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Boosting your fertility
• David McLeod
B.Ac. ND
• Zam Martin
Obviously, an important component of substances such as nitrous oxide and BHSc.(Nat). BHSc.(Acup.) producing a healthy baby is the ability chemotherapeutics which may increase the to conceive. The incidence of infertility • Sarah George
incidence of reproductive disorders.
is increasing in both men and women. Adv.Dip.Acup. BBus.(Man) Current research is strongly backing • Smoking has been linked to infertility, early acupuncture to regulate menstrual cycles, menopause, irregular periods and abnormal promote nourishment and circulation of vaginal bleeding. Smoking mothers have a higher incidence of spontaneous miscarriages, pre term births, low birth blood particularly to the womb, reduce stress and address other health concerns, improving overall fertility. The British weight babies and SIDS.
Medical Journal reported that acupuncture • Reducing caffeine consumption improves with IVF increases the chance of pregnancy by 65 percent. Today, many IVF clinics fertility rates. Studies show that women refer their patients for acupuncture. At who drank between two to three cups of HealthWise, we work closely with several coffee daily had only one quarter the chance fertility clinics. of becoming pregnant compared to those environmental chemicals, pollutants who consumed one cup per week.
Herbal medicine has also had a long history and stimulants such as coffee.
with improving fertility. The herb vitex agnus • Vitamin supplementation prior to castus (chaste tree) in the well-researched • The quality of sperm is affected by the conception reduces the risk of spina Premular tablets corrects hormonal frequency of ejaculation. Sperm motility bifida and neural tube defects. A lack imbalances and regulates the menstrual increases and the incidence of sperm of B group vitamin folic acid is most cycle. Other common fertility herbs include abnormalities tend to decrease with commonly discussed, although it is solutions to
withania (calms and nourishes the nervous an increased frequency of ejaculation. just one of a group of vitamins that are associated with this risk. system), ginger (a warming circulatory Excessive ejaculation however, can stimulant) and dong quai (a blood tonic). cause a zinc deficiency. Zinc is very Continued page 2. Through acupuncture and herbal medicine important in reproductive function. we aim to treat each person individually and What is Yin
holistically to assist in producing a healthy Foods that are rich in zinc include eggs, Looking to start a
walnuts and seeds (especially pumpkin At HealthWise we have helped many • Environmental stressors, such as In Women
couples to have happy, healthy babies. radiation from using notebook computers • For optimum fertility a woman should have on the lap and regular airflights are cause a body fat level of approximately 22%. If you or someone you know is thinking of starting a family, contact us for a HealthWise
for concern in reduced male fertility. When the body fat is significantly below 22% fertility declines and many women will pre-conception assessment. We have experience with reproductive disorders, herbal tea
• Tight underpants increase testicular experience irregular or even a total lack of temperature so changing from briefs to IVF support and pregnancy care, so boxer shorts can significantly increase you know that the health of you and sperm count and motility, and thus • Zinc is also essential for female fertility and your baby will be in the best of hands. is often deficient in Australian women.
Call 07 3839 1077 to make an
• Smoking decreases sperm count • Avoid or limit exposure to organic solvents, and quality, as does exposure to Thankyou
We have had a huge response from people who saw ABC TV's Catalyst program featuring acupuncture and fertility. If you are interested in seeing this report on how acupuncture can assist fertility in conjunction with IVF, you can view a video and read the transcript via the ‘helpful links' page on our website – This practice grows because you care enough about your SPECIAL OFFER powder and receive
family and friends to PoLy C: VitaMin C at itS beSt
buy two and receive 20%. refer them to us for Offer valid until 31st May 2008 their health needs What'S in PoLy C?
you need Poly C if you
can say ‘yes' to any of the
and assistance. Our • Prevention of age-related A unique and synergistic below:
diseases, cardiovascular commitment to you is blend of high quality Vitamin • Lowered vitamin C status, • Respiratory disorders such disease and cancer to provide the highest C, antioxidants, polygonum such as smokers, athletes, as colds, sinusitis and • Promotion of longevity (a chinese herb) and those with low intake of fruit alpha lipoic acid to greatly and vegetables, pregnant genuine care that we • Poor circulation, weak enhance your immune and and lactating women PLaCe yoUR oRDeR by
blood vessels, as in can give. So to all of CaLLinG heaLthWiSe
systems • Lowered immune function, diabetes and those at on 07 3839 1077 oR
you have sent people to and promote longevity.
especially in individuals risk of fatty plaque in the DRoP into the CLiniC
our clinic – thankyou! under stress or chronic Acupuncture – Naturopathy – Herbal Medicine – Massage – Nutrition – Counselling
– Bowen Therapy – Homeopathy – Weight loss – Iridology – Live blood analysis
Your medicines:
Simple solutions to
That was then,
there is a lot you can do to prevent attacks:
• Take care in washing your hands to avoid this is now
picking up respiratory infections There's no doubt about it - the herbs, minerals, vitamins • If your immune system is compromised, fortify yourself with a good vitamin C and other supplements we carefully prescribe have complex (Poly C – see front page) helped lots of people to alleviate symptoms, reduce pain and feel full of vitality. And when the going is • If you smoke, quit – now is as good a time good, the last thing you want to do is change your prescription. In fact, some people will continue to take • Try to remove or avoid any other known the same supplements and herbs for months or even allergens from your environment years after consultation with us.
• Reduce your alcohol consumption – alcohol will encourage your sinuses to But the truth is that your body is constantly changing. Your nose is blocked and it's hard to You cells are being replaced every minute of every day breathe, your face is aching around your • Limit foods such as dairy products and and as that happens your health condition is changing. cheeks, eyes and forehead, your face is greasy or deep fried foods as they often The herbs or supplements that were prescribed 6 swollen, and you feel hot and irritable. aggravate the condition months ago may need to be reviewed to gain the Chances are you are one of many Australians who suffer from sinusitis. Once you have a bout of sinusitis take early maximum health benefits.
action to prevent it becoming a chronic Sinusitis is often caused by respiratory condition. Acupuncture often works quite So every 3 months, or as the seasons change, make infections such as the common cold, but quickly to drain mucous and reduce swelling, an appointment at HealthWise on 07 3839 1077 for a allergies (commonly cigarette smoke and relieving pressure in the sinus cavity. Herbs air pollution) are another trigger. The review of your herbs and supplements. Your body will such as eyebright and golden seal have a mucus membranes in your sinuses and long history of relieving sinusitis. If you suffer love you for it. throat become inflamed and swollen, from recurrent sinusitis, speak to one of our stopping the mucous draining away as it qualified practitioners to find the best way to usually would – leaving you with a stuffy keep your sinuses clear.
. Continued from page 1 booStinG yoUR feRtiLity
Herbal repeats? – Phone first!
If you need a repeat for a herbal formula please phone us first. Some of your Emotional health is just as important as physical health formulae are very complicated and take time to make up. Advising us in advance when it comes to fertility. Stress reduces efficiency in all may save you waiting up to 20 minutes.
of the body processes, including the ability to reproduce. If you need a repeat for an herbal formula please phone us first. Some of your This is really a genetic protective mechanism, if the formulae are very complicated and take time to make up. Advising up in advance body is under acute stress it is probably not a good time may save you waiting up to 20 minutes.
to conceive and raise a healthy baby. Unfortunately, stress is often a chronic condition. Remove sources of stress where possible, and use yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, exercise or counselling to Did you know HealthWise
unwind. Without this ‘time out', the ‘busyness' involved in having a successful career, renovating a house, can help you lose weight?
balancing finances, looking after children and numerous At HealthWise we run our own effective, Acupuncture has been shown in trials to other demands drain the energy and vitality needed to healthy weight loss program to help assist in weight reduction and psychological conceive. Other strong emotions such as fear, worry you drop the kilos and feel full of symptoms such as anxiety and depression. and frustration may also place a similar burden on your vitality. The 5-week program provides all the necessary amounts of protein, body. Slowing down the pace of life and nurturing your Make the decision to reach your goal weight carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, today. Call us on 07 3839 1077 to book in.
body, may just be the fertility boost you need.
vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the correct balance, and includes weekly appointments to keep you motivated and It is important for both the mother and father to prepare measure your results. Hundreds of our for an upcoming pregnancy by improving their nutritional clients have been impressed with their fat status, reducing their exposure to radiation, chemicals, loss, increased muscle mass, improved caffeine and smoking, and managing stress. It would energy, reduced appetite and reduced cravings. And once you have reached be wise to consider a preconception assessment your goal weight, we can help you stay to optimise the health of both parents. Ensuring the trim with our maintenance program.
vitality of the ovum and the sperm will give the baby the You now have the option to add weekly best possible genetic start to its life.
acupuncture to this weight loss program. Website: Ph: 07 3839 1077
What is Yin Yang?
The paradox
At the most basic level of Chinese medicine is The concept of yin yang is used throughout the philosophy, "yin yang". Yin yang is a way Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and of our age
of comparing phenomena and examining their treatment. Yin yang can describe our normal, We have bigger houses but smaller relationship with each other. It encompasses all healthy life cycle. For example, children are generally more yang, they have lots of energy, More conveniences, but less time; love to make noise and move quickly. As we age, When using the yin yang concept, ‘yin' explains We have more degrees, but less sense, all that is soft, dark, moist, cold, slow, feminine, we tend not to be able to do what we could when More knowledge, but less judgement; quiet and tangible (bones, blood or muscle). we were younger, our bodies are slower and More experts, but more problems; ‘Yang' corresponds to all that is hard, bright, softer, and so we gradually become more yin. More medicines, but less healthiness; dry, fast, masculine, loud and functional (your The body itself can be described in this way. The We've been all the way to the moon and energy, a process or movement). Daytime outside of the body is yang (strong and is considered to be more yang when dry), the inside is yin (delicate and but have trouble crossing the street to compared to night time, which is moist). The back of our body meet the new neighbour.
more yin. When yin and yang is yang which is considered We built more computers to hold more are even, there is a desirable stronger, our fronts are state of balance. This information to produce more copies than occurs in everything – from generally softer so are yin.
the environment, to your but have less communication; relationships and even your We have become long on quantity, we look to whether a but short on quality.
person is showing a These are times of fast foods The black and white circular predominance of yang but slow digestion; diagram we are all familiar signs (eg. fever, redness, Tall man but short character; with, known as the tai ji strong pain) or yin signs (eg. Steep profits but shallow relationships.
tu (diagram of the supreme chills, paleness, tiredness) ultimate) demonstrates that: It's time when there is much in the to develop a diagnosis. When • yin and yang are opposing forces yet selecting a treatment, the herbs we but nothing in the room.
still contain a little of their opposing force (there use are selected to correct an imbalance eg. is never a state of 100% black or white). cooling yin herbs are chosen to treat a hot yang his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
fever. In acupuncture, we use yang heat therapy • yin and yang together form a whole – both to improve cold yin lower back pain. From a are necessary to sustain life and balance psychological point of view, yin yang can be Eg. Working too hard (too yang) is just as used in your interactions with other people. For detrimental to health as being lazy (too yin). example, if someone is angry and yelling this is • at the peak of yin or yang it evolves to become yang, often responding calmly and softly which its opposition. Eg. Day becomes night. is yin can help to diffuse the situation. Yin yang You can have
can be applied to everything in your life to help • as one aspect increases the other decreases you understand any imbalances and find the Eg. as the temperature increases on a hot day solutions to correct them.
your supplements
(yang), water in the dams evaporates (yin) delivered to you free
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Acupuncture – Naturopathy – Herbal Medicine – Massage – Nutrition – Counselling
– Bowen Therapy – Homeopathy – Weight loss – Iridology – Live blood analysis
home health tip:
Mustard poultice
nUtS ReDUCe ChoLeSteRoL
health benefits including cardiovascular disease, for common colds,
American researchers have identified the heart good development of a baby during pregnancy, health effects of macadamia nuts. Their research joint health and certain cancers.
joint pain or back ache
identified that replacing foods full of saturated fats with nuts and nut products could reduce aCUPUnCtURe effeCtiVe foR
cholesterol levels by up to 6%. The ratio of total MenStRUaL Pain
cholesterol to HDL cholesterol (the most specific Acupuncture can help relieve menstrual pain and lipid risk factor for cardiovascular disease), improve the quality of life for some women, a new decreased by 0.29 after participants consumed a study from Germany shows. Non-steroidal anti- macadamia-rich diet for five weeks.
inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are standard treatment for menstrual pain, but they carry the aCUPUnCtURe May be aS GooD aS
risk of side effects. The researchers enrolled 201 DRUGS foR hyPeRtenSion
women who agreed to be randomly assigned to A rigorous, randomised, single-blind German acupuncture or no treatment. After 3 months of trial suggests acupuncture may decrease blood treatment, which included an average of about pressure in hypertensive patients by a similar 10 sessions, the average pain score was 3.1 in amount to that achieved using medications. the acupuncture group, compared with 5.4 in the Systolic and diastolic blood pressures were control group, using a pain scale of 1 to 10, with This old folk recipe is an effective way to ease colds, significantly reduced in the acupuncture patients. 10 being the worst pain. Among women given flus, coughs, chest congestion, arthritic joint pain or The extent of blood pressure reduction observed acupuncture, 63.4 percent reported at least a 33 back ache, and is easy to whip up at home. It works was comparable to that seen with ACE-inhibitor percent improvement in their symptoms, while 24 mainly by increasing circulation, perspiration and monotherapy or aggressive lifestyle changes.
percent of women in the control group did. Based heat in the afflicted area. on these findings, the researchers conclude that Directions:
oMeGa 3 May eaSe DePReSSion
"acupuncture should be considered as a viable 1. Make a paste of the mustard powder (freshly SiMiLaRLy to DRUGS
option in the management of these patients." ground black mustard seeds or regular yellow A recent UK study has found that depression mustard powder from the supermarket) with ratings were cut by 50% following a daily bitteR MeLon: a CURe foR DiabeteS?
water. you may need to add a little flour to the one gram supplement of omega-3 fatty acid Bitter melon, a traditional Chinese vegetable, mix to hold the paste together. eicoapentaenoic acid (EPA), an effect similar is being analysed by Chinese and Australian 2. Wrap the paste in a chux cloth or tea-towel, place to that obtained by the antidepressant drug, researchers as a potential treatment for diabetes. it on the affected body part (eg. spine, chest or Prozac. When the researchers combined the They have found some new compounds in the joint) and then cover it over with plastic wrap EPA with Prozac depression ratings were cut vegetable which when given to mice has made or something similar to keep the heat in the by 81%. The study adds to a significant body the removal of glucose from their blood much poultice. For additional warmth, place a heat of research linking the fatty acids to a range of more efficient.
pack or hot water bottle on top of the poultice. Leave the poultice on for 15 to 30 minutes; promptly remove it if the person experiences any Yes, we have gift vouchers
3. Give the individual plenty of liquids during the for Birthdays, Special Occasions and just because you care!
procedure and encourage them to take a warm or We can provide you with a HealthWise gift voucher cool shower afterward, then rest or gently stretch for any of our services. Treat your family and for 1/2 hour.
friends to massage, acupuncture or naturopathic appointments with our qualified practitioners. They The procedure is likely to promote perspiration will get exactly what they need to feel great! Call and reddening of the skin. Never apply the paste reception on 07 3839 1077 to purchase a gift voucher directly to the skin, sandwich it in the chux cloth first. of your choice.
Remove immediately if stinging or burning occurs. Do not use on sensitive or broken skin. If using for have you got a question you would like to ask Email your question to [email protected].
back pain make sure to have someone available the healthWise practitioners?
au with ‘Newsletter Question' in the subject line.
to check your skin for irritation. This is a powerful stimulant so it is best not to use this on a young child or an elderly person. If treating someone who A Personal Note From Us
is seriously ill, consult a health care professional first.
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Magnesium Research 2010; 23 (2): 1-13 Magnesium and cardiovascular system Leviev Heart Center, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomern and the Sackler Facultyof Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, IsraelCorrespondence: M.Shechter, MD, MA, FESC, FACC, FAHA, FACN, Director, Clinical Research Unit, Leviev Heart Center, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, 52621 Tel Hashomer, Israel

Volume 26 Etz Chaim Pictures from Purim Report from Board of World Holocaust Day and much much more! Kosher l'Pesach food is now instore at the Broadstairs/Westwood branch of Sainsbury's and includes some items not previously in Rabbi Sonny Herman Community Rabbi: Rabbi Cliff Cohen Vice Chairman/Treasurer: Honorary Secretary: Council Members: Brian Abraham, Hélène Cohen, Esther Solomon, David

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