NEWSLETTER No 33 – 24th October 2014
Getting Along Resilience Organisation Persistence Confidence Achievement
definitely heating up in the kitchen students carefully prepared and baked cakes, under the watchful eyes of Chefs, Mr Cacavas celebrated their during a special Family Holidays
Bully Stoppers – New Resources for Parents
As the holiday season fast approaches, many families have begun Bully Stoppers aims to provide practical advice, information and organising extended family holidays. If you intend taking an strategies to support everyone to ‘make a stand, lend a hand' and extended holiday before the end of this year or early in 2015, could stop bullying. The Department of Education and Early Childhood you please inform the office in writing as soon as possible. Development has created two new online learning modules for Teachers will soon be planning friendship groups and class parents. Both modules were developed in partnership with experts, placements for 2015 and will need this information to ensure your and are linked to fact sheets. child is placed in the appropriate learning area. Andrew Fuller (clinical psychologist and student wellbeing specialist) has designed a module to help parents understand, PFA Bunnings Barbeque
recognise and manage bullying and cyberbullying behaviours. The PFA and their team of helpers will be hard at work at the The module by Susan McLean (cyber safety expert) has a focus on Bunnings Dandenong BBQ from 8.00am until 4.00pm on Sunday, cyber safety, cyber bullying and includes information on sexting, 26th October. Please come and support us by popping in with your gaming addiction and online grooming. It aims to help parents family and friends and enjoying a sizzled sausage and a refreshing address standards of behaviour in the context of cyber safety and social media. We encourage you to follow the link below and complete the modules. Prep Transition Program - Wednesday 29th October
As part of our Prep Transition Program, children commencing Prep in 2015 will meet their ‘Chalcot Buddies'. The children will work with their buddies to create a special surprise to take home. Meanwhile, parents will hear about ways to prepare the children for Balls on the roof
school. Each parent will receive a copy of the booklet called As part of the strategy to reduce the incidence of injuries associated "Starting School at Chalcot Lodge PS". This meeting is also a good with working at heights, the Victorian Work Cover Authority opportunity for parents to ask any questions they may have. introduced the Occupational Health and Safety (Prevention of Falls) Regulations 2003 for working at heights where there is a risk of fall Chalcot Chess Club
greater than 2 metres. Congratulations to the students who took part in the Chalcot Chess This regulation prohibits us to access heights of 2 metres high or Club this year. These students have worked extremely well and greater. This includes the school roof and trees. have shown great improvement in their chess skills. Mrs Bearsley A common reason for climbing on the roof or reaching up tall trees and Mrs Velasquez are very proud of you all. at school is to collect balls, and believe it or not, to collect shoes. Unfortunately, no-one is able to retrieve balls or any other objects During this week, the Chess Club had a lunch time celebration and a from the school roof unless they have completed the Work cover variety of awards were handed out. ladder training. Congratulations to: Mr Logan Brown, the school maintenance man, has completed the Kaelen MacKinnon: 1st place for the In- School Competition necessary ladder training and is permitted to use a ladder. Mr Dishan Nagahawatta: 2nd place for the In- School Competition Logan Brown is with us every fortnight. If items go up onto the Vishal Panditharatne: 3rd place for the In- School Competition roof, unfortunately they can only be retrieved by Mr Logan Brown Lucy Mayes: Endeavour Award once a fortnight. Joshua Simpson: Encouragement Award If you allow your children to bring balls to school, we would ask that they be clearly named. While we encourage responsible care of Medals will be presented at our next assembly on Tuesday 28th personal, school and other people's property, we are unable to ensure the safety of such sporting equipment. A very big thank you to Mrs Bearsley and Mrs Velasquez for running our Chess Club this year. Getting Ready for Secondary College
I'm sure we all remember those days when our children were at pre- ‘World Teachers' Day- Friday 31st October
school and the excitement of ‘going to school after the holidays'. Australia celebrates World Teachers' Day on Friday 31 October. Getting ‘ready' for secondary school is just as important. Our This is the day that the community can pay tribute to the state's children will be moving to a new environment, will be mixing with 90,000 teachers who work in schools in metropolitan and regional many new students, working with new teachers, possibly without knowing anything about them and, without the teachers knowing Our teachers make a very significant contribution to the lives of anything about them. No longer are the students the ‘big fish in a their students and to the future of our society. Teachers do an little pond', in fact, they become the little fish again. extraordinary job each day in providing a well-rounded and high Fortunately, all our students are involved in secondary transition quality education for each student, nurturing all facets of each programs in Years 5 & 6 to help them prepare for the move into student and providing them with every opportunity to succeed in Year 7. For most of our students, the transition activities involve learning and in life. the school they will attend. For those moving to different schools, Teaching is an extremely rewarding and demanding profession and the transition program still provides opportunities to find out about it takes a very special and highly trained person to meet the what to expect in their new school. challenges. I am extremely proud of each of our teachers; they If you need further assistance in getting ready for secondary school work long and hard to do their best for their students and for the next year please feel free to contact the secondary college your child school. Our teachers not only perform the core role of teaching their will be attending. classes or specialist programs, but they also successfully perform a myriad of additional tasks, ranging from leading major whole Chicken Pox
school projects, attending training programs which are often run During this week, we have had one reported case of Chicken Pox, in after school hours, coordinating extra curriculum programs such as the Year 3/4 area. Children are excluded from school until they are Choir, Cheer Squad, Chess Club, Swimming, Interschool Sport, fully recovered or for at least five days after the eruptions appear. Robotics and the list could go on and on. Next Friday is the day we can show our appreciation and thanks to Hope you have a great weekend! our very dedicated and hardworking teachers. Assistant Principal
PFA Crazy Camel Artwork Payment due today Assembly – ICAS Certificates awarded 2.45pm – School Hall Prep Transition – Preps meet Buddies 2.30pm – 3.30pm PFA Chocolates/Money due November
Melbourne Cup Day
7.30pm – Staff Room Year 6 Mini Carnival Finance Committee Meeting 3.45pm – Conference Room Prep Transition – Fashion Parade School Council Meeting 6.30pm – Staff Room UPCOMING INVISITS AND EXCURSIONS
Spring Planting Day Chalcot Movie Night 7.00pm Maranatha Christian School Auditorium Doveton Campus CHALCOT LEGEND AWARD – allegra murphy Congratulations to Allegra for being selected to receive the Chalcot Legend Award. Allegra has been selected for being an enthusiastic learner and continually trying her best in all that she does. Her smiley face and cheerful manner are a joy to see. Well done Allegra! Allegra will receive her certificate and canteen voucher at assembly on Tuesday 28th October. CHALCOT ACHIEVER AWARD Congratulations to the following students who have been selected by their teachers to receive Chalcot Achiever Awards. Chalcot Achievers will receive their certificates at assembly on Tuesday 28th October. Alejandro Salinas Alexandra Starecki BOOK CLUB – FINAL ORDER FOR 2014
y now all students have received a copy of the current Book The results for the ICAS Mathematics Competition have arrived. Club brochure. All orders and money are to be returned to Congratulations to all the students who participated! Certificates sc hool by Monday, 27th October. Please note late orders may
will be presented at the next assembly. ot be accepted.
Cash orders must be in a clearly marked envelope and must in clude correct money. If paying by credit card or over the Participation: Deeya Reddy.
website, the credit card receipt coupon must be completed and Merit: Jordan Leveque, Sameer Popalzai.
the order must still be returned to school by the due date. Credit: Jacob Pellowe.
his will be the final Book Club for 2014. If you would like this to be a special order for Christmas,
p lease attach a note with the order so that we can keep the
Participation: Navkaran Sahni, Anderson Di Pascale, Marko
order aside for you to collect, instead of being sent home
Kovac, Diyana Nagahawatta, Jayce Ockenden, Priyanka Suja with students.
Rani, Catharina Truong. Pl ease note: Only the youngest in the family will receive
Merit: Oliver Mraz, Campbell Newton.
ook Club Forms.
Participation: Adam Johnson, Leyon Mamuhewa, Dishan
Miss Rowntree & Mrs Scandolera Nagahawatta, Logesh Kumar Naresh Kumar, Bailey O'Callaghan, Pooja Reddy, Alexandra Starecki, Jaike Weerasingha. Merit: Noor Al Musawi, Tome Correia, Lucy Mayes.
Cadbury chocolate drive
Credit: Ethan Pellowe.
We wish to remind parents/guardians that all unsold chocolates Distinction: Kaelen Mackinnon, Vishal Panditharatne.
and money collected must be returned back to school no later than Friday 31st October. Money should be in the named nvelope provided and unsold chocolates in the original Participation: Jaysen Del Socorro, Zephania Liu, Michael
ox/bag. There is certainly no obligation for families to buy any Morgan, Emily Van. hocolates that they are unable to sell. Credit: Luke Bird, Katelyn De Savery, Shabir Popalzai
Anastasia Christopoulos Mathematics co-ordinator UNIFORM SALES
chool uniform items can be purchased directly from the Beleza SCHOOL BANKING
Don't forget that FRIDAY is School Banking day and students chool Uniform Store at shop 7, 151 – 159 Princess Hwy, Hallam, phone 9702 3181. Mastercard and Visa are accepted. should bring their weekly deposit to school. Beleza order forms are also available at the school office. When lacing your order you will need to make payment to the school 1: A competition to support regular saving. Prizes up for grabs
ither by cash or by completing your credit card details on the are one of 40 Go Pros and 150 Slip and Slides. This competition rder form. Beleza staff will then deliver your order to the starts next week. 2: "Search for Australia's Smart School Savers". This
competition is open till the end of October, and winners will BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE
receive an iPad (plus one for their school), with the top winner Morning: 7.00am – 8.45am Monday to Friday during school
receiving $1000. More information to come! term, excluding all Victorian Public Holidays. P ermanent/casual: $ 15.00. Breakfast is provided until 8.30am.
School Banking Coordinator Afternoon: 3.30pm – 6.00pm Monday to Friday during school
term, excluding all Victorian Public Holidays. COMMUNITY NEWS
Afternoon snack and drink provided. The Department of Education and Early Childhood P ermanent/casual: $ 19.00. Development (DEECD) does not endorse the products or services of any private advertiser. No responsibility is This week's activities include:
accepted by DEECD for accuracy of information contained * Children's choice of activities in advertisements or claims made by them. * Paper Plate – Egyptian Fan Enrich your home with a WEP exchange student arriving
in January 2015!
World Education Program (WEP) is looking for caring families
who wish to experience another culture in their own home by Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate available for all
becoming a volunteer host family. Browse through student fa milies.
profiles, and select a student who you think will fit best into your Please feel free to speak to Iris or Alex if you have any concerns. family and lifestyle! Call 0400 194 859 during session times or come in and have a For further information, please contact Sylvia Kelly (WEP Inbound Manager) on 1300 884 733, by email on Y.L.V Team
or by visiting our website Primrose Hill Close, Endeavour Hills 3802. Telephone 9700 4455
Website Address:


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