pharmaceutical drug arose from the What can you do about stopping Famous American soil scientist Dr William German experience with fluoridation. It fluoridation of our drinking water Albrecht explained the ‘correlation'. is fluorine-based and renders kids and supplies? Go to the Fluoride Action Fluorine in soil is highly active and adults with neurological disorders docile. Network NZ (inc) www.fannz.org.nz. You soluble and rapidly leaches into ground If iodine levels are low (very common) can find out if your water is fluoridated water supplies, leaving the calcium and fluoride displaces iodine in the thyroid phosphate-rich apatite rock to release gland. This results in hypothyroidism and these plant nutrients to crops which a need for thyroxin supplementation in provided mineral-rich, superior nutrition people taking Prozac. Ref: Minerals for the Genetic Code by for families in the area. The result: Charles Waters, Acres USA.
reduced incidence of tooth decay. In 1980, when fluoridation here was dividing the population ‘for and against', John Lee, a physician, found that fluorine, dental authority John Colquhoun, the lightest and most reactive of the halides (Cl, Br, I, Fl), is the most potent Environmental Fertilisers Autumn 2013 Newsletter #06

Recent farming Thoughts
controversies to ponder
Burning 1ha of grasslands creates worse pollution than 6000 cars.
Did the culling of 40,000 elephants in a National Park help reduce the rate If you read the recent Straight Furrow and Coast
of desertification. A- No it actually and Country newspapers you will have read
accelerated it.
the claims and counter-claims regarding DCD's
A team of International Scientists usefulness in reducing nitrification and the loss
came to the conclusion that Natural Desertification of National Parks in of N by leaching and atmospheric emissions.
America was a result of – "Unknown Your position on this issue will depend Phyllis Tichinin is to be congratulated Mimicking nature and correct on your farming paradigm. If it's a for standing up for the truth about management with animals resulted conventional chemical farming paradigm sustainable soil management and in a 400% increase in productivity.
the loss of DCD will be a nuisance and deleterious farming practices like you won't be too concerned about heavy N use which shuts down the Would the elimination of burning fossil ‘toxin' build-up in the soil. ‘Just collateral N cycle, depletes soil carbon and fuels stop climate change – No it won't damage we can live with. After all we necessitates industry ‘band-aids' like because there is a bigger dynamic at don't really know much how soil works, DCD and Nitrogen Budgeting to save and chemicals like Roundup are so useful our environment. Nitrogen budgeting for spraying out pastures. ‘Also, scientists wouldn't be necessary under a biological Anything that digests lignin will can be trusted to look after our soils, paradigm, which greatly reduces produce methane; so stop blaming the right?' Yeah right! synthetic N inputs. cow, soil microorganisms will also do it. The problem is that soil is a complex Dr Phillip Schofield (soil scientist) With cattle and a healthy living soil the living system that is affected by chemical has spoken against unsustainable methane will be broken down to carbon inputs like Roundup, pesticides and conventional farming practices and Dr and water by soil micro-organisms.
acid chemical fertilisers. Any input that Frank Rowson (veterinarian) on the evils upsets the natural biological balance in of Roundup as a soil, plant, animal and Livestock are critical at restoring the soil affects the nitrogen, carbon and human toxin.
desertified soils; look at the great other cycles mediated by microbes, and Grant Paton is to be congratulated for migrations of the wilder beast and the ultimately, soil health and productivity. lifting the lid on GMO feedstuffs in dairy The ‘biological farming' paradigm farming as well as GMO chicken feed understands the critical importance of and chicken manure. GMO contaminated Two new studies released in late March beneficial microbes and the soil food animal feed should not be allowed into add to the solid body of web to soil health and productivity and the country under any condition. But scientific evidence showing farming sustainability (the in-word used those who should be protecting us have that common pesticides are directly harming bees. even by the least-sustainable industry been quietly approving their importation. The insecticides in the participants to sell their products).
GMO feeds are endorsed by Fonterra, science, industry, EPA and Government. latest studies, neonicotnoids I fully embraced the biological farming
I find it amusing that Fonterra is now + cournaphos, scramble the paradigm after 35 years of being
giving priority to Farming Sustainability. circuits of bees brains. This blinkered by conventional university
Also, MPI is investing $1.6M into leaves them unable to learn, training and R&D funding by chemical
greenhouse gas research. Mitigation smell or remember.
companies. The amazing thing is
research no doubt, with no thought of that it took 35 years for me to see the
prevention by investigating the effect of truth. That's the power of paradigms.
biological agriculture practices on GH International soil nutrition experts like
Gas emissions, or the storage of carbon Arden Andersen are bad-mouthed by
under permanent pasture. NZ conventional ‘experts' like Doug
Edmeades who strongly repudiates his

Grant's comments on halving urea costs by mixing soluble humate granules could teachings, but I thank God for Arden
Environmental Fertilisers significantly help to reduce greenhouse and others like Elaine Ingham who come
has secured the rights gas emissions (but this would affect here to share their expertise and put us
to a superior very fine fertiliser company profits). All who onto a truly sustainable track.
blow the whistle on environmentally- micronised basalt rock damaging, non-sustainable farming dust that has been selling practices are to be congratulated. The for $350/tonne. At the list of biological farmers is growing, and moment we are selling it so is the number of professionals who have changed their stance to biological for $80/tonne.
farming and are speaking out.
Environmental Fertilisers Autumn 2013 Newsletter #06
Why Foliar
Spray Pasture?
Haven't I enough to do
without having to follow
• What you apply should be based • Foliage Ca, B, P & Mg at luxury levels my cows around with a
on a leaf (pasture) analysis and leaf maximises photosynthesis, yield and spray rig?
sap brix levels. If levels of key minor nutrients are deficient both leaf • Include a natural chelator/plant WELL, THE FACTS ARE:
sap brix (sugar levels) and disease immunity will fall.
growth stimulant like fulvic and • Foliar feeding is 8-20 times more efficient than feeding via the roots. • But, soil must be balanced to supply • Avoid hot days and the six days prior 80% of the product will reach its the 20% of pasture energy needs that target compared with only 10-30% come from the soil. The other 80% is when soil applied. That's why high solar energy from the sun.
• Anionic spraying in spring can lift value crops are regularly foliar-fed • And, the best result depends on milk production and cash flow. during the season.
adequate Ca-availability to pasture • Foliar spray to offset soil nutrient • Yields and sugar levels can be (2000-3000 kg/ha). Get your Reams imbalances while they are being boosted by correcting nutrient deficiencies before losses are • Apply via hollow cone nozzles ideally, but rose nozzles will do if blockage is EF FOLIARS:
• Huge leverage is possible with small Combinations of these are used for inputs; ie, very cost effective.
• The spray mixture pH should be close different crops and situations; eg, • Even conventional farmers are using to pH 7; conductivity 1.5-3 micro Humus Builder, Nitro Cal and Vegetative this technique to advantage to grow or anionic mineral mixes for pasture grass. Biological farmers commonly • Apply at critical stages to avoid spraying; Reproductive for inducing use this technique.
chlorosis, eg crops: 3rd to 6th leaf flowering/fruitset. stage and 2 weeks prior to flowering.
• EF ACE (fulvic acid) • Purchase a sprayer designed for the • Liquid Bio Char job. Herbicide sprayers often do a poor job.
• EF Cal Phos (for calcium and • Apply to recovered pasture preferably in early morning or evenings.
• EF Cal Bor (for boron) • EF Vegetative • EF Humus Builder • EF Reproductive • EF Liquid Kelp • EF Bio Cal (micronised calcite) • EF Chelates (such as iron, zinc, manganese, selenium) Our Motto
To maintain and
Healthy soil, healthy
grow your soil health
pasture/crops, healthy
& productivity,
animals, healthy
1 Railway Street, Paeroa, pasture & crop yields
Waikato, New Zealand PO Box 204 Paeroa & profitability by
P: 0800 867 6737 supplying fertilizers
E: [email protected] Environmental Fertilisers Autumn 2013 Newsletter #06

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