Nature's Aide® Vitamins

Nature's Aide® Vitamins Takes the Ache Out of Flu Season
Every year it seems the common cold and the current year's flu bring a
little more misery than the year before—racking coughs, drips, sniffles, sinuses that feel as if they've been hit with a blowtorch, aches in places most of us didn't know could ache—you've been there. We all have.
Prevention is the best answer.
shot, the vaccine doesn't always work.
Things like a perfect diet, optimum That's because the viruses that are nutrition, and flu shots can help you sail responsible for all that seasonal misery through the season without a single mutate faster than the vaccines can keep sniffle. Sometimes. Unfortunately, up. Even worse, there is no vaccine at all sometimes is the operative word.
for the common cold.
As autumn segues into winter Colds and flu have a lot of people spend more time indoors with similarities. They are both acute viral the windows and doors closed thus infections (which means that most creating a perfect breeding ground for antibiotics won't help at all). Colds viruses. Children bring the latest typically produce nasal congestion, a versions home from school, and fast lane scratchy throat, sneezing, coughing, lifestyles conspire to weaken immune blocked sinuses and eustachian tubes, systems, which leaves most of us more and little or no fever. Flu tends to hit vulnerable to the growing pool of viruses suddenly, like the proverbial ton of lying in wait.
bricks, with fevers from 102 degrees to 104 degrees, severe headache, muscular Life isn't necessarily perfect. Our aches and pains, exhaustion, and a dry schedules are so crammed we don't hacking cough. Neither are a whole lot always have time to eat right. There goes the good diet and the optimum nutrition. We get tired and run down.
So what do to do when life We push to get through the holidays, presents a nasty virus? further depleting our physical resources.
And, even if we remembered to get a flu At our house, relief is no farther away than the medicine chest where we keep the echinacea and other herbs that comprise the best cold fighting formula to be had without a prescription.
Here's the Story
The Purple Cone
on the Cold
Flower, aka
Fighters in
Our Own Immune
Cells "More
Efficient" Against

E ven though the seasonal viruses Bacteria, Viruses,
are typically named for foreign and Cancer
shores—i.e. the infamous Hong Kong flu—two of the herbs that fight them are homegrown. True natives. These tough According to the Herb Research
Foundation, echinacea (unlike new world prairie plants were being antibiotics which are directly lethal to used to fight infections long before the bacteria) "makes our own immune cells Pilgrim Fathers landed on Plymouth more efficient in attacking bacteria, Rock and they remained an important viruses, and abnormal cells." part of the conventional medical pharma- Indeed, echinacea is perhaps the copoeia until the mid-twentieth century.
best-known and best-researched herb Now, with the advent of comple- for stimulating the immune system.
mentary medicine, these herbs again Over 500 studies document the chem- enjoy their proper place of honor in the istry, pharmacology, and clinical use 21st century medical kit.
of echinacea. Although no one has discovered exactly how echinacea works, it is certain that various phyto- chemicals in echinacea do the following: Increase the number and activity of immune function cells, including anti- tumor cells.
Promote T-cell activation.
Stimulate new tissue growth for During the 1980s goldenseal wound healing.
became one of the most sought after herbs in the country. It was reputed to Reduce inflammation in arthritis and clear the blood of drug residues, some skin conditions.
enabling one to pass tests designed to Have antibiotic action in that they detect such substances. In actual fact are bacteriostatic, anti-viral, and goldenseal does not do this. What it can do, however, is zap the nasty bugs that Inhibit the bacterial enzyme cause a multitude of human miseries.
hyaluronidase, which the bacteria The researchers at Integrative Medicine use to gain access to healthy cells. Communications aver that goldenseal is No access: no infection.
"particularly applicable to disorders and infections of the mucous membranes." In the laboratory, according to Antibiotic of the
Health World's Herbal Materia Medica, Plant World
antimicrobial effects have been demonstrated against bacteria, protozoa, Goldenseal, a pretty little member of and fungi, including:
the buttercup family was first introduced to early settlers by the Staphylococcus spp.
Cherokee and Iroquois tribes. The root Streptococcus spp.
and rhizomes immediately became a valuable addition to the European Chlamydia spp.
remedies brought with the settlers—so Corynebacterium diptheria valuable that goldenseal was sold and Escherichia coli used in standard medical practice until 1960, marketed by Park-Davis, Salmonella typhi Squibb, and Lilly, among other giant Diplococcus pneumonia Psuedomonas spp.
season—a magic pill that will stop the misery in its tracks.
Shigella dysenteriae Like echinacea, goldenseal should Entamoeba histolytica not be taken on a continuous basis, and Trichomonas vaginalis is contraindicated for pregnant women Neisseria meningitides or nursing mothers.
Treponema pallidum Leishmania donovani Candida albicans Years ago a study indicated that
chicken soup—just like grand- mothers the world over claimed—really did help a cold. Most of the grandmoth- Some of the
ers I know put a garlic clove or two in Pathogens Listed is their chicken stock. It may be that garlic
Actually Stronger
was the secret ingredient in all that lov- Than That of
ingly tendered chicken soup.
Not that the health benefits of garlic are a secret any longer. If it …Herbal Materia Medica weren't a close relative of lowly onions and leeks, garlic might be billed as a James F. Balch, MD, in Prescription modern miracle drug, echoing the
for Nutritional Healing credits reputation it enjoyed several thousand goldenseal (if taken immediately at first onset of symptoms) with being able to "stop a cold, sore throat, or flu from The earliest medical literature of developing." That sounds exactly like the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and what most of us wish for during the flu Chinese lauded garlic as the primary treatment for tumors, headaches, weak- A follow-up study involved two sets ness, fatigue, wounds, sores, and of patients with coronary-artery disease.
infections. The first Olympic athletes One group got garlic the other did not.
used garlic as an energizer. In those Those who received garlic had steadily days it was cultivated not for its culinary declining levels of the blood fats value but for its therapeutic benefits.
associated with heart disease. The researchers waxed eloquent: "The posi- The scientific community took tive reports appear to be overwhelming.
notice of garlic when Louis Pasteur The reviewers were surprised by the demonstrated its anti-bacterial properties scarcity of negative reports." in 1858. They took another look when According to Integrative Medicine Albert Schweitzer successfully used gar- Communications, results of subsequent lic to treat amoebic dysentery, but they research into the effects of garlic on really began to pay attention when the cardiovascular disease show results of an epidemiological study were "unequivocally that it can help prevent published about 10 years ago.
atherosclerosis through its effects on elevated lipids and blood The long-term study compared three groups of vegetarians in India who: 1. Consumed little or no garlic at all.
Studies on both animals and humans showed that garlic favorably 2. Consumed moderate amounts of
shifted the critical HDL/LDL ratios, garlic (10 grams per week).
lowered plasma viscosity, improved 3. Consumed large amounts (50 grams
blood fluidity and capillary blood flow, per week) of garlic.
inhibited platelet aggregation, and Although the diet of all three reduced blood pressure in hypertensive groups was virtually identical except for the differences in the amount of garlic But that's not all garlic does.
consumed, their cholesterol levels varied Scores of recent studies have shown that widely, indicating beyond much doubt the various compounds in garlic not only that garlic lowered cholesterol levels.
protect against heart disease they world over. Garlic may be what appear to have active anti-cancer effects Hippocrates had in mind when he said and remarkable antibiotic action. Garlic some 2300 years ago: "Let food be your juice and its constituents can inhibit, or kill, more than 60 fungi and 20 types of bacteria, including some of the most One caution—because garlic virulent known to man. It is also increases the fluidity of blood it should believed to be active against certain not be taken in conjunction with blood Garlic is also a major antioxidant Astragalus
and shows antitoxic activity against the Bolsters
toxins we take in on a daily basis. Toxins like carbon tetrachloride, isoproterenol, and heavy metals.
In Chinese medicine Wei Ch'i refers to
the defensive energy system, known Cancer research with garlic is in the Western world as the immune impressive. Epidemiological studies in system. Like most other herbs that have China indicate that garlic protects occupied positions of importance in against stomach cancer. In animal various traditional medicine protocols, studies, garlic compounds given to mice astragalus has been "discovered" by before exposure to a colon-cancer-induc- modern medical science.
ing agent had a potent protective effect.
The garlic-treated animals got 75 percent In scientific studies in both the fewer tumors. In similar studies garlic United States and China extracts from protected animals against esophageal the root of this member of the pea family cancer, as well as stomach and skin have been shown to increase nearly every phase of immune system activity.
There you have it, the complete One study, reported by Health miracle drug, a pungent panacea, and so World, showed that long-term use safe it can be found in kitchens the (35 days) enhanced immune cell activity ranging from the speed with which membranes, which weakens the viruses immune cells develop to the speed with so astragalus-bolstered immune cells which they travel in the body. Another can kill them before they invade body study showed that astragalus increased cells and begin to reproduce.
the production and storage of interferon (a substance that alerts the body to Viruses are, in effect, parasites.
invading pathogens and stimulates cells They cannot reproduce on their own but to begin their defense), and to amplify must invade a cell of a host in order to interferon's effects in fighting illnesses replicate themselves. Anything that like the common cold.
interferes with this process lessens the impact of a viral attack.
In studies performed at places like the National Cancer Institute That is the crux of the matter. The researchers discovered that astragalus aim of any good cold or flu formula is to augments those immune cells that fight get rid of viruses before they can do disease while it removes some of those harm. Popular symptomatic remedies that actually make the body more merely try to mask symptoms so the vulnerable to invading bacteria and sufferer feels "better" while his or her viruses. There is also evidence that immune system is struggling to over- astragalus protected the immune system come the latest attack. Unfortunately, during chemotherapy and radiation this depletes immune resources and treatments, preserving the body's leaves the victim even more vulnerable natural immunity while helping it to to the next nasty bug to come along.
attack the cancer.
And, that's why the folks at Nature's Aide® put these powerful virus fighters Scientists have isolated a number in one convenient formula.
of active ingredients in astragalus, including choline and a polysaccharide No matter how safe natural sub- called Astragalan B. Astragalan B stances are, it is always recommended to appears to work against viruses by check with your professional health care binding to the cholesterol on their outer provider before taking anything new.

Nature's Aide® Vitamins is a unique formula that belongs in Serving size: 4 tablets your medicine cabinet at all times. Amount per serving Be prepared to fight winter colds Echinacea (4% phenolics)(Echinacea purpurea) (root) and flu with all of these wonderful Goldenseal (5% alkaloids) (Hydrastiscanadensis) (root) high potency herbs Odorless garlic (0.8% allicin)(Allium sativum) (bulb) Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus)(root) *Daily value not established.
Other ingredients: dicalcium phosphate, microcrys- talline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid,silica, magnesium stearate, and pharmaceutical glaze.
You can buy without a In 60 or 120 Tablet Bottles
Reg $ Each
Nature's Aide® Vitamins A Division of NMN Vitamins, Inc.
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