Volume 26 Etz Chaim Pictures from Purim Report from Board of World Holocaust Day and much much more! Kosher l'Pesach food is now instore at the Broadstairs/Westwood branch of Sainsbury's and includes some items not previously in Rabbi Sonny Herman Community Rabbi: Rabbi Cliff Cohen Vice Chairman/Treasurer: Honorary Secretary: Council Members: Brian Abraham, Hélène Cohen, Esther Solomon, David Fox, Simon Wolfe, Janine Chilley Thanet & District Reform Synagogue, 293A Margate Rd, Ramsgate, CT12 6TE TEL: 01843 851164 - A constituent member of the Movement for Reform Judaism Shabbat services and Festivals Calendar
Saturday 19th April – Saturday 21 June 2008 / Nisan 14 – Sivan 18, 5768
Kabbalat Shabbat services are held every Friday at 7.30pm (except the Shab- bat Suppers – 6.45pm.) Saturday services are on the first and third Saturday of each month at Torah breakfasts start at 9.15am, followed by a shorter service at 10.30am. (NB Festival times vary – see below) As the calendar is prepared in advance, details shown may be subject to amendment. Call 01843 851164 to check. PARTY for the 60th Sat 19 Apr, 1030am Sat 17 May, 1030am Communal Seder 6:45pm Sat 7 Jun, 1030am Sun 20 Apr, 10am Pesach, first day Sun 8 Jun, 7pm Sat 3 May, 1030am Blessing for Iyar Tikkun leyl Shavuot Mon 9 Jun, 10am Wed 7 May, 7pm Sat 21 Jun, 1030am Erev Yom Ha'atzmaut Israel Remembrance Day Shelach Lecha Coming Soon from Jewish Kent:
On Sunday 27th July, at Margate Hebrew Congregation Synagogue, the second part of The Value of Prayer with Rev Malcolm Weissman, United Synagogue's Minister to Small Communities. Please contact Ian Smiler for further details.
Shalom and Welcome to Etz
ever we have had lots of positive It has been a busy few months feedback and constructive criti- since the last issue, with many cism following our first attempt. events at the synagogue along- It has all been gratefully received. side other events in the wider We would also like to thank you community at which our mem- for all the contributions we have bers were represented. We hope received for this newletter. Please that this issue reflects how busy don't lose heart if we haven't we have all been! As a family we found a place for them in this were lucky enough to go to the edition - they are the life blood Chanukah party, the Purim party of this newsletter and are always and Benjy Cohen's Bar Mitzvah. These events were great fun and were all a good showcase for the For this issue we are trying a new work that Hélène Cohen has layout style and we probably will done with the Havdalah Club.
keep changing for a few issues until we settle into our new role, It is a daunting task to take and find the ideal style over editing a newsletter like Etz Chaim that is both well estab- Eleanor and Graham Miller lished and well received. How- The Editors reserve the right to edit any material accepted for publication.
The deadline for the next issue is 14 June 2008.
All correspondence or articles to: Etz Chaim News, 1 Wenderton Cottages, Wenderton Lane, Wingham, CT3 1EL or email [email protected]. Tel: 01227 722182 The articles, letters, advertising and content in this newsletter do not nec-essarily reflect the views of the Thanet and District Reform Synagogue or of the Movement for Reform Judaism. • consult with Government on proposed legislation • respond to racist activities In the Jewish and wider commu- • promote Jewish schooling and The Board of Deputies of British education and run the ‘Pikuach' Jews exists to protect and defend inspection service for Jewish the rights and freedoms of Brit- ish Jewry. These same rights and • create long-term policy strate- freedoms have evolved over many gies through the work of our years and are enjoyed by Jews in Community Policy Research Great Britain today. But events Group think-tank; are seldom static. Changes to • engage in interfaith and envi- legislation, campaigns by special ronmental initiatives; and interest groups, outright attacks • display the pioneering Jewish on Jews and Israel–all require a Way of Life Exhibition to non- concerted response.
Jewish children.
As the community's representa- On the international stage we: tive organisation, the Board of Deputies is able to engage with • represent the interests of British government, the media and Jewry in Europe and around the wider society, providing a vehicle through which British Jews have • consult on areas affecting Diaspora Jewry with the British government and foreign embas- It is with pride that the Board of Deputies represents the rights • monitor European legislation; and interests of British Jews in every walk of life. Below are some • work to enhance the under- of the core things we do every standing of Israel and its pursuit of peace and security; In the area of defence and group It is important to remember that the Board of Deputies does these • combat antisemitism things by protecting the freedoms • foster relations with faith groups of British Jewry everyday. In the and wider society last 18 months, for example we • monitor moves affecting shechi- ta and brit milah • headed off government propos- als to bring in quotas to Jewish schools, and leading the way on the country, as well as in London for a national faith schools linking the Greater London Authority and other elected offices, including that • launched the Big Green Jewish of Mayor. The threshold for them Website, merging Jewish tradition to gain a seat on the GLA, together and environmental concerns; with the public funds that then be- • protested against the mass come available, is a mere 5 per cent murder in Darfur, drawing on the of the vote.
lessons of the Holocaust; • organised demonstrations and The good news is that extremist and lobbied to free captured Israeli racist candidates can be stopped from securing elected office if the turnout • combating anti-Israel cam- is sufficiently high, and so every vote paigns wherever they emerge, cast on the day counts.
most recently in the Church and This is why the Board of Deputies • are directing a voter registration has launched an awareness and voter drive against extremism in the registration drive in the lead-up to run up to the local London elec- the May elections. Register, vote, and tions in May; and if necessary, obtain a postal vote.
• are spearheading with the CST the Jewish Human Rights Coali- For information and to support the tion UK, a U.N. Durban Review cross-communal response to the local and London elections in May, see or contact But most importantly, we're your Board of Deputies – protecting and defending the rights and A core text of the Passover Hagadah interests of British Jews since is the reminder, "In every generation 1760. With your help we'll be do- they rise up against us…" It is ing so for the next 248 years as a cautionary adage that should awaken our responsibility to fight complacency and to work with people of all faiths to ensure that we live in a peaceful and tolerant society. Local Elections on 1 May: An
Each vote for a mainstream party is Important Message
a vote against extremism. Vote and you help guarantee that our voice will be heard. Stay at home and you risk Extremist parties, most notably the that their voice will. It's your voice or British National Party, are prepar- theirs. It's really that simple.
ing local election campaigns in a number of local authorities across Jewish Music in Thanet
Thanks to your contribution, the target of 500,000 donors on the On Sunday 7 Sep this year we largest Jewish Bone Marrow registry will again be holding open house keeps getting closer, enabling the in the synagogue as part of the facilitation of literally hundreds of annual European Day of Jewish
extra lifesaving procedures every Culture and Heritage This year's year and for years to come. To-
theme is JEWISH MUSIC, gether we can make a difference, literally between life and death for There is a wide potential for those around the world, now and in events on the day, celebrating the the future, desperately waiting for a huge Jewish contribution to the life saving match.
world of music. We can celebrate the music of our liturgy; Jewish music reflecting different tradi- tions of the countries Jews have settled; works of Jewish compos- Community Campaign ers, both classical and modern, British Friends of Ezer Mizion and evergreen songs composed for Broadway and films.
(We raised £195.50 for Ezer Mizion Kol Nidre Appeal. If you would like We plan to have short perform- to see more of their work – www.
ances during the day. Do you have any suggestions? Are you a musician or singer? Do you know JCD – Jewish Child's Day
anyone who would like to take part? Have you any thoughts Thank you for supporting JCD's and ideas for this exciting event? Chanukah appeal.
Would you like to be part of the co-ordinating team? As you know, JCD is celebrating its 60th anniversary this Chanukah and Any suggestions – give Godfrey our help is needed more than ever Fischer a call on the synagogue Your valued contribution will go Charity thank you:
towards continuing the vital work JCD undertakes all year round Ezer Mizion
in helping thousands of abused, neglected, handicapped and Please accept this expression of our underprivileged Jewish children to heartfelt appreciation for your sup- make a better life for themselves.
port of the Ezer Mizion Bone Mar-row Donor Registry.
Thanking you once again.

With kind regards, Havdalah Club Leads
The Way In Tu B' Shevat
Executive Director (This money was raised by those who came to our Chanukah party by To celebrate Tu B' Shevat a special putting their loose change (and a few service was held at the synagogue by notes as well) in the JCD money box) Havdalah club members. Following preparation work at previous club Is It Kosher?
meetings, prayers and readings where said by members of the club. The At Thanet's local kosher grocers children were all great and their (AKA Sainsbury's) there is a new contribution made the occasion extra label on the shelf underneath the special. Recent Bar Mitzvah Benjy semi-perishable kosher range – Cohen showed fantastic knowledge Annabel Karmel. Amongst other and maturity in planning the service things, Annabel has created a together with his compilation and range of meals for youngsters production of the service booklet.
who hate vegetables. There are three versions – vegetarian, As parents of children attending the chicken and beef. Is it kosher? Havdalah club, we say special thanks Well, no. Don't be fooled by the to Hélène and to all those involved. name – it's not an alternative Keep up the good work! mountain transliteration! How- ever, for readers whose interest is Golda and Paul Valek specifically vegetarian food, look Godfrey, you may know, has an interest in Jewish heritage tours and kosher food abroad, received an email from a Spanish whole- saler of kosher wines whose name is María Jesús Íñiguez! Is the wine really kosher? Well, yes. Certified by the Rabbinate of Paris. Unfortunately, it's not available in the Costa del Thanet.
From the Bulletin of Hendon
ing we saw what are virtually pages Reform Synagogue - by Larry
from the book itself, as it will look. We saw one or two of the stunning il-lustrations, some of the dedications, Who on Earth would call a meeting were able to see the actual typeface on a Monday morning in December and the font and the colour. it was at 8:15am? Is that a time that you both exciting and emotional with a would think of calling a meeting? touch of nostalgic regret that these Whoever do you imagine would meetings are nearly over, because turn up? You are probably saying they have been spiritually uplifting "no-one" and you'd be right. that is and (for me anyway) an insight into unless you were Rabbi Elaina Roth- a world I had never known.
man, and the end of SEVEN LONG YEARS of being in charge of the Sid- If you think, as well you might, that dur Steering Committee, that is. The the new Siddur is just the finished usual time for these meetings was version of the draft we have been 8:15 on a Monday.
using for months, it is understand-able. but you would be WRONG. On Monday morning December 3rd There are 756 pages in the Siddur. It her penultimate meeting was FULL. will take a lot of reading. The Study Every single member was on time. Anthology alone could be a book in So who are they? Well, two Rabbis, itself. As soon as we know the date, and one Rabbi Professor, three im- there will be a special introduc- portant members of the Movement tory Shabbat for it here at Dane- for Reform Judaism staff, one Move- scroft when Rabbi Katz will guide ment Board member, a well-known us through our first service using and knowledgeable Christian it. Our books will all be embossed author and expert on prayer books, on the back with the name of the the person in charge of music for synagogue (except those you have the new siddur, who is a member of ordered for yourselves) and the de- Finchley Reform, the recent Chair- luxe version will also be delivered man of the Services Committee at at the same time or shortly after. Alyth and now Chair of the Gover- Rabbi Amanda Golby has been nors of Akiva School and a JCoss responsible for the twenty page Trustee. Oh and one other, who is glossary that will be at the back, writing this. Eleven people, bright and the illustrators come from all and early, eager to go. at the 60th over. especially from other Euro- meeting of the Siddur Steering pean countries, some even from the Former Soviet Union, so as Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet said Not only is it the sixtieth meeting af- "this is truly a European Siddur". ter seven long years, but at last, the As a nostalgic look back, there will end is in sight. At this special meet- also be an attractive collage of some of the synagogues featured in the

last Siddur, a link with the past, but Jewish Women's Week
with forward looking new stunning illustrations as well. There has been interest in the Siddur from South The appeal for this year's Jewish Africa and from Australia, and it is Women's Week is helping WIZO hoped that eventually, it will reach to work towards building a society a worldwide Progressive Jewish where today's vulnerable youngsters will become tomorrow's successful adults. With their and your support, young people in Israel can and will reach their full potential.
Last year's campaign raised over £270,000 – a wonderful way to Don't forget the Tzadekah
celebrate 60 years of caring.
box. It's been a great
WIZO opens the doors of opportunity success so far, and we wish
to everyone in need regardless of race to give a full content to our
or religion. They do this through the next adopted charity in the
many centres all over Israel and their highly trained staff works to change the lives of disadvantaged young people. As much help is needed as possible in raising funds to help maintain their crucial work which will enable today's dependent youth play a valuable role in Israel's future.
To donate you may send your donation by post to JWW Campaign, 107 Gloucester Place, London, W1U 6BY, or telephone 020 7486 2691. You may also donate online at www. If you sign the gift aid form WIZO can claim 25p for every £1 donated.
Jewish Women's Week is
4th to 11th May 2008.
A Word or Two…
I still have the archive copies if anyone would like to seem them. I have to admit that when I received Incidentally, for the 20th anniversary my copy of the last Etz Chaim News I special edition of Etz Chaim News had a touch of déja vu. And why, you I produced a potted history based may ask? Well, I had the privilege on articles in the newsletters. If you and pleasure of producing the first haven't seen it, just let me know.
issue in 1985 and, you guessed it, the same A5 size! However, there are Well, that's enough reminiscing. some very basic differences. Never Since the last issue we have enjoyed mind Life on Mars and the seven- happy family events. The Barmitzvah ties. As I write this, BBC TV has just of Benjy Cohen was truly a simcha launched the eighties sequel, Ashes to be remembered. A look at the to Ashes. Look at the newly intro- children in the Havdalah Club shows duced computers with green print how we can be looking forward to on grey screens. Few of us had such more B'nei mitzvot in the future. luxuries in those days. From 1985 to And the month after we had another 1987 the newsletter was typed on a blessing, literally - Zach and Gabri- portable typewriter and, because ella Rothman were given a special we couldn't fit everything on the blessing as part of their naming cer- page, we used the technology of the emony during the Shabbat service. day in the form of a photocopier and So when's the next chupah?reduced the master A4 page to A5. Some readers had trouble read- On a more serious note, the sup- ing the smaller print. 23 years later port by the local Jewish community and I now understand that problem of the National Holocaust Memo- better. However, the solution of the rial Day service in Albion Gardens, day was to buy a magnifying glass. Ramsgate, on Sunday 27 January Early technology it may have been; was much appreciated. There were but beloved written medium of the about 20 members and friends of newly emergent Thanet Reform both synagogues in an overall at- Community it certainly was. In 1987 tendance of around 50. we moved to an early version of desktop publishing (and laborious A successful AGM has been held it was, too). The big change, literally, and I welcome Janine Chilley, who was to go to a larger A4 page.
comes to Council for the first time, and a special welcome to Esther So it has been for the years after- Solomon who is able to rejoin after wards until December 2007. It's a year's absence. May I take this always a good idea to relaunch and opportunity to applaud the support this was a relaunch which resulted in I have been given by all the Coun-many a compliment to the new edi- cil members, as well as that given, tors. The comparison to the original with much understanding, from their A5 version; well, chalk and cheese. spouses. Along with the sterling input from Rabbi Cohen I hope you and donate the refreshments, feel we have attained a vibrant Jew- pastries and other victuals. ish Community for East Kent. Not all of last years colleagues, however, HOWEVER, the current break- can return to Council. I will miss down of membership shows that Sally Bass' input, but Melbourne is whilst we see a gradual increase a bit too far to come for the meet- of numbers, the availability of ings. I hope that her chosen local locations has reduced. Although Reform synagogue will be sensible the coffee mornings will continue and take advantage of her skills and to be a must on our social cal- experience. And Sam Cohen will be endar, it is unfair to place the leaving the ‘shores' of Thanet to go burden on the same few people to university. He may not be back to all the time. So, with your sup- Thanet to rejoin our Council but I am port, we can have a new kid on sure many a Jewish organisation will the block – the personalised coffee appreciate his support in the future.
morning, or mini-coffee morning. Perhaps someone could come up Hazel and I wish you a very happy with a catchier name! HERE'S the idea. Invite a few people around for coffee and cakes – members living in your locale or your friends in the com- munity and anyone else you care to ask. Charge everyone £2 for coffee and goodies and donate the proceeds to the synagogue. For the price of a coffee in a local café you get cakes, biscuits, etc., the bonhomie and the feel-good Coffee mornings – a new di-
factor of everyone doing their bit to support the synagogue. Over to you! All you need is the date and AS a means of raising money in a reasonably painless way, the synagogue's coffee mornings have always been popular. These usu- ally take place in the home of a kind host and or hostess. How- ever, times change, as does the makeup of the membership, and we need to keep abreast of these changes. We rely on the kindness of members to open their houses 11 Foster Carer's Fun Day
out and there are no plans for future events.
Our team at last year's World Food Day were asked if the synagogue would be willing to do the same at the Foster Carer's Fun Day. And Bursaries for Abrahamic De-
that's how Jacqui Rose with Hazel and Godfrey Fischer found them-selves at Pfizer's Social Club in Heythrop College, a specialist col- February. The day was organised by lege of the University of London, Social Services to give foster carers has launched a new BA degree and their charges a pleasant day out in Abrahamic faiths, which is the with all kinds of activities. Maypole first of its kind in this country. It dancing, steel band workshop, offers the opportunity for Jews, tai-kwondo display, cheer-leaders, Christians and Muslims to study Egyptology, face painting, lots of together in a unique venture that games, and more, something to suit will make considerable contribu- tion to interfaith relations. The courses are taught by lecturers The Faith Zone had as its backdrop from each of the three traditions a sari and a prayer mat. On the table and substantial bursaries are were various items from our Judaica available for students.
Shop as well as leaflets about our community and the interfaith talks. The range of the course covers the It gave the opportunity for visitors questions of what are the Abra- to meet and ask questions of repre- hamic religions? Why are they sentatives from different faiths, or to important?; and how do they see pick up relevant leaflets about the religions. "That" said Godfrey, "was The degree offers a chance to the theory. We were the only rep- study the three monotheistic reli- resentatives in the Faith Zone and gions with a high level of teaching the leaflets looked as if they came from Jewish, Christian and Mus- from the Social Services manual of lim teachers. The U of L degree how to conduct oneself when meet- is recognised worldwide and also ing persons from other religions. gives students the opportunity of However, this was a very minor point a living contacts with the life of when you looked at the faces of the the three communities.
children enjoying themselves. And we did have quite a number of peo- Heythrop College is situated in ple come to chat to us, which is all Kensington, London, within pri- we ask for". Future Fun Days could vate gardens. To see for yourself, well benefit from the expertise there is an open days this month of the proposed Thanet interfaith - Monday 28 April. To attend, group. However, the funding has run 12

contact the Principal's PA on 020 Our first Shabbaton Supper of the year was held on February 22nd, attended by approximately 26 of our community, family and friends. The meal consisted of melon followed by For details of the course, contact fish, chips and green salad, prepared Jonathan Gorsky, Lecturer in by Lorna with the able assistance of Jewish Studies, 020 7795 4219 Kay. The dessert was Hazel's special chocolate cake (a great surprise for Martin on his birthday). The meal ended with tea and coffee. WE would like to thank Lorna, Kay, Heythrop University of London, Hazel and, of course, our Chairman, Kensington Square, Godfrey - together with the ‘waiting' staff who served us all so briskly and efficiently. It was a delightful evening of eating, T: 020 7795 6600 chatting, Sabbath songs and laughter.
F: 020 7795 4200; enquiries@ Tom & Rivka Dodds.
Pictures below from Purim
2008, and one from the
Foster Carer's Fun Day (spot
the odd one out!)

Painter and Decorator For all your painting & decorating jobs Internal & External. Fast & reliable professional service. Free quotes. Phone: (01227 277592) Mobile: (07784 746861) Fax: (01227 282110) persons. Many people who need Caring help at
some assistance with daily living tasks would rather stay in their own homes and direct their own lives. THE NATIONAL Health Service is the Bluebird Care makes that possible subject of much contentious discus- by providing a range of care serv- sions these days. Whether you love ices, which gives customers the it or hate it, you can't do without it. If freedom to carry on their lives as money is no object you can go pri- normally as possible. Care visits vate. Some subscribe to one of the can range from 15 minutes to a full various medical insurances, which live-in service." can be most reassuring. But most people, even today, take comfort AN EXAMPLE of the services of- in a health service that may not be fered are, help getting up or going perfect but is there when you need it to bed, preparing meals, shopping, in an emergency. Many in our com- cleaning and laundry, personal munity have been in the emergency hygiene including bathing or help situation and, for the most part, our with outings.
local hospital services come up trumps.
ALL STAFF are carefully chosen and then checked by the Criminal IT'S IN the aftercare that worries Records Bureau. Care workers begin. What happens when you are trained to provide the highest get home and you still need help? standards of customer care as well Not everyone has a family nearby as how to meet individual needs to continue the caring. Also, when and preferences. Bluebird Care is home care is provided by the social registered with the Commission services, there may still be a charge for Social Care Inspection (the – depending on one's benefits government body which regulates care provision in the UK) and will be regularly inspected to ensure THERE IS now an alternative in East Kent with the opening of Bluebird Care, a national company with the CHRISTINE is a qualified social local franchise set up by mother and worker and manager and Saffron daughter team, Christine and Saf- has worked in residential, day care fron Hudson, working from a newly and community settings providing appointed office 161 King Street, care to those with mental health CHRISTINE says, " Bluebird Care of- If you happen to be shopping in Ram- fers a real alternative to residential sgate, call in for a chat and a friendly Yorkshire welcome. Or telephone them care for older adults and disabled on 01843 570638 An online Judaica shop based in the UK.
Kippot, Tallits and accessories, Chanukiahs and Dreidls, Magen Davids and Chais, in silver, gold and Mezuzot and Mezuzah Scrolls Shabbat candles and candlesticks, Havdallah sets and other regalia for the home, Gifts, toys, and Hebrew and Yiddish novelties, And much, much more.
We are always open to suggestions – whatever it is, if you want it, we'll do our very best to find it for you.
We offer shopping online, by mail order, or by party plan – host a BuyJewishStuff Judaica coffee morning and raise money for the Shul or for the charity of your For more details, or to see our stock, visit our website on, where you can fol- low the link to our eBay shop, or contact us on email - [email protected] or by phone - 01227 Advertising in Etz Chaim
A great way to raise awareness in the community of local serv- Quarterly newsletter for Thanet and District Reform Synagogue Publication for the local Jewish community including events, reports and items of general interest.
Reaches over 75 households in the Thanet/East Kent region.
B/W: Full Page £50, Half page £30, Quarter page £20 Colour: Full Page £75, Half Page £75 If you would like to submit an advert for inclusion in Etz Chaim, please contact David Fox by email: [email protected] or by c/o Thanet and District Reform Synagogue 293A Margate Road Headlines of the Board of Dep-
share concerns over the impact on uties' activities. Unabridged
community relations and the welfare news items can be found at
of the community on the subject of granting visitor visas to those ex-pressing extremist and anti-Jewish Board of Deputies Brussels
views. "We need to understand the mechanics of the process by which delegation meets EU parlia-
these decisions are made, and Gov- mentarians. A delegation from the ernment needs to appreciate our
International Division of the Board concerns. This dialogue has served recently met high-ranking MEPs at both those purposes," said Chief the European Parliament in Brussels. Executive, Jon Benjamin. The Board Discussions focussed on European also joined the latest meeting of the Union and European Parliamentary Government's cross-department efforts and directives to counter taskforce on anti-Semitism. The racism and anti-Semitism in mem- task force was formed to implement ber states and also a consideration recommendations of the All-Parlia- of the relevant committees and mentary Inquiry into Anti-Semitism structures that are in place to imple- ment these policies. Flo Kaufmann,
Chairman of the Board of Governors Lunch for London Olympics
of the European Jewish Congress, 2012 organiser, Richard Sum-
was joined by International Divi- ray MBE. The Finance & Organi-
sion members Prof Eric Moonman, sation Division of the Board hosted Alex Faiman and Sidney Assor and a lunch for Richard Sumray MBE, by Public Affairs Director Elizabeth chairman of the London 2012 Fo- Harris. Of particular interest to the rum supporting London's Olympic MEPs were the recent findings of Games, during which he recounted the UK's All-Party Parliamentary the dramatic sequence of events that Inquiry into Anti-Semitism as well led up to London's successful bid as the structure, mechanism and to host the Olympics. Mr Sumray, a advantages of establishing a neutral member of the Mayor of London's parliamentary body to explore these Cultural Strategy Group and chair issues. Flo Kaufmann noted that the of Haringey Teaching Primary Care "MEPs thanked the Board for keep- Trust, said that since London won ing them informed of our work and the bid in July 2005, the focus has of our connections in Britain, Eu- been to make sure that the Olym- rope, Israel and on the international pics capitalises on London's key assets as the youngest, most cultur- Board expresses concerns to
ally diverse communities in Europe by "creating an infrastructure that Home Office over visas for
is sustainable and leaving behind extremists. Board officials met
permanent improvements for our with Home Office counterparts to city." Fielding questions on issues Totally Outdoors, Totally Ad-
such as security, traffic, regenera- venturous, The Netzer Venture
tion, tourism, volunteering oppor- Day is Totally Fun!
tunities and plans to accommodate London's faith communities, Sumner This spring, how would you like to explained that space will be created spend a day with friends trampling to accommodate all five major faith through the undergrowth, climbing, groups on an egalitarian basis. "My and even shooting air-rifles? commitment is to make this an event to remember for all generations If this sounds like your idea of fun, and for everyone who participates or your kids idea of fun, then come in this event", he said. He also said to the Netzer Venture Day on
that a commemoration of the 40th Sunday 18th May 2008. This is an
anniversary of the Munich Olympics inter-community event based in the massacre would receive proper outdoors, running from 1.30pm - 6pm at Tolmers Scout campsite near Potters Bar. We have run three of Board publishes latest com-
these outdoor adventure days and munity statistics report; shows
they are great fun and very exciting. potential patterns of Jewish
Run by experienced Madrichim demographic growth in the UK
(leaders) from RSY-Netzer, the Re- Co-authored by senior researchers form Movements youth movement, David Graham and Daniel Vulkan, the 8 - 15 year olds will be rambling, the report summarises data col- playing wide games in ancient lected on such key statistics as woodlands, climbing, building shel- births, marriages, and deaths during ters and shooting air-rifles, all in the 2006. It reveals that more than 3,300 safety of this beautiful scout camp- Jewish babies were born, a third of site. If you are coming on Shemesh which were to the Charedi or strictly Summer camp this will be a great Orthodox community. Over recent time to meet other campers. Also if years the total number of Jewish you are not sure, then come and try births has been slowly climbing. it out and see what we have on offer. Significantly, the report found that, contrary to demographic patterns in Its Totally Outdoors, Totally Adven- most Diaspora communities, Brit- turous and Totally Fun. For more ain's Jewish population may be on information and an application the path to growth after a genera- form speak to your youth worker or tion of contraction. This conclusion contact Jon Littman, Youth and Com- emerges from an analysis of several munity Worker for the Movement sets of indicators relating particular- for Reform Judaism: jon.littman@re- ly to demographic trends in Britain's, 020 8349 5670 Charedi community.
We send our condolences to Syb Stubbs and family following the sad loss of Rod beloved husband, father and grandfather Roberta and Jennifer Byrne, past members of the community on the sad loss of husband and father, Roy to the family of Hetty Barrs, one time member of this community our prayers go to all their families May their memory be for a blessing
Syb Stubbs wishes to thank the community for all the help and support she has received at this time of the sad loss of her husband Rod.
Aid scheme that continues to op- erate in the normal way. I thought you would be interested in some painless ways to give to charity, especially if your chosen charity is the Thanet & District Reform Synagogue! Special message for members who have signed Gift Aid Declarations Giving through the Self As-
sessment Return - Nominat-
With the forthcoming change in ing a Charity to Receive a
the level of income tax, make sure your payment was received by 5th April so that I may make a Gift Self Assessment taxpayers are Aid claim based on the old, higher able use their tax returns to donate tax repayments to char- ity. H M Revenue & Customs has Payment of Membership
given this Synagogue the follow- ing unique code reference number to be quoted on the return. This Membership fees are payable on scheme is open to members and presentation. If you have not yet non-members alike. done so please send your cheque to the Synagogue office as soon as The Reference is ‘RAM69AG'
possible. If you wish to pay by in- ternet banking or standing order There is also a ‘carry back' facility let me know so I can give you the back scheme so that a taxpayer Synagogue's Bank Sort Code and who makes a gift to charity using Gift Aid can elect to have his/her higher rate tax relief carried back Remember Us in Your Will
to the previous year of assess- ment. More information is avail- It is through the kind generos- able from the web site address ity of previous members that we enjoy the use of our Synagogue building today. If you have occa- For further information please sion to be writing or amending contact your professional tax ad- your will please do consider re- visors, look at the HMRC website membering this community with on the link below, or contact me at the Synagogue. I understand donations may be made anony- Ian Smiler
mously if desired! Note this does not replace for the existing Gift Did You Know.
That according to the Haggadah,
it was actually Hillel who created the first sandwich (and not the Earl of Sandwich who is usually credited with the invention).
And that Wikipedia, the popular free internet encyclopedia cor- rectly says that Hillel created the first ever sandwich.
That the word Moshe (Moses) only occurs once in the Haggadah.
And that Yochabed, Moshe's mother, was 130 years old when Thanks to Ian and Barbara Smil- she gave birth to him? (Brings a er for advising us of the following: whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Geriatric mother', now given to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is now any pregnant woman over the age available in Israel in the following And for all of you Trekkies out there - the character Spock, in the television program Star Trek, would greet people with the Vulcan ritual of greeting. Leon- ard Nimoy, the Jewish actor who played Spock, copied this ritual from the handsign used by the kohanim when they blessed the Bernard Malamint Berry Pr'i Hagafen And finally a thought from
Golda Meir:
Let me tell you the one thing I have against Moses. He took us forty years into the desert in order It should be noted that all of to bring us to the one place in the these flavors come in either a cup Middle East that has no oil! From the Reform Judaism
the Charter as the foundation for a peaceful, just and sustainable global society will be sought. Proof that Jews can change the Rabbi Amswych commented: "For
real change to take root, this must be seen as the beginning of a ‘slow-burn' process which must be kin- Bournemouth Borough Council has dled over several years rather than become the first UK district council a firework which burns itself out in a to adopt the Earth Charter - which few seconds".
offers a foundation for a peaceful, just and sustainable global soci- Rabbi Newman added: "the Bourne- ety – thanks to the efforts of Reform mouth decision is a major milestone rabbis, Neil Amswych and Jeffrey in the fight against climate change and for a just society. It shows that, if they follow the prophetic vision The deputation at which the deci- offered by their tradition, Jews really sion was made took place last month and was the culmination of a proc- can be a light unto the world." ess which began almost a year ago when Rabbi Amswych invited the Director of the Earth Charter in the UK, Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, to an Inter-faith meeting attended by 70 Mazel Tov to Benna Jane and
local clergy and lay leaders, repre- Daniel Goldman on their recent sentatives of most of the religious groups in the local area. Their enthu-siastic interest in the Earth Charter and its inspiring vision and ethical framework encouraged Rabbi Am-swych to take it to the Council.
It is hoped now that in a series of meetings over the next year spe-cific issues of waste and recycling, energy reduction and conservation, transport, biodiversity and eco-tourism - all issues of interest to the Council and covered by the Earth Charter principles - may be dis-cussed and objectives agreed. Most of all, the involvement of local peo-ple and organisations in the work of Holocaust Memorial Day Janu-
was a short service, conducted by The Reverend Luke Dean, who is the Assistant Curate at St Laurence Team This year the National Holocaust Ministry. Prayers were also read Memorial Day fell on Sunday the by Rabbi Cliff Cohen and David 27th of January. In the UK this day Gradus, and Godfrey Fischer sung ‘ commemorates victims of past and Shema Kolenu'. After the service we more recent atrocities from around all retired to the Council Chambers the world. To us as Jews there is the for a reception hosted by the Mayor. special significance of the Nazi mur-dering of six million of our brethren. In the afternoon Barbara & I went to Many of us can establish a direct an event in Deal, I estimate approxi- family connection to relatives who mately 20 – 30 persons attended this perished, and even for those who event, including Elizabeth, part- cannot, there is the probability that ner of our John Ullmann who sadly relatives from a previous generation passed away last year. We three or two with whom family connection were the only attendees from either have been lost were unfortunate vic- of the Thanet Communities. Also tims. My father's family comes from in attendance was Gwyn Prosser, Poland, and I know of cousins, aunts the MP for Dover & Deal. This event & uncles who were in Warsaw when commenced with a short service the Germans invaded. I am a twin held next to a Commemorative Tree and I know there were others in the in the garden of St George's Church, family left behind in Eastern Europe lead by Canon Robert Lunnon. Wreaths were laid by the Chairman of Dover District Council, Councillor In the UK there was a programme of Bernard Butcher, the Mayor of Deal events spread throughout the coun- Councillor Jim Cronk, and Elizabeth try. In our little corner of Kent there in memory of John, who was sent were two – in Ramsgate and in Deal. away to England by his parents as a My wife Barbara and I attended result of the Kindertransport pro- gramme. After this we retired to the Council Chambers for presentations The day started in Ramsgate, at a and a reception. Two sixth form stu- service hosted by the Mayor, Coun- dents from Castle Community Col- cillor Steve Ward, and held in Al- lege gave a talk with photographs bion Gardens. For January we were about their visit to Auschwitz, which fortunate, warm winter sunshine. I was very moving. There was also a estimate approximately 50 - 60 peo- presentation about recent atroci- ple attended the event, members ties in Rwanda. Last year John spoke of our community, Margate Hebrew at this event and we remembered Congregation and friends from the him. We concluded with fair trade wider world. Also in attendance was tea, and a display of photographs of Ramsgate's MP, Dr Ladyman. There Jewish victims showing the depriva- tion of life in the ghettos and camps. It is nearly 20 years after my visit Ordinary people, put into extraordi- and with the passage of time the city nary circumstances. has been united, and many physi-cal reminders have gone. What is These terrible events happened certain to me is that in another time, only a lifetime ago, in what might another place, similar events could have considered a cultured civilized happen again, and for this reason society, just like our own. I have not it is important to educate all gen- visited any of the camps, perhaps erations with this simple message. one day I will. However, I did visit NEVER AGAIN. Sadly, it seems not Berlin in December 1989, just at everyone is listening. the time the wall crumbled. It was a place of living history, and this Ian Smiler
visit provided me with a real, almost tangible link between the past and present. Berlin was still a divided city, and to get there the aircraft had to descend to 10,000 feet and fly through a military corridor across East German airspace. Many of the trappings emphasising that this place was still under military control were still in place. I visited the Rus- Please take care not to park in front sian Sector of the city, and saw the of our neighbours' driveways. Some wall. I also went to what is now the entrances do not have drop-down Jewish Community Centre, built on kerbs but are, nevertheless, access the site, and incorporating ruins of entrances, especially 264 Margate a former Synagogue. There were Road (diagonally opposite) and 297, times when I felt shivers run down my spine, thinking of what may well have happened in my current loca-tion as I travelled on the railway, or visited former Jewish owned shops. From this city orders were issued to wipe out all members of a specific The Imam of the Margate Mosque, religion, wherever they were, includ- Union Crescent, Margate, invites you ing all the children, irrespective of to see what happens in the Mosque; whether pure or mixed parentage. to experience how Muslims pray; to This in my view differentiates the ask questions and learn about Islam.
Holocaust from all other atrocities, however heinous they are. Open afternoons are on the first Saturday afternoon of each month from 1pm to 4pm Care in your
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Drug Therapies There are many prescription drugs available to treat MS. There are disease modifying drugs that affect the long-term course of MS and other medications to treat a particular symptom. Disease Modifying Treatments (DMTs) There are number of disease-modifying treatments (DMTs) which can reduce the frequency and severity of clinical relapses. The National Institution for Care Excellence (NICE) published guidelines in October 2014 for the management of multiple sclerosis. In these guidelines a relapse can be diagnosed by a GP or neurologist if: The person with MS has developed new symptoms or has a worsening of existing symptoms, and these symptoms have lasted for more than 24 hours in the absence of infection of any other cause after a stable period of a least 1 month. The following DMTs are available for treatment of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, CIS andwho are still experiencing relapses, and where these relapses are the predominant cause of their increasing disability :- Avonex - a weekly injection into the muscle.


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