28th SEA Games Rights Holding Broadcasters Newsletter VIP visit to the IBC – Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr IBC LockdownLawrence Wong to visit the IBC on 28 May The IBC Lockdown is currently Singapore's Minister for Culture, Community and planned to take place overnight Youth, Mr Lawrence Wong, will visit the Games HQ, on early morning of 28 May.
including the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), on After the IBC Lockdown only 28 May 2015.
accredited personnel will be Minister Wong is the Minister in charge of Sports and allowed into the IBC and all also the Chairman of the 28th SEA Games Steering personnel and deliveries will Committee. He will visit to see the set-up of the need to go through a security various centres in place to ensure a successful Minister for Culture, broadcast of the Games. Community and Youth Any item bigger than 1 m x 1 m Minister Lawrence Wong His visit to the IBC will include a tour of the Rights will need to be screened at the Holding Broadcaster (RHB) technical areas as well as Central Screening Area (CSA) first covering the Host Broadcaster (HB) operational areas. before it can enter the IBC. Prior to the visit of Minister Wong, there will be an RHBs who are making deliveries inspection by Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chairman, SINGSOC of items bigger than the designated size to the IBC are Details regarding the exact programme of the visit advised to inform SINGSOC of and timings are still to be confirmed and will be the information required to be SINGSOC EXCO, Chairman circulated nearer the time. provided ahead of screening.
Further details of the procedure Satellite transmission confirmation for the CSA can be found on the All RHBs must confirm that they can following page.
receive the satellite transmission. Please note that the satellite used RHB Freight Delivery at the IBC for the transmission has changed RHBs are reminded that they from Asiasat 7 @ 105.5°E to Asiasat 5 @ 100.5°E.
must be present to receive freight shipments at the IBC. Neither This has no consequence on the Satellite testing representatives of the HB nor transmission parameters other than RHBs are advised to test satellite operations SINGSOC can take responsibility for orbital position. Remember that, receiving a freight delivery on behalf as indicated on the downlink parameters circulated to RHBs by HBS, Novelsat NS2000 demodulators are needed to access these carriers in addition to the MPEG-4 HD IRDs.
If nobody is available to receive the goods, the freight forwarder / Should assistance be required, RHBs must urgently contact the HB's delivery company will be asked to provider who will be able to guide them during this process.
turn back without delivery.
Mr Andee Lopez, Technical AdvisorPhone: It is suggested that RHBs provide the name of the person in charge to the HBS Booking department in order that they can direct the delivery to the right place and HBS will conduct a test for the satellite transmission on 27 May beginning be sure that someone from the at 12:00 pm local Singapore time. The test will last for approximately one RHB will be there to receive the

Collection of Accreditation and Identification Cards From 22 May RHBs can collect their Accreditation and Identification Cards (AICs) from the Central Information Counter (CIC) within the IBC. After the IBC Lockdown on 28 May the collection must be done at the Main Accreditation Centre (MAC) – operational from 20 May 2015 to 18 June 2015.
The MAC is located just outside the IBC in the building between the McDonalds and Long Island restaurants.
RHBs can send a representative from their organisation to collect the AICs but a senior executive must email SINGSOC in advance at [email protected] to inform the following:• Name of authorised representative• Identification number of authorised representative MAC operating hours 20 May – 24 May, 2015 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 25 May – 16 June, 2015 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Main Accreditation Centre (MAC) 17 June – 18 June, 2015 9:00 am to 6:00 pm RHBs can collect their AIC at the MAC after IBC Lockdown on 28 May Audio Configuration of the SEA Central Screening Area (CSA) procedures RHBs who plan to bring items larger than the designated 1 m x 1 msize into the IBC after the IBC Lockdown on 28 May are asked to RHBs are requested to confirm provide the information below to SINGSOC via the following email their audio configuration as soon [email protected] at the earliest opportunity.
as possible and, at the very latest, before 24 May. • The arrival schedule (date and time)• The number of vehicles This is required so that the HB • Dimensions of the vehicle can finalise the mux configuration • Vehicle number prior to the start of RHB testing • Name of freight forwarder / delivery company • List of items, description and quantity We would like to remind the RHBs Further information regarding the exact procedure and the location of that the signal standard at IBC the CSA will be distributed after the provision of the aforementioned demarcation points comes with max. 4 embedded audio channels (as 2 AES/EBU stereo channels in 28th SEA Games social media links Group 1; SMPTE-299M).

IBC doors open to RHBs The construction of the IBC for the 28th SEA Games moved forward in a positive manner with several aspects running ahead of schedule as the opening date approached. Power and HVAC have now been installed and the broadcast set-up stage began on 5 May. The IBC was ready on schedule for the first arrival of RHBs on 19 May and will become fully operational on 28 May. The International Broadcast CentreConstruction of multilateral and unilateral areas of the IBC began on 27 April No Smoking at the IBC SEA Games Downloads platform latest additions.
RHBs are informed that the Games HQ building, including the • A selection of SEA Games Music IBC, is a non-smoking area. This cues in vocal and instrumental means that smokers will need versions in .wav format.
to completely leave the security • Sport-specific Technical perimeter of the IBC in order to Handbooks for events covered take a cigarette break.
by the HB or production pool • Graphics Guidelines containing RHBs are advised to consult visual representations of the Singapore's smoking laws for on-screen graphics for each more general information: of the sports covered live – or 28th SEA Games Downloads platformLog in to access important broadcast downloads with extended highlights – by the HB have been provided by Edition #4 of the 28th SEA Games RHB Newsletter • The Broadcaster Handbook for the 28th SEA Games in both a Edition #4 of the 28th SEA Games complete document and split RHB Newsletter will be issued into specific sections. Hard later in May and will be distributed copies will be distributed to via email. It will also be available RHBs at the IBC.
for download via the 28th SEA Games Downloads platform.
IBC users who wish to smoke must exit the IBC security perimeter before doing so

Source: http://www.igbs.tv/media/1141/sea-games-rhb-newsletter_3.pdf


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