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WHY IS NATIONAL MINING ESSENTIAL Minerals are essential to every industry and every aspect of life In Europe, we need over 3 billion tons of mineral raw materials every year and demand is likely to increase to a least 4 billion tons in the medium term About 70% of EU manufacturing depends on minerals Demand for raw materials is predicted to increase significantly in the next 5 years, even with increased levels of recycling because its impact is still marginal

Countries blessed with minerals which develop their mining industry are less
dependent on imports, more self-sustainable and more independent -
economically and politically

WHO CAN DEVELOP IMPORTANT MINES? Geological explorations are high risk (uncertain) investments Of every 300-500 exploration permits - one mine gets opened To open a world-class costs from EUR 1 to 10 billion The state-owned enterprises have neither the money nor the technology needed for large geological research or for exploitation Only major international mining companies can provide the needed level of
capital and technology for major mining developments

Private mining companies and the state should share around 50/50% if the fiscal
system of the country is well placed - enormous benefits for national and local

Every new mining job followed another 6-12 jobs outside the mine
WHO IS ACTIVE IN SERBIA - RIO TINTO SERBIA Quoted from RIO TINTO SERBIA HIGHLIGHTS NEWSLETTER, Issue 3, Vol.3 "Tests at our pilot plant at U.S. Borax in California are yielding encouraging and positive results that continue to fuel our optimism and confidence in the Jadar project. About half of the core samples delivered to the pilot plant have been processed, and most importantly, the first pilot process has been tested and has produced high quality boric acid and lithium carbonate. The production of two finished products from Jadarite is a significant milestone because the mineral is new and has never been processed or tested for large-scale production. The pilot test provides valuable insight into the optimal methods to be used at the prospective processing plant in Serbia, and continues to fuel optimism in the feasibility of the Jadar project. The processing of finished products such as boric acid, lithium carbonate and other Jadarite by-products
within Serbia could position the country to supply regional demand for these resources that are used in
energy efficient construction materials, the high-tech industry, and in electric vehicles, and encourage
value addition and the manufacture of finished products in Serbia for export in the future."

WHO IS ACTIVE IN SERBIA – FREEPORT MCMORAN Chukaru Peki project Timok-magmatic complex is part of the Carpathian-Balkan metallogenic region Characteristic appearance of copper deposits followed with gold, with a little less of lead and zinc. Freeport conducts intensive exploration and the results are encouraging form its Chukaru Peki Timok project Freeport announced its preliminary assessments that in the surrounding of Bor it discovered deposits of 65 million tons of ore with average copper content of more than three percent RTB Bor now exploits ores with up to 0.4 percent of the copper. However, exploration continues and it is expected that the final results are even better If results in the future prove good, and there exists a business case for opeing a mine, this location could become a world class copper mine WHO IS ACTIVE IN SERBIA – CANADIAN JUNIORS EXPLORE • Lithium Li Balkan • Balkan Gold • South Danube Metals • Ultra Balkans • Stara Planina Resources Avala Resources Reservoir Minerals MANY OTHERS. HOW ARE STATE OWNED MINING COMPANIES in …….struggling and… …the State is struggling with them. .the taxpayers are adding . ….and the saga goes on… …though a new copper smelter (80,000 t) is completed by RTB Bor in Bor …with lots of taxpayers' money Dynamics of relations regarding mining in Serbia • High Level Contacts (Government Level)
• Civil Servants (Ministry)
• Local Level Contacts (Municipality)
• Citizens
• Mining Law debates
• GRAS - Geological Mining Association Of Serbia
GRAS draft Law on Mining
GRAS DRAFT MINING LAW - Art 12 As minerals are of strategic importance to the economy and in the earth's crust (while real property may be built elsewhere), the bodies of state competent for spatial planning and urban planning shall accommodate those plans for the realization of aims of the Mineral Resources Management Strategy of the Republic of Serbia in compliance with the law regulating spatial and urban planning and this Law. GRAS DRAFT MINING LAW - Article 11. Registering ore bodies
by Republic Agency for spatial planning
As soon as the Republic Agency for Spatial Planning receives a written notification from the competent authority on the existence of an ore body at a particular location, it shall register it in the unique system of determinants for spatial planning in compliance with the system ESPON. The determinants for spatial planning on deposits shall be inserted into all spatial and urban plans (existing or future) for the territory encompassing the deposit. The land in that area shall be designated as potential construction mining land and adequate planning solutions will be adopted in compliance with this Law, the law regulating planning, the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia, Sustainable Development Strategy, and Mineral Resources Management Strategy of theRepublic of Serbia. GRAS DRAFT MINING LAW - Article 41. Rights of an exploration permit holder The rights of an exploration permit holder in compliance with this Law are: Exclusive right to conduct exploration works for certain minerals within the exploration area on land owned and used by third parties as well as on one's own land; Right to use and transfer the results of geological exploration (reports analysis, drilling cores, samples et alia) which belong exclusively to the permit holder; Exclusive right to obtain an exploitation permit for any relevant part of the exploration area for as long as the exploration permit is valid; Right to transfer whole or part of the permit; Right to obtain renewals of the permit; Right to extend the permit area to additional areas in the vicinity; Right of servitude to access, transit and temporarily occupy land within the exploration area and to construct temporary structures and use equipment needed for exploration activities on land owned and used by third parties; Right of servitude to access and transit through the land owned and used by third parties for purpose of accessing the exploration area; Right to take samples and use minerals from the exploration area for technical testing in the country and abroad; Unless granted to another permit holder, the right to extend the exploration permit to other minerals in the same exploration area, either during an exploration term or when applying for a renewal of the permit; and Right to grant or deny approval to an applicant for exploration of other minerals on the area covered by its exploration permit. DRAFT GRAS MINING LAW Article 65. Rights of an exploitation permit holder The rights of a mine permit holder in compliance with this Law are: • Exclusive right to conduct exploration works for certain minerals within the exploitation area on land owned and used by third parties as well as on one's own land, without further permit requirements; Right to conversion of intended purpose of land within the exploitation area into construction mining land; Right to obtain needed rights (ownership, lease, servitudes, and other) on needed land, inside the exploration area, on property (land and structures) owned and used by third parties; Right to obtain the mine building permits, mine use permits and waste management permits; If strategic minerals are covered by the permit public interest is established within the meaning of this Law and the Law regulating expropriation; Exclusive right to conduct mining operations for certain minerals within the exploitation area on land owned and used by third parties as well as on one's own land, upon obtaining the mine building permit and mine use permit; Right to use and exploit tailings and stockpiles located on the exploitation area, upon obtaining the mine building permit and mine use permit; Right to extend the permit area to additional territories in the vicinity; Right to extend the permit to other minerals in the same exploitation area, either during an exploitation term or when applying for renewal of the permit, unless granted to another permit holder and subject to the provisions on overlapping areas. SO DO COME WITH MR. T SOMOKOS TO SERBIA - WE MEAN BUSINESS! THANK YOU DEAR GREECE!


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Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) in Developing Countries: Assessing Opportunities for Expanding Access and Use Project Team: Amy E. Pollack MD, MPH John Ross PhD Gordon Perkin MD "A deeper commitment to contraception, including the IUD, can ease the burden of many health problems in every country. Foundations can highlight the leverage that contraception offers for lessening those burdens. They can advance advocacy at the highest levels and partner with other donors in a common strategy, thus leveraging the investment of USAID and the private sectors commitment."

El  que  suscribe    como  deportista  federado  de  la  REAL  FEDERACIÓN MOTOCICLISTA  ESPAÑA  –RFME‐  y  participantes  en  competiciones  oficiales  autorizadas  por  la  RFME,  y  por  la FEDERACION INTRNACIONAL MOTOCICLISTA –FIM‐, declara su reconocimiento y aceptación de los siguiente:   2.‐  Consentir  y  aceptar  someterse  a  todas  las  disposiciones  del  Código  Antidopaje  de  la  F.I.M.,  incluyendo  y  no limitando  cualquier  modificación  que  afecte  a  sus  normas  antidopaje  y  las  que  sean  incorporadas  a  las  Normas Internacionales Antidopaje.  

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