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Jeppesen CHART CHANGE NOTICES highlight only significant changes affecting
Jeppesen Charts, also regularly updated at
W193 estbld; Baotou VORDME (BAV) CRP - Erdos VORDME (HDS) CRP, 190°/010°, 64NM, MOCA 7690T; Erdos VORDME - XOGOR CRP atN3844.4 E10940.3 - Yulin VORDME (YLX) CRP, Yamagata VORDME (YTE) temporarily OTS from EA HL-8/9CD.
1500 UTC 17 AUG 16 to 1500 UTC 9 NOV 16. Fortemporary operation of alternate Undesignated ERDOS VORDME (HDS) 116.1 cmsnd at N3929.4 E10951.7. EA HL-8/9CD.
ATS routes to Mogami VORDME (MGE) details
refer to CCN-P319. EA H/L-10/11D.
BRAC DME (BRC) CH101Y (115.45) cmsnd at N4316.9 E01637.3. E LO-13/3C.
FIR. For details refer to SUPPL EA(HL)-2A.
JAPETIC DME (JAP) CH123Y (117.65) cmsnd at N4544.7 E01536.5. E LO-12/6D.
EA HL-3/1AB2A, EA HL-5/1CD, EA HL-7/1CD.
LOSINJ DME (LSJ) CH21Y (108.45) cmsnd at N4431.0 E01429.5. E LO-13/2B.
EA HL-11/7D8C9CD10C, EA HL-7/2to3&5AB,
EA HL-8/7AB8A.
PROHIBITED AREA VRBETICE estbld; circle with radius 1.6NM centered on N4907.3 E01754.3,
GND-FL75 (until 31 Dec 16). E LO-11/3C.
ATS ROUTES changed:
T926 estbld; REBLO CRP (N4050.4 E04341.1) - ATS ROUTES changed:
P601, TUXUR replaced by OSGAM NCRP at TAVRO CRP, 055°/235°, 43NM, MEA FL130,
MOCA12500T. EA HL-2/11B, EA HL-3/1C.
N5716.0 E00908.0; KEMEG - OSGAM, 012°/192°,34NM; OSGAM - LAGUM, 019°/199°, 12NM.
E LO-10/7A.
ATS ROUTES changed:
ABLEV (N5459.0 E00852.0) withdrawn. E LO-10/7A.
J4, BAKUV (N4028.4 E05003.1) - TAKRA, withdrawn.
Following RNAV Waypoints estbld; GIDLA at N5459.0 EA HL-3/2D.
E00855.0 and IBUKA estlbd at N5526.0 E00855.0.
E LO-10/7A.
NETON CRP, 118°/299°, 106NM, MEA FL200.
EA HL-2/11B, EA HL-3/1D2C.
E LO-10/7A.
N72 extended; BAKUV (N4028.4 E05003.1) - BATEV CRP at N3810.1 E05014.3, 170°/350°, 138NM, MEA FL80. EA HL-3/2D.
ATS ROUTES changed:
G261, NOLGA (N4125.7 E04258.7 - LAGAS, MEA FL140. EA HL-2/11B.
ATS ROUTES changed:
N77, ALIKA CRP estbld at N4215.2 E04132.1; H82, Minsk-2 VORDME (MNS) - BERIS, MEA 4000'; BANUT - ALIKA - IBERI, 82/10NM. EA HL-2/11C.
DEDOK - Mahiliou VORDME (MGL), MEA 4000'.
EA HL-1/3C.
BATUMI DME (BTM) CH21X (108.4) cmsnd at H83, Homiel VORDME (GOL) to Mahiliou VORDME N4136.4 E04136.1. EA HL-2/11CD.
(MGL), MEA 4000'. EA HL-1/3CD.
POTI DME (PTI) CH47X (111.0) cmsnd at N4209.7 N858, Viciebsk VORDME (VTB) - OGUTA, MEA E04141.8. EA HL-2/11C.
8000'. EA HL-1/2D.
TSNORI DME (TSN) CH23X (108.6) cmsnd at N4137.8 E04600.9. EA HL-2/11B, EA HL-3/1D.
MINSK UIR withdrawn. EA HL-1/2D3ABCD4C.
ATS ROUTES changed:
L619, Helgoland VORDME (DHE) to LBV, CDR 1, 2.
E LO-10/7C.
ATS ROUTES changed:
L980, AMSAN (N5209.0 E00706.7) - ETEBO, CDR W63, Tianzhen VORDME (TZH) - Qingbaikou NDB 3. E LO-10/6D7C.
(CD), 112°/292°, chgd to two-way. EA HL-8/9D.
N872, DEMIR (N5450.2 E00951.2) to KUBAT, CDR 1. E LO-10/7CD.
Please Visit Jeppesen's Web Site: JEPPESEN, 2016. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
T156, OBATU (N5242.3 E01024.9) to ALOSI, CDR 3.
E LO-10/7D, E LO-11/1B.
ATS ROUTES changed:
A494, TADIK (N5635.0 E03040.5) renamed APTUK.
VORDME (HMM), MEA FL250. E LO-11/1A.
EA HL-1/2CD.
T358, INBED (N4923.3 E01056.5) to BARSU, CDR A812, BAGOP NCRP estbld at N6459.7 E14204.5; 3. E LO-11/1D.
T843, VELIS (N5028.2 E01028.5) - DEMAB, MEA FL250, MAA FL110 withdrawn, upper limit FL660.
B8, TADIK (N5635.0 E03040.5) renamed APTUK.
E LO-11/1CD.
EA HL-1/2CD.
UQ863, TEKSI (N4841.4 E01004.1) - GUPIN, MEA B245, TUMIR NCRP estbld at N5112.5 E03817.3; FL220. E LO-11/1C.
(BD) - TUMIR - BADAK, Y13 estbld; SONOR NCRP (N5143.4 E00834.4) - 20/29NM. EA HL-7/1AB.
GISDI NCRP at N5116.5 E00848.8, 159°, 29NM, MEA 4000', MAA FL200, CDR 1, 2; GISDI - LUPAS; BUMEP chgd to CRP. EA HL-12/1A,
ALEXU NCRP at N5106.7 E00858.6, 146°, 12NM, EA HL-8/11A.
MEA FL110, MAA FL200; ALEXU- EDEGA NCRP, FK3T, DAKLO (N5537.0 E03837.9) estbld; GEKLA 164°, 5NM, MEA FL110, MAA FL250; SONOR to EDEGA, one-way SE-bound. E LO-11/1A.
UUWW 10-1, UUWW 10-1A.
Y14 estbld; GISDI NCRP at N5116.5 E00848.8 - G359, REBSI NCRP etsbld at N6828.1 E06644.6; NATSU NCRP, 117°, 20NM, MEA FL110, MAA FL200, one-way SE-bound. E LO-11/1A.
EA HL-11/8C.
IN3T, NEMOR (N5517.2 E03851.3) - Cherusti NDB (SF), MEA FL110. UUWW 10-1.
ATS ROUTES changed:
G203 withdrawn Busan VOR (PSN) - KALEK - Miho NDB (DW), MOCA withdrawn; chgd to one-way VOR (JEC). NP-2/3.
NW-bound. EA HL-7/2C.
Monbetsu VOR/DME (MVE) OTS from 1500 UTC 17 R807, METOL (N5004.0 E04524.9) - GUDAL - AUG 2016 to 1500 UTC 9 NOV 2016. Alternate MOLED - TONGI, MOCAs 3610T/3610T/3610T.
facility Komukai VOR/DME desig Freq 115.0, EA HL-2/9AB, EA HL-7/1CD.
coords N44 18.1 E143 24.7, ident "KME" station R815, Nerl NDB (NE) to Karmanovo NDB (BG), declination 9°W. EA HL-10/11A, EA HL-12/1D,
NP HI-2/4.
withdrawn. UUWW 10-1.
Wakkanai VOR/DME (WKE) OTS from 1500 UTC 17 W188, OBIRI NCRP estbld at N6510.7 E14308.8; AUG 2016 to 1500 UTC 9 NOV 2016. Alternate BANIB - OBIRI - NERPA; 12/38NM (For Russian facility Bakkai VOR/DME desig Freq 108.85, users only). EA HL-11/10B.
coords N45 24.3 E141 47.8, ident "BKE" station W200, GOLAB NCRP estbld at N6409.3 E14414.3; declination 10°W. EA HL-10/11A, EA HL-12/1D.
KUMIP - GOLAB - NERPA; 28/38NM (For Russian Yamagata VOR/DME (YTE) OTS from 1500 UTC 17 users only). EA HL-11/10B.
AUG 2016 to 1500 UTC 9 NOV 2016. Alternate W204, GITOL (N6356.9 E12507.3) - SUBOS, MEA facility Mogami VOR/DME desig Freq 111.05, FL70 (For Russian users only). EA HL-11/10C.
coords N38 24.1 E140 22.0, ident "MGE" station W290, NCRPs estbld; DOSOT at N6421.9 E14143.4 declination 8°W. EA HL-10/11D.
and OGRIK at N6447.7 E14427.8; NALUR -DOSOT - NERPA - OGRIK - PENID, 58/38/38/8NM EA HL-12/3A.
ATS ROUTES changed:
A127, UADD (to-note) renamed TADEL. UTTT 10-1.
ATS ROUTES (undesignated) changed:
B114, UADD (to-note) renamed TADEL. UTTT 10-1.
ESTBLD; PARAT CRP (N4532.0 E04142.9) - PETUM G3, RODRO (N4114.6 E06900.6) to MIKNO, MEA CRP, 094°/275°, 39NM, ROUTE MORA 4900'.
ASTANA Lctr (AK) decmsnd. EA HL-7/3D4C.
ISHIM NDB (OL) decmsnd and replaced by NCRP ASTANA Lctr (MO) decmsnd. EA HL-7/3D4C.
LUKAS at same position. SUPPL EA-HL 9A/4.
KAMENKA DME (IKM) channel/freq chgd to CH53X (111.6). UUWW 10-1A.
ATS ROUTES changed:
M985, Jablonka VORDME (JAB) withdrawn; MEBAN inbound track 062°, RIGHT turns, MHA FL90.
- NAXAR, 014°/194°, 20NM. E LO-11/3D.
UUWW 10-1.
MARYINO DME (MRN) channel/freq chgd to CH72X (112.5). UUWW 10-1A.
MOSCOW TMA, lower limit 1400'. EA HL-9/1C,
T710, Jablonka VORDME (JAB) withdrawn; LOLKA EA HL-1/2B, EA HL-2/7C, EA HL-7/1A.
UNNT 10-1.
ROSHCHINO VORDME (URT) renamed Tyumen.
Please Visit Jeppesen's Web Site: JEPPESEN, 2016. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
STARITSA DME (KU) freq chgd to CH25X 108.8.
BAKHMACH DME (BAH) channel/freq chgd to UUWW 10-1.
CH114X (116.7). EA HL-1/4AC.
UN(P)-259 estbld; a circle with radius 0.81NM centered at N5518.5 E08301.3, GND-5000'AGL.
- N4840.5 E03242.9 - N4834.1 E03248.2 - UNNT 10-1.
UN(P)-264 estbld; a circle with radius 1.35NM, N4828.2 E03213.3 - N4834.5 E03158.8 - N4847.8 centered at N5616.8 E10148.3, GND-8900'AGL.
E03203.5, GND-6000'. EA HL-1/4D.
UN(P)-265 estbld; a circle with radius 1.19NM, - N4846.5 E02504.0 - N4830.9 E02535.7 - centered at N5758.2 E10241.1, GND-8900'AGL.
EA HL-9B/4.
UW(P)-156 estbld; a circle with radius 2.7NM, N4837.9 E02444.7 - N4845.0 E02451.9 - N4848.1 centered at N5614.9 E05435.3, GND-3300'AGL.
E02454.4, GND-5000'. E LO-15/2ABCD.
VINNYTSIA DME (VIN) channel/freq chgd to CH86X UW(P)-166 estbld; a circle with radius 0.54NM, (113.9). EA HL-1/4D.
centered at N5524.3 E05633.3, GND-3300'AGL.
Oct 16. UKBB 10-1, E LO-15/2AB, EA HL-1/4CD.
ATS ROUTES changed:
TOYTEPA NDB (UA) decmsnd and replaced by CRP N739, OKLOP (N4411.0 E02119.9) - OBAGI, MEA USOLO at same position. UTTT 10-1.
8000'. E LO-13/4B.
URGUT NDB (DS) decmsnd and replaced by USETU CRP at same position. UTTT 10-1.
KADIFEKALE NDB (KAD) ident chgd to (KDL).
E LO-14/10A.
ATS ROUTES changed:
A847, RITAB coords chgd to N3639.5 E06019.4.
EA HL-3/5C, EA HL-4/6D.
At the following airports disregard the note "QNH on req" as QFE is avbl only: ZGNN, ZSQZ, ZSWX,ZYJM, ZYMD, ZYQQ and ZYYJ.
ATS ROUTES changed:
A142, MIMKO (N4902.5 E03112.6) to GODOD, CDR 1, 2. EA H/L-1/4D.
B493, AKONA (N4758.3 E03408.2) to RUBES, CDR 1, 2. EA HL-1/5A.
L4, TOVPU (N4901.4 E03454.0) - TADID, CDR 1, 2.
withdrawal following procedures are suspended: (11-4) ILS DME Y Rwy 05R, (11-6) ILS DME Y L69, Dnipro VORDME (DNP) - KOSIR, CDR 1, 2.
EA HL-1/5A.
Andizhan, Uzbekistan, RADAR control within TMA is
M70, Dnipro VORDME (DNP) - BULIG, CDR 1, 2, 3.
not available.
EA HL-1/5A.
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, (10-9) Tower frequency
M987, Odesa VORDME (ODS) - MOKAD, CDR 1,2.
118.7 MHz, call sign Ashgabat Radar, H24, M991, GOTRA (N4854.8 E02535.9) - OTRAK, CDR Astana, Kazakhstan, Minimums raised as follows:
1,2. E LO-15/2A.
(11-1) ILS DME Z Rwy 04: DA(H) 1379' (214') RVR 600m with full lights; (11-1A) CAT II ILS DME Z VORDME (DNP), CDR 1, 2. EA HL-1/5A.
Rwy 04: DA(H) 1297' (132'), RA 136', RVR 400m; P29, Dnipro VORDME (DNP) - ROLOP, CDR 1, 2.
(11-2) ILS DME Y Rwy 04: DA(H) 1379' (214') RVR EA HL-1/5A.
600m with full lights; (11-2A) CAT II ILS DME Y T515, LUKOL (N4819.1 E03201.2) - SOVOK, CDR 1, Rwy 04: 1297' (132'), RA 136', RVR 400m; (11-3) 2. EA H/L-1/4D.
ILS DME Z Rwy 22: DA(H) 1405' (247') RVR 600m W534, UMSOT (N4755.7 E03438.7) to ROLOP, CDR with full lights; (11-4) ILS DME Y Rwy22: DA(H) 1, 2. EA HL-1/5A.
1405' (247') RVR 600m with full lights.
W546, DEKAD (N4857.0 E03322.0) - RUBES, CDR Bacau, Romania, (George Enescu), Construction
1, 2. EA HL-1/4BD5A.
works on aerodrome. For details refer to temp W617, Dnipro VORDME (DNP) - RUBES, CDR 1, 2.
chart 10-8 and latest NOTAMs. (16-1) NDB Rwy EA HL-1/5A.
16 suspended. Eff 13 OCT 2016 Eff 13 Oct 16.
W633, RUBES (N4752.0 E03519.0) - BULIG, CDR 1, Baku, Azerbaijan, Trans level raised to FL 110.
2, 3. EA HL-1/5A.
Balti, Moldova, RWY 15/33 stopways withdrawn,
W673, Dnipro VORDME (DNP) - TIRPU, CDR 1, 2.
apch lights and rwy lights not available.
EA HL-1/5AC.
Please Visit Jeppesen's Web Site: JEPPESEN, 2016. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Brest, Belarus, (All procedures) TA is 6000'. TL
Rwy 30, NDB Y Rwy 30 (charts 14-1, 14-2, 16-1 is FL80 (FL 90 if the atmospheric pressure below thru 16-4): CAUTION-note regarding holding above 3000' withdrawn.
NDB Z Rwy 12 (16-1) and NDB Y Rwy 12 (16-2) arriving acft MAX 250 KT below FL100.
circling VIS CAT A&B: 1900m.
Bucharest, Romania, (Henri Coanda), (21-1, 21-1A,
NDB Z Rwy 30 (16-3) and NDB Y Rwy 30 (16-4) 26-1) IAPs ILS Rwy 08L, CAT II/III ILS Rwy 08L circling VIS CAT A&B: 2000m.
and NDB Rwy 08L suspended. For temporary NDB Z Rwy 12 (16-1), NDB Y Rwy 12 (16-2): RVR IAPs refer to (21-01) LOC Rwy 08L and (26-01) 1500m, ALS out 1900m.
NDB Rwy 08L. Eff date: 23 JUN 15.
Construction works on Rwy 08L/26R. Refer to (20-8) designators of JD 2A, 2B under clarification, and latest NOTAMs. Eff date: 23 JUN 15.
contact ATC.
Bydgoszcz, Poland, (Szwederowo), TWYs E1, E2
Gdansk, Poland, (Lech Walesa), RNAV STARs
and E3 restricted to ACFT with MAX wingspan of (10-2B/10-2C, 10-2D/10-2E) suspended. Refer to temporary charts.
Cewice, Poland, (Cewice Mil), Based on MIL SUP
Guilin, China, PR of, (Liangjiang), (SID/STARs)
75/16: PAPI-L (angle 3.0°) available for RWY KWL DME on KWL R-314 not avbl beyond 20 07/25. Refer also to the latest NOTAM.
NM; STAR SJG 03A (10-2B) and SID SJG 13D Changchun, China, PR of, (Longjia), ILS DME Z
(10-3C) affected.
Rwy 24 (11-4) and ILS DME Y Rwy 24 (11-5) Hangzhou, China, PR of, (Xiaoshan), Apron 9, 7
minima changed. For MACG 2.5%: DA(H) CAT (West of twy D5, including stand 711) and twys A 958' (312'), CAT B 974' (328'), CAT CD 990' D1 thru D4 closed for reconstruction. Twy C (West (344'). VIS with ALS CAT A 1000m, CAT B 1100m, of twy D5) using by ATC.
CAT CD 1200m;without ALS CAT A 1400m, CAT B Heviz, Hungary, (Balaton), On RNAV (GNSS) Rwy
1500m, CAT CD 1600m. For MACG 4.0%: DA(H) 16 (12-1) waypoint SM01 changed from fly-over to CAT AB 941' (295'), CAT C 958' (312'), CAT D 374' (328'). VIS with ALS CAT AB 900m, CAT C Homiel, Belarus, (All procedures) TA is 6000'. TL
1000m, CAT D 1100m; without ALS CAT ABC is FL80 (FL 90 if the atmospheric pressure below 1400m, CAT D 1500m.
NDB DME Z Rwy 24 (16-3) and NDB DME Y Rwy 24 Hotan, China, PR of, HTN VOR DME wthdrawn for
(16-4) Minima changed to: MDA(H) 1020' (374'); maintenance - for temp procedures refer to 16-01 VIS with ALS CAT ABC 1300m, CAT D 1600m; and 16-02 and latest NOTAMS.
without ALS CAT AB 1500m, CAT CD 1700m.
Hrodna, Belarus, (All procedures) TA is 6000'. TL
Chengdu, China, PR of, (Shuangliu), Chengdu
is FL80 (FL 90 if the atmospheric pressure below Ground frequency 121.85 for rwy 02L/20R.
Chengdu Ground frequency 121.75 for rwy Iasi, Romania, Construction works on aerodrome.
02R/20L. Eff 12 Oct 16.
For details refer to temp chart 10-8 and latest Chisinau, Moldova, Based on SUP 001-16, (10-9)
NOTAMs. Eff 11 NOV 2015 Airport, Airport info, Take-off MNMS, (10-9S) Jieyang, China, PR of, (Chaoshan), (11-4) ILS DME
Standard MNMS, (11-1) ILS or LOC Rwy 08, Y RWY 22, (13-2) VOR DME RWY 22: Definition (11-1A) CAT II ILS Rwy 08, (11-2) ILS or LOC R-064 JCS added to IAF D21.2 JCS.
Rwy 26, (12-2) RNAV (GPS) Rwy 26 and (13-2) Karlovy Vary, Czech, [10-9] PAPI RWY 11 chgd to
VOR DME Rwy 26 suspended. Refer to temporary Kashi, China, PR of, KHG VORDME withdrawn
Standard MNMS, (12-02) RNAV (GNSS) Rwy 26 maintenance - for temp procedures refer to temp (TEMP), (13-02) VOR DME Rwy 26 and latest charts and latest NOTAMS.
Katowice, Poland, (Pyrzowice), Construction works
Chongqing, China, PR of, (Jiangbei), (10-2A,
in progress. For details refer to temp chart 10-8 10-2C, 10-2E) RWY 02R for LOST COM under and latest NOTAMs.
clarification, CAUTION advised.
Kaunas, Lithuania, (Kaunas Intl), 180° turns on rwy
Constanta, Romania, When alternate routes over
outside of designated areas are prohibited for all Black Sea activated, STARs REVDA 3C, 3D and ACFT bigger than CAT A.
SIDs DINRO 2A and 2B replaced by vectoring.
Kbely, Czech, (10-9) Intersection TORA established:
Craiova, Romania, (11-1) ILS Rwy 27 circling
RWY 06 from TWY B: 1329'(405m), from TWY C: MDA(H) for CAT A is 1050'(424').
3068'(935m), from TWY D: 4954'(1510m). RWY (16-1) IAP NDB rwy 27 and NDBs EA and E perm 24: from TWY B: 5217'(1590m), from TWY C: 3478'(1060m), from TWY D: 1591'(485m).
Dashoguz, Turkmenistan, Airport not applicable due
Kecskemet, Hungary, Transition Altitude 10000'
to reconstruction.
Kemerovo, Russia, (Alexey Lemonov), (10-4) Apt
Deblin, Poland, (Deblin Mil), MAG VAR changed to
renamed Alexey Leonov.
06°E. Rwy and procedure bearings reduced by 1°.
Khanbumbat, Mongolia, PAPI-L rwy 15 installed,
For IAP ILS DME Rwy 30 (chart 11-1): procedure redesignated to ILS or LOC Rwy 30. Note "DME Krakow, Poland, (Balice), Rwy 07/25 intersection-
required." added. For IAPs TACAN Rwy 12,TACAN TORAs from twys C and D withdrawn.
Rwy 30, NDB Z rwy 12, NDB Y Rwy 12, NDB Z Please Visit Jeppesen's Web Site: JEPPESEN, 2016. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Krasnodar, Russia, (Pashkovskiy), Parallel TWY
Olsztyn, Poland, (Mazury), Push-back required on
North of RWY 05R/23L used as RWY 05C/23C, stands 1 thru 3.
all procedures from/to RWY 05R/23L suspended - Papa, Hungary, Transition Altitude 10000'
temp procedures from/to RWY 05C/23C available.
Pardubice, Czech, Rwy 09/27 take-off from twy B
Lask, Poland, (Lask Mil), HIALS avbl on Rwy 10 -
intersection restricted to DAY only. Rwy 27 TORA TACAN Rwy 10 (14-1) , CAT C&D RVR 1500m, from twy C intersection withdrawn.
ALS out RVR 1900m.
Parnu, Estonia, Construction works in progress on
MAG VAR changed to 5°E. All bearings except MSA RWY 03/21. All procedures suspended. RWY bearings reduced by 1°.
03/21 closed. Refer to latest NOTAMs.
IAP ILS DME Rwy 28 (chart 11-1) renamed ILS Z Poliarny, Russia, (10-2/2A) For russian users or
or LOC Z Rwy 28.
emergency only.
IAP ILS TACAN Rwy 28 (chart 11-2) renamed ILS Prague, Czech, (Ruzyne), 10-9C: Helipad 1 and
Y or LOC Y Rwy 28.
Helipad 4 withdrawn. Helipad 3 renamed to Lodz, Poland, (Lublinek), Based on SUP 79/16: any
operations between apron 1 and apron 2 shall be Based on SUP 30/16: Rwy 12/30 closed for take-offs carried out under marshaller guidance only, due to and landings.Taxiing and towing of acft allowed contruction works. Based on SUP 80/16: PAPI-L according to instructions of TWR. Following Twys (angle 3.0°) available for RWY25. Refer also to the will be closed: Twy G between Rwy 12/30 and Twy latest NOTAMs.
F, Twy P between Rwy 12/30 and Twy L, Twy R Mahiliou, Belarus, (All procedures) TA is 6000'. TL
between Rwy 12/30 and Twyl L, Twy L between is FL80 (FL 90 if the atmospheric pressure below THR 30 and Twy S. Refer also to latest NOTAM.
ILS Rwy 24 (11-3), DA(H) raised to 1520'(362'), RVR Malbork, Poland, (Malbork Mil), MAG VAR changed
1000m, ALS out: CAT A and B, RVR 1500m, CAT to 06°E. All rwy and procedure bearings reduced C and D, RVR 1700m.
by 1°. IAP ILS DME Rwy 25 (chart 11-1) NDB Rwy 06 (16-1), DA(H) raised to 1630'(428'), redesignated to ILS Z or LOC Z Rwy 25, note CAT A and B, RVR 1500m, CAT C and D, RVR "DME required" added. IAP ILS TACAN Rwy 25 1600m, ALS out: CAT A and B, RVR 1500m, CAT (chart 11-2) redesignated to ILS Y or LOC Y Rwy C and D, RVR 2000m.
25, note "TACAN and DME required" added.
NDB Rwy 24 (16-2), DA(H) raised to 1520'(362'), Mary, Turkmenistan, Alt Set: QNH (QFE on request).
RVR 1000m, ALS out: CAT A and B, RVR 1500m, Minsk, Belarus, (Minsk-2), (All procedures) TA is
CAT C and D, RVR 1700m.
6000'. TL is FL80 (FL 90 if the atmospheric PAPI-L angle rwy 06 changed to 3 degrees pressure below 977.2 hPa).
Pskov, Russia, Minima chgd as follows (16-1) 2 NDB
Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland, (Minsk Mazowiecki Mil),
without FAF MDA(H) 910'(759'). PK NDB or P Lctr HIALS avbl on Rwy 08 - TACAN Rwy 08 (14-1): without FAF MDA(H) 710'(559') VIS CAT B 1600m CAT C&D RVR 1600m, ALS out RVR 2000m, PAR CAT C 2400m CAT D 2800m.
Rwy 08 (18-1): CAT A RVR 1000m, ALS out RVR Salekhard, Russia, For russian users or emergency
1400m, CAT B&C RVR 1100m, ALS out RVR 1500m, CAT D RVR 1200m, ALS outRVR 1600m.
Sanya, China, PR of, (Phoenix Intl), (RNAV SIDs and
Mirny, Russia, For russian users or emergency only.
SIDs RWY 26) Minimum climb gradient 5.1% up to Miroslawiec, Poland, (Miroslawiec Mil), HIALS avbl
2140' established.
on Rwy 12 - TACAN Rwy 12 (14-1) RVR for CAT Satu Mare, Romania, VOR Rwy 19 (13-2): altitude
C&D: RVR 1500m, ALS out RVR 1900m.
from KARIL to TISAD raised to FL50 instead of Procedure bearings on TACAN Rwy 12 (14-1), TACAN Rwy 30 (14-2) and NDB Rwy 30 (16-1) Shanghai, China, PR of, (Pudong), Until 30 Oct
reduced by 1°.
16, 1700Z TWY E between E1 and T3 is closed Nanchang, China, PR of, Limits for A330 parking
due to construction works. Pay attention to latest on stand 101A changed to limits for A330 parking on stand 101; Following A330 restrictions are Shuofang, China, PR of, (Wuxi), Eff 1 APR 15 1600Z,
withdrawn: - A330 acft landing rwy 03 shall taxi for VOR DME Rwy 03 (13-1), radial/bearing from into stand 101A via twy A9, A8 or A7 and twys SASAN to D15.0 VMB refined to 150 degrees.
A-B1. - A330 acft landing rwy 21 shall taxi into Szolnok, Hungary, Transition Altitude 10000'
stand 101A via twy A1 or A3 and twys A-B1. - A330 acft on stand 101A departing rwy 03 shall be pushed-back and taxi via twys B1-A-A1. - A330 "Maintenance run-ups of ACFT engines shall acft on stand 101A departing rwy 21 shall be be avoided between 2200-0600LT and at any pushed-back and taxi via twys B1-A-A9.
time on Sundays. Testing of ACFT engines and Nanjing, China, PR of, (Lukou), Additional APP
systems and maintenance run-ups are allowed at a place, which is located on TWY A, 200 m west NANJING Approach, 119.675 MHz, hours of from the intersection of TWY A and F. Person operation by ATC.
responsible for testing is required to coordinate Nanning, China, PR of, (Wuxu), CIRCLING MDA(H)
the testing with head of Apron Control 30 minutes CAT A & B raised to 1080' (660').
prior to the start on the phone number +372 605 Norilsk, Russia, (Alykel), For russian users or
8461. During aircraft maintenance run-ups TWY emergency only.
F is closed for taxiing. Maintenance run-ups onidle are allowed without prior coordination on Please Visit Jeppesen's Web Site: JEPPESEN, 2016. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
stands at APN A (except terminal stands), B and Xi'An, China, PR of, (Xianyang), Additional APP
C. Maintenance run-ups on terminal stands A1, frequency AP05 commissioned: Call sign XI'AN A2, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A12, A13 and A15 are Approach, 120.2 MHz, hours of operation by ATC.
Yanji, China, PR of, VIS for VOR DME Rwy 09 (13-1)
10-9) Airport, Airport info, Take-off MNMS, (11-2) changed to 4200m for all acft CAT, the VIS for NDB ILS or LOC Z Rwy 26 and (13-2) VOR Z Rwy 26 Rwy 09 (16-1) changed to 3600m for all acft CAT, MDA(H) remains unchanged.
For construction works Phase 2A effective 01 Aug Zhuhai, China, PR of, (Sanzao), Airport open for
16 (0300 UTC) to 31 AUG 16 (2130 UTC) refer to temporary charts:(10-8) Construction works,(11-03) LOC X Rwy 26, (13-03) VOR X Rwy 26.
For construction works Phase 2B effective 01 Sep16 (0300 UTC) to 16 Nov 16 (2230 UTC) Referto temporary charts: (10-8A), Construction works(CONTD 1), (11-02) LOC Y Rwy 26, (13-02) VORY Rwy 26 and latest NOTAMS.
Taraz, Kazakhstan, (Aulie-Ata), LOM YL and LMM Y
operational hours changed from H24 to H/O.
Ternopil', Ukraine, Eff 26 MAY 2016 (based on
SUP 02-16): Airport, Airport info, Take-off MNMS(10-9), NDB Rwy 10 (16-1) and NDB Rwy 28(16-2) are suspended. Refer to temp charts 10-8,16-01/16-02 and latest NOTAMs.
Tianjin, China, PR of, (Binhai), For all ILS procedures
rwy 16L (11-1/11-2) missed approach revised toread: Climb STRAIGHT AHEAD, then turn LEFTto TJK VOR, climb to 1970ft, then by ATC. Forall ILS procedures rwy 34R (11-9/11-10) missedapproach revised to read: Climb STRAIGHTAHEAD, then turn RIGHT to TJK VOR, climb to1970ft, then by ATC.
Uzhhorod, Ukraine, (10-1R) Radar Minimum Altitude
Chart suspended.
(10-2/2A. 10-3/3A) SIDs/STARs suspended. For valid SID/STARs refer to temp charts 10-2B/2C, 10-3B/BLK and latest NOTAMs.
(10-9) Take-off in VMC only. (16-1) NDB Rwy 10 suspended. Refer to SUP 002-16 and latestNOTAMs.
Viciebsk, Belarus, (All procedures) TA is 6000'. TL
is FL80 (FL 90 if the atmospheric pressure below977.2 hPa).
Volgograd, Russia, (Gumrak), (Temp SID/STARs)
Supplement 09/16, no other changes.
Warsaw, Poland, (Chopin), (10-9A) TWY S2 may
be used for an intersection take-off when theprevailing visibility is not less than 2000 m. TORA8593' (2619m).
(12-3) RNAV (GNSS) RWY 29, DA(H) raised to 830'(484'). Minimums for CAT C&D raised toRVR 1800m, in ALS out condition raised toCMV 2300m. (13-3) VOR RWY 29, DA(H) withD2.6 raised to 830'(484'). Minimums for CATC&D raised to RVR 1800m, in ALS out conditionraised to CMV 2300m. DA(H) w/o D2.6 raisedto 830'(484'). Minimums for CAT C&D raised toRVR 1800m, in ALS out condition raised to CMV2300m.
RNAV (GNSS) Rwy 11 (12-1) DA(H) raised to 770'(408'), RVR 1200m, ALS out: CAT A and B,RVR 1500m, CAT C and D, RVR 1900m.
Wenzhou, China, PR of, Rwy 03/21 grooved.
Wroclaw, Poland, (Strachowice), (10-9) Dimension
of RWY 11 & RWY 29 is 2503m x 45m. 8212'x148' Please Visit Jeppesen's Web Site: JEPPESEN, 2016. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Maryland Commission Medication August 1, 2015 Maryland Racing Medication Guidelines The Mid Atlantic racing states have joined together to implement a uniform medication and drug testing program. The following Maryland Racing Commission rules and procedures are in place in the state of Maryland as of August 1, 2015:

In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation: The impact on genetic testing services in Europe Position statement from academic, patient, professional and non-commercial, research organisations Genetic testing is increasingly essential to the diagnosis, treatment, predictive testing and management of a wide range of diseases and health conditions, and is becoming a standard part of clinical practice in mainstream healthcare. Examples of genetic testing are DNA tests to differentiate cancer types, to identify the cause of increased cholesterol and neonatal screening for early recognition of treatable disorders. The proposed Regulation 2012/0267(COD) is a necessary update to the governance framework for in vitro diagnostic medical devices in the EU. However, we remain deeply concerned that proposals adopted in the European Parliament's position on the draft Regulation, if enacted, could significantly restrict access to clinically useful genetic testing technologies and restrict their wider uptake, thus having a potentially detrimental impact on health. We call on the European Parliament, Council of Ministers and the European Commission to demonstrate their support for genetic testing technologies as an increasingly vital element in current and future healthcare in the EU by modifying these proposals in trilogue negotiations, and finding a position that allows clinical genetic tests to be available throughout Europe, while allowing Member States sufficient flexibility to regulate according to the specific needs of their healthcare system.

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