"Do you choose the best Omega-3 supplement?" Learn what most people do not know about Omega-3's " Minami Nutrition. Purveyors of supercritical y different Omega-3's, backed by scientific proof with unprecedented purity and concentration!"

Good is the enemy We haven't gone green, we started that way minami nutrition understands that it is dealing the company's "green" attitude is shown by the fact COmmitment tO YOur HeaLtH: with peoples expectations surrounding their that it doesn't obtain fish from over-fished waters— own health and has formulated a range of instead reeling them in from sustainable oceans "Our philosophy is simple. We will not provide you with an Omega-3 hexane-free Omega-3 fatty acid supplements close to antarctica. the oils are not processed by supplement that is like the rest. instead, we make our oils and ensure that are the highest purity, concentration and using chemical solvents like hexane that could be they undergo a one-of-kind, patented technology that guarantees you quality as well as environmentally conscious. hazardous to the environment. and by using smaller unprecedented concentration, purity and benefit. this is why we live by instead of simply being "good" we are known fish, such as anchovy and mackerel as well as our the adage, "Good is the enemy of the Best". as the founder, i proudly as the "best" as we have created the only eFP™ unique process the level of possible contaminants is place my name on every product and guarantee satisfaction".
pharmaceutical grade fish oil on the market significantly lowered. these and other reasons have that does not use hexane in production. instead resulted in receipt of the eco-management and audit we use a patented Supercritical CO eFP™ Scheme (emaS) status, a very stringent european (environmentally Friendly Purified) distillation environmental standard. process, which is supported by renowned Founder and CeO, Omega-3 fat scientists to ensure we employ minami nutrition receives positive support from the the most advanced and rigorous product leading figures in Omega-3 fatty acid and nutrition development techniques to best serve 100's of research by providing incredible quality and thousands of loyal customers around the world.
efficacious fish oil supplements.
Why Supercritical CO instead of molecular Distillation So what makes minami nutrition eFP™ fish oils different from additionally, while every fish oil supplement is unacceptable high levels of saturated fats that impede others brands that you see on the market? manufactured using molecular - or liquid chromatography your body's ability to use Omega-3's. distillation, minami nutrition oils are produced by When it comes to nutritional supplements, many people find that key ingredients for good health are Omega-3 fats from under pressure and at low temperature, CO "supercritical" CO distillation extraction process. fish oil. these compounds have been shown to support the maintenance of a healthy heart by reducing triglycerides and (Supercritical CO ) acts as a "fat-loving" solvent that managing healthy cholesterol, as well as to assist concentration ability in kids and emotional well-being in adults. However, pulls out the Omega-3 fatty acids from the fish oil. this before you rush out to buy Omega-3 supplements, it's important to remember that not all Omega-3 supplements are Comparison of the extraCtion and purifiCation methods for omega-3 oils
hexane-free extraction is innovative as it removes the created equal. For example, minami nutrition's supplements have the highest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids that is minami nutrition
2 essential fatty acids, ePa and DHa, without altering commercially available, so people only have to take one capsule per day to receive benefits. Plus, if the fact that its products their quality and maintaining their chemical integrity are the most pure on the market with lowest possible levels of contaminants is not enough, then the ability for the consumer to Use of organic solvents
as essential dietary fats in the body. these Omega-3 Risk of end product being contaminated
prove this, batch by batch, on their website has made fans out of the most skeptical person. the supplements even tackle the with traces of organic solvents
fatty acids are then ready to be delivered to the body age-old problem of "fishy" aftertaste by adding such natural fruit flavours as orange and strawberry.
Oxidative stress through high
No (< 50°c)
Yes (160 - 200°c)
through supplementation and bolster health in their Risk of formation of isomers
purest state, without pollutants. Minami Nutrition, purveyors of super-critically Did you know that many brands Risk of undesired exposure to oxygen
minami nutrition Omega supplements have received different Omega-3's – backed by scientific proof with • can improve their purity but don't to save money? Efficient removal of contaminants
(heavy metals, pesticides, dioxins, PcBs,
unprecedented purity and concentration! • are lower in concentration, resulting in a higher cost per awards from the american as the furans, etc.)
Sufficiently high separation selectivity

effective dosage? to produce highly concentrated EPA
highest concentrated Omega-3 product and in united and/or DHA?
• use slick marketing to convey health benefits that are not Kingdom for the "best tasting" fish oil. supported by science? the diagram on the left illustrates the differences the procedure uses 400 percent less temperature with between Supercritical CO eFP™ distillation process no oxygen exposure, which maintains Omega-3 integrity used by minami nutrition and molecular - or liquid so they provide their full health benefit. in addition, this chromatography distillation used by other fish oil method ensures that there are no saturated fats—a far cry from 99 percent of fish oils sold worldwide that have Minami Nutrition Minami Nutrition

ePaCOr® HiGHeSt SuPerCritiCaL 90% OmeGa-3 morePa® PLatinum HiGHeSt SuPerCritiCaL 1005 mG ePa/DHa + extra vitamin D Maintain a healthy heart, Basic assistance in maintaining a healthy heart and clear arteries and healthy cholesterol blood circulation, contributes to healthy cholesterol Put an end to four to twelve capsules of ordinary fish oil every day! and supports emotional well being a single capsule of ePaCOr® each day contains the proven dose of One morePa® Platinum softgel provides a amazing high amount as 460 mg ePa and 360 mg DHa to maintain a healthy heart. thanks to its 1100 mg Omega-3 with 765 mg ePa and 240 mg DHa and extra ideal ePa/DHa ratio this formula also helps maintain normal triglyceride vitamin D per 1 softgel. Omega-3's for maintaining a healthy blood levels provided you consume 2 capsules per day. Commit to a half-hour circulation, while the ePa content is kept high in order to boost your walk every day to take full advantage of your Omega-3.
emotional wel being. High ePa fish oil supports mood and helps maintain clear arteries, as physical wel being, all enormous advantages to keep your Omega-3 levels above the healthy advised 8% in your body. One capsule a day for individuals with requirements for high Omega-3.
Exclusive to the Health Professionals Daily exposures to Total PCBs (ng/day) minimum 900 mg Omega-3 (460 mg ePa and 380 mg DHa).
Orange flavour / HaLaL Certified.
a single capsule contains: 1100 mg Omega-3, 1005 mg EPA/DHA Directions for use: (765 mg ePa and 240 mg DHa), 1 capsule per day with food.
7.5 mcg vitamin D3 (150% RDi).
Orange flavour / HaLaL Certified.
ePaCOr 30 softgels – 1 month Directions for use: not to be sold in the uSa 1 softgel per day with food.
morePa Platinum 30 softgels – 1 month morePa Platinum 60 softgels – 2 months morePa+PLuS® HiGHeSt SuPerCritiCaL 90% DuaL-aCtiOn OmeGa-3 SCiENtifiCAllY PROVEN Basic assistance in maintaining Maintain heart health, emotional and physical wel being, a healthy heart and blood circulation, contributes to support concentration, joint and skin healthy cholesterol and supports emotional well being morePa® is your gold standard Omega-3 fish oil with a high ePa One morePa+PLuS® capsule provides the favourable amount of concentration – the Omega-3 fat y acid that aids in the maintenance of Omega-3's for maintaining a healthy blood circulation, while the clear blood vessels, may promote a good mood and support concentration. ePa content is kept high in order to boost your emotional wel being. the fact that morePa® helps to restore your fat y acid balance has been High ePa fish oil supports mood and helps maintain clear arteries, proven scientifical y.* two advantages in one capsule for individuals with basic Omega-3 tEStED fiSH Oil fOR uSE DuRiNG PERiODS epa- and dha- content in blood circulation
Of iNtENSE MENtAl EffORt* At the start of the testAt the end of the test When using morePa® fish oil, students show more inclination to make extra mental efforts.
minimum 750 mg Omega-3 % of total fatty acids in circulation (580 mg ePa and 80 mg DHa).
minimum 910 mg Omega-3 Orange flavour / Fish gelatin.
(635 mg ePa and 194 mg DHa).
Orange flavour / HaLaL Certified.
Directions for use: *) antypa n, van der Does a, Smelt a, 1 capsule per day with food.
rogers r. Psychopharmacol 2008 Sep 18.
7 Krill oil softgels te Concentration Pu
Directions for use: s rated 10/10 r
1 capsule per day with food.
morePa 30 softgels – 1 month morePa 60 softgels – 2 months MorEPA PluS 30 softgels – 1 month morePa FamiLYPaCK 120 softgels – 4 months MorEPA PluS 60 softgels – 2 months 90% ePa COnCentratiOn OmeGa-3 SuPPLement SCiENtifiCAllY PROVEN SCiENtifiCAllY PROVEN Pure concentration improved concentration and for your children less oppositional behavior in children two chewable morePa® Chewy capsules contain a recent test was carried out under professional supervision (combined) 500 mg ePa and a small amount of DHa. involving 82 children between the ages of 7 and 12. 40 children they have also been supplemented with half the consumed 1 capsule of PLuSePa® each day and 42 other children recommended daily intake of vitamin C. were given a placebo over a 15 week period. Parents, teachers, there is no other chewable Omega-3 fish oil on the health workers and the subjects did not know what they were taking. market that comes close to this level of concentration after 15 weeks the teachers produced an objective evaluation of and great taste.
the impact of the test on pupils and support it provided: the study showed that according to the teachers, their students were less oppositional (i.e. less rebel ious) and had improved concentration when they were taking one capsule a day of PLuSePa®.* two soft gels contain: two chewable soft gels contain: minimum 624 mg Omega-3 minimum 645 mg Omega-3 One capsule of PLuSePa® contains (482 mg ePa and 66 mg DHa (500 mg ePa and 69 mg DHa 500 mg ePa, with nO DHa. each 20 mg evening primrose oil (GLa) .
32 mg vitamin C (40% rDi) .
HaLaL certified capsule has been Strawberry flavour / Fish gelatin.
Orange flavour.
supplemented with 11 mg of natural tocopherol extract to prevent the Directions for use: Directions for use: Omega-3 fat y acid from becoming two soft gels per day with food.
One to two chewable soft gels rancid. Gastro resistant capsule.
per day with food.
Number of participants: Boys that were in need of morePa mini-Junior 60 softgels – 1 month PLuSePa 30 capsules – 1 month some support for their Duration of the test: 15 weeks morePa Chewy 60 softgels – 1 month Percentage of children who, according to their teachers, enjoyed a sufficiently positive impact for improved learning performance.
(*) Source: Gustafsson Pa, Birberg-thornberg u, Duchén K, Strandvik B, Karlsson t. "HPePa-01" - Placebo control ed, randomised, double-blind, multicentre study of PLuSePa® (a PuFa, Polyunsaturated Fat y acids, supplement) as treatment for aDHD (combined type) with co-morbidity in Swedish children ages 7-12. abstract and presentation, presented at iSSFaL, 2008 (
90% ePa COnCentratiOn PreGnanCY WiSH, PreGnant OmeGa-3 SuPPLement Or BreaStFeeDinG? SCiENtifiCAllY PROVEN PluSEPA® supports PeriNatal vitamins & minerals your emotional balance Omiage™ is rich in high quality DHa, vitamins and minerals for mother and child. DHa is an Omega-3 fat y acid that is passed on to your Forty eight adults who had somehow ended up feeling very low baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding for healthy brain and eye participated in a comparative test. it took eight weeks to complete development. moreover, DHa can help to restore your vitality soon after and each group included 16 participants.
the birth of your baby. Omiage™ offers the Perinatal range of vitamins Group 1 consumed 2 capsules of PLuSePa® per day, group 2 was and minerals that will best match your specific requirements. it is a wel - given a proven remedy to support their emotional wel -being and considered selection that takes into account the typical Western diet and group 3 combined the daily dose of 2 capsules of PLuSePa® with the quality and absorption capacity of the nutrients. in your baby this mix the same proven remedy.
will contribute to successful bone growth, a healthy immune system and the test showed that the proven remedy and healthy brain development. With Omiage™ you, as a pregnant woman, will pure ethyl-ePa appeared to be equal y effective in control ing mood, while the ethyl-ePa+proven meet the official y recommended daily consumption of 400 mcg folic acid.
remedy combination showed even bet er results.
two capsules of PLuSePa® contain 1000 mg ePa, with nO DHa. each Contents Omiage™ DHA: Contents Omiage™ PeriNatal: HaLaL certified capsule has been One softgel of Omiage™ DHa Wel -considered selection of vitamins and minerals. supplemented with 11 mg of natural contains 312 mg total Omega-3 One Omiage™ Perinatal caplet contains 57 mg tocopherol extract to prevent the of which 241 mg DHa and magnesium (as magnesium citrate – 15% rDi), 20 mg Omega-3 fat y acid from becoming iron (as iron fumarate – 143% rDi), 15 mg zink (as zinc rancid. Gastro resistant capsule.
Strawberry flavour / citrate – 150% rDi), 20 mg natural vitamin e (167% Number of participants: Fish gelatin.
rDi), 30 mcg selenium (as selenomethionine – 54% PLuSePa 60 capsules – 1 month rDi), 7.5 mcg vitamin D3 (150% rDi), 2.2 mcg vitamin PLUSEPA®/day PLUSEPA®/ B12 (88% rDi), 400 mcg folic acid (200% rDi) and Duration of the test: 8 weeks 150 mcg iodine (as potassium iodide – 100% rDi).
Percentage of participants who, according to the supervisors, felt at least twice as good.* Directions for use: Directions for use: (*) Source: Jazayeri S, tehrani-Doost m, Keshavarz Sa et al. Comparison 1 softgel per day with a meal.
1 caplet per day with a meal.
of therapeutic effects of Omega-3 fat y acid eicosapentaenoic acid and fluoxetine, separately and in combination, in major depressive disorder. aust n Z J Psychiatry 2008; 42(3):192-8.).
a KeY tO PreGnanCY a KeY tO earLY CHiLDHOOD – DHa anD LaCtatiOn – DHa Pre- and Post Natal Support DHA (mg/g oil mixture) for babies and toddlers to support healthy brain and there are two primary reasons why pregnant central nervous system development mothers need morDHa ®. Firstly, during pregnancy, a Key Supporting brain development, growth, function and vision – the daily requirements of DHa increase and DHa. about half of the brain and eyes are made up of fat, much of secondly, DHa is not easy to include in your diet which is DHa, which is an essential nutrient for optimal brain and eye especial y when you are pregnant and worried function. Children's diets today are notoriously low in the beneficial about eating fish which may contain too many Omega-3 fats found in foods such as fish. this makes supplementation Astaxanthin (mg/g oil mixture) an especial y important option for parents.
Highest Vegan DHA formula + Compare this amount of DHa per soft gel with other brands and you will realize why consumers agree that this is highest concentrated General Health and Wel ness in adults and DHa-rich product on the market.
minimum 600 mg Omega-3 Highest vegan DHa as 60% One softgel of morDHa® mini i.Q. contains (465 mg DHa and 63 mg ePa).
concentrate with astaxanthin, a 312 mg total Omega-3 of which 241 mg DHa natural Lemon flavour. strong antioxidant. Providing 300 mg and 33 mg ePa.
HaLaL certified.
plant based Omega-3 and 300 mg Strawberry flavour / Fish gelatin.
DHa, 1.5 mg astaxanthin and 2 mg Directions for use: mixed tocopherol per 2 gluten-free Directions for use: 1 softgel per day.
1 softgel per day with food. morDHa® mini i.Q. may be cut open and its content mixed with cold morDHa 60 softgels – 2 months veganDHa 60 softgels – 2 months foods like yoghurt, desserts, or fruit juices.
morDHa mini i.Q. 30 softgels – 1 month a minD, BODY & SKin FOrmuLatiOn SuPPOrt FemaLe HeaLtH GlA healthy skin & hair — healthy hormones Highest 65% GlA concentrate from borage oil this unique Omega 3-6-7-9 health and beauty blend is the perfect Supports premenstrual comfort, skin, joint and bone health, helps warm addition to your daily exercise and cosmetic regimen. PlusKenkO® is a your hands and feet.
source of highly concentrated marine Omega-3 from small deep-sea Contrary to standard GLa-rich oils, such as everyday borage and evening fish, Omega-3 from flax seed oil and GLa from borage oil with extra primrose oil, our moreGLa® supplement provides you with the highest zinc for maximum skin protection. this unique complex will go a long possible GLa concentration and only a minimum of the Omega-6 fat y way to help you feel healthy on the inside and beautiful on the outside.
acid linoleic acid. this not only reduces the amount of capsules you have to take Promotes beneficial prostaglandins that maintain hormonal balance but also adds to a more balanced supply - Provides a "feel good" effect, improves mood - nourishes hair and of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fat y acids, skin - Supports joint flexibility - Promotes normal body fat metabolism especial y in view of moreGLa's enrichment 3020with Omega-3 fat y acids.
Exclusive to the Health Professionals One Hexane free softgel contains High Omega-3-6-7-9 concentrate: 567 mg Omega-3 of which 389 mg ePa, 117 mg DHa, 23 mg SDa, 9 mg eta, 15 mg aLa (obtained from flax seed oil).
65% GLa concentrate from borage oil.
127 mg Omega-6 of which 43 mg GLa (a unique 70% concentrate One capsule of moreGLa contains 260 mg GLa, from borage oil) and 15 mg aa, 6.2 mg Omega-7 obtained 106 mg ePa and 32 mg DHa.
from macadamia oil, 27 mg Omega-9 and a extra 5 mg Zinc. antioxidant protected by 4 mg mixed tocopherols. Directions for use: natural Orange flavour, Premenstrual comfort: 1 capsule per day, with a meal. 30 Fish Gelatin Softgels.
For warm hands and feet, skin, joint and bone health: 2 capsules per day, with meal.
PlusKenkO 30 softgels – 1 month moreGLa 30 Slow-release capsules – 1 month tHree-FOLD StrenGtH vitaLitY FOrmuLa Arguably the best insurance policy for a healthy heart, Support a healthy heart, youthful body and increased stamina vascular health & bone strength PluShinzO-3® anti-aging Complex was inspired by the mediterranean ePa and DHa are beneficial to the health of the heart and help and Japanese diets as they have been shown to promote health at maintain a healthy blood circulation.
the highest level.
ubiquinol, the ready-to-use form of coenzyme Q10, adds to keep in fact with these diets men will on average enjoy the maintenance you young, boosts your energy level, helps maintain blood pressure of a healthy cardiovascular system for 9 years longer, women for levels that are already within the normal range and – in its own way – helps maintain normal blood flow.
Because mediterranean and Japanese diets provide a perfect vitamin K supports vascular health and helps maintain strong bones. balance between Omega-6 and Omega-3 fat y acids, and are additional vitamin D synergizes with vitamin K in healthy bone also rich in antioxidants, PluShinzO-3® anti-aging Complex is a wise choice for those people wishing to look and feel great.
Omega-3 + powerful antioxidants - 30 Fish Gelatin Softgels, minimum of 90% Omega-3 minimum of 90% Omega-3 + special antioxidants • 765 mg Omega-3 (537 mg EPA and 162 mg DHA) to protect your heart and keep your • 1050 mg Omega-3 • 635 mg EPA and 194 mg DHA to maintain a healthy heart • 30 mg coenzyme Q10 to maintain cell and tissue strength • 125 mg Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) favours a beneficial balance between Omega-6 and Omega-3 • 75 mg blended vitamin E (tocotrienols) to maintain cell and tissue strength • 50 mg Ubiquinol (reduced coenzyme Q10) to maintain cell and tissue strength • 25 mg Pycnogenol® to keep your arteries clear • 45 mcg Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7 = mK-7 from nat o) keeps your arteries clear and adds to • 25 mg resveratrol from wine is beneficial for your blood pressure • 2 mg garlic helps to lower your LDL cholesterol an triglyceride levels • 5 mcg Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) for optimal bone health • 400 mcg folic acid helps to lower you homocysteine level • No "fishy aftertaste" and natural orange flavouring • No "fishy aftertaste" and natural orange flavouring recommended dose: 1 hexane free softgel per day.
recommended dose: 3 softgels per day with the main meal.
PluShinzO-3 anti-aging Complex 30 softgels – 1 month Omenaq 90 softgels – 1 month supply the Minami fiveHere are 5 reasons why Minami Nutrition's patented Supercritical CO extraction process creates a unique 1 HIGHEST cONcENTRATION:
Minami Nutrition offers the highest concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids on the market so you need far fewer capsules and teaspoons than with other Green and Scientific 2 UNPREcEDENTED PURITY:
Oils have the lowest level of oxidation on the We started that Way market as well as undetectable levels of heavy metals like mercury, as well as dioxins and pesticides, proven at SUPER cRITIcAL DIFFERENcE:
Oils are exposed to 400% less heat than other leading brands with no use of chemical solvents like hexane and no saturated fat as fil er.
Specific ratios of EPA and DHA based on advanced Omega-3 research.
Sales and Distribution for the Sales and Distribution for the Northern ireland and the u.K.
Minami Nutrition is the only Omega-3 fish oil Natural Health Products, Mirage Distribution limited manufacturer to receive EMAS status, a stringent 10 Prince Regent Road, unit 18, Britannia Way Metro European environmental standard.
Centre Park Royal london, NW10 7PA t: 0208 133 8615


Oxidative stress as pathogenesis of cardiovascular risk associated with metabolic syndrome

ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALINGVolume 15, Number 7, 2011 FORUM REVIEW ARTICLE ª Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.DOI: 10.1089/ars.2010.3739 Oxidative Stress as Pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Risk Associated with Metabolic Syndrome Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is characterized by accumulation of visceral fat associated with the clustering ofmetabolic and pathophysiological cardiovascular risk factors: impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidemia, andhypertension. Although the definition of MetS is different among countries, visceral obesity is an indispensablecomponent of MetS. A growing body of evidence suggests that increased oxidative stress to adipocytes is centralto the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease in MetS. Increased oxidative stress to adipocytes causes dysre-gulated expression of inflammation-related adipocytokines in MetS, which contributes to obesity-associatedvasculopathy and cardiovascular risk primarily through endothelial dysfunction. The purpose of present reviewis to unravel the mechanistic link between oxidative stress and cardiovascular risk in MetS, focusing on insulinresistance, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. Then, therapeutic opportunities translated from the bench tobedside will be provided to develop novel strategies to cardiovascular risk factors in MetS. Antioxid. RedoxSignal. 15, 1911–1926.

RIASSUNTO DELLE CARATTERISTICHE DEL PRODOTTO aumentata dopo l'espansione della volemia. In alcuni pazienti affetti da insufficienza cardiaca con pressione arteriosa normale o ridotta, la 1. DENOMINAZIONE DEL MEDICINALE Zanipril 20 mg/20 mg compresse somministrazione di enalapril può provocare un'ulteriore riduzione della rivestite con film.

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