Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®

Do you want to embrace great health –
as naturally as possible?
Do you want to relish that fantastic feeling of total wellness? From boosting your energy and resistance to infections to balancing your blood sugar and helping you lose weight naturally, extensive research has revealed that Marcus Roher Spirulina® provides many health and fitness benefits. What's more, it's also proven to be an excellent detox for your body.
Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is one of the richest natural food sources to be found in the world today. Read more in this handy booklet on the benefits of Spirulina and research that has been conducted on Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®.

Spirulina is one of nature's most power-packed nutrition miracles. It's a blue-green algae which has been consumed for centuries for its positive impact on health and well-being. Spirulina is the most nutrient-rich whole food in the world and is packed with high concentrations of protein and scores of other nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes.
There are volumes of studies and writings dedicated to Spirulina. This booklet is aimed at providing a digestible understanding of this powerful multi-nutrient which has impacted so positively on millions of people around the world, right through history until present day. Such is the power and credibility of this naturally occurring multi-nutrient, that it has been endorsed by the United Nations World Food Conference as a "food for the future".
Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is manufactured by Cyanotech Corporation in Hawaii, and distributed internationally by OTC PHARMA INTERNATIONAL.
OTC PHARMA INTERNATIONAL, created OTC PHARMA INTERNATIONAL is the parent in 1990, is based in the Netherlands, where it company of OTC PHARMA SOUTH AFRICA has been operating for over 20 years, and from (SA). Since OTC PHARMA SA's inception in where it oversees its ever-expanding operations. 2002, it has grown into a leading and dynamic OTC PHARMA INTERNATIONAL has offices health and wellness company, handling products and partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, of superior standard and integrity. The company Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, produces and markets a range of products, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Finland, Norway, Sweden, including leading brands such as Marcus Rohrer Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Spirulina®, Diabecinn, Similasan, Cetralin, Bye Portugal, South Africa and South Korea. OTC Wart!, Rescue Select, Picksan and Rock Hard lines can be found in over 38 countries.

The information presented in this booklet is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical advice or more information about specific medical problems, it's advisable to consult with a medical or health professional.
This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part, by any means, without permission from Cyanotech Corporation, 73-4460 Queen Kaahumanu Hwy #102, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 and from OTC PHARMA SA, P O Box 3920, Durbanville, 7551 (Tel 0861 99 8880).
Meet Marcus Rohrer Nutrient analysis of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® What is Spirulina? Anti ageing protection But which Spirulina? Why choose Marcus Rohrer Where and how is Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® produced? Packaging secrets – the violet "magic glass" The benefits of taking Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® Weight control tips using Spirulina Why are the tablets hexagonal? Natural beauty treatments with Spirulina Menstruation and menopause Dosage directions for Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® Stay healthy as you age Spirulina and sports training New research – prevention of cancer and other diseases Staying alert and jet-lag Healthy food for pets and plants Top ten healthy lifestyle tips Lifestyle plan and meal suggestions Why supplement a healthy diet with Spirulina? Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® certifications and checklists Nutrients in Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®: • Phytonutrients • Vitamins and anti-oxidants Meet Marcus Rohrer
Fascinated by the perfection of nature "In the early ‘80s I held Spirulina in my hand for the first time. I was immediately captivated. The blue-green micro-algae, only half a millimetre long, is one of nature's richest sources of nutrition. No more complete nutrient has ever been found in the world. Spirulina contains vitamins, minerals, highly nutritious vegetable protein, chlorophyll, enzymes and antioxidants – all in perfect harmony.
Soon I discovered that the abundance of nutrients is only part of its overall potential. There is something more that has been virtually ignored up until now: fresh Spirulina is also an enormous reservoir of pure sun energy! The latest research shows that this solar energy (also called biophotons) is of great importance to the quality of our food, our well-being and our health. However, energy in this form is highly sensitive and difficult to preserve. Research has also shown that conventional packaging cannot protect and preserve this sun energy sufficiently.
After searching for quite some time we found a solution. Thanks to the newly- developed VioSol glass, it is now possible to protect the valuable sun energy optimally and to preserve it for a long period of time. With this unique VioSol packaging concept, I can offer you top quality Spirulina with 100% original freshness and vitality. This is my personal guarantee." What is Spirulina?
Microscopic blue-green algae that has been used as a food source for centuries.
Perfect Food – Super Health What's dark-green, doesn't look or smell very good but provides huge amounts of energy, increases your resistance to illnesses, supports your health and has been the subject of over 200 scientific studies for its anti-viral, anti-cancer and immunostimulating potential? The answer is Spirulina, a tiny spiral-shaped, blue-green algae that was designed by nature already 3.5 billion years ago. The evolutionary bridge between bacteria and green plants, this particular type of algae, cyanobacteria, is extraordinary as it contained everything life needed to evolve.
Its use as a food source dates all the way back to 9th century Chad and it is believed Spirulina was used by the Aztecs in the 16th century Mexico. Historical records report the harvesting and selling of cakes made from Spirulina gathered from Lake Texcoco.
It was rediscovered in the 1950s in the same place where it is said to Spirulina is a wholefood, or superfood, because its nutrient profile is more have its origins by a European scientific mission. The Spirulina was being potent than many other foods, plants, grain or herbs known to man. harvested and sold in dried flat cakes called "dihe" at the local markets These nutrients and phytonutrients make Spirulina an excellent wholefood where natives would use it as a staple for many of their meals.
alternative to isolated vitamin supplements.
Spirulina didn't come into commercial production until the 1970s when It's been established by science that Spirulina is the perfect energy food a French company began the first large-scale Spirulina production plant. for people of all ages and lifestyles who want a wholefood source of over Within a few years, America and Japan began producing their own Spirulina.
100 vitamins and other essential nutrients. It is considered one of the most complete naturally-cultivated nutrients in the world.
Today, these nutrient-rich algae are being used around the world to treat illness and are being seriously discussed as a sustainable food source with the potential to end world hunger!. Marcus Rohrer
It's a fact that our modern diet is filled with nutrient-depleted, over-processed convenience foods. As a result, many of us now take food supplements Spirulina® is one of
with extra vitamins and minerals to support our health. Scientists are now looking beyond vitamins to the power punch provided by phytonutrients the most nutrient-rich
which are contained in wholefoods like Spirulina. Spirulina in the world
"It is wholefoods that pack the disease-preventing wallop. That's because they harbour a whole ratatouille of compounds that have never seen the inside of a vitamin bottle."(Newsweek, April 25, 1994).
But which Spirulina?
Why choose Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®?
Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is a 100% top quality Spirulina with over 100 nutrients and the full spectrum of minerals. It is grown on a special water farm in sunny Hawaii. The quality is strictly monitored from source to final packaging. Daily controls during growth, careful processing in accordance with state-of-the-art techniques and quality controls in line with stringent international standards, guarantee optimum quality and purity. Marcus Rohrer can only apply this guarantee of quality to the original Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®, which is packaged in VioSol® glass.
Why is Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® unique? • It is sourced from the only Hawaiian cultivated Spirulina farm in the world. • It is cultivated with 100% potable drinking water from Hawaiian aquifers and pure, deep ocean water in a bio-secure zone which is free of pesticides, • It is processed with patented Ocean Chill Drying technology for maximum nutrient potency. • The continuous cultivation methods adhere to strict quality standards. Cyanotech Corporation, the manufacturers of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®, is the first micro-algae company in the world to obtain and operate under an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.
• Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® delivers significantly more key nutrients per serving than any other Spirulina.
• Does Spirulina contain antioxidants? Yes. • Vitamins and Minerals • Is it a probiotic food? You bet! • Essential Fatty Acids • Is it a nutraceutical? That too. • Phytonutrients • Is it loaded with phytochemicals? All kinds. It contains compounds like phycocyanin, polysaccharides, and sulfolipids that enhance the immune system. This superfood has the most remarkable concentration of functional nutrients ever known in any food, plant, grain or herb. Key Benefits of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ®  Rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, chlorophyll and enzymes  An excellent source of vitamins A; K; B12 and of iron; manganese and chromium Contains every essential amino acid  The best wholefood source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) More carotenoids than any other wholefood Supports cardiovascular, eye and brain health Contains anti-viral and cancer preventative properties Boosts energy and immunity Increases fat oxidation  Excellent building block for muscle tissue  100% natural  No colourants or flavouring No preservatives Can be taken daily Easily digestable and absorbed easily Can be used in conjunction with other preparations without any risk Suitable for all ages More nutrition gram for gram than any other product in the world What are the benefits of taking
Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®?
Specific Benefits of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® Unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and stress, create a build-up of waste products in our bodies, causing us • Good for everyone in the family
to feel tired and listless. Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® may quickly put you back Spirulina is suitable for both adults and children as an energy booster. on form by working on three levels simultaneously: Spirulina also helps adults and children build greater resistance to disease while helping to speed up recovery after an illness. Taking 1. Cleansing: Spirulina promotes the body's natural cleansing processes
Spirulina will ensure you and your family do not suffer from nutritional by giving the liver a helping hand and boosting other parts deficiencies. Correct nutrition is particularly important during pregnancy of the digestion and elimination process. As a result, you and times of stress and fatigue, and here Spirulina is invaluable.
will feel much better with loads of extra energy.
A natural cleansing cure
2. Restoring: Spirulina compensates for deficiencies in your diet and
Spirulina is ideal as a cleansing cure. By taking Spirulina in conjunction stimulates your metabolism. Your physical condition will with 10-12 glasses of water daily (or herbal tea or juices), you'll find improve and you will find that you recover much faster after waste products will be removed even more rapidly from your body.
Natural weight control
3. Fortifying: Spirulina boosts resistance and activates your body's
Spirulina is not a slimming product. However, owing to its rich nutritional natural defence mechanisms. You will feel stronger and will content and exceptionally low kilojoule/calorie content (only seven find you are better able to cope with the pressures of daily calories or 27 kilojoules per six tablets), it will provide the body with sufficient nutrients to ensure good health is maintained. Spirulina also assists in normalising sugar levels in the bloodstream, which in turn minimises hunger pangs and cravings.
Just eating less is not sufficient to get rid of those extra kilos. Experts agree Energy dip?
it is essential that your body receives sufficient vital nutrition, without surplus Do you find you experience an energy dip halfway through the afternoon? kilojoules/calories. Instead of reaching for that chocolate, try taking a few Spirulina tablets. Your energy levels will quickly return to normal so that you can keep up that Gorging on ‘empty' kilojoules from refined and processed foodstuffs (e.g. steady pace.
white sugar, white flour-based products, canned food, etc.) will only result in you feeling hungry again very soon. The reason is that your body has not taken in sufficient essential nutrients - only a large quantity of useless kilojoules/calories that do not do much more than pile on fat. Remember, it's not only about the amount you eat that is important, but also the quality Healthy eating habits for weight control of what you eat.
• Eat fresh fruit, salad and freshly prepared vegetables Keep hunger pangs at bay
as often as possible It is possible that when you start dieting you become hungrier than usual. • Drink sufficient (spring) water This is your body's way of telling you that it needs more essential nutrients. • Do not combine too many things in one meal; In this case, increase the dose of Spirulina to around 15 tablets per day. Once the nutrients have been topped up, you'll find your feelings of hunger • Try to chew for as long as possible; this will make you will return to normal again.
feel full much more quickly.
Remember, it is possible to be overweight and still be undernourished. In this scenario your kilojoule (calorie) intake has been sufficient, but not your intake of essential nutrients.
Spirulina – the natural beauty treatment
Spirulina contains exactly the right minerals and vitamins to keep your hair, skin and nails in optimum condition. Spirulina helps cleanse the blood resulting in
smoother, healthier skin. Tip: Use Spirulina as a face mask to help soothe and heal irritated, problem skin.
Dry or lustreless hair, hair loss, dry skin or brittle nails are often the result of an inadequate diet. Hair root investigations have shown that these deficiencies may disappear taking a course of Spirulina for a period of two to three weeks. As a result, you'll find that your hair may become stronger, glossier and have more body after taking the Spirulina. You may also find that your nails become stronger and break less easily.
How to make a Spirulina face pack Crush two Spirulina tablets and mix them with cream cheese or yoghurt, or your favourite mask. Apply the mixture to thoroughly-cleansed skin and let it soak in for 15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. The Spirulina face pack has a triple action: cleansing, relaxing and nourishing the skin. A Spirulina face mask can be used for all skin types, but it is especially beneficial for oily or problem skin.
Blemishes simply vanish
If your metabolism is not working properly, the internal cleansing of your body will not function efficiently either. The result is that your body will use your skin
as an outlet for waste products, which can lead to blemishes. Spirulina cleanses the blood and boosts the metabolism. This results in a reduced build-up of
waste substances, thereby reducing and eventually clearing up skin problems. Sometimes, when you first start taking Spirulina, you might find you breakout
a little more than usual. This is because the internal cleansing of your body is just kicking in. Persevere because after the initial cleansing, your complexion will
soon recover and start glowing! Tip: For best results in treating troublesome skin, combine eating Spirulina with regular applications of the face mask.
Hassle-free menstruation and menopause Many menopausal women report less troublesome symptoms if they take Spirulina. They say they feel calmer, more energetic and in balance and have less bother from hot flushes.
Spirulina is also reported to have a positive effect during menstruation. Spirulina contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is changed into prostaglandin in the body. Certain prostaglandins help the uterus to shed the womb lining during menstruation by causing the contraction of the uterine muscles., As a result of the positive effect of the GLA in Spirulina, and other nutrients in Spirulina, many women therefore have shorter and easier menstruation and feel more comfortable in the days preceding menstruation because of the positive effect of GLA.
Stay healthy as you get older The elderly have different nutritional needs to younger people. Older folk are more likely to be deficient in certain nutrients and may not absorb, utilise, or store nutrients efficiently. Many elderly people are on medication for extended periods, which interferes with nutrient levels. It may not be easy to obtain all the required nutrients from food, especially as older people tend to eat less. It is therefore important to take food supplements that can be easily digested and utilised by the body.
Spirulina is a high-energy food, and due to its soft cell wall, it offers nutrients in an easily-assimilated form. Moreover, Spirulina provides extra energy and keeps the mind clear, enabling older people to fully enjoy grandchildren, hobbies and travel, without becoming tired quickly. A recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study to establish the effects of Spirulina in a group of elderly Koreans over a period of 16 weeks found that Spirulina had many "favourable effects", including a significant cholesterol-lowering effect. The researchers concluded that it was a ‘'suitable functional food" for elderly men and women.
Spirulina and sports training Many top athletes swear by the natural energy of Spirulina. Whether it is an endurance sport, strength sport or a sport requiring performance peaks, Spirulina gives you an advantage for several reasons: it does not contain artificial or banned substances.
After a heavy training session or competition, the cleansing action of Spirulina speeds up the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid from the body. Also, Spirulina replaces minerals that have been lost due to perspiration. The result: your body recovers sooner. A faster recovery means you can train more efficiently, and efficient training eventually increases your performance level.
Make a shake with bananas, eggs or More stamina
powdered egg white, Spirulina ensures optimal metabolism during competition, leading to the efficient conversion of food into energy. This means fruit juice and almonds. that by usingsSpirulina, you won't experience that "dip" in energy you sometimes experience over a long haul. You will also Add Spirulina powder find you do not fatigue easily and you can keep going for longer.
or crushed tablets. (These can be easily mixed with all types Sometimes, excessive training can lower your resistance making you more susceptible to illnesses such as colds and flu. of protein drinks and Due to its enormous richness in vital substances, Spirulina quickly replenishes shortages and increases your resistance. The other sport drinks.) chances of contracting such illnesses are reduced, therefore reducing the number of missed training sessions.
Power drink for power sports
Spirulina not only helps keep your weight down, but can also be used to gain weight. For example, power athletes who want to become more muscular can
mix Spirulina with a power drink.
Staying alert with Spirulina Work and study
Taking Spirulina may enhance your concentration, help you cope in stressful situations and improve your
performance generally, making it the perfect mental booster during exams or when you have a deadline
to meet.
Partying through the night
Spirulina keeps you fit and energised without the need to resort to chemical party drugs. You will realise
that you can dance for longer and that after a long, heavy night you recover quicker, because waste
products are removed from your body much faster. (Did you know many professional dancers are loyal
Spirulina users?)
Had a little too much to drink?
To avoid waking up with a hangover, take a few Spirulina tablets before going to bed, together with one or two glasses of water. Do the same when you wake up
and your hangover will be less severe. You will also feel fit and alert faster. Spirulina replenishes your body's nutrient stores and supports the liver's detoxification
action. As alcohol causes the dehydration of body cells (including those of the brain) lots of water is necessary to re-hydrate the body. (Did you know Spirulina
has been a secret miracle cure for carnival revellers for years?)
Stay fresh behind the wheel
Hundreds of years ago the Aztecs used Spirulina on long treks through perilous mountains. Today Spirulina is ideal for helping to keep you alert while driving
in heavy traffic or when you're on a long trip. As Spirulina contains lots of beta-carotene, which is an important nutrient for eye health, it will also help with night
TIP: Do you dread long flights? Use Spirulina to reduce the symptoms of jetlag so that you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and fit.
Healthy food for pets and plants Top quality Spirulina Spirulina is not only good for people - animals and plants thrive on it, too. The quality of Spirulina is influenced by several factors.
When given Spirulina, older cats and dogs with dull, thinning coats have Why is Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® of such high quality? been seen to develop thick, lustrous coats; and pets with stiff joints appear - Marcus Rohrer Spirulina grows on the sunshine island of to improve considerably, becoming supple and active again.
- The basins are situated on a dust-free lava field directly Veterinarians prescribe Spirulina for animals to aid recovery, increase alongside the Pacific Ocean.
stamina, relieve stiffness, and to boost toning of show animals.
- The unique mixture of water in the basins is a blend of fresh water from the upland rainforest and deep seawater Prize-winning koi carp are fed Spirulina to enhance their colour and health. (exceptionally pure and very rich in minerals).
Bird breeders add Spirulina to feed to enhance plumage colour and - The climate is ideal: the sun shines all year round, and a lustre. Spirulina is used extensively by aquaculture companies to improve constant sea breeze ensures that the air is pure.
growth rates, increase disease resistance, improve survival rates, reduce - Spirulina from Hawaii is not genetically modified and is medication requirements and improve quality and colouration of various fish cultivated without using herbicides or pesticides (see and shellfish (Henson 1990).
Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® certifications and checklists).
- A patented Ocean-Chill™ Drying system is used: Organic farmers and keen gardeners can both use Spirulina as a complete oxygen free (nutrients cannot oxidise), within 5 seconds, and effective plant food, too. Many who have used it as a natural fertiliser low temperature, essential nutrients are fully preserved.
have commented on the strong growth and lush foliage produced by the treated plants and crops. (Tip: Sprinkle a little Spirulina in the earth around
Besides these elements Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is stored in your favourite indoor pot-plants and see what a difference it makes.) Organic VioSol® glass. This glass offers optimum protection making farmers can use Spirulina as a completely natural and healthy fertiliser. it possible to store the valuable sun energy for long periods.
Why supplement a healthy diet with Spirulina?
Spirulina's concentrated nutrition makes it an ideal food
Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®is a healthy daily nutritional
supplement for people of all ages and lifestyles, especially
supplement, providing the following nutritional advantages:
those who:
• 3 grams of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® has the same amount of • Are looking for natural, wholesome nutrition phytonutrients as 5 servings of fruits and vegetables • Have inconsistent nutritious food habits • 3 grams of Spirulina has more anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory • Resist or dislike vegetables or fruits activity than 5 servings of vegetables and fruit • Are time-challenged for preparing or eating properly • It contains over 100 nutrients and all essential amino acids, • Participate in sports or athletic activities chlorophyll, enzymes and antioxidants – everything your body • Need support for various health problems • Need more energy • It is a key building block for muscle tissue, essential in diet • Want to lose weight and detoxify • It balances your blood sugar levels • Need to improve or support their immune system • It increases fat oxidation by 10.5% • It stimulates your metabolism • It detoxifies and purifies your body • It contains 60% complete digestable protein Experts recommend eating 5 – 9 • It is proven to increase energy and athletic performance • It is one of the most complete wholefoods available servings of fruit and vegetables each • Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® complements a well-balanced diet day. Even for a person that eats well, that's a challenge! The nutrients in Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®
1. Amazing phytonutrients To determine the percentage of usable protein in a food, we measure the amount of protein present, its digestibility, and its biological value. The only Spirulina provides a wide range of delicate phytonutrients like Phycocyanin food with more usable protein than Spirulina is eggs. None of the protein and carotenoids with significant health benefits. Phytonutrients are nutrients sources in the chart below has even close to the amount of other nutrients that come from plants and include antioxidants known for giving fruits and that Spirulina has; and of course, many of these other protein sources vegetables their orange and yellow colours. Nutritionists recommend have very negative properties as well, such as being high in animal fat and increasing your intake of phytonutrients to protect against the harmful effects of UV sunlight, pollution, and environmental stress. Just a few tablets of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® supply the phytonutrients contained in a whole salad.
Usable Protein Of Common Protein Foods *
2. High-quality protein Protein(%) NPU(%) ** Usable Protein(%) More than 60% of Spirulina is made up of high-quality protein, making it one of the richest sources of vegetable protein known to man. The quality of protein depends on the composition of the amino acids of which it is made. The protein in Spirulina contains all eight essential amino acids, plus nine Dried skimmed milk non-essential amino acids, in exactly the right natural balance. (The human body cannot produce these essential amino acids itself; so they have to be ingested as part of your diet.) While most animal proteins are high in fat, calories, and cholesterol, Spirulina contains only 5% fat, most of which are beneficial unsaturated fatty acids like GLA. There are less than four calories (16 kilojoules) in each gram and * Switzer (1982) ** Net Protein Utilisation practically no cholesterol.
Spirulina contains all the vitamins within the recommended daily allowance, especially the all-important vitamin B complex. Because of its positive effect on the nervous system, vitamin B is important for people with busy and hectic lifestyles. For vegetarians, the vitamin B 12 in Spirulina is especially important because it is extremely rare in most plant-based foods. In addition, Spirulina contains a large amount of beta-carotene, which is converted in the body into vitamin A. This increases your resistance to illness, is a powerful antioxidant, and is good for your skin, hair and nails. Lastly, Spirulina also contains vitamin E, which improves your mental and physical capacity and increases your vitality.
A food supplement will only work optimally if vitamins and minerals are naturally balanced and taken together. This is the great strength and synergy of Spirulina.
No matter how important vitamins are, they cannot do anything for us Spirulina is also one of the best natural sources of organically-bound iron. without minerals. Although our bodies are able to produce a number of Unlike sea algae, Spirulina only contains traces of iodine. Spirulina is rich vitamins, it is impossible for us to produce minerals. Spirulina contains in iron, which, together with vitamins from the B complex, is required for all the minerals that are essential for the human body – iron, magnesium, the formation of red blood cells and for the transportation of oxygen in the manganese, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and the rare selenium. A high percentage of anaemia is caused by a shortage of iron in the diet. detoxifying action of the liver and kidneys. Because the liver is responsible Women have a greater need for iron than men due to menstruation and for detoxifying poisons from the blood, liver cells are subject to high pregnancy. Also, many women are low on iron intake owing to their slimming concentrations of toxic chemicals, which can cause free radical damage. habits. (Iron shortage due to slimming is mostly prevalent in women between Phycocyanin helps protect liver cells and aid the detoxification process. the ages of 18 and 25 years.) It also protects the cells against free radicals, stimulates red blood cell production and strengthens the immune system.
Tip: Try not to take Spirulina at the same time as you drink your coffee
or tea. These drinks contain substances that slow down the complete
absorption of iron. A half-hour gap would be sufficient.
The carotenoids are yellow, orange and red colour pigments that are found in carrots, oranges and other orange-coloured vegetables and fruits. Due to the very sunny climate in Hawaii where Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is produced, it contains high concentrations of natural carotenoids. The most important substance is beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin Spirulina has an abundance of chlorophyll. This is the green matter that enables plants to convert sunlight into nutrients and energy. Chlorophyll The carotenoids are powerful antioxidants; they protect the nervous system cleanses the blood and improves the absorption of iron by the bloodstream. and increase resistance. They keep the skin elastic and ensure that the Chlorophyll is also good for your liver, which plays an important role hair, nails and eyes are in optimal condition. Beta-carotene also protects in removing toxins and waste products from your body. It also helps to the skin against UV radiation. Numerous studies have indicated that people eliminate heavy metals from the body.
whose diets contain a lot of foods rich in carotenoids have a lower risk of developing various types of cancer.
One of the most important substances in Spirulina is phycocyanin, a blue
Carotenoids are essential for the efficient functioning of the eyes. (Did you colour pigment that is not found in any other plant. Just like chlorophyll, know that if you sit at a computer screen often, watch a lot of TV or drive at phycocyanin can absorb a lot of sunlight. Together they give Spirulina its night, you need extra beta-carotene?) blue-green colour. Phycocyanin is a strong antioxidant. It supports the • Natural vs. synthetic carotenoids:
There are between 400 and 600 carotenoids about which we A good illustration of the importance of taking natural vitamins from food know ve ry little: almost all the research so far has concentrated on beta- can be made with beta-carotene, one of the carotenoids present in carotene, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin and most recently astaxanthin. Spirulina in large quantities. There are many synthetic beta-carotene The full range of carotenoids is only found in food, which is why it is supplements on the market. In fact, even some that claim to be important to include carotenoid-rich foods in your diet.
"natural" are synthetic. Nature makes beta-carotene in two shapes, called cis and trans, while synthetic is primarily only one shape (trans). It is quite possible that the other carotenoids are just as valuable for your health as beta-carotene. Carotenoids are used and stored in Cis and trans forms of beta-carotene are two different compounds, several parts of the body, including the adrenal glands, the reproductive different chemically, and different physically. They behave differently system, the pancreas and spleen, the skin, and the retina. Depletion of when crystallising and when dissolving. There is also a difference when these stores results in distrubances in the body despite adequate levels they are absorbed in the intestine for digestion. In fact, a study showed of beta-carotene.
that chickens and rats absorb ten times more natural beta-carotene than synthetic. In studies where beta-carotene is correlated with lower • Sources of natural beta-carotene
incidence of cancer, the beta-carotene is from natural food. This is one There are many food sources of beta-carotene. Spinach, kale and reason why major government agencies in the USA, such as the other dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, squash, National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute, recommend papayas, cantaloupes, and other yellow and orange fruits and natural food sources of beta-carotene.
vegetables are all excellent sources. Unfortunately, most people get only 25-30% of the daily dietary carotenoid intake recommended Another advantage of natural beta-carotene is that it contains in a cancer-preventive diet; and many people are unwilling to make no artificial ingredients or preservatives, whereas synthetic beta- radical dietary changes.
carotene contains preservatives and trace residues of chemicals used in the refining process.
The easy way to eat your daily dose of food-based beta-carotene is to take Spirulina, the richest wholefood source of beta-carotene. Unlike other beta-carotene supplements, Spirulina is a wholefood with its beta-carotene in a naturally-chelated food matrix. And Spirulina The second most prevalent carotenoid in Spirulina is zeaxanthin. In fact, is not only rich in beta-carotene; it also contains other very important there is more zeaxanthin in just 3g of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® than there carotenoids such as zeaxanthin and beta-cryptoxanthin, as well as is in a large bowl of spinach, one of nature's richest sources. Zeaxanthin is lesser-known carotenoids such as myxoxanthophyll and echinenone.
a very important antioxidant for two reasons: 1) It is one of the few antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier and bring antioxidant protection to the eyes, brain and central nervous system.
Food Comparison Chart
2) It is also one of the few antioxidants that never becomes a pro- oxidant (causes oxidation in the body). Hawaiian Spirulina*, 3 grams 7. Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) Carrot, 1 medium Papaya, 1 medium Spirulina contains a large quantity of gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Mother's Chlorella, 3 grams milk and oil of the evening primrose are two other sources of this rare fatty Apricot, 1 medium acid. Your body converts GLA into DGLA and from there into prostaglandins which are extremely active hormone-like substances and necessary in a *From Cyanotech Corporation vast array of bodily functions. Gamma linolenic acid is also good for normal and regular menstrual periods. In addition, it helps to keep your cholesterol level down.
Evidence is mounting that factors such as stress, ageing, alcohol consumption, and poor diet make it difficult for our bodies to convert linoleic acid to GLA. And some people simply have insufficient linoleic acid in their diets. This makes finding a dietary source of GLA very important. Fortunately, the plant world has a few good sources: Spirulina, black currant seed oil, oil of evening primrose, and borage seed oil are all rich in GLA. Of these, only Spirulina provides GLA in a wholefood form, a form the body can efficiently use. In fact, Spirulina and mother's milk are the only natural food sources of GLA. The others are all extracted oil compounds. The concentration of GLA in Spirulina is remarkably high, so that five grams provide 50 milligrams compared to an evening primrose oil capsule of 500 milligrams which provides 45-50 milligrams. And, unlike the other sources, Spirulina provides a wide range of additional nutrients.
Spirulina contains a number of important enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD). An iron-containing enzyme, SOD supports important body-cell processes and also protects the cells from free radicals. Enzymes are essential for the construction of your cells. You could not live without enzymes. Enzymes are very vulnerable and are easily destroyed by heat or oxidation. Fortunately, Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® exhibits an extremely high enzyme activity owing to its processing.
Nutrient analysis of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®
Average value per 6 tablets (300mg each) Nutritional value
Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) Essential amino acids
Essential linoleic acid Dihomogamma linoleic acid Alpha linolenic acid Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) Vitamins
Inssential amino acids
Beta-carotene (Provitamin A) Palmitoleic oil acid Pigments and enzymes
Pantothenic acid (B5) Cyanocobalamin (B12) Delta-alpha tocopherol (E) Superoxyde dismutase (SOD) Gamme-Linolenic acid (GLA) Spirulina: the sensible dietary supplement Pesticides
Spirulina is most effective when combined with a natural diet, and offers many benefits, including: Total amount of Germ • Supports cardiovascular, eye and • Strengthens immune system Coliform (Enterobact) • Supports increased energy levels • Supports healthy skin • Combats age-related macular degeneration • Supports bone health• Green energy (includes the Eco Diet) Because Spirulina is a totally natural product, the measured values are to natural fluctuations, caused by the effects of weather conditions etc. • Natural weight control, increases fat oxidation• Vegetable protein and B-12 source for vegetarians.
The potency of Spirulina does not depend solely on the • Reduces cholesterol and PMS.
amounts of individual substances, but on the combined • Ideal for fasting and for body cleansing programmes synergistic effect of all the substances together. Aside • Energy and endurance for athletes and body from the substances that can be weighed and counted, the bioenergetic value also plays an important role. • Ideal for children and pets (*1mg = 1000 mcg) Anit-ageing protection Antioxidants in Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that, if left unchecked, trigger a Exceptionally rich in antioxidants, Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® provides chain reaction called oxidation, that can weaken or destroy cells. Exposure added protection for today's busy lifestyles by assisting the body in its battle to sunlight, pollution, smoke and everyday stress produces free radicals against harmful free radicals.
which damage our cells' DNA and inhibit our cells from functioning normally. • Beta-carotene – A carotenoid for skin, eyes, immune system
This oxidative stress can lead to: and a safe source of vitamin A.
Zeaxanthin – A carotenoid to fight free radical damage with
• Premature ageing of the skin specific benefits for eye and cellular health.
• Impaired immune functions • Degenerative diseases • Phycocyanin – A photosynthetic pigment for liver and kidney
• Tissue damage health, which is very hard to find in foods.
• Many life threatening diseases • Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) Both an antioxidant and an
Antioxidants help prevent and protect some damage before it occurs, by anti-inflammatory, it neutralises free radicals and helps repair age- neutralising free radicals.
related cell degeneration.
Taken daily as a supplement, 3g of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® can help strengthen the body's defence against free radical damage.
Where and how is Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®

Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is manufactured by Cyanotech Corporation on a spectacular 90-acre farm on the coast of Kona, Big Island of Hawaii. This pristine location, boasting year-round sunshine, has been certified as a bio-secure zone, which means the farm has been certified free of pesticides, herbicides and industrial pollutants. A bird's-eye-view of Cyanotech's Recognised as a global leader in microalgae technology, Cyanotech Corporation Marcus Rohrer has produced Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® continuously since 1985 and has won Spirulina® crop numerous awards and accolades.
It has developed and received two US Environmental Process Patents:• The unique Ocean Chill Drying™ process, which uses sea water for cooling to best preserve the antioxidants and key nutrients of the Spirulina, and • The cogeneration of electricity using CO2 in algae ponds.
Marcus Rohrer Cyanotech is also recogised for its long-term commitment to environmental manufactures and sustainability and was awarded the Audubon Award in 2001 for the protection of delivers products with endangered bird species.
one of the highest nutritional contents available in the • Produces the world's most productive crop with no fertiliser or manure run-off• Recycles water wherever possible in the manufacturing process• Cools its culture ponds and buildings with air-conditioning utilising sea water• Prints labels on tree-free, water-free Fiberstone®.
Cyanotech is commited to manufacturing and delivering products with the highest nutritional content.
• It uses only 100% potable drinking water from Hawaiian aquifers and pure, deep ocean water with 96 trace minerals. Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is guaranteed GMO-free and non-irradiated.
• It has been GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) by the Natural Products Association™.
• It is the first microalgae company in the world to obtain and operate under an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. • Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status by US FDA for use as a food ingredient, beverage and augments energy and immune response.
Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ®
Spirulina thrives in shallow
ponds next to the Pacific

Cultivated using seawater pumped from a depth of 2 000 ft, Marcus • The Spirulina grows in shallow ponds mixed with fresh water and Rohrer Spirulina ® is the only cultured mineral-rich deep ocean water in a base of food-grade baking soda. (All microalgae grown with pure, deep other Spirulina farms use river water or irrigation water for cultivation.) ocean water as a source of all 94 • Paddle wheels gently stir the mixture to assure perfect sun exposure.
minerals and trace elements.
• This method also ensures Spirulina remains contaminant-free and that it maintains a consistently superior nutritional profile. Ocean Chill Drying™
Separation screens

Dryer Air Recycle Spirulina is meticulously washed over stainless steel screens. Using a pollution-free, 100% recycled process; all the pond water is returned to the growing ponds for the next cycle.
Recycled to Ponds Oxygen Eliminated Oxygen less than 1% Vacuum washing system

Marcus Rohrer utilises a patented Ocean Chill Drying™ process Before drying, Spirulina is rinsed three in the production of its Spirulina.
times. Numerous fresh water rinses give • This eliminates the oxidation of carotenes and fatty Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® a mild, salt-free acids that occurs in standard dryers.
• The closed system uses less than 1% oxygen by flushing with nitrogen and carbon dioxide • Uses pure, deep ocean water to provide dehumidification. Finished powder

The dried powder is immediately protected from
oxidation. Using a unique patented process
Marcus Rohrer makes use of oxygen absorbers
which are enclosed in heat-sealed, metal-lined foil
bags. These are then placed into cardboard boxes.
This method assures that you receive Marcus
Rohrer Spirulina® as fresh as the day it was
Extensive quality analysis
Cold compression tabletting
The strictest good manufacturing practices are adhered to and each batch of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® undergoes Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® uses an testing at three separate laboratories.
advanced tabletting facility, specifically enabling the company to make tablets with • Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ® is reviewed and measured a cold compression technique.
from cultivation to harvesting.
• Content testing of all nutrients, carotenoids and heavy • Post-production quality is reviewed to ensure that products meet specifications Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® packaging secrets -
the violet ‘Magic Glass'

Ancient cultures such as the early Egyptians stored valuable essential oils and medicines in either gold or violet pots. Scientific research has now confirmed what these old cultures learned long ago: violet light has the highest value of any visible colour i.e. 750.000 billion-Hertz. This high frequency precisely matches the oscillation of our nervous system. By contrast, colours such as brown, grey and black have extremely low oscillation frequencies.
The special design of the Spirulina jar
The glass container for the tablets was very carefully designed in accordance with the laws of energetic conformance. Proceeding from the prototype of an
egg, a special design evolved with exclusively round and oval lines avoiding sharp edges.
The glass container is violet in colour and is called VioSol® Glass.
The effect of sunlight
Sunlight is crucial for the growth of all plants. No life is possible without light. When plants, for example,
are ripe for harvesting, they must be used immediately or preserved efficiently otherwise decay will
set in. Basically, the same light that made growth possible now accelerates the process of molecular
decomposition, reducing reduces its bio-energy.
The light spectrum
Sunlight consists of the visible light spectrum (with the familiar colours of the rainbow), and the invisible
ultraviolet and infrared. If sunlight is directed on a prism, the spectral colours become visible. Colours
with a high frequency (measured in Hertz), such as violet, have a short wavelength (measured in
nanometres); and colours with a low frequency, such as red, have a long wavelength. Infrared and
ultraviolet are not visible to the human eye.
Traditional packaging material
No other glass offers this unique combination of total protection in the visible Almost all natural substances (herb tinctures, essential oils, etc.) are spectrum and at the same time, transparency in the UV, violet and infrared packaged in traditional brown glass or plastic. Scientific measurements show clearly that brown glass allows visible light to pass through it and offers no protection. The same goes for green and blue glass: both colours The magic of VioSol® glass makes Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® allow the entire visible spectrum to penetrate. Studies show that the range of frequencies of the visible light causes frequency chaos in the jar, stimulating the decomposition process.
Decorative recycling
Due to its preservative properties, VioSol® glass is ideal for subsequent
Unlike glass, plastic bottles are porous, studies showing that this kind of re-use to store spices, tea, medicinal herbs, etc. They remain fresh for long packaging allows oxygen to penetrate and initiate oxidative breakdown periods and retain their natural strength. VioSol® glass is also ideal for use of key components. They can also emit harmful gases (especially at high with the handy refill packs.
temperatures) which can destroy subtle bio-energies.
The secret of VioSol® glass
The properties of VioSol® glass
The violet VioSol glass was specially developed to give optimum VioSol® glass offers complete protection against the impairing frequencies protection to the bio-energetic value of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina. Scientific of visible light while at the same time being penetrable in the high-energy investigations have confirmed that the pure violet light spectrum of VioSol ® UV/violet spectrum and the infrared spectrum. The metal oxides in the glass continually stimulates and energises the Spirulina molecules. This is glass are also capable of absorbing light energy from outside (like a solar exactly what enhances the vitality of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina and keeps the collector), and then releasing that energy very slowly to the inside. product fresh for much longer.
This means that a unique high-energy environment develops in the VioSol® Only Marcus Rohrer owns the worldwide exclusive rights to Spirulina in the glass. The molecular structure of a substance is constantly stimulated and VioSol® glass.
reinforced. The decomposition process slows, and the subtle bio-energy remains at original levels for long periods. This gives VioSol® glass a natural stimulant and preservative effect.
The energy field of Spirulina stored in Swiss photobiologist Dr H Niggli and German Prof F A Popp investigated the protective function of VioSol® glass VioSol® glass and found that: • "The samples in the violet glass jar had a significantly superior storage quality, exhibited significantly steadier oscillation and displayed the lowest energy loss." Spirulina stored in brown glass container • "The samples stored in violet glass can transfer the largest quantity of ultra weak photon energy on synthetic cell liquids, which means that they can pass the most sun energy." • "The storage quality of the newly developed glass foil is exceptional. Although it does not quite Spirulina stored in measure up to violet glass, it nevertheless provides an excellent, unbreakable alternative for plastic container the transportation of Spirulina." Special hexagonal-shaped tablets and VioSol® glass packaging Q. Why are the tablets hexagonal?As highly-sensitive light energy is also affected by form, Marcus Rohrer worked with specialists in the bio-energy field to develop a hexagonal-shaped Spirulina tablet. The special hexagonal shape is found in nature in honeycombs, crystals and molecular structures. Studies show that in a hexagon, the energy field is preserved for a much longer period compared to the energy in a circle, for example. Dosage for Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®
Slimmers and athletes
How to take Spirulina To use as a slimming aid, take the tablets 30 - 60 minutes before meals. You can also take the tablets between meals if you feel hungry. Athletes may take between 3-6 extra Dosage of tablets
tablets before training.
Adults: 3 - 6 tablets daily.
Children and the elderly
Children: 1 - 3 tablets daily.
The dose must always be adjusted for use by children. For young children, the average dose is 1 tablet to be taken 2-3 times daily. Babies may be given one teaspoon of If this is the first time you are taking Spirulina, build up the powder (tablets can easily be crushed) mixed into water or apple juice and administered in small doses throughout the day.
• For the first two days, take 1 tablet daily. • For the next two days, take 2 tablets daily. People with metabolic disorders or • For the following two days take 3 tablets daily, etc., the elderly should build up their dose until you reach the required daily dosage of slowly, starting with 1 tablet daily.
3 - 6 tablets.
• Take the tablets with water just before meals.
• When slimming, take the tablets with a large glass of Spirulina may also be used during water half an hour before meals.
pregnancy and when breastfeeding. If • You can either take the daily dose all at once in the you have used Spirulina before falling morning, or in divided doses spread over the course pregnant, you may continue using it and even increase the dose. If you are • It is better not to take Spirulina in the evening unless pregnant and wish to use Spirulina for you have to work late into the night, or you are going the first time, it is recommend that you out on the town and need an extra energy boost. build up the dose slowly at first, starting • Drink plenty of water throughout the day as this will at 1 or 2 tablets daily.
support your body's natural cleansing processes.
New research reveals multiple health

Researchers around the world are discovering how and why this particular microalgae is so effective for human and animal health. Hundreds of published scientific studies since the 1970s reveal how Spirulina, with its abundant supply of vitamins and minerals, boosts the immune system and improves health in many ways.
Recently, Dr Bob Capelli and Dr Gerald R Cysewski of the Cyanotech • Protect the liver and kidneys Corporation reviewed existing studies on Spirulina, looking specifically at • Improve blood quality and prevent anaemia Spirulina's effects on the immune system and on cardiovascular health as • Remove heavy metals from the body well as its effectiveness as an anti-viral agent and as a cancer preventative. • Control allergic rhinitis• Control diabetes Their findings have recently been published in the respected journal Nutra Foods, a testimony that research into Spirulina is valid and of merit.
Boosts the immune system Diversity of research The benefits of Spirulina in building immunity and improving resistance to viral infections are well documented and for decades, users have anecdotally Research on Spirulina's health benefits has been far-ranging, but interest reported a decrease in colds and flu when using Spirulina. has increased dramatically in the last ten years. Several pre-clinical animal studies have now shown that Spirulina: While the strong antioxidant profile of Spirulina as well as its anti-inflammatory • Enhances the resistance of humans, mammals, chickens and fish to activity is particularly well documented in scientific literature, there are a number of exciting new potential health applications being studied, including • Influences the production of all types of blood cells (haemopoieses), Spirulina's effectiveness to: • Stimulates the production of antibodies and cytokines (small proteins that are secreted by specific cells of the immune system and which Based on existing research, Spirulina shows great potential as it contains carry signals locally between cells).
several unique nutrients.
These pre-clinical studies have also shown that under the influence of In the 1990s, researchers at the Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical Spirulina macrophages, T and B cells are activated in the body. University in Japan isolated a sulfated polysaccharide found in Spirulina, a compound called Calcium Spirulan, and proved in two separate published In one study done by the Department of Immunology at the Osaka Medical studies that it is effective against a variety of viruses. Centre for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases in Japan, blood analysis of volunteers given a hot water Spirulina extract showed significant In the studies, it was shown that Calcium Spirulan inhibited the replication of improvement in immune markers, indicating its potential to suppress cancer viruses such as Herpes simplex type 1, human cytomegalovirus, measles, development and viral infection. influenza A and HIV-1 – in other words, this special compound inhibited the penetration of these viruses into host cells.
The key nutrient, found only in Spirulina and other species of blue-green microalgae is the water-soluble blue pigment, phycocyanin, a potent The Japanese research resulted in the publication of an interesting paper, antioxidant that possesses strong immune-enhancing and anti-viral "Algae—a poor man's HAART [Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy]", in 2004 by a group from the Norman J Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina in the United States. Their paper concluded that Boosts resistance to viruses "regular consumption of dietary algae might help prevent HIV infection and suppress viral load among those infected." A food, a nutritional supplement or a drug that has documented anti-viral They authors pointed out that even within Africa, where the highest rates activity as well as an ability to positively affect the immune response is of HIV infection are found, the rates vary dramatically between different certainly of considerable clinical interest today, especially in the face of the countries and groups of people. "Chad has consistently reported low rates HIV/Aids epidemic.
of HIV/AIDS…the Kanemba, one of the major tribal groups in Chad, eat a blue green alga (Spirulina) daily." The average daily consumption of Spirulina by the Kanemba was cited In a study done by Dr Andhra Pradesh of the Institute of Pharmaceutical between 3-13 grams. " Technology in India, it was found that a dosage of 180mg of Spirulina had a protective effect on the brain and nervous systems of rats not given the What's important to note from these studies is that Spirulina's anti-viral Spirulina before the experiment. This lab test shows the promising effect of properties are not only derived from its polysaccharides. Other components Spirulina on stroke prevention.
in Spirulina also play a role in its antiviral activity.
Helps normalise cholesterol naturally Helps reduce cancer risk According to a study done on elderly male and female patients ages 60-87, Although there is not a great deal of human clinical research, there is a those given 8 grams of Spirulina per day for 16 consecutive weeks showed significant volume of studies showing Spirulina's potential to prevent cancer lower cholesterol levels than those given a placebo.
(carcinogenesis) and to shrink tumours in animals. In an important review published last year, it was noted that "in humans, A study done in China, for example, recently showed selenium-infused Spirulina intake decreases blood pressure and plasma lipid concentrations, Spirulina inhibited the growth of MCF-7 breast cancer cells. especially triacylglycerols and low density lipoprotein-cholesterol. It indirectly modifies the total cholesterol and high density lipoprotein-cholesterol There's also been a lot of interest in the compound phycocyanin, the blue water soluble pigment found in Spirulina, as results into its cancer-related benefits have proven extremely promising so far.
These researchers pointed out that essential fatty acids like gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) can prevent cholesterol from concentrating in the body, Lowers stroke risk and noted that Spirulina has a considerable amount of GLA. There's mounting evidence in scientific literature of the benefits of using Spirulina as a preventative tonic for the heart and cardiovascular system. Balances blood pressure Based on independent analytical results, 15 mcg/3gm daily serving of MRS provides 19% of the Daily Recommended Value.
According to a study done by the Dept of Biochemistry in Mexico, 4.5 grams of Spirulina given daily, was shown to regulate blood pressure among Polysaccharides in Marcus Rohrer Spirulina is a promising both women and men between the ages of 18-65 with no other dietary alternative for cancer immunotherapy. changes made during the 6 weeks the experiment was run.
Japanese researchers recently teamed up to validate studies on the effects Nothing to sneeze at of polysaccharides in Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica (Marcus Rohrer Spirulina) on immunity and cancer growth by the University of Mississipi in the United States.
In one study, patients treated with Spirulina reported relief of symptoms commonly associated with allergic rhinitis, such as nasal discharge and The US study found the quality of the polysaccharides are far better congestion, sneezing and itching when given Spirulina.
than those found in other commercial algae. used clinically for cancer immunotherapy.
The authors of the more recent Japanese studies concluded that A new source of vitamin K2
"polysaccharides from edible algae are important bio-resources for There's a growing body of evidence showing the benefits of vitamin K2, an regulating inflammation in allergic responses and immune responses important nutrient believed to: against tumours".
• Support blood health • Support cardiovascular health and circulation NAC found in Spirulina an important metaboliser
• Support bone health and benefit people with osteoporosis Recently, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) has also been identified as one of the important nutrients found in Marcus Rohrer Spirulina ®. In scientific studies, In addition, exciting new research is showing that Vitamin K2 may be beneficial it's been established that NAC : for Alzheimer's disease, a variety of cancers, varicose veins, and skin aging.
• Protects the body from acetaminophen (paracetamol) poisoning • Is effective at treating liver failure • Effective at removing heavyt metals like lead, mercury and arsenic from the body.
NAC is thought to be a better method of boosting cellular glutathione levels, which are known to aid in the transport of nutrients to the body's lymphocytes and phagocytes.
Note from the publisher: Further investigation of the potential of
Spirulina and its constituent pigment C-phycocyanin is encouraged by the
authors; in the meantime, the authors of this booklet suggest that individuals
with health concerns in the four areas reviewed in this paper consider daily
supplementation with Spirulina.
The latest scientific evidence points to: • Potent immune stimulating effects• Anti-viral activity against a variety of harmful viruses• Promise as a cancer preventative agent and in the treatment of tumours• Cardiovascular benefits including improvement of blood lipid profiles, prevention of atherosclerosis, and control of hypertension References are available upon request from OTC Pharma SA ([email protected]).
Lifestyle plan and healthy meal suggestions
Lifestyle plan and healthy meal Top 10 healthy lifestyle tips 1. Balance blood sugar levels – avoid stimulants and sugar.
Upon waking:
2. Eat natural and whole food – avoid over processed food.
A mug of hot water and the juice of ½ a lemon with five Spirulina tablets 3. After 3pm, make veggies your carbs – have oatmeal, rye bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruit, and quinoa early in the day and salads and steamed vegetables later ½ cup rolled oats with some berries or grated apple with cinnamon and a 4. Eat good fat, especially Omega-3-rich food.
5. Keep your dinner lean – protein and greens.
6. Eat balanced snacks and meals. Eating wholesome carbs, protein and fat at every meal keeps blood sugar levels from 1 chopped apple or pear; 15 almonds (raw with skins); 100g fat-free; plain spiking and crashing. This controls energy levels and keeps yoghurt or cottage cheese; some cinnamon for sprinkling.
cravings at bay.
7. Eat & drink food for the soul – in moderation.
8. Drink water. Stay away from chemical and artificial drinks.
1 slice of rye; some fresh tomato; a boiled egg or some cottage cheese.
9. Sleep for at least 7 – 8 hours every night.
10. Focus on resistance training 3-4 times a week.
5 Spirulina tablets; grilled or baked fish or tinned tuna served with a large
mixed salad of your choice; 1tbs of cold pressed olive oil to drizzle over
salad as a dressing.
Or:Quinoa or sweet potato with a large raw salad and some vegetables.
Hummus and veggies
Or:Apple with 15 raw almonds or a tablespoon of sugar-free natural peanut butter.
Large raw salad and cooked vegetables with 120g of a lean protein of
your choice (ostrich, fish, chicken, or a healthy egg white omelette) with
vegetables - add 1 tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil.
Top eating guidelines for a healthy lifestyle: • Never mix a protein and starch. Have starch with vegetables or protein • Reduce salt intake and use fresh herbs to season food.
with vegetables.
• Buy organic or free range milk and animal products.
• Wait at least four hours between meals • Use parsley, it's a blood purifier and helps eliminate water.
• One fruit at a time and avoid fruit salad as this causes bloating.
• Vegetable juices are great - have at least one a day.
• All food must be fresh, not pre-packed.
• Snack on raw unsalted nuts or seeds with fruit.
• Always use cold-pressed olive oil.
• Cook with fresh herbs or add them to food.
• Keep your evening meal light.
• Have a treat once a week only.
Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® certifications
Certification By International Organizations
Spirulina has gained recognition as the best gift of Mother Nature by a number of National and International organizations the world over. The UNO (United Nations Organization)
In the year 1974, during its World Food Conference declared Spirulina "the best food for tomorrow". The WHO (World Health Organization)
It has cal ed Spirulina as "the greatest super food on earth". The NASA scientists have found during research that 1 kg of Spirulina nutritional y equals to 1000kgs of the assorted vegetables.



Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 215–238 (2004) Computing and Drawing Isomorphic Subgraphs Batavis GmbH & Co. KG, 94036 Passau, Germany University of Passau, 94030 Passau, Germany ur Informatik III, TU M¨ unchen, 85746 Garching, Germany The isomorphic subgraph problem is finding two disjoint subgraphs of a graph which coincide on at least k edges. The graph is partitionedinto a subgraph, its copy, and a remainder. The problem resembles theNP-hard largest common subgraph problem, which searches copies of agraph in a pair of graphs. In this paper we show that the isomorphic sub-graph problem is NP-hard, even for restricted instances such as connectedouterplanar graphs. Then we present two different heuristics for the com-putation of maximal connected isomorphic subgraphs. Both heuristics useweighting functions and have been tested on four independent test suites.Finally, we introduce a spring algorithm which preserves isomorphic sub-graphs and displays them as copies of each other. The drawing algorithmyields nice drawings and emphasizes the isomorphic subgraphs.

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