This patient-focused philosophy of health To provide clinical experience for dental care is built on the right of the patient to: hygiene and expanded duty dental Considerate, respectful and confidential treatment, assisting students.
Assurance of continuity and completion of care, To provide oral health education and Access to complete and current information about home care instruction for our patients.
his/her condition, Exit 113 off I-26 Advance knowledge of the cost of treatment, To provide scaling (teeth cleaning) and Informed consent, other oral preventive therapies for our Explanation of recommended treatment, treatment EXPANDED DUTY
alternatives, the option to refuse treatment, the risk of no treatment and the expected outcomes of various treatments, and Treatment that meets the standard of care of We are pleased that you are interested the profession.
in receiving dental hygiene care at our GENERAL INFORMATION – Parking
Parking for our patients will be in the visitors school. Midlands Technical College is parking area located to the right and left side a teaching institution. Our goals are to of the Academic Center.
teach allied dental students to provide GENERAL INFORMATION – Guest
quality preventive dental hygiene care Only children who are scheduled patients for our patients and to introduce health may enter the treatment area. Children in the reception area must be supervised by a care protocols that ensure our alumni parent or guardian.
practice in a scientifically based manner.
Midlands Technical College Dental Clinic was founded in 1968 by Dr. Ralph D. Levine. PATIENT SCREENING
Richland Technical Education Center graduated 23 dental hygiene students in 1968. Nine years later in 1977, a class of 22 The information that we collect at your first dental assisting students was graduated. We appointment will be used to assess and look forward to serving the public for many evaluate your preventive dental needs. years to come.
Assignment of a patient to a student is SOMEONE WHO CARES
dependent upon the needs of the student.
If you have any special problems or questions, Appointments are necessary. If you have our dental receptionist is available to help. 1260 Lexington Drive We want to serve you well. The dental clinic questions regarding your assignment or West Columbia, SC 29170 office is located on the third floor, room 321, care, you may call the dental receptionist of the Academic Center, directly in front of the at 803.822.3450.
phone 803.822.3450 i fax 803.822.3411 traffic circle on the Airport Campus. You may call 803.822.3450 with your questions or to Third Floor i Room 321 arrange evaluation appointments.
At the dental hygiene clinic, the students are The clinic is open on varying days during Appointments should be cancelled only if it ROUTINE DENTAL CLEANING :
expected to care for preventive dental needs. the week. Appointment times will vary each is absolutely necessary. Loss of clinic time can delay a student's graduation or result in Including Oral Assessment (Head & Neck Cancer) The order of your treatment depends on your semester. We are closed on weekends, failing grades. Students are required to stop Screening, Cavity & Periodontal Risk needs and will usually proceed as follows: holidays and during student vacations. Your treatment if you miss appointments without Assessment, Nutritional Counseling) & X-Rays time is valuable and so is that of your allied valid reasons. Please give 24 hours notice if Community Patients: 1. Assessment of preventive dental needs dental student. You can help the student you cannot make your appointment. Call the MTC Students: ** make your treatment go more smoothly dental clinic receptionist at 803.822.3450 and by being available and on time for each leave a message for your student to call you.
Deep scaling; Including oral assessment & Your preventive dental treatment at the clinic We want to help you keep your mouth and will take longer than it would at a private teeth in a healthy, comfortable condition. Once Usually completed in 4 separate appointments e. preventive oral health instructions dental office because the student must spend your preventive dental hygiene treatment has All Patients: 120.00 time learning to produce quality work, and a been completed, you will be asked to see * Payment may be divided if more than one 2. Presentation of diagnosis faculty member is required to evaluate each your dentist for an exam at 6-month intervals. appointment is necessary a. Recommended treatment options step of the procedure. In exchange for your You may also be treated through our recall **MTC Student must show student ID or other time, you receive quality care at a lower cost.
program at 3 month intervals. You may call the form of documentation b. expected cost clinic to arrange an appointment for a cleaning c. time commitment You should plan to spend as much as 3 and a periodic screening by a student. Should CHILDREN: (Ages 3 – 11)
hours for each appointment once treatment you have any other dental problems, you will Price includes routine dental cleaning and oral 3. Oral health care has begun. If it is difficult for you to be referred to a dentist in the private sector for a. professional cleaning come frequently and stay for the lengthy appointments often required, then you should b. periodontal (gum) treatment PAYMENT FOR SERVICES – Fees
Full Mouth (or) Panograph seek care in the private sector.
Our fees for services usually offer substantial REFERRALS TO OTHER DENTISTS
The teaching program requires students to dollar savings for our patients. Initial visit PA—individual film Your treatment may be too complex or time be in classes, laboratories, seminars, and payments are made by Cash, Check, VISA, or consuming for an allied dental student. When MasterCard upon arrival at checkin time. Your clinics. Because students have different this happens, you may be advised to seek estimated treatment cost will be discussed Sealants (per tooth) schedules and limited time for patient care, it with you before any treatment is begun. All the Minocycline Gel (Arestin) treatment from a dentist in the private sector is difficult to coordinate appointments when a money collected is used to pay the operating with expertise in one of the following areas: client does not arrive in a timely manner. We costs of the clinic. Students do not receive request that you make every effort to uphold any of the fees. X-Rays or copies of X-Rays are VISA, MasterCard, cash and checks are accepted. your commitment.
required before beginning treatment.
Fees are accurate at the time of printing, but are subject to change.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Patients with dental insurance will need to pay for the treatment upon arrival in the Pediatric Dentistry clinic, and can then seek reimbursement from their insurance company. The dental clinic does not accept direct payment from Please visit our website insurance companies. A walk-out statement can be used to file client insurance.
or email us at [email protected]

Source: https://www.midlandstech.edu/sites/default/files/mtc/academics/Dental%20Clinic%20Brochure_Updated_3_2014.pdf


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