2010 Announcement Issue
Volume 11, Issue 1, April 2010
Awards Gala Announcement!
Hold The Date: September 17th, 2010, Ottawa
The Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation is excited to announce that the
2010 National Awards Gala will take place on Friday, September 17th at
the Westin Ottawa, with Foundation Trustee Preston Manning and the
Honourable Pamela Wallin as Honourary Co-Chairs. Please join us for
an evening of celebration and recognition of our country's best innovators.
Friday, September 17th
The Westin Ottawa
Honourary Co-Chairs:
Preston Manning & Hon.
Tickets: Contact Lisa
Mr. Preston Manning has Samson for ticket sales
The Honourable Pamela been involved with the Wallin has been a friend Foundation since its incep- of the Foundation, having tion, given that his father, Winners: To Be Announced
hosted the National Awards the late Ernest C. Manning, in early September
Gala in 2009 and subse- is the Awards' namesake. quently delivering an ad- Mr. Manning routinely dress to the Senate lauding speaks and writes nation- the success of outstanding ally on the importance of innovators to Canada's A sales committee for the event will be organized on a volunteer Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation
basis by Lisa Samson of StrategyCorp Ottawa. StrategyCorp helps organizations to achieve their goals by seeing beyond the obvious Calgary, AB T2P 2S5 tactics and lending their unique expertise. To find out details regarding ticket sales for the September 17th gala, please contact Lisa Samson directly at 613-231-2630. Executive Director
D. K. Bruce Fenwick, M.Sc., P. Geoph.
Executive Assistant
Marilyn Golding
Canadian Charitable Organization:
INSIDE: More news on 2010 Award Nominations, national Foundation
No. 13189 5930 RR0001 coverage, Laureate Brent King's ‘intimate' philanthropy, and more.
2010 Announcement Issue

The Nominations Are In!
The Foundation Welcomes.
Once Again, Canadian Innovators Do Not Disappoint
The Ernest C. Manning Awards
recognizes and en-
courages Canadians who have the
imagination to innovate and the
stamina to succeed. The Founda-
tion is proud of another year of ex-
Serge Bourassa LL. M., M.B.A. is the
cellent, qualified nominations from new Chair of the Foundation's Quebec innovators across the country. Chapter. Mr. Bourassa holds a Bache- lor in Business Administration (finance) The 2010 nominations mark an from HEC Montréal, a M.B.A. from the increase in qualified nominees; even more notable is that 2010 is the first year in recent University of Western Ontario (finance history to see qualified nominations representing each of Canada's ten provinces. and international business), a Bachelor of Law (corporate law and bank law) The diversity of innovations has always been a source of pride for the Foundation, and and a Master of Law (corporate finance 2010 is no exception. This year's nominations include dental devices, robotics, veterinary and economic legal analysis) from the equipment, online networking, music, spectrometry, modular systems and building mate- Université de Montréal.
rials, food products and winegrowing, solar heating, and more.
After experiences with the Banque Na- Watch for award winner announcements in early September! tionale de Paris (Canada) , Roynat Inc, and the Canadian Bankers Association, Mr. Bourassa practised bank law and corporate law before his practice as an independent management consul-tant and lawyer. He joined the Centre d'entreprises et d'innovation de Mon-tréal (CEIM) in 1997 to begin building its New Technology group. In 2000, he launched CEIM's Centre de développe-ment des technologies de l'information and now is President and Chief Opera-tions Officer for CEIM.
Stephen Daze is
the new Chair of
(Clockwise: Grapevines for winegrowing, dental drilling technology, the Foundation's oriented polymer, an office's modular wall system, solar panels) Ottawa Chapter. Mr. Daze holds a Bachelor in Busi- Chapter Nominee Recognition Events
ness Administra-tion from the Uni- Events are hosted annually in the spring by the Foundation's regional chapters to recognize qualified versity of Regina nominees of each geographical area. All friends of the Foundation are encouraged to attend! and has been a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa, as well as a past guest lecturer at Ryerson University and Sheridan Southern Alberta Chapter (Calgary)

Atlantic Chapter (Halifax)
Mr. Daze formerly operated his own training and consulting firm special-izing in leadership development and Ottawa Chapter
training, project team leadership, and team development. In 1998, he joined Manitoba Chapter (Winnipeg)
the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) and currently leads Quebec Chapter (Montreal)
a team of 10 staff members dedicated to helping entrepreners succeed. The Centre provides support to 5000 clients For more details on the event in your region, visit annually through training, mentor- for the contact information of your regional chapter, or contact the ing, consultations, special events, a Foundation office at (403) 645-8277 or [email protected].
resource library and web resources.
2010 Announcement Issue
The Foundation Congratulates.
The following is a reprint of a Globe & Mail article from February 8th, 2010, written by Gwyn Morgan, the retired founding CEO of EnCana Corporation. Manning Award Laureates on the Cutting Edge
useful human cancer-tumour Murray Goldberg (2004), who de-marker. Found in 70 per cent of veloped WebCT, putting Canada cancer patients, the marker re- on the map in the online learn-mains the most frequently used ing market; En-hui Yang (2007), oncology blood test. Dr. Gold who invented some of the world's was recently inducted into the most widely used digital-com- today's competitive global- Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.
pression technologies for trans- Congratulation to Foundation Trustee ized world, technological innova- mitting data and images; Lee Don Pether on his appointment to
tion is crucial to our economic The 1983 award went to Ken- Danisch (2008), whose ShapeAc- Chair of the Board of Governors for Mc- future. David Mitchell, former neth Kasha for a genetic system celArray can detect subtle under- Master University. CEO of Alberta Energy Co., un- that transformed the process of ground movements before they derstood this reality long before developing strains of barley and turn into landslides or structural it became mainstream thinking. wheat.
failures in bridges and buildings.
A former Chair of the Board [and CEO] He also understood another truth for Dofasco Inc. and immediate Past- about human endeavours: Rec- Today, there are more than 200 The 2009 Principal Award win- Chair of the Board of the McMaster In- ognition and encouragement are Manning Innovation Award lau- ner was Robert Burrell, inventor novation Park, Mr. Pether also currently important in the pursuit of excel- reates. Here's a look at some of of the Anti-Coat dressings that is on the Board of Directors of Samuel help control infections and pro- Manu-Tech Inc., sits on the Council of mote faster healing of wounds Governors for the Art Gallery of Ham- The year was 1980 and Mr. Lorne Whitehead (1984), who and burns.
ilton and is Chair of the Board of the Mitchell was frustrated. While invented the "light guide" prism Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.
innovators were lauded as used in illumination systems; In 1992, the foundation intro-homegrown heroes south of the Dennis Covill (1988), whose com- duced the Young Canadian In-border, in Canada their achieve- pany, Nautel, was the first to de- novation Awards, a program that ments largely went unnoticed. velop solid-state, high-powered selects exceptional projects from Many people talk about prob- radio transmitters; Donald Knud- the Canada-Wide Student Sci-lems - real leaders do something sen (1989), who conceptualized ence Fair. Last year's winners about them. Mr. Mitchell decided and designed an underwater included Grade 12 students An-to create a national foundation digital acoustic imaging system nie Wang and Julie Xu of Calgary, to recognize and celebrate the known as Daisy; Len Bruton whose experiments determined technological and entrepreneurial (1991), who developed electronic the need to target specific types achievements of Canadian inno- filters used for many applications of bacteria in the lungs of people vators.
including the touch-tone phone; with cystic fibrosis.
The first step was to recruit a James Halford (1997), who de- "Our award laureates have prominent and equally passion- vised the Conserva Pak seed- changed the way Canada com-ate Canadian to join him in cham- and-fertilizer system for one- petes, manufactures, communi-pioning the venture. That person pass, low-tillage conservation cates and cares for each other," turned out to be the man who farming; Jim Cavers (1998), who the foundations volunteer presi-served as Alberta premier for 25 invented a device to eliminate dent, John Read, noted at last years. And so it was that the Er- distortion in radio frequency base September's annual awards gala.
nest C. Manning Awards Founda- stations; Norman Dovichi and Laureate Dr. En-hui Yang won a
tion came into being, with a mis- Jianzhong Zhang (1999), who In a recent opinion piece in The Manning Award of Distinction in 2007 sion to celebrate Canadians who developed a high-speed DNA se- Globe and Mail, economist Dan- for his innovation in communications. had the "Imagination to innovate quencer; Pierre Côté (2000), for iel Schwanen noted that innova- Congratulations to Dr. Yang for being and the stamina to succeed." the ZeeWeed filtration membrane tion is key to fostering economic named a Fellow of the Royal Society of that revolutionized water treat- growth: "We . need a more spe- Canada in the Academy of Science's That is a mission worth sup- ment; cific focus on the inventors, in- porting, and funding of this not- novators and entrepreneurs who Division of Applied Sciences and Engi- for-profit organization has come Quinn Holtby (2000), who devel- turn ideas into business proposi- entirely from private donors. Key oped the Katch Kan oil-field well tions."supporters include EnCana (for bore fluid-containment platform Dr. Yang is an international leader in which I served as CEO), Can- used in more than 50 countries; Many Manning Innovation Award source coding, a branch of information West, Katch Kan Ltd., Bank of Scott Tanner and Vladimir Ba- laureates credit the foundation's theory dealing with how to efficiently Nova Scotia, Suncor, several ranov (2001), who developed recognition and encouragement encode information for transmission, family foundations (including that the Dynamic Reaction Cell to as helping them accomplish that. storage, and processing. His profound of my wife and I), together with eliminate chemical interference in At a time when far too many of contributions in source coding and many other friends and laureates analytical atomic spectrometry; our young people focus on en- communications now impact the daily of the foundation.
Mike Lazaridis and Gary Mous- tertainers or sports stars as role life of tens of millions people worldwide seau (2002) for inventing the models, inspiration from these in over 130 countries.
The foundation's first Principal BlackBerry; Nancy Mathis (2003), true Canadian heroes lights a Award winner was selected in who developed and commercial- path for others to follow.
1982. Phil Gold's groundbreaking ized a sensor for quality control of discovery of carcino-embryonic materials used by manufacturers antigen was the first clinically around the world; 2010 Announcement Issue
Got Ginch?
Technical Innovator & Laureate Brent King Also a Champion in Social Innovation Last year, Brent King of Calgary, AB, won a Manning Innovation Award for his SPIDER Limb Positioner. In the spring of 2009, King organized a 10-city trip across Canada to personally deliver 2,500 pairs of men's underwear to a local shelter in each city. The "got ginch?" campaign was a great success, removing underwear as an "urgently needed item" from the wish lists of these locations.
When faced with the difficulties of King is undertaking this program again in 2010, living on the street, basic dignity is and has upped the ante to 3,000 pairs per city. Pledging began in October and by their deadline in January, funds had been raised for 30,000 pairs of There is nothing more basic underwear for shelters in Vancouver, Calgary,
than clean underwear Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg,
The cost per unit is low, therefore Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax.
more people can be reached with each given donation Visit for updates on this spring's campaign.
Underwear is typically a high Many people are reluctant to give underwear as a donation This small problem is solvable More Foundation News.
Congratulations to Dr. Lorne Tyrrell M.D. Ph.D. who, in November
2009, was named Chair of the Board of Directors for the Gairdner
. The Gairdner Foundation recognizes and rewards the
achievements of medical researchers whose work contributes sig-
nificantly to improving the quality of human life.
Dr. Tyrrell won the Principal Manning Innovation Award in 2005 for his innovation in the medical sciences. His work on the development of antiviral therapy resulted in the licensing of the first oral antiviral agent to treat chronic hepatitis B infection - lamivudine - in 1998. Today, lamivudine is licensed in over 170 countries worldwide for the treatment of HBV.
Robin Winsor won a Manning Innovation Award in 2005 for
his industrial innovation. Mr. Winsor significantly advanced the
process of capturing x-rays with his patented filmless digital ra-
diography system. The Imaging Dynamics Company's XplorerTM
technology provides a low cost quality digital image resulting in
many benefits to the health care system.
Mr. Winsor was appointed CEO of Cybera, an organization Arthur J.E. Child Foundation
dedicated to providing cyberinfrastructure-related technologies The Jim McEwen Family
to afford Alberta innovators a competitive edge in research and Mr. Winsor's digital product development. Since winning, Mr. Winsor has remained in The Dave Mitchell Family
active involvement with the Foundation and Cybera has graciously Friends & Laureates of
sponsored the Southern Alberta chapter's Nominee Recognition Event.
2010 Announcement Issue




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Master Thesis - Applied Computer Science Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau SUSI: Wikipedia Search Using Semantic Index Annotations Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau Faculty of Engineering Supervisor Prof. Dr. Hannah Bast Prof. Dr. Hannah Bast Prof. Dr. Hannah Bast Prof. Dr. Georg Lausen We present Susi, a system for efficient semantic search on the English Wikipedia.Susi combines full-text and ontology search. For example, for the query penicillinscientist, Susi recognizes that scientist is a type of person, and returns a list ofnames of scientists that are mentioned along with the word penicillin. We arguethat neither full-text search alone nor ontology-search alone is able to answer thesekinds of queries satisfactorily. Along with the list of entities matching the query(the name of the scientists in the example), Susi also provides excerpts from thetext as evidence.

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