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A window into student life at Monash College

Celebrating diversity Developing future leaders Weekend fun in Melbourne Explore how students from more than 100 Monash College has a range of leadership Students nominate their favourite things to do in Melbourne on countries embrace diversity and learn from programs designed to help students achieve their weekends.
their leadership goals.
Aussie words and customs It is my great pleasure Our students explore some interesting Australian phrases and to welcome you to tell us what surprised them most about life ‘Down Under'.
the first edition of MC, the Monash College magazine.
At Monash College, it is an honour to support our students on their journey to Inner-city living Monash University.
What is it like living in the center of Melbourne? Monash College Our college provides a global community right in the heart Learning in and out students Yi Tong He (Lily) and Fan Chen (James) let us know.
of Melbourne; a chance for students from more than 100 A day in the life of Sunny of the classroom countries to learn not only from academic experts, but also from each other.
This magazine offers a window into student life at Monash College. From classrooms and ski trips to cultural celebrations and academic awards, MC is your chance to see what life's really like in our student community.
A new way to learn Four seasons in one day One of the most rewarding aspects of our student-centred vision is seeing our students grow during their time with The Associate Director of Transition, Congratulations to our talented students a connected community Melbourne is renowned for its four distinct seasons. We ask our us. Over the past 20 years, we have supported tens of Learning and Innovation, Anne Dwyer, and teachers.
students for their thoughts on the weather, what to wear and which thousands of students in entering Monash University. discusses how Monash College We discover the many ways Monash College Melbourne season they like the most.
Their energy and enthusiasm as they become our next programs are designed to engage students connect with the wider Monash generation of leaders is truly inspiring.
students while also preparing them In 2015, we have a record number of students enrolled in our college – a clear sign that Monash College is regarded by many students as the best way to access our university. It's also a strong sign of Monash University's high New global business Monash College around the world international regard – a fact of which we are very proud.
As a graduate of Monash University myself, I can confirm degree ticks all the boxes Wherever you are in the world, you have access to our that the opportunities a Monash education presents are great. world-class academic and English language programs. Monash University's Bachelor of International Beyond academia – beyond excellence – our value lies in Explore our global networks.
Business provides an accelerated study path the strength of our graduates. Welcome to their world.
and includes a 12-week internship or study abroad option.
Getting ready for Melbourne or.
Monash University Take our challenge and see if you can pick out Melbourne when we put it side-by-side with other cities.
Monash College graduate Yohanes Chandra shares his top advice for students preparing to My favourite place at the Melbourne City campus enter university.
Chief Executive Officer, Monash College Monash College students work hard. Monash is a top-100 university and is home to some of the world's best scholars life of Sunny
and business leaders. The students' school day is filled with classes, assignments and class preparation. To ensure they are prepared, we employ world-leading teaching strategies to engage them in their studies. The Associate Director of Transition, Learning At Monash College we are committed Another technique, the ‘flipped and Innovation, Anne Dwyer, shares some to providing students with learning classroom', promotes student-centred of the ways our programs are designed experiences and a learning environment and independent learning. Students have to actively engage students.
that prepares them for university. Our 24/7 online access to the curriculum academic programs combine curriculum and learning resources, and can and modern teaching techniques to complete activities before, during ensure students are active, engaged and after class. learners. This involves using technology As a student, you may be instructed to to enhance students' learning. One complete a series of learning activities, technique, blended learning, means such as watching a video, reading an students learn through a combination of article or completing a quiz, before online, mobile and face-to-face activities. you attend your class. This will allow This integration allows students to have you to develop your understanding of a personalised learning experience theories and concepts before joining in through self-reflection, interaction with class discussions. It is in class where their peers, as well as instruction and you will explore the concepts and guidance from their teacher. apply the theory you have learned in an environment that is highly interactive with teachers and your peers. Feedback is immediate. Research has shown that this style of teaching promotes a deeper learning and understanding of complex theories and concepts.
At Monash College, we actively promote the development of communication, collaboration, learning and thinking, and leadership skills. By providing a learning environment where students About Sunny
work in groups, complete activities in class, and ask and respond to questions raised by teachers and other Program: Diploma of Arts students, Monash College is preparing Destination degree: Bachelor of Arts students to be articulate, confident and successful citizens. Favourite place in Melbourne: Degraves Street, for coffee. I love the coffee in Melbourne! Rohan Bates, the Diploma of Business teaching and learning leader, at work in the ‘flipped classroom' style.
Time to wake up. I make it to campus I have 15 minutes' Lunch time! I meet my Third and final class of Classes are finished for At home I cook pasta I check my timetable I get into bed. It's been I check the weather with just enough time break before I start my friends outside the common the day. We are given the day, but before I for dinner. It's my for tomorrow and look a long day, but I feel (it's always changing), to meet my friends and second class of the day room and decide to walk our first assessment head home I decide to favourite thing to at what pre-work I good that everything a typical day at eat breakfast and rush grab a coffee before my – media and culture. over to the campus centre task, an essay on moral go to the gym. There is cook – it's quick and need to do to prepare. went well. I only have to catch the 8.15am first class starts at 9am. Today we are discussing for lunch. There are so panic. I decide to stay one on campus, so easy to make. I learnt I have to read a news two classes tomorrow number 733 bus.
I see one of my teachers media ownership and many options for lunch; back after class and it's really convenient. it from watching online article online and add and finish a little earlier. is like? Diploma on the way in and stop regulation. Thankfully, I we decide on sandwiches chat with my teacher Today I choose to do cooking tutorials.
my opinion to the blog. I message my friend to and say hello.
did my homework on the and sit outside on the about which topic I a Zumba class.
I spend some time see if she wants to go weekend and spent some lawn and chat about should choose. She reading through my out for dinner tomorrow time watching Australian is really helpful and friends' responses night, turn off the light day with us.
TV news stations and provides me with before turning the and go to sleep.
reading newspapers, as lots of advice and computer off and well as completing the getting ready for bed.
Our Melbourne City campus in located in the My favourite place centre of Melbourne's central business district. Located over three levels, the campus is home to our Foundation Year and Monash English students. at the Melbourne There are so many fantastic spaces for students
City campus
to study, socialise and relax. We ask some of them to share their favourite place on campus.
The La Trobe Lounge Cheng Long Liew, Malaysia, Sarah Kim, South Korea, Foundation Year "The La Trobe Lounge, student "The kitchen. There are hangout space. My friends are always a variety of materials to waiting there for me during lunch make our own lunch. and break. We talk whenever we see Also, it is clean to use." each other and we have a good time making fun of each other." Seats in front of the Helena Nendongo, Namibia, Polina Grinshpun, Ukraine, Foundation Year Christofer Gozali, Indonesia, "Mr. Close [cafe]. It has my favourite "The 4th floor of the campus. This place is breakfast. The batter is crunchy, the my favourite because there is wooden styling, "The seats in front of the lab, because egg is perfectly cooked and the bun a lot of comfortable seats and places to sit it has power to charge my laptop, is super-fluffy. It is the perfect start it's cozy and chill." to my day at college." Priya Naresh Kumar, Singapore, Nakjun (Jerome) Sung, " Music has been the start and South Korea, Foundation Year "The library. It is peaceful and quiet. "My favourite place on Monash campus end of the school days for me, The chairs are also very comfy, is the music room. I often come to this so it is a good place to relax or room before the classes start to make study or read some books in music and find vitality for the day. When I and this is why the music room their collection." have music classes during the day, I get to spend time with other people who love is very precious to me. This is music and our amazing music teacher, Bo Hu, China, Foundation Year Jane Hampson. Then, when school "The library. The reason is finishes, I come to this room again to let the place where I feel alive." that I can have some food go of every stress that I feel. Music has and study here. I can look up been the start and end of the school days some books when I face an for me, and this is why the music room Nakjun (Jerome) Sung academic problem." is very precious to me. This is the place Ka Nam (Timothy) Law, Hong Kong, where I feel alive." South Korea, Foundation Year "The round table, in front of the science lab. There's so much space to do my work." These students arrive in Australia ready Students are also encouraged to learn Each year, Monash College to receive a world-class education while more about each other. The College hosts welcomes students from preparing for future success at Monash a calendar of diversity events designed to more than 100 countries to University and beyond.
allow students to celebrate events that are its two Melbourne campuses.
Their backgrounds may differ but these important to them, but also to share these students all have two things in common: events with the wider College community.
a desire to learn and a truly global outlook.
"As a Monash College student, you get to Enter any Monash College classroom know so many people from other countries and you will see students from all over you didn't even know existed," says the world working and learning together. Gursimran Singh Cheema, a Monash These students are defining the edge University Foundation Year Student from India.
that will set them apart when they enter "You come to learn so much about different the workforce.
parts of the world – either through your They understand that an ability to learn friends or people you meet." from and work within different cultures In 2015, students have participated in will continue to play an important role in multiple activities designed to celebrate future workplaces. diversity and to get everyone involved. This world view has formed an essential part of "The students really love our calendar of the Monash College approach to teaching and events," says student support coordinator learning for more than 20 years. Utako Eldridge.
From the moment students arrive they are "It's a chance to showcase and celebrate encouraged to learn more about Australian different cultures, but also to have fun and culture. They enjoy social programs that make connections. The staff also really enjoy include traditional Australian activities. the activities – it's great seeing what's so great They practise their English with locals and about multicultural Melbourne being reflected they make friends with Australian students.
here at Monash College on a daily basis." A selection of some of the events celebrated in 2015
Africa celebration, The social side to Easter was celebrated Federation Square when our student leaders put on bunny ears Our Foundation Year music students to deliver chocolate Easter eggs to students had the opportunity to sing with and teachers.
students from all around Victoria in the Boite Schools Chorus. The group promotes understanding of cultural This popular event featured Chinese dragons music from around the world, and this dancing at Clayton Campus.
year featured songs from Senegal and South Africa.
Aussie BBQAs part of our orientation activities, new Monash College students came together students enjoy a traditional Aussie BBQ – in May to create spirit donations for Nepal the first of many! You haven't experienced earthquake victims. They made paper cranes the real Australia until you have attended a to raise money for the important relief effort.
traditional Australian BBQ – complete with Each year, Monash College students sausage in bread. Summer is a great time at come together to celebrate R U OK? Day. both of our campuses.
This is a national event where students are encouraged to check in on their friends and families and ask – R U OK? Students participated in henna painting to celebrate Eid Festival at the Melbourne Australian Indigenous culture City campus.
Students learned about Australian Indigenous culture first-hand at a special Japanese Summer Festival cultural day at Clayton.
Wishes were hung on trees for the Japanese star festival (Tanabata) at our Japanese Students come together and participate Summer Festival. English language and in a ‘Kris Kringle', where a student is Harmony Day provides a great way to learn Foundation Year students also wore randomly assigned a person to whom about the cultures of others.
traditional Japanese outfits to celebrate.
they anonymously give a gift. Monash – a connected As soon as students arrive at Monash College they become members of the wider Monash community. This means that they have the chance to regularly interact with Monash students, lecturers and facilities. Here are just some examples of how Monash College connects its students with Monash University. Graduate connection World-class facilities Even after they make the move into Monash University has some of the best second or third year, our diploma facilities in Australia. Being located on graduates often visit the College to Monash's two largest campuses, our become mentors, run study sessions diploma students have access to these or to just chat with current students amazing world-class facilities during and about what to expect at university. outside of class.
Ready for second year! Guest speakers and university lecturers Finishing your diploma is an exciting time. It's when you get to take what Throughout the trimester, a series of guest you have learnt and join your university speakers from Monash University present classmates in second year. You may be to our diploma students. They cover topics on a different campus, be part of larger on leadership opportunities available to lectures, have more work and make them as a Monash University student, new friends.
including the Ancora Imparo program, Our diploma of arts, business and transitioning to life and study as a bachelor art and design students participate in student, and additional programs various transition activities. They meet available to them at Monash University, faculty staff, tour the university facilities, including peer support programs such as learn more about their degree and English conversation classes.
subject choices, and find out about the social events and clubs they can join.
Attend first-year lectures and tutorials Many people don't realise, but many Monash College students study alongside Monash University students. Nothing gets you better prepared for university than joining a university lecture! Monash Clayton students Crystal Li Thong Lim, Carla Massaria and Zitan Liu meet after class. Crystal and Carla are using Monash Clayton bikeshare bikes. This convenient network makes available more than 70 bikes, with included helmets, for students and staff to hire. For more information visit Developing future At Monash College we are proud to develop the next generation Monash Student Leadership Summit of global leaders. To be a leader you need more than just participant Padmini Anbalagan shares her thoughts on the event.
academic excellence; you need understanding, compassion, on leadership.
critical and innovative thinking, and the ability to communicate "Overall, I think that it was truly a with all people regardless of their background. wonderful experience to have the chance to listen to really Our students have the opportunity to develop these skills inspirational speakers, especially Christine Nixon. I felt really through formal and informal activities, both in and out of motivated and inspired after listening to her speech, and I'll "To me, leadership is never forget my favourite quote about inspiring other from her: ‘If all else fails, I'll go people to be the best Monash University drive a bus. I can't. But I could that they can be and Leadership programs always learn.' I feel like I've learnt Each year, across our three programs, a lot by attending the summit… then providing them more than 200 students have the because I got the opportunity to with the resources opportunity to join our student mentor Student Leadership Summit learn things that would not usually and the help to make program. This provides students with This year, three Foundation Year be taught in a classroom." the opportunity to learn and practise students were chosen to participate in that a reality." their leadership skills while helping their the Monash Student Leadership new classmates.
Summit, which brought together 300 Vanessa Fortyn, director current and future Monash leaders. of studies at Monash During the summit the students had University English Engaging with the community the opportunity to explore current issues Monash College student awarded and strategies for leadership, and hear 2014 Victorian International Monash College diploma students have from inspiring keynote speakers.
Education Student of the Year the opportunity to engage in a range of volunteering options throughout their time with the College. These include The Vice-Chancellor's Ancora a number of fun-run events and food "The best piece of festival events. Through their volunteer This year, two diploma students, Nurmina advice I have been work, students have a great opportunity Adalat Khan and Mariam Bajahray, given is to lead with to further their professional skills while have been selected to participate in assisting the wider community.
the Ancora Imparo leadership program. The prestigious program is only available Last year, English language student integrity, and listen to to second-year Monash students Rafael Dextro, from Brazil (pictured), those you are leading." who are interested in developing their was named Victorian International leadership skills and would like to Education Student of the Year.
" …equip yourself for make a positive impact on the world. "I am very proud to have been named Adam Connor, leading Throughout the program students the winner, and am honoured to teacher, Monash English life, not solely for your participate in a seminar series and a have been chosen to be part of the " I think great teachers are great leaders. They have three-day residential program, as well as Sciences sans Frontière program. a vision and they can sweep you along with it and own benefit but for the being invited to participate in leadership I love studying in Melbourne. I have summits, staff forums and volunteering made great friends from all over the get you excited, too. I recently studied with leading benefit of the whole educator Adrian Underhill at Cambridge University. opportunities. Diploma students are world and have opened up many encouraged to apply during their Part 2 opportunities for my future career." studies for the following year. His calm demeanour, experience and depth and To be eligible for the award, Find out more about the program: students must have studied an breadth of knowledge was certainly inspiring." English language course and Sir John Monash, demonstrated outstanding academic achievement by contributing to the internationalisation of their institution and the Victorian community.
ELICOS teacher and coordinator of Monash University English Language Centre True to the Monash motto ‘Ancora Imparo' ("I am still learning"), our Foundation Year students are always learning. Whether they are in the classroom, attending a workshop, playing the guitar, or spending time with their classmates, there is always an opportunity to learn something new.
out of the classroom
" Students are not just Learning outside the classroom intellect and memory that they do not develop or use in other subject areas. observers; they are As part of each subject's curriculum, It also helps them to relieve stress and students learn important theory and participants in their own complete assignments where they can As part of the subject, our students education. Integrating apply their knowledge. To complement can choose voice, guitar, piano or the class work and further enhance technology in education flute as their instrument, and have their understanding, Foundation Year the opportunity to perform in front helps students self-regulate students often leave the classroom and of their classmates, teachers and the campus and go on a field trip. their learning and allows sometimes even the public.
During geography field trips, for example, them to use their own students learn about the processes devices, manipulate content and impacts of urbanisation, the natural Using Facebook to value and human uses of coastal in a more interactive way connect to the world environments, and explore how the and confidently contribute human and natural worlds interact. Who said social media couldn't be to classroom activities." Through participation in these excursions, educational? Our globalisation students students are able to link theory with have been using Facebook in the practice to solidify their knowledge.
classroom as a way of using technology to connect with real-life events and their Foundation Year maths and biology teacher Technology inside the classroom Foundation Year students in Australia and Malaysia have been applying the Our teachers understand that interested knowledge they have learned in class by students are engaged students. sharing articles on topics such as climate By incorporating technology and change, refugees and human rights, interactivity into the classroom, our along with their own views and opinions. Foundation Year students are able to Their classmates can then respond, and learn important theory, while having fun.
the discussion continues in class. The sound of music Clubs, clubs, clubs Each semester, more than 50 students One of the best ways to make new friends choose to study music as one of their and learn a new skill is to join a club. Foundation Year subjects.
There are many clubs to choose from at Music coordinator Jane Hampson says: our Melbourne City campus. Whether you "Students who study music find that are into guitar, cards, chess, debating or it helps them to develop parts of their soccer, there is a club for you.
Making learning fun with technology Augmented reality New interactive quiz QR codes are included software (pictured) in maths worksheets Augmented reality Students in our maths so students can further software is being used and science classes are their understanding by in biology to make using new interactive quiz linking to a video with a diagrams of animal and technology to complete practical solution.
plant cells come alive as assessments and to Foundation Year biology students Lim Xin Hui and Christofer Gozali using augmented reality software to investigate the structure of an animal cell.
detailed 3D models.
join class discussions.
Each year, Monash College supports thousands of students from around the world to achieve their goal to study at one of the world's top universities. Along the way, their academic and personal achievements continue to impress their parents, teachers and friends back at home. 23 Foundation Year students from On average, our Monash University 22 Foundation Year graduates Melbourne received scholarships to Foundation Year students achieve a started their Bachelor of Medicine, Here is a snapshot of some of Monash University in 2015.
distinction average in the first year Bachelor of Surgery their success.
of their pharmacy degree.
(MBBS) degree in 2015.
96.6% was the top Foundation Year 99% of our diploma graduates received an So far this year, 205 students have score in 2015.
offer to Monash University this year.
participated in leadership and mentor programs.
1400 sculptures have been created Congratulations to our 2015 52 students performed at our by Diploma of Art & Design students Diploma Global Award winners Foundation Year music concert in over the past 13 years.
September this year.
Yi Jing Shermain CHIN Steffi Debora INGKIRIWANG Harits Althof HASRA A record number of 1500 635 Melbourne-based Monash In July, 50 students had the Engineering diploma students Monash English bridging College students started their chance to experience snow spent an average of 100 hours graduates started Monash business degree last year.
for the first time and learn putting their theory into practice University in February this year.
in laboratory practicals.
Time to adjust
The teachers at Monash Monash College can really help you adjust from There are many volunteer ticks all
College are very friendly high school to university. In university the learning opportunities that will enable and helpful. If you do not hours are very short and the size of the classes are you to enhance your social understand a topic, or very big. This fast-learning pace can be difficult for and leadership skills. Try and the boxes
you're not sure how to do an many international students. At Monash College get involved.
assignment, you can email the learning hours are longer and class sizes are them anytime.
smaller, giving you time to adjust. In February 2015, Monash University Learning
Explore the
launched a specialist degree, the Bachelor of International Business, that is taught at a new purpose- Learning consultants are Make sure you explore the available to help you with campus. The diploma program designed city location – Monash 271 any academic issues you Getting ready
is located on the same campus Collins Street. This unique program is have, such as how to write as Monash University, so when an academic essay or fix for Monash University taught in a trimester model enabling you start university life you will grammatical errors. This can already be familiar with the students to complete a three-year be very helpful, especially if campus surroundings, such degree in just two years. The Bachelor you never needed to write an as where to get food and the academic essay in high school.
Top 10 tips for students of International Business is the first best place to study. two-year, accelerated degree to be offered at Monash University, and has intakes in February, June and October.
The program is aimed at students who are interested in experiencing the fast-paced environment of global business. Students Counsellor
develop the academic skills expected of a and systems
Monash business graduate, but also gain Diploma of Arts graduate and practical business skills by choosing a 12-week There is a counsellor available current third-year Bachelor of internship or experience international life with a on every campus. You can make Arts student Yohanes Chandra Monash College uses the study-abroad option. The course also offers small an appointment to see them same IT systems as Monash interactive classes that allow students to express anytime. I found this service shares his top 10 pieces University, such as, their opinions and develop skills that will help really helpful when I was dealing of advice for all Monash College Moodle and Allocate+. So when them advance in the business world.
with my own homesickness and students who are getting ready you start at university you will again when I was looking for already be familiar with the Bachelor of International Business program director advice on my future. for university life.
technology and systems.
Errol Muir says: "Because the degree is taught in the city, it means we can get more and more business speakers to come to talk to students about how the subjects they're studying are applied in real-life." Current student Eugenie Wong says: "Hearing from professionals helps me to see how what I What to study
am studying works in the real world, and provides a link between theory and practice." Akaash Kumar, a second-trimester student, Studying at Monash College is a Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what Everyone at Monash College explains: "I like that studying the Bachelor of great way to make many friends to study. Think about which units you enjoy is there to help you smoothly International Business means I can finish my degree from different backgrounds and and are good at; that helped me decide what I transition from high school to in just two years and get ahead in my career. cultures, and enhance your wanted to pursue at university. Teachers, learning university. The environment is The city location is incredible. It's been easy to make networking and cultural literacy. consultants and the counsellor are also available very inclusive and you will be friends, and the lecturers are really supportive." Many of my friends now are the to talk about which subjects will suit you, as well treated like family. If you are same ones I met in College. as talk you through career prospects and answer feeling homesick initially, don't To find out more about the Bachelor any other questions you have.
worry. The friendly environment of International Business visit will soon make you feel like Queen Victoria Market
Yanrong (Viktoria) Qian "Brunch (breakfast + lunch). I like to go to cafes with my friends and talk about the "I like to go to the Queen Victoria Market. entire past week, the things we did, and I can enjoy different cultures, buy clothes, indulge in delicious food." food and other products while talking with people of different nationalities." Take photos
See penguins
Lan (Maggie) Yang "I like taking photos of the view and foods. "Go to see the penguins at St Kilda Beach.
Photos are a good way to record the life and The penguins are wild and adorable." happy moments while I study in Melbourne." Watch films
Find new restaurants
"Watch films of all genres. It is a fun "Find some new restaurants to eat at. and relaxing way to spend the day I search online to find popular food in and forget about stress." Melbourne and go with my friends." Take a day trip
"Take a day trip. There are so many great "Go to the gym. Having a balanced life is things to see in and around Melbourne, and essential, so I go to run, do yoga or pilates." I want to travel a lot while I'm here." Van Hoang (Harry) Do Yintong (Yentl) Liu "It's not my favourite, but sometimes I need "I like to walk around the city. It's a good way to keep fit, explore and breathe fresh air." in Melbourne
to finish all my assessments and homework. You have to if you care about getting HDs." What surprised you most about What surprised you about the use of English in Australia?
life in Australia?
words and
Andres Felipe Betancur, Can (Vicky) Wei, China Idrees Alsolbi, Saudi Arabia Eriko Matsunaga, Japan Anoos Sadayo, Saudi Arabia "Australians use many ‘zy' at "They drive on the different "Australians like to have their "Cultural events are celebrated well "Crikey. I still don't understand the end of their words, like side of the road, so I was very meals outdoors. For me, I here in Australia, which I think is mozzy instead of mosquitos." confused by the ‘keep left' think it is too cold to have very good. You see celebrations and ‘keep right' signs." meals outdoors in Melbourne. all the time at Federation Square." In Japan we eat indoors." mate! arvo?
When deciding to study in Australia, the first thing many students think is: ‘Will my Janice Fu, Shanghai Kanye Xue, Shanghai Ocean Ahmed Aldhuwaghi, Yuyan (Luna) Song, China Ocean Uni, China English be good enough?' "Melbourne is bigger than I "I didn't understand the "What surprised me the "Most people here have really "I find the Australian footy thought, but transport is good. Learning to speak, write and word ‘mate'. I thought most is Australian English. short working hours, which very special. It's like American I can get free trams in the city." think in another language they say ‘Mike'. I was It's quite unique both surprised me most." football, but Aussies play it can be challenging. We have like, I am not Mike?" in speaking and writing. Like ‘Maccas' is McDonald's a range of English language and ‘arvo' is afternoon." courses, taught by patient and experienced teachers who are here to help you. Even with good English skills there are always things that surprise you about countries you visit. We asked our students from Monash zeed au
English and the Shanghai Ocean University study Hui (Kevin) Zhu, China Tuan Hong (Henry) Vu, Guochen (Ben) Li, China Beta Leong, Shanghai Suphachok, Thailand tour group what surprised
"I was really surprised at "There is a big Chinese "The chillies are not them the most about
the pronunciation of ‘z'. "Australian English spelling community in Australia. "The frequency of It is zed not zee." is different. In Vietnam we You can get all types of drinking coffee!" use American spelling like goods and food here." Inner-city living Student profiles
Before you move in:
things to consider
Melbourne Central Do you want a single room or do you like to share with others? University English, Monash University Receiving an offer to study at Monash College marks the beginning of a great Destination degree: Bachelor of Business adventure for thousands of students every year. It's an exciting time for both students and Favourite place in their families, and one that Monash College How close do you want Melbourne: Queen to live to College? students Yi Tong He (Lily) and Fan Chen (James) remember well.
"My parents were so happy for me," recalls Lily as we chat in the student common James and Lily communicate with home regularly via Skype and say lounge of her apartment building.
that their families are pleased with their accommodation choice. James agrees. "My family and my teachers were proud of me." It's a typical Melbourne winter afternoon and to cook in the apartment kitchen and "It's nice to relax here when you have finished James and Lily have both completed their study," James says.
Will you eat at home sample the restaurants in Melbourne. classes for the day. They've agreed to show often? Make sure you She's downloaded the popular "Everyone is very friendly." MC magazine around Urbanest Melbourne have a suitable kitchen.
TimeOut Melbourne app and uses it to Central – the student accommodation they navigate Melbourne's varied dining options.
Once they graduate from Monash College, have chosen to call home. both students are looking forward to their In his spare time, James plays basketball life at university and share big dreams for Located in the centre of Melbourne, the in the Docklands area of Melbourne. their careers.
building is spacious and bright, and home to His ambition is to work in sport almost 500 students from around the world. For now, their focus is on study, making management, and it's clear that he's The complex was completed in December friends and enjoying living in Melbourne, University Foundation enjoying the sporting options available in 2014, and James and Lily are among the recently named the world's most liveable first students to enjoy the facilities. city by The Economist for the fifth Destination degree: consecutive year. Both agree that their ambition to study "I like the MCG," he says.
Bachelor of Sports overseas has prepared them well for living "The staff at Monash College and Urbanest "I attended a football match there and it was Check if the internet is independently away from home. fun. I didn't understand the rules, but it have been very helpful," Lily says as our tour included in the price.
comes to an end.
Lily shares an apartment with eight other was interesting." girls and shares a twin room. James shares "Yes," agrees James.
James and Lily communicate with an apartment with four students and sleeps home regularly via Skype and say that "You can ask any question, and that helps a lot." Favourite place in in a single room. Each apartment includes a Melbourne: Queen their families are pleased with their shared kitchen and lounge area, and shared accommodation choice. en suite bathrooms. The building is located a quick 10-minute walk from Monash As well as modern living areas, Urbanest College's city campus.
also offers many recreational options.
Learn more about accommodation "It's great being near things," says Lily, who "I like running, so the rooftop gym is options in Melbourne names the Queen Victoria Market as her convenient," Lily says.
Make sure you speak to favourite place in Melbourne.
James also uses the gym, and both College staff, who can When she's not studying, Lily likes students enjoy the cinema room.
help you settle in.
in one day
Melbourne is renowned for its changing seasons. Whether it is summer, spring, autumn or winter, it's always good to be prepared. Melbourne weather December to February September to November Reem Alyousif, Saudi Arabia Polina Grinshpun, Ukraine Charles Machini, Zimbabwe "There are four seasons in one day, "I love summer! Bring very light clothes, "It's great in winter because I can go "Spring is my favourite because it's so that is something I don't see very but always remember a jacket, as the skiing in the mountains." half summer, half winter. Make sure often anywhere in the world." weather can change fast!" you bring lots of sunscreen, a jacket and an umbrella." Khue (Stella) Nguyen, Vietnam Cheng Long Liew, Malaysia Su Wati Htun, Myanmar "Regardless of the weather, always "Winter is the best! I like it because "The weather is the best in spring; remember long-sleeved tops – when my country doesn't have a winter." pack lots of shorts. Also, always it's sunny, you don't get sunburnt, make sure you carry water around and when it's cold, you stay warm." with you to stay hydrated." Hamzah Almaslami, Saudi Arabia Helena Nendongo, Namibia "My favourite season is autumn "What surprises me about the because I like the big change in Melbourne weather is how fast it the views. The leaves on the trees changes. My favourite season is change colour and the weather is winter – I love how cold it is…make sure you bring a warm jacket." New Oriental
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Wherever you are in the world, you have REQUIRE HI RES IMAGE access to our world-class academic and English language programs. There are currently more than 1600 students participating in Monash College Foundation Year, diploma or English programs in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Sri Lanka via our global partner network. Sri Lanka
The addition of a new global partner will see students in Bangladesh soon join the Monash College community.
In October, Monash College celebrated a new partnership with UCL in Sri Lanka. Pictured at Just like Monash College students in Australia, the launch event are (from left) Professor Edward these students will continue their Monash journey Buckingham, Monash Business School; Mr Zarif by completing their degree at a Monash University Munir, principal, Eduko Lanka; Mr Tim Huggins, campus in Melbourne or Malaysia. Deputy High Commissioner of Australia in Sri Lanka; As well as sharing and collaborating on curriculum, Mr Bob Kundanmal, principal, Eduko Lanka; Hon. Monash College and our partner teaching teams Mohan Lal Grero, State Minister for University collaborate on best practices in learning and teaching. Education, Sri Lanka; Ms Jo Mithen, CEO Monash This ensures our Monash College students, regardless College; Dr Harsha Alles, principal, Eduko Lanka.
of where they are studying our programs around the world, are supported to achieve their goal of completing a Monash University degree.
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Melbourne made the news once again Melbourne or New York Melbourne or Shanghai Melbourne or Cape Town recently when we were named the most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit for a fifth consecutive year. We're pretty proud of our ‘liveability' status. In fact, we think we have some of the best scenery in the world; here, we've put Melbourne side-by-side with other cities. Take our challenge and see if you
can pick Melbourne.

Melbourne or London Melbourne or Paris Melbourne or Munich ne is: Number 2, Number 3, Number 5, Number 7, Number 9, Number 11 Want to share your thoughts on the first Want to contribute to edition of MC? Maybe you have an idea for a future article. We'd love to hear from you. Contact us at [email protected]. Monash College online Future student enquiries Find a Monash agent in your country (international students) Australia freecall tel: 1800 181 838 The information in this magazine was correct Monash College on social media Tel: +61 3 9903 4788 (outside Australia) at the time of publication (October 2015). Monash College reserves the right to alter this Email: [email protected] information should the need arise. CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C Monash College 01857J


Use of generic drugs can save both you and your health plan money

University of Arkansas April 2016 Use of generic drugs can save both you and your health plan money. This list is not all-inclusive and is not a guarantee of coverage. Plan Benefit design is the final determinate of coverage. Certain drugs (*) may be subject to Prior Authorization (PA), Quantity Limits (QL), Step Therapy (ST), or Reference Based Pricing (RBP) requirements according to Benefit Design. Unless noted, multisource brand drugs (brand drugs with generic equivalent) are covered at 100% copay. If you have any questions about these requirements or other formulary questions, please contact a MedImpact Healthcare customer service representative at 800-788-2949. This list represents brand products in CAPS, branded generics in upper- and lowercase Italics, and generic products in lowercase italics.

Fragile X Syndrome First described Martin & Bell (1943): families with sex-linked inheritance for learning difficulties & characteristic physical features. Lubs (1969) identified the chromosome fragile site just above the tip of the X chromosome's long arm. Sutherland (1977) confirmed the importance of a folate-deficient culture in revealing the site. Verkerk et al. (1991) described the multiple CGG repeat sequence at Xq27.3 producing local hyper-methylation and impaired protein synthesis of FMRP. This protein is an RNA binding protein that transports mRNAs to the synapse and typically inhibits translation. The lack or deficiency of FMRP in fragile X syndrome causes enhanced transcription of many proteins important for synaptic plasticity. FMRP regulates the translation of hundreds of proteins many of which are important for synaptic plasticity and are associated with autism. Fragile X syndrome is the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability and the most common single gene cause of autism. Therefore all individuals with intellectual disability or autism should have fragile X DNA testing if the etiology is unknown. In fragile X syndrome there is enhanced metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 (mGluR5) activity leading to enhanced long term depression (LTD). There is also down-regulation of the GABA system and dysregulation of the dopamine system. Targeted treatments have been developed to reverse the neurobiological abnormalities of fragile X syndrome and are currently being studied in patients with fragile X syndrome.

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