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World Women's International Organization – WIZO
Literal Report
Attached to Financial Reports
For the Year 2008
In accordance with instructions written in Clause 37A of the Laws of Amutot 1980, we hereby present the literal report for the 2008 financial year as is detailed in the third appendix to the above Name of Amutah: World Women's Zionist Organization, WIZO (Registered Amutah) Number: 580057321 Terms used in this report:
‘Qualified persons' - Government Ministry, Local Authority or other authority Approved according to law. ‘,Cycle' - As written in second edition ‘Position Holders' - Members of Executive Committee, Members of Control Committee or auditing body, in the interest of, general director of the Amutah and anyone who is in any way attached to the General Director. ‘Relatives' - Spouse, brother or sister, parents, parent's parents, descendant of Spouse, or any of the above mentioned. The major activities of the Amutah, in order to carry out its aims, during
the year referred to in the report, with emphasis on the data that appears
in the financial report related to these activities.
The main activities of the Amutah are detailed according to the various WIZO divisions and institutions. A. Early Age Care Division
In 2008 WIZO operated 171 Day Care Centers, across the country. 13,251 children attended the WIZO Day Care Centers, including many from families from low socio economic backgrounds who receive support from the State. Main Activities
Reorganization of the Division - A comprehensive process, which started at the
beginning of 2006, and is based on the principle of decentralization, supervision and building links with the community. In 2008 it included: Continuation of the process to define roles and split the working economics according to districts. The reduction of four districts to three, due to the financial situation, and its implications, necessitated increased • The completion, in draft form, of a single set of standards in the Division, and its gradual implementation. • The publication of a working manual for Directors in the Day Care Centers. • Instruction courses for supervisors and directors, in groups. • Continuation of the internal forum with representatives from all departments. • Learning about, and implementing, new models, in order to research new ideas such as: self governing Day Care Centers, pedagogic centers for the community (sharing knowledge- a new concept) etc. Developing and Nurturing Human Resources – This year, as well as promoting
wage agreements through the Human Resources Division, the Division held a ‘Forum of Day Care Centers' (An internal group of people with different roles), which presented its intermediate recommendations as follows: • Implementation of program, including a new set of utensils, which was developed in the ‘Forum of Day Care Centers' , for the recruitment of suitable personnel. 1. • Operating a pilot (on a small scale,) using the services of a Human Resource company , to improve recruitment of nursery caregivers. • Introduction of an annual subject to be focused upon, in the Division– The subject: Listening and empathy in our work with parents. The internal staff were given special training including the usage of the different terms. Eventually every worker will take part in the course (Completion – 2009) • Regional training courses (nursery caregivers taking over the class, working with directors, using music in educating, etc.) Wage Agreement- a new wage agreement, which was signed with the nursery
caregivers in the Day Care Centers, was one of the major events this year. C. Coping during Times of Crisis
The North and Sderot: Additional instruction was given to the Directors and staff of the Day
Care Centers (continuation from 2007). Cast Lead Campaign. During the first quarter of 2009 – a program was organized for all the
personnel from the southern region following the Cast Lead Campaign. (Jointly funded by the Israel Center for Psycho-Trauma and WIZO). Activities included working together with the parents and children, using direct funding of Natal Other Crisis Situations: Improving communications and building up trust between the staff
and the parents in unusual circumstances that arise in the Day Care Centers, such as suspicion of abuse, complaints from parents and relationships between staff members (especially in the Day Care Center in Nahariya). D. Organizational and administrational aspects involved in streamlining and
The complexity of the Early Age Division, such as its widely spread operation throughout the country, the wide range of activities and the relationships with clients, partners (from donors
to regulating bodies) and suppliers – obligates the ongoing streamlining, development,
modernization, updating and implementation of supervision processes.
This year, in accordance with WIZO's aim to reduce costs, the following were implemented: • Final implementation of a computer system for purchases in the Day Care Centers (this year mainly in the Central area, to be extended to the other areas) • Checking out ways to save money related to food purchase. As of July 2009, a new model has been operating in approximately 30 WIZO Day Care Centers in the North. • The discovery, and follow up, of unusually high expenses in the Day Care Centers, and the debts of the parents. • Implementation of a follow up program to check up irregularities in the Day Care Center ( for instance: reductions in, and keeping to, the assigned working hours) • Drawing up a list of non profitable Day Care Centers, for extra scrutiny during the year, including possible solutions or even the closing of such Day Care Centers. Safety, Renovations and Equipment
Safety, renovations and equipment have been the three main components on the agenda of the working program in the Division for a number of years. These components enable us to operate according to safety standards, to be aesthetically pleasing and to enjoy basic upkeep, both financial and streamlined. All within the confines of the budget or finding new sources of income. Joint undertakings with the Division of Building, Maintenance and Purchasing during • Repairing safety hazards, upgrading play areas, building fences, renovation of toilets, construction of shadings, installation of air conditioners. • Defining and following comprehensive renovations in a number of Day Care • Renewal and modernization of the apparatus in the older Day Care Centers, in line with modern, updated standards (including checking out the feasibility of stackable beds in the Day Care Centers) • Finding ongoing solutions for problems involving quality and the service of food • Searching for ‘green' alternatives in nutrition (under examination) G. Increasing services to children at risk and their families.
• Implementation of pilot project ‘HIBA' (cocoon for the early age) which is aimed at children who are at high risk. The program provides a configuration of support therapies, working with the families of early age children (both in their homes and in the Day Care Center) using other resources and partners within the community . Preparing for the program and its funding (Ashalim and the National Insurance Institute, and the beginning of its operation in Netanya • Multi Purpose Day Care Centers – the addition of special programs and organization of teams of personnel in the multi purpose Day Care Centers. • Operation of a Mobile Center for working with, and giving advice to, parents and children, in the framework of a pilot scheme. Putting out a tender as required by regulations. We were successful in being awarded the tender. • Unique community program for educators, parents and children in Sderot, organizing a program and assessments for a joint steering committee - WIZO – Ministry of Education – Municipality. • The WIZO Early Age Care Center in Beersheba underwent reorganization (including replacement of Director and new working proposals). The activity with the Day Care Center opposite was stopped. • The development and running-in of' WIZO CALL' –WIZO hotline for information and guidance regarding the early age group - It began to operate in June 2007. At present we are extending our contacts with outside factors including bolstering the professional work of the Hotline (this involved hiring a coordinator who was paid from an earmarked donation). • A Grant Fund for Children at Need – for the payment of fees in the Day Care Centers. This was closed at the opening of the current school year due to a lack of sources for funds. At this stage there is little activity. H. Opening of New Day Care Centers
• We opened a new Day Care Center in Beit Zait, • The registration for the new Day Care Center in Pardes Hanna-Karkur was • We worked upon the addition of an extra Day Care Center in the Weitzman Institute in Rehovot, • We made preparations to open the new Remez Arlozorov Day Care Center which involved the presentation of working plans to the Tel Aviv Municipality. • We are planning to open a new Day Care Center in Sderot. We continue to search for partners, and other possibilities, (e.g. Day Care Centers in workplaces such as Ben Gurion University and Tel Aviv University)
I. New initiatives and models as means to increase income and enabling us to
compete with others in the same field.
• We are preparing to implement a model for a self governing Day Care Center. Following long deliberations in the ‘Forum of Day Care Centers', in which volunteers also participated, a work program was put forward. It will be used in a pilot scheme during the next school year. • Seeking partners for joint initiatives. • Initiatives involving employment in the field of early age education (we are in the process of setting up a model in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, and the Ministry of Education). • Initiatives within the Day Care Centers and the community, for example, activities for children, parents and children, afternoon centers (preparations underway in Mateh Yehudah and Beer Tuvia), unique Day Care Centers (such as a musical Day Care Center in Kiryat Gat) and other such programs. Appendix A. Financial Reports- Income of the Early Age Division (in thousands of

Detail 2008 2007
1a 259,910
Appendix B. Financial Reports- Costs of Activities – Income of the Early Age Division(in
thousands of shekels)

Detail 2008 2007
2a 271,997
B. Education Division
1. General
WIZO operates nine schools and youth villages which educate 5,100 pupils. The WIZO Youth Villages include: a dormitory, an agricultural farm and a high school. The children in the dormitory are usually from families with a low socio economic level, many with behavioral problems which necessitate treatment and special care from the teaching staff, counselors and other staff members in the youth village. Most of the children are referred to WIZO by the welfare authorities. The Education Division aims to provide a long term, qualitative education, according to the values of the State of Israel and the WIZO vision, through: 9 Nurturing a thinking, independent and creative graduate, with personal, social and communal values. 9 Deepening Jewish identity and giving voice to different cultures, ethnic groups and streams in Israeli society 9 Providing a high standard of education according to educational demands, with a high rate of success, and providing values and life skills, according to the potential of the 9 An educational network, based on the highest and most streamlined standards of administration and achieving our goals using resources and allowing autonomy. 9 The division is responsible for 26 community centers and youth clubs throughout the 2. Special Programs.
Strategic Programming and its Implementation. During the 2008 school year a strategic
program was drawn up, and presented to the Director General. ƒ Israel Youth Award-An international program in the field of formal and informal
education, which was begun by the Duke of Edinburgh, and was introduced to Israel in 1982. The program revolves around four principles for youth from the ages of 14-25, 1) Developing a hobby. 2) Sport 3) Volunteering in the community 4) Undertaking a challenging expeditions We began to operate the Israel Youth Award Program in WIZO Youth Villages in 2007. Five WIZO Youth Villages and WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim are taking part in the scheme. A total of 220 pupils working towards their Bronze Award. During the course of the year a countrywide meeting was held in WIZO Hadassim and a ‘Day of Challenges', was held for al the participants at a Ski Park in Rishon Lezion. These are besides the activities/challenges that take place in the youth villages. This year 75 pupils are eligible to be awarded the Bronze Award. Pupils were added to delegations, within the framework of the Israel Youth Award. (In order to participate in a delegation the pupils were tested on their knowledge of Israel and their skills in English). • A delegation to Spain – 2 pupils from WIZO Nir Haemek took part. • A delegation to the Czech Republic – A pupil from the WIZO School of Gardening and Landscape Technology and a pupil from WIZO Nahalal took part. Israel Youth Award 2008:- 1. In 2008 approximately 100-110 pupils will participate in the Silver Award stage, and 250 new pupils will enter the Bronze Award stage. 2. WIZO Nahalal has begun a pilot project to begin the program in the 8th grade (6 classes) 220 pupils began the program. Up to now, the program has been directed at the 9th grade and above. Adding 8th grade pupils is part of the strategic program for excellence and quality in the WIZO Youth ƒ WIZO "Nahal "(Army Unit)- This is a project for the benefit of the community, based on the
WIZO vision. A Nahal army unit was established for pupils in the twelfth grade (approximately 10 pupils) with a follow up group pupils in the eleventh grade (approximately 15 pupils). These units will undergo 10 months to one year of training. The training includes: molding the pupils as a group, community work and understanding Nahal (the pioneering army unit). They will then enlist into the army and complete their army training in the various Nahal units. The project began to operate in WIZO Hadassim ƒ A Learning Program about WIZO: This program, which emphasized WIZO's activities and
Zionist endeavors throughout the history of the State of Israel, from prior to the declaration of the State, is operating for 8th grade pupils in WIZO Nahalal. ƒ An Education Program to Improve Results and Prevent Dropping Out of School: The WIZO
Schools and Youth Villages have always aimed to improve results amongst their pupils. This is achieved by using various teaching methods, which are suited to the weaker pupils, according to their abilities and levels. The schools and youth vil ages operate according to specific methods such as: intervention programs, extra tutoring, cultural activities, merging pupils from different levels of learning and partnering the pupils from the dormitories, with low marks, together with pupils who are very ambitious, with the aim of : Increasing the number of pupils entitled to matriculation examinations, and reducing the drop out rate amongst pupils ƒ Program for Sderot and the settlements surrounding Gaza.
At the initiation of the President of World WIZO, Mrs. Helena Glaser, we prepared a special project for educators from Sderot and the settlements surrounding Gaza. 1. Within the framework of the project, the Division of Education hosted 7 groups, made up of 450 members of the teaching profession and their families, in WIZO's youth villages and Beit Heuss. They heard lectures, enjoyed festive meals, and activities were organized for the children. 2. Teacher's Rooms were upgraded: 12 Teacher's Rooms benefited from the project. 3. The Margaret Thatcher Day Care Center in Sderot was transposed into a Multi Purpose Center for parents and children. The project was a joint project between the Education Division and the Early Age Division, and the Gevanim Non-Profit ƒ Escorting the Graduates of the Youth Villages
Between 150 and 200 pupils leave the WIZO youth villages after completing the 12th grade, most of them enlist into the army. Almost all these graduates lose contact with WIZO, except for the personal efforts of the directors or counselors or the ‘House of Graduates' project which is organized by the Joint. In actual fact, most of the graduates have no guidance what so ever. Their departure from the warmth of the youth village, into a new life, can lead to crisis, on both major and minor levels. This project, which is embraced by the graduates and pupils, and contributes towards their success in later life, is important for the youth village and WIZO, as a whole: 1. There is continuation in the learning process. 2. Contact is kept up with the graduates, which is important for the whole network, both on a short term and long term basis (Organizations of Friends, future donors, good will ambassadors, etc.) 3. This project will place WIZO in a unique position in the eyes of future clients - WIZO is offering an educational project which others do not have. During the 2007 school year the project was implemented as a pilot scheme in WIZO Hadassim. The project was cut down due to financial cutbacks in 2008. The service for young girls and women in the Ministry of Welfare has discovered over 300 girls at risk who are awaiting solutions outside their homes, and the services have nowhere to house them. In cooperation with the Non Profit Organization for the Benefit of Education in Jaffa, WIZO Nir Haemek has set up a home for them. Most of the funding will come from the ‘Bet Ruth' Foundation (in the future from the Ministry of Social Welfare) and the Youth Village will absorb 200 girls. 100 will live in the dormitory and 100 will attend within the framework of a day dormitory. Work with girls at risk is undertaken in small groups, so that each girl is given as much attention as possible, by professional staff members. The girls who need treatment during the day will remain, throughout the day, and return to their parent's homes to sleep. The school building will act as a ‘warm home' during the after school hours, until the evening hours, for those girls who need a day dormitory. 3. Special Events in Educational Institutions
a. WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim
• A new, covered sports field and a new dormitory building were inaugurated. b. WIZO Leo Baeck High School of Art and Design Haifa
• The ‘Wishes from the Heart' project, in cooperation with the Leo Baeck Center of Eduation and the ‘Wishes of the Heart' non profit organization. In order to realize the dream of a sick child a major event was produced, at the initiation of the pupils, for the children of Haifa. • A new trend was begun – Communications. Emphasis is placed on the cinema – and the production of documentary films. • Five 12th grade graduates were tested and recognized as ‘Distinguished Musicians in the Israel Defense Forces'. • A pupil of the school won first place in a poetry competition organized by the Municipality to mark the 60st anniversary of the State of Israel. c. WIZO Vocational High School, Bet Hakerem, Jerusalem
• Renewal of the Standards Institution Award. • The school organized a Barmitzvah celebration for the son of a single parent carer who did not have the means to make the Barmitzvah herself. • A community communication program began operation (to produce radio programs) for pupils in the one year course, youth who are out of touch, in cooperation with WIZO Kagan. • A course for young counselors to teach computer skills, with certification from the Ministry of Education. d. WIZO School of Gardening and Landscape Technology, Petach Tikva.
• An empowerment project for girls, on the basis of weekly meetings, carried out thanks to the excellent cooperation of the WIZO branch in Petach Tikva. • A singing group was organized. • Bar and Batmitzvah celebrations were organized. WIZO School and Youth Village, Hadassim.
• Won first place in a competition for young initiators in Israel. The winners then participated in a delegation of young initiators to the International Competition for Young Initiators in Sweden where they won fourth place. • A pupil participated in the delegation of scouts from Even Yehuda to the US. • 23 pupils completed the Atidim Project class, and it is forecasted that they will have a 70% success rate in the matriculation. • End of year party for 12th grade students: Two prizes for excellence were awarded to pupils from the dormitory. • The school won the National Prize for Excellency in Football , awarded by the Authority for Rural Educatlon. • Pupils participated in a schools Chemistry competition in which they were among the f. WIZO Municipal Technological High School in the name of Maya Rosenberg, Rehovot.
• A pupil in the school won third place in a Municipality competition for Speakers. • A pupil in the school won first place for designing the logo for a Municipal Project on • A pupil in the school won first place in an archery competition. • A new trend – Communications. A very successful evening was organized for the parents, in which the work of the pupils was presented. • Representatives from the Municipality and WIZO took part in a ceremony for the presentation of the matriculation certificates. • A course on the subject of ‘The Full Responsibility of the Teacher' was given. g. WIZO School and Youth Village in the name of Hanna Maisel Shohat, Nahalal
• The Basketball Team won first prize in the District Championships for Girls and Boys and were promoted to the next category in school basketball. • The school was amongst the first 50 schools for the number of pupils who entered fighting units in the IDF. • 32 pupils were awarded a distinction, by the Minister of Education, for their matriculation results. h. WIZO Nachlat Yehuda School and Youth Village, Rishon Lezion.
• One of the first 10 schools in which significant improvements were made in the pupil's • The bicycling team won third place in the ‘Tour de Bet Shemesh'. • Pupils were praised for their research in, their final work projects for, the matriculation in the subject of the Life Sciences. i. WIZO Nir Haemek, Afulla
• A delegation from the school took part in a delegation to Germany, on a youth exchange program, which included both Jews and Arabs. • 6 pupils, from the 10th grade, are learning in the Chemistry faculty in the Haifa Technion, and they have been assured of university places without being subjected to a psychometric examination. • 5 pupils won 3rd place in a ‘Chemistry Olympics' organized by the Weizman Institute. • The ‘First Robot Competition'- A group of five contestants won second place for building a robot which threw balls into a basket. • The school won third place in a run organized by the Authority for Rural Education. • A pupil of the school won first place in a national fencing competition, for women, and is the Israeli youth champion. • The school is amongst the first 50 schools for the number of pupils who entered fighting units in the IDF. • In 2008 the school will receive the ‘Green' award of standards. • Dairy festival festivities were held on Shavuot. WIZO Community Centers.

WIZO Haberer Community Center.

• Expansion of the activities of the Center for Youth Leadership, Municipal activities. • Full renovation of the Center. WIZO Miami Beach Community Center.
• Addition of extra floor, and renovations in the entire building, in cooperation with the Ramat Gan Municipality. WIZO Afulla Community Center
• Overall renovations • Increased activities for Ethiopian youth in the city of Afulla, in the Gevanim school. WIZO Conservatory in Tiberias.
• Concluded an especially successful year with a concert for the community including hundreds of invited guests. WIZO Music Center in Maalot Tarshicha
• The Andalusia Orchestra has appeared throughout the country. Bet WIZO Italia:
• Preparing to operate the Center as a Municipal Youth Leadership Center in 2009, in cooperation with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. Appendix A Agricultural and Professional Education Income (in thousands of shekels)
Detail 2008 2007
1b 197,692
Appendix B. Financial Reports – Cost of Activities, Agricultural and Professional
Education. (in thousands of shekels)

Detail 2008 2007
2b 232,382
C. WIZO Israel
C1. WIZO Israel is one of the World WIZO Federations. Its' main
activities are:

ƒ The advancement of the Status of Women, and Gender equality , in both law and in society, in all walks of life. ƒ To improve the welfare of women, the family and the community and improve the quality of life in the State. The main aims of WIZO Israel:
ƒ The advancement and empowerment of the Status of Women in Israel. ƒ To ensure the provision of equal opportunities and to nurture target sectors of the population who are in need, especially women and children. ƒ The expansion and development of the movement's infrastructure. C2. Training Department
The training department operates, and nurtures, the volunteers throughout the country. One of the weakest sectors of the population is the aged, who are suffering from abuse, neglect and isolation. The main projects:
ƒ Prevention of abuse amongst senior citizens – To track down and prevent abuse of senior
citizens and to bring the issue to awareness. To recognize neglect and isolation amongst senior citizens, and to provide the tools to recognize and prevent the phenomenon by involving the relevant bodies in the community. ƒ Camps for the children of fallen soldiers, victims of terrorist attacks and single parent families.
These unique camps provides for the needs of the children who live in the shadow of bereavement. The camp is with live in accommodation, and there are enrichments, cultural and social activities organized. ƒ The absorption of new immigrants: WIZO operates 10 study centers to help the children of
new immigrants to prepare their homework. WIZO also operates 42 conversation groups to teach Hebrew. WIZO operates 15 clubs to culturally enrich new immigrant women. C3 Advancement of Women Division
The Division for the Advancement of Women aims for an equal society and places emphasis upon the status of women in order to have equal rights between the sexes according to law and in the family. The main projects:
ƒ Lobbying in the Knesset. - In 2007 the Division began to lobby in the Knesset, as part of its
cause to bring about just legislation for equal rights and equal opportunities. WIZO representatives take part in the discussions of the committee, present their opinions, initiate legislation and are part of a coalition. ƒ Women's Leadership- WIZO operates programs to prepare women for public, community
and offices in society, in order to try and increase female representation in decision making positions, on both a local and national level. During the course of the year, the pupils learn how to work for the advancement of women, as a whole, and for their own advancement, in ƒ Awareness of Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment is a problem amongst women in Israel.
Much of the harassment takes place in the place of work and the victims are afraid to complain in case of revenge. In order to make both employers and employees aware of the significance of sexual harassment, and what the victim is entitled to do, the division holds explanatory lectures for various audiences, such as: government workers, army personnel, businesses and WIZO staff. These lectures have to be given in places of work according to ƒ Courses to Prepare Females Directorates – In order to encourage more women to take
on high positions in the public sector, WIZO initiated courses to prepare women to be directors in associations. The course was operated in partnership with Bar Ilan University. The course are held in WIZO branches and provide instruction, advice and support on infiltrating into public directorates. ƒ International Day to Protest Violence against Women. - This year we made an approach
to the public regarding advertisements that insult women. A special committee was formed to find those advertisements that insult women and to nominate the most ‘insulting' advert of 2009. This was to try and cut down the use of the female body as an ‘item', by raising awareness. Other organizations joined the initiative which was given much publicity in the media. There was excellent cooperation between the third radio channel, under Noam Gilor, and WIZO, during International Women's Day. Women, put forward by our department, were interviewed , and a jingle, using WIZO's name, was played throughout the day. ƒ Shelters for Battered Women - WIZO operates, jointly with the Welfare Ministry, two
shelters for battered women and their children. The shelters provide a safe environment and prepare the women for a new independent life without violence. The women in the shelters undergo a rehabilitation process, with the help of multi-disciplinary staff. ƒ Centers for the Prevention of Violence- WIZO operates three such centers jointly with
the Welfare ministry and local authorities. The centers deal with the prevention and treatment of violence within the family and community, and provides: help in times of crisis, therapeutical workshops for violent men, support groups and promotes awareness to the problem of violence. ƒ National Hotline for the Prevention of Violence in the Family and for Children at High
Risk- the Hotline is operated in cooperation with the Welfare Ministry. It offers help,
and a sympathetic ear, during times of crisis. The hotline operates its service in
Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Amharic and English. ƒ Legal Assistance- WIZO operates 34 legal chambers through out the country. The
chambers provide legal advice in the personal and work fields. A forum in the subject of the rights of pregnant women, equal opportunity and prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment are operated by the internet and information line.the entries for the forum increased to 10,000 per month. ƒ Preparation for Women who wish to enter Politics.
At the approach of the last elections to the Knesset, we designed a learning and preparation program for women who want to stand for election. Two of the women are, today, Members of the Knesset. ƒ The ‘Motivated Citizen'-A workshop was held for soldiers who had completed their
C.4 Division for the Welfare of the Family
The Division for the Welfare of the Family focuses upon providing services for children, young girls and women who are at risk due to emotional, financial or social distress. The main Projects.
ƒ Adi project (for girls in distress): WIZO operates the Adi project for girls in distress, on
the brink of deterioration. The Adi project is for girls from the southern area of Israel. It is operated in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare and the Municipality of Beersheba. The project includes a wide range of therapies, enrichment and rehabilitation activities which are provided by professionals. The Center is open from the morning until late at night and the girls eat regular meals and receive emotional support. It is now in its second year and attended by girls who have no other framework. WIZO is their last chance. ƒ Women's Employment Project: In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and
Labor, Microsoft and the Apple non profit organization. The project aims to provide computer skills, together with empowerment, so that the women who participate are able to join the workforce. Up until today 2,500 women have graduated the course. WIZO keeps in contact with the graduates after the formal lessons are completed. ƒ Kadatz Army Project: Aimed at girls who do not have the profiles to enlist into the army,
or have been turned down by the army. In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, and the IDF, this one year program provides them with a profession, work habits and personal responsibility. 250 girls take part in each course, of which 90% then join the army and 90% complete their army service. ƒ Shelanu (Ours): A unique project, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of
Health, for families of mentally disturbed, and provides them with support and advice in a support group. ƒ TOM groups (Support for children of divorced parents): Allows the children the
opportunity to express themselves and their feelings in a supportive environment. Children from the ages of 9-12, who do not qualify for help from the welfare authorities participate in this project. In addition the Division operates a wide range of activities:
Warm Home: For girls from the ages of 14-18 who are suffering from emotional
Therapeutic Centers: A daily educational framework which takes the place of the
home during the afternoon hours. Afternoon Clubs: For children of working mothers so that the mothers have the
opportunity to work
Youth Empowerment: Empowerment program for girls who are on the brink of
deterioration, from the ages of 13-15, who are referred by counselors in the schools. Centers for Single Parent Families: A social support framework for single parents with
children up to the age of 18, giving them tools to help them join the workforce, and become self sufficient. ƒ Mentoring/Sapir College – plays an essential role in the rehabilitation of the girls. This
year we have extended the mentoring program, and joined up with the Sapir College. The girls who have been rehabilitated, with the help of the Joint, receive instruction and mentor new girls who are beginning their difficult journey of ƒ Villa Meder – A ‘warm home' for girls. Due to the generosity of the WIZO federation in
Germany, and the excellent cooperation with the Eilat Municipality, we have opened a WIZO Center for Girls in Eilat. The WIZO Federation in Germany purchased a house and adapted it to be used as a Day Center for girls who are not in any framework, so that they have the tools and opportunity to carry on a normal life. ƒ In the Sphere of Women- The division continues to operate an assortment of activities
ƒ Women in the Workforce– This is a project which aims to help women find their place
in the workforce. ƒ Reducing the Digital Gap – Training women so that they can take their place in the
technological world. ƒ Empowerment of Women- a modular program. In the first stage they receive
empowerment and afterwards they are encouraged to work within the community. C.5 Division of Training and Culture

An assembly of choirs
was held for the first time. and WIZO choirs from branches around the
country took part. There was a particularly nostalgic morning when we met with ambassadors of other countries. Training moderators and ambassadors of communication. This year the division began two
courses, to train moderators and ambassadors of communication. Both courses aim to enrich the local branch and provide the volunteers with tools which can help them on a personal level and contribute towards the progress of the branch. C.6 Branches
WIZO Israel has 63 branches around the country. The branches are run by volunteers, and provide activities for the welfare of the family and the community. The following participate: new immigrants, women and girls, Jewish and Arab, secular and religious. An Example of a Branch
The WIZO branch is operated by a volunteer administration which is elected once every four years. At the head of the branch is a Chairperson who works together with an executive made up of chairpersons from the following departments: organization, the welfare of the family, training and culture, the status of women and fundraising. Each chairperson works with a group of women according to a work program which has been suited to the needs of the community where they are located. Most of the activities are for the advancement and welfare of women, sectors of the population who are at risk, children, young girls, single parents, new immigrants and senior Activities in the WIZO Branches
Activities for Women:
Social groups, single parent groups, empowerment groups, meetings in private
homes, legal advice bureau, outings, lectures, single parent centers, women in the workplace, enrichment courses, Activities for Young Girls:
Club for young girls, groups to face the future, warm homes, youth empowerment, Centers for young girls.
Activities for Children:
Bar and Batmizvah celebrations, playgroups, learning centers, parents and children centers, therapy centers, TOM workshops. Various Activities:
Second hand shops, ‘Talking gives me power' groups, new immigrants, discussion groups, senior citizens. Appendix A Financial Reports – Income of WIZO Israel (in thousands of shekels)
Detail 2008 2007
Israel Federation 1.c
Appendix B. Financial Reports – Cost of Activities, WIZO Israel(in thousands of shekels)
Detail 2008 2007
Israel Federation 2.c
2. Description of the Organizational Structure of the Amutah (non profit
organization) at the close of the reported year, including the names of the
office holders.

A. Organizational Structure of WIZ0
ƒ WIZO, the International Organization of Zionist Women is a registered non profit organization, license number: 580057321 (henceforth known as: the ‘Amutah' or ‘WIZO') .which became an Amutah in July 1999. Up until its status as an Amutah WIZO had functioned as an autonomous association. ƒ The general meeting of the Amutah is made up of representatives from the WIZO federations around the world and some directors of departments. ƒ The Amutah has an Executive Committee, with a number of sub committees focusing on defined areas. ƒ The Amutah has a Control Committee. ƒ The Amutah has an external Auditor. ƒ The Amutah has a Director General who is directly responsible to the Directors of the Divisions, and some Directors of Departments. Attached at the end of the report is a Chart of world wizo foundations, the Structure of WIZO
and WIZO Israel – Appendix A
B. Names of Position Holders in WIZO as of 31.12.07
No: Name I.D.
Position in Amutah
Honorary President World WIZO Honorary President World WIZO Chairperson World WIZO Executive Chairperson Parent's Home Chairperson Early Age Division Ruthi Rubinstein Chairperson Education Division Chairperson Human Resources Division Chairperson Building, Maintenance and Purchasing Chairperson Publicity Department Deputy Chairperson Fundraising Division. 14 Sylvie Pelosoff Chairperson Organisation Division 15 Celia Michonik Chairperson Fundraising Division Chairperson Tourism Department 17 Brenda Katten Chairperson External Relations and UN Deputy Chairperson Building, Maintenance and Chairperson, WIZO Parent's Home 20 Janine Gelley Deputy Chairperson, Tourism Department. Responsible for Major Projects in Tourist Dept. Rockberger 06418685 Chairperson WIZO Revierw and Deputy Chairperson Members of the Control Committee (As of 31.12.07)
No Name I.D.
Position in Amutah
008037087 Chairperson Control Committee 135227147 Member 002911378 Member Hanna Ish Hurwitz Signatories (As of 31.12.08)
Group A I.D.
Position in Amutah
4696903 President Chairperson World WIZO Executive Treasurer World WIZO Co Chairperson Dept. of Building, Maintenance and Property Group B I.D.
Position in Amutah
1563410 Director Director, Finance Division One signature from Group A and one signature from Group B, together with the official stamp of the organization, is binding to WIZO. Herewith: Names of Position Holders in WIZO receiving a salary.
Internal Auditor – BDO Ziv Haft Accountants Director General- Haim Zamorsky, I.D. 1563410 Director of Finance: - Zeev Klein I.D. 6806541 Director of Human Resources – Shuki Orback I.D. 54040266 Director of Early Age Division- Dr. Naomi Moreno I.D. 056590300 Director of Education Division – Yossi Naor I.D. 001644236 Director of Building, Maintenance and Purchasing- Doron Yehieli I.D. 51775054 Director of WIZO Israel- Sarit Arbel I.D. 56005853 3. Associations of whom the members of the Amutah or their relatives are
members, which hold shares or are in partnership, have an in the interest in an
association, who hold a position in an Amutah ,are employed by an Amutah or
hold a parallel position to those of the Amutah or any other association which
is connected to the Amutah.

WIZO has no knowledge of the associations in which the positions are held, nor about the positions themselves, besides that which is written below. Name WIZO
Association in which other
position is/are held
President of World * WIZO College of Design, Haifa Chairperson of Directorate World Zionist Organization Executive Member Immigration Committee Civil Leadership Member of Board of World Jewish Congress International Alliance of Member of Directorate Deputy President Israel Association for Member of Executive Chairperson of Association Honorary President Amutah: Friends of Shneider Member of Directorate Member of Executive Yad Chaim Weitzman Member of Executive and A Safe Future (prevention of violence amongst youth and Co-Chairperson of International Organization of Assembly Planning Comm. Hillel Organization in Israel Jewish Agency Chairperson, World *WIZO College of Design, Haifa Member of Directorate World Zionist Organization Member of Presidium World Zionist Organization Co. Member of Board of Board of Governors, Associate member Chairperson, WIZO Rotary Club, Haifa Inner Group of Rotary Haifa *WIZO College of Design, Haifa Member of Board of Zionist Central Council Member of Presidium Dep. Chair. Tourism South African Federation Chairperson Kfar Saba Friends of Dani Lachtira – Member of Publicity non profit organization Friends of Weitzman Institute Member of Executive Celia Michonik Chairperson External Tel Aviv University Active in ‘Friends of' Active supporter UN representative Rabin Medical Center Active in ‘Friends of' Chairperson, Early Volunteer Policewoman Chairperson, Tourism Friends of Tel Aviv University Member of Board of Chairperson, Human Air Force Amutah Amutah for Research into the Haim Zamorsky Director General *WIZO College of Design, Haifa Member of Executive Amutah for children Committee Member and Director of Finance *WIZO College of Design, Haifa Member of Executive Retraining Fund for Administrative Workers
Associations connected to WIZO
3.1. WIZO Trust Fund (Henceforth: ‘The Fund) is a public company (a company that serves
the public) which is registered in Israel: No: 520015330 and is exempted by law from adding the word LTD. to its name. The fund is a public institution and non profit organization according to fiscal terms. WIZO holds all monies connected with the fund (100% control) There are trustee relations between WIZO and the fund, and the fund controls various properties (mainly real estate) in trust for the non profit organization.
3.2. Institutions Ltd.
(Henceforth: Institutions) is a public company (a company that serves the
public) registered in Israel as No: 520011610 Institutions is a public company and non profit organization according to WIZO holds all shares in Institutions (100% control) There are trustee relations between WIZO and the fund, and the fund controls various properties mainly real estate) in trust for the non profit Babies Home Ltd: (Henceforth: The Babies Home) is a public company (a company
that serves the public) registered in Israel as No: 520015017. a. .The Babies Home is a public institution by definition in the
Tax Laws of real estate b. WIZO holds all the shares in the Babies Home (100% control)
c. There are trustee relations between the Babies Home and
WIZO in which the Babies Home holds the real estate in part of the property which is used for Amutah activities in the Bet Hakerem neighborhood in Jerusalem. d. The Babies Home has no other activities besides holding
the above real estate rights. The Estate Ltd (Henceforth: The Estate) is a private company registered under the
number: 510070089. a. The capital from the shares of the Estate are divided between the WIZO Trustee Fund (which hold 98.5% of the shares) and individual shareholders, in WIZO's name (which together hold 1.5% pf the shares). b. The Estate hold real estate rights in part of the property that is used for Amutah activities in the Bet Hakerem neighborhood in Jerusalem. c. The Estate operates no activities other than holding the estate rights mentioned Canadian Hadassah WIZO College of Design and Teacher Training in the name of Neri
Bloomfield, Haifa (Registered Amutah) (Henceforth: The College) is a registered
Amutah No: 58035193. a. WIZO Women's International Zionist Organization founded the College and has the right to appoint 50% of the general meeting, the right to appoint 50% of the executive, and the right to appoint the Chairperson of the Executive Committee. b. The College in Haifa conducts educational development, education and research into the fields of design, art, architecture and administration, as well as teacher The Amutah for the maintenance and administration of the Municipal Vocational High
School in the name of WIZO France, founded by Hanna Yaffe
(Henceforth: WIZO
France) registered Amutah No: 580020626. a. WIZO Women's International Zionist Organization, together with Tel Aviv Municipality, founded WIZO France. Each has the right to appoint 50% of the General Meeting and 50% of the Executive Committee. b. In the past (up until August 2002) WIZO France operated the Municipal High School in c. Today the Municipality is holding the property and the WIZO France Amutah is in the final process of liquidation. WIZO has 53 federations around the world which are represented at the WIZO General Meeting in accordance to their number of members. 4. The scope of services which the Amutah receive from service givers is a major force in its
activities, without mentioning names.
There are no service givers in the Amutah who take a central role in its activities.
5. The main usage of monies from donations by the Amutah, during the period of the report.

The Amutah used the donations were for the routine activities of WIZO, in accordance with
its aims. The donations were used both for activities and for building. Details of the main donations are presented in Appendix 2.
6. Costs involved in fundraising:
WIZO does not employ fundraisers and did not carry out activities in order to fundraise
donation besides the ongoing activities of the Amutah. 7. Monies and other properties that the Amutah passed and are not being realized for profit
during the reported year, including details of the feature that was passed and its
contacts with the Amutah, including money or property of low worth.
8. Details of real estate transactions that the Amutah undertook during
the period of the report, including details of the property, sides
involved, their connection to the Amutah, members of the Amutah or

position holders and the price that was paid within the framework of
the transaction.
In 2008 real estate transactions were made, as described in the law of land taxes,
as follows:
Apartment sold in Rechov Yigal Alon 44 - Dimona

Description of Property:
Block 39509. Plot 17 Section 2, residential apartment (registered) 36 sq. m.

Price of Transaction
NIS 85,000

Type of Transaction

Sale of the leasehold rights for generation. The apartment was partially used as a WIZO Center.
Date of Contract

Connection between WIZO and/or buyers position holders:
Sale of Plot: Rechov Exodus, Netanya (Bequest of Hekdesh Yemima Landau z"l)
Description of Property:
Block 8568, plot 76, which spreads over an area of 170 sq. m.
Price of transaction:
NIS: 420,000
Type of Transaction:
Sale of ownership rights of Hekdesh Yemima Landau z"l to fund the building of a Day Care Center.
Date of Contract:
1.9.08 (depending on permission being granted by the law courts)
Connection between WIZO and/or buyers position holders
Plot in Nes Tziona - Allocation of Usage Rights for 45 years, for the purpose of
building a WIZO Day Care Center.
Description of Property:
Plot of land in Nes Tziona, Rechov Hamaapilim, Block 3846/5.
Price of transaction:
Provided to WIZO, by the Municipality at no cost, to be used for the building of a
public building.

Type of Transaction:
Provided to WIZO, by the Municipality at no cost, for sole for 45 years.

Date of Contract:

Permission from the Minister of the Interior granted on 3.11.08. Contract with Municipality drawn up 21.5.08.
Connection between WIZO and/or buyers position holders
There are no connections between WIZO and/or WIZO position holders in WIZO for
Plot in Tel Aviv - Allocation of Usage Rights for 45 years, for the purpose of
building a WIZO Day Care Center.

Description of Property:
Block 434, 1426, 1428 in plot 6213, known as the Remez Arlozorov complex.

Price of transaction:
Provided to WIZO, by the Municipality at no cost, to be used for the building of a
public building.
Type of Transaction:
Provided to WIZO, by the Municipality at no cost, for sole use for 45 years.

Date of Contract:
Contract with the Municipality – 22.10.08 (pending permission from Minister of the
Connection between WIZO and/or buyers position holders
There are no connections between WIZO and/or WIZO position holders in WIZO for Plot in Nitzan - Allocation of Usage Rights for 45 years, for the purpose of
building a Community Center.
Description of Property:
Part of block no. 920 291/03/6 (Herewith: Urban Building Scheme) in plot 287
section 5 (partly) 8 (partly), 10 (partly), 11 (partly) 12 (partly), 13 (partly) 21 (partly) and 25 (partly) in the Nitzan settlement.
Price of transaction:
Provided to WIZO, by the Municipality at no cost, to be used for the building of a
public building.
Type of Transaction:
Provided to WIZO, by the Municipality at no cost, for sole use for 45 years.

Date of Contract:

Contract with the Municipality – 23.11.08 (pending permission from Minister of the Interior)
Connection between WIZO and/or buyers position holders
There are no connections between WIZO and/or WIZO position holders in WIZO for
Plot in Modiin- Allocation of Usage Rights for 45 years, for the purpose of
building a WIZO Day Care Center and WIZO Community Center.

Description of Property:
Land in plot 5870, section 28, plot 624 earmarked for a public building according to

Price of transaction:
Provided to WIZO, by the Municipality at no cost, to be used for the building of a
public building.
Type of Transaction:

Provided to WIZO, by the Municipality at no cost, for sole use for 45 years.
Date of Contract:
Contract with the Municipality – 28.1.08
Connection between WIZO and/or buyers position holders
There are no connections between WIZO and/or WIZO position holders in WIZO for 9. Details of transactions between Amutah and other involved parties during the period of
the report, henceforth: ‘involved parties', each of the following:

Members of the Amutah.
9.2. Workers in the Amutah
9.3 Donors who donated to the Amutah any sum over 25% of the
turnover during the said year.
9.4 Partners and relatives of those names appear in clauses A-C.

9.5 Associations which are detailed in sub clause (a) to (d) and which hold at least 25% of

shares or voting rights, or which there are position holders or hold a senior position.
No such transactions with connected parties were carried out. 10. Demands made by qualified persons, from outside the
Amutah, to correct defects that were discovered, including
cutting the deficit, and reporting upon such demands.
There were no demands by qualified persons besides the routine work processes in the 11. Exceptional events that took place in the Amutah during the
period of the report, including the Amutah relinquishing itself
of own institutions, resignations of general directorate,

exceptional changes in the target audience and exceptional
changes in the venues of activities.

There were no exceptional events during the reported year. 12. Description of the geographical spread of Amutah activities.
WIZO is spread out from Dan to Eilat. In almost every city and settlement one of the following activities operates: day care centers, branches, shelter for battered women or schools. The head offices of World WIZO and WIZO Israel are located in Tel Aviv. 13. Significant events that took place during the year of the report.
ƒ On 14th January, 2008 the Enlarged General Meeting of World WIZO, which takes place every four years, was held. 900 members participated . ƒ On 29th September an extraordinary Meeting of Representatives was held in order to approve WIZO's Consolidated Financial Reports for 2007. ƒ In May 2008, on the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel, WIZO was awarded the Israel Prize for her endeavours. ƒ In March 2008 a dormitory building in WIZO Nahalal was inaugurated . It is a protected building. ƒ In March 2008, the ADI project, a therapeutic-rehabilitation program for girls, was inaugurated at the WIZO branch in Beersheba ƒ In April 2008 a new Sports Hall was inaugurated in WIZO Nahalal. ƒ In July 2008 WIZO signed on a pension contract for its staff with ‘Metavit'. ƒ In August 2008 a new dormitory building and a new sports field was inaugurated at WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim. ƒ In August 2008 3 family units were inaugurated at WIZO Hadassim. ƒ In November 2008, a health insurance plan was signed with Clal, providing WIZO staff with coverage in extreme cases, which are not covered by the usual health plans. 14. Updates on details included in clauses 1-13, from the end of
the reported year until the presentation of the literal report
at the general meeting.

a. On 12.1.09 Mrs. Hannah Ish Hurwitz resigned from the Control Committee of the b. On 28.2.08 Mrs. Miri Perlis, who held the position of Treasurer, terminated her role on the Executive Committee. c. As of 1/3/09 Mrs. Tova Ben Dov is acting as Treasurer of World WIZO, as well as Chairperson of the World WIZO Executive. d. Signatories (As of 10.5.09) No: Group A
Position in Amutah
Glaser 4696903 President Ben-Dov 8229023 Chairperson, World WIZO Executive Co Chairperson Building Maintenance, Property Chairperson Fundraising Department Group B I.D.
Position in Amutah
1563410 Director Director, Finance Division One signature from Group A and one signature from Group B, together with the official stamp of the organization, is binding to WIZO. 9 On 12th March, 2009 the World WIZO Executive signed upon a new collective wage agreement between WIZO, the Histadrut and the nursery care givers in the World WIZO Day We, the undersigned, Mrs. Tova Ben-Dov, Chairperson of the World WIZO Executive, and Mrs. Esther Mor, of World WIZO, two members of the Amutah committee, and Mr. Haim Zamorsky, Director General of World WIZO, and Mr. Zeev Klein, Director of Finance, hereby approve the details written in the literal report for 2008, as detailed above, which was presented to the Control Committee on 15.6.09 and approved by the General Meeting on _29.6.09. World WIZO Executive Non Profit Organizations. Director General Director of Finance Appendix 1

Fo ndation
Enlarged General Meeting (Conference)
Gathers every four years
Meeting of Representatives (Plenary)
Human Resources Committee
Appendix 2

Use of Donations.
Name of Institution
Description of Activity
Building of physics laboratory Building of family units for girls at risk Building and renovations of dormitories Vav and Heh WIZO Community Center, Afulla Renovations 58,600 Building of sports hall WIZO branch Beersheba Building of second floor Union of WIZO Haifa and Leo Baeck Computer room, computers and furnishings Shelter in Ashdod Installation of caravan WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Purchase of caravan with protection WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Multi Purpose Building WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Building of acoustic shell Building-closing in of stilts WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Building-Activity Building WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Building of Mandel dormitory New Day Care Center – Safety in Day Care Centers Safety work in Day Care Centers Preparation for elevator for handicapped Workshops for settlements around Gaza WIZO Bet Hakerem Renovations to hair salon workshop WIZO Bet Hakerem Communications course with Kagan Routine activities Warm Home for Girls-Eilat Purchase-planning-renovations and equipment Community Army (Nahal) Unit WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Renovationof Magen dormitory Rechania Youth Club Renovations of Rechania Youth Club WIZO Petach Tikva Project for Ethiopian pupils Community Theatre ,Petach Tikva WIZO Moriah Haifa Branch Plans for moving WIZO centre to Ahuzat Yeladim Kadima WIZO Center Building 1,618,838 Building of Synagogue Day Care Centers – Betty Crystal Upkeep of playground equipment Women's Center, Modiin Center for the Prevention of Violence, Ramat Gan Project for children who witness violence Women's shelter, Ashdod Caravan and equipment Women's Shelter, Jerusalem Building 143,966 Friends of WIZO Fundraising) Mor ( Donations 30,728 Funding for day dormitory Tournament in the name of the late Dana Scholarships 21,486 Zamorsky WIZO Day Care Center ,Ramat Eshkol WIZO Leo Baeck, Haifa Building and equipment for music trend WIZO Center, Ramat Gan Building 269,061 Youth Club Zerit WIZO Center, Nahariya Renovations of WIZO Centre WIZO Center, Netanya Renovations of WIZO Centre WIZO Center, Baal Haness Street.
Renovations of kitchen.
Music school, Tiberias Computers 29,224 Kfar Saba Youth Club Joint funding of renovations with Kfar Saba Municipality Youth and Community Center ,Afulla Building, computers and scholarships 1,305,091 Dishon Youth Club Renovations and furnishings Haberer Youth Club, Jerusalem Building 882,566 Kiryat Shemona Youth Club Magen Avraham, Bet Canada Building 1,393,068 Grants for schools Scholarships 464,957 Center for single parents - Summer camps and lectures Mediation Center for Adults- WIZO participated in WIZO Nir Haemek .
Building of Sports Hall WIZO Nahalat Yehuda Project for the prevention of dropping out of school WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Building of square at entrance to youth village WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Plans for building new classrooms Renovations of kitchen Building of dairy Nes Tziona Branch Planning as a community center WIZO Petach Tikva Building and renovations of dormitory Gimmel (C) Palmachim Center for Children and Families Kiryat Gat D.C.C.-Gaon Hayarden Sensor Motoric room Kiryat Gat D.C.C.-Center for the Early Age Building and playground equipment Neve Zahal Day Care Center Renovations and furnishings Project for the Empowerment of Women Leadership Course Support Project after War Support Project for after War.
WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Equipment in Mandel dormitory WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Cover of outdoor basketball court WIZO Miami Beach Renovations and furnishings Mallot Music Center Computerization ,development budget Mary Bandett Scholarships Scholarships Lula Adolph Avner Scholarships Scholarships WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Repairs and renovations to Sewage system Even Yehuda Day Care Center Building Kadima WIZO Center Renovations to Alef dormitory.
WIZO Petach Tikva branch Renovations of kitchen and second hand store Yad Eliyahu DCC, Tel Aviv Renovations of playground, air conditioner Bet Moretzky DCC, Tel Aviv Equipment WIZO Lero Beock High School, Haifa Renovations to computer room Neve Sharett Day Care Center. Tel Aviv Renovations and playground equipment Safety in Day Care Centers Safety work in Day Care Centers WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Air Conditioners WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Infrastructure work - agricultural section Electricity infrastructure Investments in Bloomfield Complex Bet Zayit Day Care Center Renovations and equipment Sokolov Day Care Center, Rishon Lezion WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Changing youth club into four classrooms.

Source: http://wizo.antware.nl/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/literal%20report%20wereld%20wizo%202008.pdf


Five Fluorouracil, Hyaluronidase and Triamcinolone in the Nasal Region. Guillermo Blugermaniego Schavelzon, Gabriel Wexler Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Centros ByS, Buenos Aires, Abstract: The use of five fluorouracil (5 FU) as antifibrotic started in the 1960s, inhands of ophthalmologists, to prevent adherence after glaucoma and pterigion


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