Submitted By: Parish Disaster Committees
Date of Event: August 28, 2008
St. James
Tangle River - (break away of a section of the road to the bottom end and upper
middle a long crack in the surface.
Johnson - huge landslide blocking more than half the roadway bringing traffic to a snarl. Further into Johnson before reaching the Church there was another huge breakaway in the road. Heading to Niagra/Arcadia were flooded waters across the main roads.
Vaughnsfield/Maroon Town - a section of the community was still under water (villagers were marooned). In Maroon Town there was a huge landslide, which has been cleared.
Dundee - a section of the road has broken away.
Maldon at Groundy Corner – there was a landslide.
Seven Rivers - flooded waters covering about twenty (20) chains. Bridges and along the main road had water overflowed its banks.
Heading into Cambridge, the rivers became in-spate covering the school gate about one mile of heavy waters onto the roadway trapping about four houses in its path.
Maizeland/Catadupa to roadway was cut into two different places causing serious damage to land, crops, and houses.
Damage to Houses –
Alanzo Bowlin, 78 years - had lost his house in Pear Tree, Niagra.
Seta Shakespeare from Sweet Water lost a section of her roof. There were also damages to furniture, etc. also, Mr. Robert Brown from Mafoota.
Mr. & Mrs. McFarlane of Maizeland, Catadupa – shifting of land in all directions almost toppling the house. They were rescued by neighbours.
1. Summary of Response ConclusionThe Welfare Committee has embarked and taken position of operations, management planning logistics for victims involved.
2. Local Level Response a. Parish EOC was activated Thursday August 28 at 2:00 p.m. by His Worship the Mayor, Charles Sinclair Jnr.
b. All Government Agencies responded except the National Works Agency and ADRA.
c. Volunteers included the Army, Cadets Corp and local citizens from the 3. Hot Spots – Maroon Town/Vaughnsfield was under water and rising. The area has become infested with mosquitoes, fecal matter and stagnant water. The Public Health Department was informed and they are dealing with the matter.
4. Interaction with Parish and Regional EOC's This was done with Hanover's Coordinator and the Regional Coordinator regarding operations.
5. Supplies were sent from central supply, ODPEM, to the region for distribution.
1. Fire and Medical representatives were on hand but there was no need for rescue operations.
2. Telephone and electricity were very visible.
3. Interaction also took place with some Fire Officers and the National Solid Waste Management Authority (Western Region).
This Committee was activated and was on top of things almost immediately. Officers were sent out in the field to do investigations and mop-up. Persons who needed instant help were assisted with a few tarpaulins, food, clothing, blankets and mattresses.
No. of persons
No. of families
who accessed
still in shelters
Eight shelters were activated in the Parish including the Night Shelter and one aftermath shelter. Number of persons who access shelters totaled 200. Number of families in shelter – one (5 adults and 5 children). TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING
1. Disaster Coordinator 2. Welfare Committee 3. Regional Coordinator 4. Information sent to National EOC Media Management:
All areas of media/print were very vigilant and information published.
St. James was not badly hit despite the few damages mentioned above.
Supplies should be sent to the various EOC's long before an eventuality to
prevent last minute ‘rush' and adequate preparations.
Submitted by: Mrs. Amanda Thompson, Disaster Coordinator for St. James
Date & Time Submitted:
September 10, 2008, Type: Tropical Storm Gustav Location/ Areas affected
St Ann / Entire Parish St. Ann Parish Disaster Committee Introduction and Background:
The St. Ann Parish Disaster Committee activated Emergency Operation Centres and shelters following information received from the Office of Disaster Preparedness on the approaching Tropical Storm Gustav. An Emergency Response Planning meeting was held on the 26th of August 2008 at 1:00pm in the Parish Council Chamber, which was well attended by Committee members. A few critical agencies were absent from the Emergency Operation Centre following its activation on the 27th of August at 5:00pm, the Centre however was well manned and remained activate for three days and was deactivated on Sunday 31st August 2008.
The Centre was not adequately staffed and there was a lack of vital equipments. There was also an element of danger caused by the heavy wind, as the huge glass windows in the chamber were not properly secured. The problems were noted and report made to the Secretary Manager and His Worship the Mayor of St. Ann's Bay, Chairman of the Parish Disaster Committee.
It is important that an adequate sized power generator be obtained, as it is urgently needed for the proper running of the EOC and to ensure that representatives are not left in discomfort whenever the power is loss. A suitable water storage device is also needed.
Summary of Areas Damaged such as Critical Facilities, Roads etc.
Cave Valley
The entire town of Cave Valley was flooded with water reaching over four (4) feet in most areas. The rising water started to recede immediately as the heavy rains stopped and there was little damaged incurred from the flooding. Major damage in this area was to crops and roads.
Mr. Lenmar Campbell of Cave Valley was affected when a Parish Council retaining wall collapsed under the strain of rushing water and damaged a section of his house.
Pedro River
Severe damage to crops was caused by rising water that flooded all the depressions in Pedro River. Depressions were filled with water up to 8 feet; however, the main sinkhole, which was cleaned, recently worked wonderfully therefore the river played a minor part in the flooding.
The water steadily rose in the lake at swamp in Moneague and the citizens were restless as several calls were received. The main road leading from Moneague to the Swamp community was inundated however no further reports of flooding were received. The main road to Foreman's Hill from Moneague was badly scoured but was not flooded.
The torrential downpour caused damage to several farms in the area; the main road was also flooded and remains impassable for approximately five days.
Ocho Rios
Reports were received of flooding in Fern Gully; however the water subsided with the rainfall. The road was badly scoured but overhauls this flood prone area stood up well.
Discussion of Response
The Emergency Operation Centre was manned by Officers at the Management level from a few agencies some were absent or sent Junior Officers and the expected Coordination of agencies were not efficiently carried out. I recommend immediate training of all members of the Parish Disaster Committee and that theE.O.C. is equipped with the necessary equipments and accessories for a more meaningful response exercise to be carried out during future threats. The standing plan of action for the E.O.C. was not followed hence, the request for training.
The Operations Committee presence was felt and commendation should go to heads of agencies and members of their organization who were efficient in their activities during the storm.
The Finance and Administrative Department was responsive to the exercise however, the logistics and financing of the Disaster Programme should be done in the preparation phase and not the response phase. The Multi agency approach is well supported by all agencies in the Parish of St. Ann. However, the actual practice is evident. The Committee needs more practice through the staging of simulation and tabletop exercises and drills to improve response and coordination capabilities. The Parish Committee even though commendable in their response to Tropical Storm Gustav should realize that we did not face a destructive storm and a more intense storm could have revealed a lot more weakness.
The Ministry of Local Government and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management presented additional contact numbers and contact persons before the storm and were in constant dialogue with the E.O.C. through out the exercise.
The Regional Coordinator was also in constant contact and served as a vital link with O.D.P.E.M. and the Parish E.O.C. in the area of resource and welfare identification and updated the media of all hazards reported to the E.O.C. The Regional Coordinator also provided storage items for pre-positioning on a timely basis responding to the request from the Parish Committee at the announcement of the imminent storm.
Interacting Systems, Agencies and Programmes
1. The Emergency response agencies were proactive and in constant contact with the Parish Emergency Operation Centre (P.E.O.C.) before, during and after the incident. 2. Important agencies such as the utilities were notably absent from the P.E.O.C. however; the N.W.C. and J.P.S. were reachable and responsive to all emergency calls that went out from the P.E.O.C.
3. The Voluntary agencies, which included the Red Cross, St. John's Ambulance, ADRA and the Salvation Army, worked in tandem with our Parish Welfare Committee. Their efforts were commendable and was highly visible and at the Emergency Operation Centre.
Welfare and Relief Distribution
Shelters Opened – 43Shelters that were occupied – 17 Most of the persons returned home before the night was over. Distribution was carried out by the M.L.S.S. in collaboration with Red Cross, Salvation Army and other civic groups.
Summary And Recommendations
Action Plan for Improvements

Description of actions to be taken

Initial damage assessment was carried out by respective agencies and final assessments are currently being carried out. The ODPEM through donor organization provided sufficient relief supplies managed and distributed by the Parish Welfare Committee.
The tropical storm threat exposed several areas that need attention. A number of
mitigation exercises are needed to alleviate severe flooding especially in the
communities of Douglas Castle and Cave Valley. The Zonal program in
Alexandria, Bamboo, Ocho Rios and Moneague worked beautifully hence the
need for establishment of similar committees across the entire Parish.
Associated Costs and Budget Estimated damage by Tropical Storm Gustav in St. Ann
Type of Damage
National Works Agency Damage to dwelling Crops and Agricultural 2 burnt motor at pumping station in Moneague and Claremont Timetable for Completion
No timetable was set for completion of assessment and response but the expectation is to have assessment completed by mid September and response and rehabilitation by the end of September. Adjustments to this estimation will be decided at the Parish disaster committee.
Follow up responsibility
Respective Agency is responsible for response activities and the PDC will monitor and advised the ODPEM on the same.
Submitted by: Mr. Alvin Clarke, Disaster Coordinator for St. Ann
Date & Time Submitted:
September 12, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.
Type: Tropical Storm Gustav Introduction and Background
On the 28th of August 2008 Tropical Storm Gustav impacted the Island of Jamaica. The path of the Hurricane was along the Southern Coast of the Island. An emergency meeting of the PDC was held on Tuesday the 26th of August at 1p.m. in the Town Hall. The Following persons were present: 1. The Mayor2. Secretary Manager3. Councillors4. Parish Disaster Coordinator5. Director of Finance6. Director of Administration7. NWA 8. Superintendent of Fire9. Superintendent of Police along with three other Police Officers10. RADA11. Councilors12. Superintendent of Roads and Works13. Building Officer14. Volunteers15. Parish manager- MLSS16. Matron for the Infirmary17. Parish Manager- Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd.
18. NWC Emergency Operation Center
Due to the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav the Emergency Operation Center (E.O.C.) was activated on Thursday the 28th of August at 8:30 a.m. JPS Co. Ltd also activated their E.O.C. at their office. The E.O.C. was equipped with the necessary computers, files for logging messages and events, contact list, resource list, display board, telephones, telephone lines and staff. Representatives from the following agencies were present: - Secretary Manager - Regional Coordinator - Parish Coordinator - Clerk- Poor Relief Department - Political Representatives - Police Department - Fire Department - Deputy Public Health Inspector The E.O.C. was deactivated on Friday the 29th of August at 6 p.m.
The E.O.C. operated on a shift system. Meals for the E.O.C. were provided by the Trelawny Parish Council. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were prepared by the cook. During the power outage flashlights were used as the source of light as there is no standby generator at the E.O.C.
Shelter Managers were placed on alert on Tuesday the 26th of August 2008. Nevertheless, The absence of a raincoat, flashlight and water boot made it difficult for the Shelter Managers to effectively carry out their duties.
The Infirmary Residents were evacuated to the Hague primary school. Critical Facilities damaged
Within the parish of Trelawny the facilities affected were houses, roads, power line, farmlands and drains. Please see the summary below: Based on the Damage Assessment that was done 20 families were assessed.
 The number of houses totally destroyed is 0.
 The number of houses that received major damage to roof and structure is 02.
 The number of houses that received minor damage to roof and structure is 18.
N.B. See appendix for list of communities affected by Tropical Storm Gustav.
Roads that were blocked
1. Road leading from Highgate Hall to Albert Town was blocked as a result of a land slide (Lorrimers Division) 2. The road at Allsides was blocked as a result of a landslide (Lorrimers 3. A section at the road at Woodgrove was torn away (Lorrimers Division)4. The road from cotton Tree to Albert Town was blocked by fallen trees (Albert Town Division) 5. A part of the road leading from Carterwood was damaged (Warsop The blocked roads were cleared by the NWA on Friday the 29th of August.
Fallen Power lines:
a. A tree had fallen on a power line in Rio Bueno.
The above report was transmitted to the JPS Co. Ltd. E.O.C. Immediate attention was given to the above matter on Friday the 29th of August, which resulted in majority of the communities in Trelawny receiving electricity by 6 p.m. on Friday.
About 20% of farmlands were affected by the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav. The crops that were damaged included mostly of banana and yam. Representatives from the RADA office in the parish carried out Damage Assessment and the forms have been sent to the Ministry. The farmers are awaiting assistance.
1. A drain located at the road leading from the Wakefield Square to Muchette High School was blocked; which resulted in the road being flooded.
2. A drain in the Joe Hut community (Southern Trelawny) was blocked.
Parish E.O.C
The Emergency Operation Centre responded promptly to every call by conveying
each matter reported to the Response Agencies. The presence of the respective
agencies at the E.O.C. made the responses quick, despite operating with the
limited resources they had.
The E.O.C. was equipped with the necessary computers, files for logging
messages and events, contact list, resource list, display board, telephones,
telephone lines and staff. However, not having the necessary emergency
supplies and equipment was our major weakness
. These supplies and
equipment include raincoats, flashlights, water boots, standby generator and
power saw. The absence of these resources made it difficult for the Shelter
Managers and members of the Emergency Ops to carry out their duties
effectively and efficiently.
N.B. The 10 water boots, 10 raincoats and 6 flashlights that were purchased by Trelawny Parish Council were distributed to members of the Emergency Response Team along with those received from the ODPEM's Regional storeroom.
The Welfare team visited the shelters on the Saturday after the passing of Tropical Storm Gustav. Assistance in the form of blanket and food items and toiletries were given to persons who occupied the shelters. Majority of the shelterees sought refuge at shelters as a safety measure. On the 29th of August only 4 of the 7 shelters remained open. By the following day all shelters were closed.
The Trelawny's E.O.C. received the following items from ODPEM's regional store room in Montego Bay on the 28th of August at 1:35pm: 6 pairs of water boots 36 coleman-4D Camp Lanterns Red Cross assisted shelterees by providing them with food items and toiletries. Interaction with critical hot spots
Thankfully, the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav did not impact heavily on the Parish. Therefore, no hot spots, as it relates to disaster area, were identified.
Interaction at parish and regional E.O.C.s
The Parish E.O.C. communicated on a regular basis with the E.O.C.s at ODPEM and the Ministry of Local Government. Additionally, when the shift changed a debriefing session was held so as to inform the new shift members of the happenings at the E.O.C.
Activities carried out at the Regional level to support the National agenda
Relief supplies were sent from the Regional stores to the local stores. Additionally, the Regional Coordinator visited the E.O.C. on a regular basis.
Interacting Systems agencies and Programmes
1. Police Department
Present at the E.O.C.
Patrolled the Communities to
prevent looting etc.
Provided security at Shelters
2. Fire Department
Present at E.O.C.
3. Medical Department
Present at the E.O.C.
Visit and inspect shelters that
were occupied.
4.National Works Agency
Cleared main roads that were
blocked by fallen trees.
Present at the E.O.C.
5. Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd.
Activated and operated their
E.O.C. which was located at
their office-Wellington Street,
Falmouth P.O.

reports of fallen power lines
and power outages.

A water truck from Rapid
Response was sited on the
Falmouth hospital Compound.

Advised citizens of the parish
on water safety.
Lock off water supply
Restored the water supply to
citizens the day after the
passage of Tropical Storm

7. Telephone Service
Ensure that the telephone
service was available for use
throughout the passage of the

8. Red Cross
Distributed relief items to
9. Political Representatives
Transmit information
Present at the E.O.C.
Welfare and Relief Distribution
Relief Items Distributed
To date affected persons have received temporary relief items such as: Number of families
Verification of Relief Distribution
Before receiving relief items each victim presented their Identification Card and after receiving their supplies they affixed their signature on a list that was compiled by the M.L.S.S. Each distributor used one list, which resulted in a fair distribution.
N.B. Relief distribution was done by visiting individual shelters.
No. of shelter activated in Trelawny: No. of shelters currently open and supporting figure: No. of families
persons who
still in shelters
Relief Clearance and Regional Stores Activities
Relief Clearance (Trelawny)
Port of Entry
Description of
Type of Mode of
Description of
goods/ supplies
Local s/room
Coordinator's Vehicle Local s/room
Local s/room
Local s/room
Local s/room
Telecommunications and Information processing
Local Level
The only means of communication is the use of the telephone namely: Cellular and landline. With the use of the above-mentioned communication network the E.O.C. communicated with the regional Coordinator, Shelter Managers, the Matron of the Infirmary, Councillors, volunteers etc.
During the storm information was transmitted to the E.O.C. via telephone, the use of runners and persons with vehicles sightseeing in neighboring communities.
Information coming into the E.O.C. was written down manually. The police officer who was stationed at the E.O.C. communicated information received from the E.O.C to the Falmouth police station via a CB Radio and other agency representatives communicated to their colleagues via the telephone.
The Parish's E.O.C. communicated habitually with the Regional Coordinator, as well as the Parish Coordinator for Hanover and St. James. As mentioned above, the only means of communication was via the use of telephones.
The Parish Coordinator communicated regularly with the National E.O.C. (ODPEM). Regular calls were made to and from both Emergency Operation Centers (Local and National). The medium through which information was transmitted was the use of telephone. Information was gathered and passed onto the Regional Coordinator, the Ministry of Local Government and the National E.O.C.
An advisory was given to the citizens of Trelawny pertaining to the evacuation of residents and preparedness tips. This was done through an interview that was done by RJR with the Mayor of Falmouth. Also, several interviews were done by other radio stations with the mayor and the Parish Disaster Coordinator before the passage of the storm.
Additionally, an advisory was given by the Police Department with regards to looting.
Furthermore, the Parish Coordinator was interviewed by FAME FM, JIS and HOT 102 during and after the passage of Hurricane Dean. Recovery Activities to date in the Region
The recovery activities to date include:  Restoration of Electricity  Restoration of the Water supplies Summary and Recommendations
Below is information pertaining to the operation of the E.O.C. before, during and after the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav on the 28th of August 2008.
Before the operation of the E.O.C 1. Shelter Managers were placed on 1. The absence of a Standby Generator at the E.O.C.
2. PDC emergency meeting was held on Tuesday the 26th of August 2008.
3. Emergency supplies were purchased and distributed to the members of the Emergency Response team.
4. The E.O.C. was set up with the necessary materials, e.g. message forms, map of the parish, tracking maps and food supplies5. An alternate E.O.C. was identified 6. A Shift System was set up pertaining to the staffing of the E.O.C.
During the operation of the E.O.C.
1. The E.O.C. was activated on 1. 3 flashlights were at the E.O.C. to Thursday the 28th of August 2008 at the provide lighting in the event of a power Roads and Works building and was outage.
adequately staffed.
2. Adequate water storage.
2. The absence of a Standby Generator at the E.O.C. hindered the normal running of the center.
3. Adequate food supply was available 3. The lack of emergency supplies prevented the Shelter Managers from carrying out their duties effectively.
4. The cook was apart of the staffing at the E.O.C.
5. The Parish E.O.C was constantly communicating with the J.P.S. Co and Health Department E.O.C.
6. There was constant communication between the Shelter Managers and the E.O.C. before the passing of Tropical Storm Gustav. 7. Some relief items were transported to the E.O.C from the ODPEM's Regional Store room in Montego Bay.
The operation of the E.O.C. after the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav 1. The Welfare Committee visited the 1. The Committee is in need of a Shelters and started damage Assessment on Saturday the 30th of August.
2. Immediately after the passing of Tropical Storm Gustav NWA cleared the roads.
3. Shelterees received temporary relief supplies such as blankets, food items and toiletries.
Based on what was observed before, during and after the passing of Tropical Storm Gustav, Shelter Managers and the members of the Parish Disaster Committee need to be provided with the necessary supplies and tools such as, flashlights, water booths, rain coat, power saw etc. to carry out their duties efficiently. Additionally, the E.O.C. needs to be equipped with a Standby Generator.
Therefore, the proposed plans to remedy the weaknesses observed are as follows:  The Trelawny Parish Council, Ministry of Local Government and Environment and ODPEM will be asked to provide the necessary resources such as a standby generator, power saw, flashlights etc. Flashlights, raincoats and water boots will be distributed to the Shelter Managers and members of the Parish Disaster Committee before the Hurricane season begins.
 To purchase a container to locally store relief items such as roofing materials, mattresses, blankets, tarpaulins etc. This is to ensure that relief items are readily available for victims after an event.
Thus, not having the necessary resources is our major weakness.
Most communities in Trelawny received electricity and water on Friday the 29th of August 2008. It can therefore be concluded that the parish of Trelawny has to some extent returned to normality.
 Roofing Materials  Housing Materials Action Plan for Improvement
Description of action
Timetable for
Follow up
Purchase a Stand by Secretary Manager/ Parish Coordinator Purchasing of relief supplies Parish Coordinator/ to be distributed to Shelter Regional Coordinator/ Managers and the Parish Secretary Manager Disaster Committee.
2007-2008 Proposed Budget- Activation of the Emergency Operation Centre Proposed ($)
1 Stand by Generator 3 packs of Plain paper (letter size) 3 packs of Plain paper (legal size) Credit (Phone card) for staff Credit (Phone card) for shelter Flip Charts& paper 30 Reflector vests 3 packs Thumb Tack 600 Duracell batteries 1. Shelters that were occupied during Tropical Storm Gustav include the
# of Occupants Holland High School Trelawny Infirmary Hague Primary School Litchfield SDA Church Lowe River Assemble Church of God Stewart Town Community Centre Total number of persons housed in Shelter during Tropical Storm Gustav is
Majority of the shelterees sought refuge at shelters as a safety measure. On
the 29th of August only 4 of the 7 shelters remained open, namely:
1. Hague Primary2. Holland High3. Warsop All-Age4. Stewart Town Community Centre However, according to reports received, all shelters were closed by Saturday the 30th of August 2008.
2. Communities affected by Tropical Storm Gustav (Houses)
# of Houses affected
Submitted by: Mrs. Dion Hylton-Lewis, Disaster Coordinator for Trelawny
Date & Time Submitted:
September 12, 2008 at 4:21 p.m.
Type: Tropical Storm Gustav Introduction and Background
1. Type /location On Tuesday, August 26th 2008, a call was received from the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management informing the Coordinator that all members of the Parish Disaster Committee were to be put on alert as Tropical Storm Gustav was moving through the Caribbean. The chairman of the committee and the Secretary of the Parish Council were then contacted and an emergency meeting convened at the Westmoreland Parish Council that afternoon. At the meeting Councilors and Officers of the Parish Council along with representatives from different Government and Non Governmental organizations were in attendance. Each reported on their level of preparedness.
By the following day a hurricane watch and tropical storm warning were in effect for Jamaica. As the centre of the tropical storm was expected to pass very close to the country, first expected to pass on the north side of the island but later traveled along the south coast.
Another emergency meeting was held after which in preparation, items were
bought and distributed to some shelter managers. The Parish Emergency
Operation Centre located at the Westmoreland Parish Council was activated at
6:00 p.m., Wednesday 27, 2008. For two nights representatives from Parish
Council office, Roads and Works, Health Department, Police and Red Cross
remained in the Emergency Operation Centre.
As the winds blew stronger on Friday the Jamaica Public Service disconnected electricity which serviced the parish. As the installation of the generator was not completed the EOC was temporarily closed on Friday and Saturday night.
On hearing on Saturday night of flooding in McNiel Land separate visits were made to the area by the Coordinator, Red Cross, MLSS and Health Department.
2. Summary of areas damaged destroyed such as critical facilities routes etc.
From reports received; No report was received of damage to National Works facilities. Only minor scurrying was observed on some of the
main roads. Inundated roads were: Bath, Strathbogie,
Little London, St. Paul's, Petersfield, and Ferris
. As a
result new pot holes emerged
2. Parish Council
Carawina to River Head - Fire Department responded. Dexter Street, Darliston - Fire Department responded. Three Miles River – Only large vehicle could pass.
BathRickettsHertfordMorassGully Bank, Barracks Road, Sav - Fire Department responded. Residents refuse to be evacuatedFarm PenBack HatfieldSeaton CrescentBambooRicketts AvenueFromeHudson StreetCherry LaneWater Works - fire Department respondedCampbelton to Bastard Cedar Cross RoadsLittle London Broughton RoadGrant BushNew HopeNew Savannah River overflow bank Ten (10) broken post, 2 defective transformers, broken or
defective conductors and 5 leaning poles.
4. Police
There was no report of damage done to any of the Police No report was received of damage done to facilities belonging to Fire Department 6. Hospital
Reports received indicated that there was leakage on the Delivery Ward of the Savanna-la-Mar General Hospital. Water also blew in on the Medical floor.
Discussion of Response
This discussion should highlight among other management, operations, planning/logistics, finance/admin, multi-agency coordination and its level of appropriateness.
1. Summary of response conclusions2. Local level response Four (5) meetings chaired by the Mayor and one (1) by the Chairman of the Health and Welfare sub-committee were held from August 26 – 30 to receive reports and coordinate responses in the parish. The Parish Manager of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, chairman of the Health and Welfare Sub-Committee, purchased food for persons in areas which received flooding.
In rolling out the Health and Welfare policy, in the initial stages, the committee agreed on the areas to be visited to conduct assessments.
b. Government agencies The officer of MLSS and Red Cross visited other areas to verify reported incidents and to conduct damage assessments. A total of 163 persons received food packages.
During the storm the Fire department after receiving reports from the EOC evacuated person from some areas. Unfortunately some residents refused to leave after the unit arrived to relocate them.
1. Distributors The officers of MLSS and Red Cross visited flooded areas
McNeil Land and Carawina among other areas to verify
reported incidents and to conduct damage assessments. A
total of 163 persons received food packages.
Fallen trees and limbs which fell on roads have since been removed. Officers from Roads and Works Department ensured that the windows of the Parish Council's Administrative Office and the Savanna-la-Mar. Infirmary were batten up in preparation for the Tropical Storm.
4. Police
Close contact was maintained during the tropical storm as an officer was assigned to visit the EOC regularly to share with and receive from the EOC reports which were passed on to Area 1 via telephone.
5. Hospital
Eight (8) Injured persons were seen as a result of the
passing of the Tropical Storm c. Volunteers agencies 3. Interaction with critical hot spots (disaster areas) and actions taken4. Interaction at the parish and regional EOCs along with other state 5. Activities carried out at the regional level to support the national agenda. Interacting Systems agencies and programmes
1. Emergency response agencies (function of Law Enforcement, Fire medical rescue etc) The officers of the Savanna-la-Mar Fire Brigade responded to calls received during the passing of Tropical Storm Gustav. EvacuationResidents of Gully Bank, Barracks Road, Savanna-la-Mar refused to leave the flooded community when the unit went to evacuate them. However seven (7) persons (two adults and five children) were evacuated from the Carawina community and taken to Petersfield High School shelter and Six (6) taken from Darliston to a private home Medical ResponseThe officers responded to medical request in three areas, Three Miles River (asthma and OB) Little London and Burnt Savannah Fire on electric poleThe unit also responded to a fire which started on an electric pole in Water Works. 2. Cooperating agencies utilities (telephone, water, electricity) The ten (10) broken post were replaced, 2 defective
replaced, broken or defective conductors
removed and replaced and 5 leaning poles straightened.
Tree limbs were also removed from power lines,
Restoration Power supply was restored to the General Hospital after on August 29, 2008.
Llandillo – Nampriel Red Gate – Whitehouse 30/8/08 - 6:00 p.m.
Whithorn – Bethel Town Mackfield – Ramble As soon as the electricity returned, water supply plants inBullstrode, Bluefields, Roaring River 1 & 2, Albany, Cave, Nampriel, Petersville, Williamsfield and Dantrout were restored and residents were able to receive potable water. Turbidity was observed at Dantrout.
3. Volunteer ProgrammeCouncillors, officers from Social Development Agencies assisted in gathering names of affected person which was passed on to MLSS for investigation.
Welfare and Relief distribution
Relief distribution figures per parish and the general work that is being done re verification.
Since the passing of the Tropical Storm teams comprising of persons from MLSS
and Red Cross visited areas which flooded during the storm, and conducted
assessment. From damage assessment report fifteen (15) persons received
minor damage
, two (2) were totally damaged and fourteen (14) received
severe damage.

Both persons who received damage to their houses and those in flooded areas
like McNiel Land and Carawina received food packages - totalling -163. Three
(3) mattresses and forty six (46) tarpaulins, ten (10) hygiene kits, eleven
(11) kitchen kits, ten (10) blankets, six (6) buckets, six (6) sheet sets, were
also distributed by MLSS and Red Cross).
Forms have been sent off to the
Head office of MLSS awaiting compensation for those who were affected.
No of shelters activated by ParishNo of shelters currently open and supporting figures Shelters
persons who families
Appendix could have listing of shelters that were opened over the period. Relief Clearance and Regional Stores Activities
Port of Entry
Description of goods /
Description of goods /
Mode of Transport
Telecommunications and information processing
1. At the critical hot spots 2. Local level Communication at the local level was constant as Co-ordinator contacted agencies when there was a need to respond. Close contact was maintained through out the storm with police officers as an officer was assigned to visit the EOC regularly to share with and receive from the EOC reports which they passed on to Area 1 via telephone.
3. Regional level The Co-ordinator communicated with the Regional Co-ordinator as well as with the Ministry of Tourism through telephone calls. Close and constant contact was maintained with the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, (NEOC) through emails, cellular and land line telephones. Media Management – (any interviews done for the organization? Any concerns? any recommendations for improvement) Was the manner in which information communicated / transmitted to you appropriate? How can it be improved? Gaps identified e.g. Training needs for all areas.
Recovery Activities to date in the Region
Information not yet available Summary and Recommendations
The Tropical Storm Gustav deposited much water in the Parish of Westmoreland.
The wind also caused light poles and tree/limbs to fall. A few houses received
minor to major damages and agencies reported to the reports received.
There was an improvement to the operation of the EOC in Westmoreland this time, as preparation like, installation of shower, refurbishing of restroom, and purchase of generator were in place. The availability of committee members to remain in the EOC was also better than previous times. 1. A purposeful effort will need to be made to relocate persons living in flood prone areas or mitigative measures put in place to alleviate flooding.
2. Government Agencies need to send a copy of reports to Parish Disaster Co-ordinator so parish report can be prepared.
3. There is a great need to place disaster Management as a line item on 4. There is a need for a warehouse to store all Emergency Supplies for the Parish and a warehouse manager assigned to distribute and keep stock.
Action plan for improvements
1. Description of actions to be taken2. Assignments3. Associated costs and budget4. Timetable for completion5. Follow up responsibility ACTION PLAN FOR IMPROVEMENT
Actions to be
Additional staffing to Office of Local mann telephone Government/Parish and record reports Parish Disaster Co-rdinator Shelter Name
Bleawearie All Age George's Plain Primary Godfrey Stewart High Grange Hill Comprehensive High Little London Primary Peggy Barry Primary Petersfield Comprehensive High Pinkney's Residence Sheffield All Age Strawberry All Age Submitted by: Ms. Hilma Tate, Disaster Coordinator for Westmoreland
Date & Time Submitted:
September 15, 2008 Type: Tropical Storm Gustav Introduction and Background
The Passage of Tropical Storm Gustav resulted in the flooding of several areas
across the parish as well as inundation and damage to many of the roads.
Discussion of Response
Summary of Response
There was a high level of communication and cooperation among the response agencies during the passage of the system.
Local Level Response
Parish Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
The parish EOC was activated at the Black River Fire Station at 4:30pm, Thursday August 28th, 2008. Prior to the activation of the EOC several activities were conducted at the St. Elizabeth Parish Council's Disaster Preparedness office, in preparations for the impact of Tropical Storm Gustav. Activities undertaken prior to the activation of the EOC are as follows: 1. Verification and final distribution of emergency contact numbers to relevant agencies 2. Identification of critical shelters which would receive pre-deployed emergency supplies 3. Distribution of shelter listing to relevant authorities4. Contacting of critical area shelter managers to advise of the delivery of pre-deployed supplies Once activated the EOC remained in contact with all emergency response agencies in order update them of reports being made to the EOC as well as to be updated on the reports that were being made directly to those agencies. The EOC also made regular reports to update the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (OPDEM) of the situation in the parish and what effects were being experienced. Several media interviews were also conducted which served the purpose of updating the nation of the situation in the parish.
Interaction with Critical Hot Spots (Disaster Areas) & Actions Taken
Relief items were pre-deployed to a number of shelters in critical areas in anticipation of them being opened during the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav.
Interacting Systems Agencies and Programmes
The EOC was activated with the following persons/ agencies present:1) Renée Bradford- Britton- Parish Co-ordinator Disaster Preparedness 2) Yvonne Morrison- Assistant (Volunteer) 3) Natasha Biggs- Assistant (Volunteer) Ministry of Labour & Social Security, Parish Manager Senior Superintendent Jamaica Fire Brigade Corporal Jamaica Fire Brigade Sergeant Jamaica Fire Brigade 8) Other Jamaica Fire Brigade personnel totaling fifteen (15) persons The following persons/ agencies were present at the EOC from time to time:1) Byron Colquhoun- Jamaica Public Service Co., Operations 2) Colin McDonald- Ministry of Labour & Social Security, Driver Parish Council, Roads & Works Department, 4) Kingsley Whilby- Jamaica Constabulary Force, Deputy Superintendent The Following persons/ agencies kept in constant contact with the EOC via telephone:1) Alwyn Miller- Ministry of health, Parish Manager 2) Derrick Ledford- Ministry of Health, Medical Officer of Health 3) Jeremy Palmer- Parish Council, Mayor of Black River 4) Gregory Paragh- Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Southern Regional Co-ordinator Welfare and Relief Distribution
The Ministry of Labour and Social Security provided food supplies to all shelters which were opened within 48 hours of the shelters being opened. Please see annex 1 for list of shelters opened. The Ministry also provided food supplies to persons who had reported being flooded out of their homes and were sheltering with friends or relatives. The reports made were as follows: 1) Three (3) families marooned in the New Holland Maggotty area.
2) In the Parklee, Mountainside area a family of eleven (11).
3) Two (2) families consisting of seventeen (17) persons were flooded out of their homes in the Flint Valley area, New Market Division.
A number of incidents were reported to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security which represented thirty- five families. There were only two (2) serious incidences where, a tree fell on house in Prospect, and a roof was partially lost in Balaclava. Leaking roofs and lifting zinc accounted for the other complaints. Reports of persons affected by the system are however still coming in.
Number of Shelters open and Supporting Figures (including the Infirmary) Relief Clearance & Regional Stores Activities
Description of
Quantity Mode of
Goods/ Supplies
28/08/2008 Tarpaulins 28/08/2008 Mattress 28/08/2008 Blankets NO. OF PERSONS
Newell High School Nain Primary School Maggotty High School Flagaman Community Center September 2, 2008 Aberdeen Primary School Thornton Primary School Russell's Primary School- shelterees moved to the Shiloh Apostolic Church when the Primary School was compromised by waterAccompong Primary School Braes River Basic School Brinkley Primary School Brinkley Basic School Pedro Plains Primary School Top Hill Primary School Black River Primary School- Shelter 8 was opened due to rising flood waters after the weather systemParottee Primary School- Shelter was opened to temporarily accommodate the evacuee who was later transferred to the Santa Cruz InfirmarySanta Cruz Infirmary Will possibly be admitted.
Distribution of pre-deployed supplies to eight (8) critical shelters- critical shelters 1) B.B Coke High School 2) Maggotty High School 3) Russell's Primary School 4) Nain Primary School 5) Newell High School 6) Sandy Bank Primary School 7) Pedro Plains Primary School 8) Flagaman Community Center List of Incidents
The following damage/incident reports were made to the EOC: House Damage
1) 1 house, Union Balaclava2) 1 house Johnson, New Market 1) New Market Division ii) Plantainiii) Breadfruit trees 2) Lacovia Division 3) Pedro Plains Division 4) Ipswich Division Road Damage
Several roads throughout the parish were blocked by various obstacles. Blocked roads were cleared by the National Works Agency (NWA) or by residents and were as follows:1) Fallen Trees White Hall to Giddy Hall- partially blocked ii) Barbary Hall by Winchester- partially blockediii) Middle Quarters to White Hall- partially blockediv) Cheltenham- impassible Roads Inundated, Scoured and Gutted were as follows:1) Inundated Roads Maggotty leading to Holland ii) Bagdale Roadiii) Mountainside to Fullerswoodiv) Greenfield Roadv) Billy's Bay Roadvi) Middle Quarters Main Roadvii) Round-about at Appletonviii)Holland Bamboo 2) Scoured and Gutted (a) Johnson Road(b) Springvale Road(c) Back Street Road(d) Myersville Division(e) Buena Vista ii) Lacovia Division (a) Coker Road(b) Holland Mountain(c) Cornwall District(d) Cottawood Main Road(e) Windsor Bridge iii) Ipswich Division (a) Merrywood School Road(b) Harmony Hall Road(c) Mulgrave Elementary School Road Reports of damage to power supply were quickly addressed by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). Complaints were as follows:1) Beersheba, New Market- trees on power line2) Lewisville, New Market- utility pole on Fire3) Main Road- trees fallen across power lines Submitted by: Ms. Renee Britton, Disaster Coordinator for St. Elizabeth
Date & Time Submitted:
September 22, 2008 St. Thomas
Type: Tropical Storm Gustav Introduction and Background
On Thursday August 28, 2008 Tropical Storm Gustav impacted the island. The path of the storm was along the eastern section of the island. The shelter managers were on standby since Tuesday August 26, 2008. They however did not receive any credit.
An emergency meeting was held on Wednesday 27, 2008 at 1:00pm in the councils meeting room. The following persons attended.
 Secretary Manager  Director of Administration  Director of Planning  Superintendent of Roads and Works  Superintendent of Police  Superintendent of Fire Brigade  Manager National Works Agency  Representative Ministry of Labour & Social Security National Solid Waste Management Authority Franklyn Sephestine – Morant Bay Joan Spencer – Seaforth Ludlow Mattison – Bath The EOC was on partial activation since Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm. The EOC went fully operational at 6:30am on, Thursday August 28, 2008, at the Parish Council office 11 Church Street Morant Bay.
The Health Department also activated its EOC at the Morant Bay Health Centre. JPS Co. also activated its EOC at their office 11 Church Street Morant Bay Representatives from the following agencies was present.
The Secretary Manager The acting Secretary Manager Superintendent of Roads and Works (Work Overseers) Medical Officer of Health Director of Administration Telephone Operator Office attendants Radio/C.B operator Meals were provided by the St. Thomas Parish Council.
Damage to Critical Facilities
The critical facilities damaged within the Parish of St. Thomas are Roads, Electricity supply, Drains, Houses and Crops Welfare & Relief Distribution
To date affected persons have received comfort items etal Items Distributed
Tarpaulins Food Items Victims had to await the construction of the Bailey Bridge in order for supplies to come to St. Thomas.
Relief Clearance & Regional Stores Activities
Relief Clearance
Description Quantity Type of Package Transport 28.08.08 ODPEM"S Telecommunication and Information Processing
Communication was by means of cellular phones, Landlines and a dedicated emergency line. The EOC had the services of a radio operator who had standby battery in the event the phone lines were lost.
Shelter Management
Number of shelters activated in St. Thomas:
Numbers of shelters currently opened supporting figure: still in shelters Based on assessment that was completed to date September 22, 2008 a total of 560 families have been assessed.
The number of houses totally destroyed is: The number of houses that received major damage to the roof structure is: 334The number of houses that received minor roof damage is: Teams are still not able to do assessment in Penlyne Castle due to rainfall & blocked roads.
Roads Blocked by Tropical Storm Gustav listed hereunder
Thornton - Red Hills Prentice Hill - Wheelerfield New Town - Sunning Hill Red Hills - Castle Hill Taris - Johnson Mountain Curry Hill - Brooksklands Scotland Road - Wamba WHITE HORSES
Farm Road - York Top Stony Gut Road Hermitage Road - Spring Garden Farm Road - Spring Garden Back Road - Roselle Land Settlement Road Cedar Grove Road Bottom Stony Gut PORT MORANT
Richmond - Pear Tree River Airy Castle - Needham Town Patton Town - Sterling Castle Lowden - Sterling Castle Martinique Place Martinique Avenue CEDAR VALLEY
Mongo Row - Mt. Vernon Hagley Gap - Penlynne Castle Grass Piece - Ragra Road Lady's View - Kerry Hill Penlyne - Nescastle MORANT BAY
Bob Guava Road - Jacques Road Nutts River Road Beckford Town - Oxford Road Beckford Town - Industry Hill Beckford Town - Needham Pen LLANDEWEY
Waterhole - Old Pera New Pera - Barkinglodge Barkinglodge - Spring field Stokes Hall - Cracket Bustamante Ave. - Davies Ave Bowden - Old Road Holland Town Hill SEAFORTH
Kaiser Corner Drain North Road - Middleton Gordonfield Road - White Hall Prendergast Lane - Patto Gully Centre York Hill Ninety Eight Percent (98%) of blocked roads were cleared by Councillors of the respective divisions and the. National Works Agency.
A number of fallen poles were evident across the parish. The JPS Co. Ltd. worked assiduously to restore electricity to the customers. Electricity began returning to the areas by Friday 29.08.2008.
Spring Bank area, which was cut off, received electricity on Thursday 11thSeptember 2008. This area was cut off, an alternate road had to be constructed to access the area.
193 Hectares of crops lost.
Estimated value of loss 32mNo. of farmers affected 1907.
Broilers Amt. 2500Estimated loss 1.2 m National Water Commission
This entity shows scant regards to the Parish's infrastructure. Information from this entity leaves much to be desired The emergency operations centre responded to all calls received by conveying matters to the response agencies. Most response agencies however were a phone call away. The EOC and staff had telephone lines.
The teams visited most of the shelters on Friday 29. 08.2008. There were no tarpaulins or plastic to assist persons who had lost their roof. Persons began returning home to salvage their dwellings on Friday morning.
By Saturday 30.08.2008 all shelters were closed. The Red Cross, The Parish Council and Ministry of Labour & Social Security assisted persons with tarpaulins and foodstuff.
Supplies could not be accessed from ODPEM as the Cane River Bridge at Harbour View collapsed. ODPEM airlifted food and supplies to the affected areas particularly in the hilly terrain. OPEM also transported food to other areas as soon as the bridge was completed. Supplies have since come to the parish.
The St. Thomas Parish Disaster Committee received the following items on 28.08.08 at approximately 1:40pm.
190 Foam Pads180 Blankets90 Cots2 Cases Lanterns5 Cases Pampers Interaction Critical Hot Spot
The community of Spring Bank with approximately three hundred (300) resident was cut off as the road was cut in two. Interaction was ongoing with the EOC and residents via cell phone. The alternative route via a footpath to Tarris, Johnson Mountain was utilized. The Welfare Committee sent food supply and comfort items to the area. The Medical Officer of Health also Communicate with two (2) pregnant mothers in their third trimester happily that ended well.
The parish council has since cut an access road which is being utilized since Friday 6.09.08.
Interaction at Parish Council & Regional EOC's
The Parish EOC communicated regularly with the EOC at ODPEM and the Ministry of Local Government.
Activities carried out at Regional level to support National Agenda
Shelter supplies were sent from National stores to local stores on the afternoon
of Tropical Storm Gustav 28.08.08. The Regional Coordinator constantly
communicated with the local PDC and ensured that reports were logged.
Interacting System Agencies & Programmes
Police Department  Communication link with EOC Patrolled communities  Assisted with information to residents regarding removal to shelters  Received 14 Calls  Communication link with EOC Rescued persons from Curtis Bottom, Port Morant, Poorman's Corner, Yallahs, Bamboo River, Seaforth and Hordley Crossing where 14 passengers including an infant were marooned. They had to overnight in the open. They were rescued at approx. 6.30 am on the 29.08.09.
 Washed out pump house Medical Department  Present at EOC Activated & operated their EOC at the Health Centre  Counseled two (2) pregnant mothers in their third (3rd) trimester in the community of Spring Bank which was cut off.
 Pronounced 68 year old man from Baptist in Yallahs dead. He was washed away at Murray Gully, Llandewey.
 2 mothers airlifted to Victoria Jubilee Hospital  Visited & inspected shelters for Kingston Region (St. Benedicts Church)  Survey of status of toilet facilities National Works Agency  Cleaned Roads blocked by landslides, trees & other debris Jamaica Public Service Co Ltd.
 Shutdown Power in parish by 10:45 before Tropical Storm Gustav made land fall.  Activated and operated their EOC at their office in Church Street Morant Bay.  Responded promptly to reports  Worked assiduously to restore power to its customers.
National Water Commission  Ignored invitation to EOC  Had no working water truck in parish to supply residents with water  Showed a general lack of care and concern for the residents & customers in the parish  Started the restoration of water Telephone Service  Did not suffer any disruption in the landline or cellular service during the passage of Hurricane Gustav  Present at EOC  Assisted with the cleaning of blocked roads.
Supplies for the parish were not available in time to be distributed to the areas.
Summary and Recommendations

 EOC was activated &  Emergency supplies not adequately staffed  PDC emergency meeting held  Inability to provide them with  Shelter managers placed on phone cards.
 Standby generator available The unavailability of resources is our major problem Roofing materialsHousing MaterialsMattresses Action Plan for Improvement
Description of Action
Purchase of relief Parish Coordinator Secretary Manager distributed to shelter managers and Parish Disaster CommitteeEOC Training Parish Coordinator Shelters
Bath Community Centre
Bath Primary & Jr. High School Morant Bay High School Yallahs Primary School Morant Bay Primary Paul Bogle High School Johnstown Primary School Seaforth High School Seaforth Primary School Johnston Mountain Primary School Thornton Primary School Middleton Primary School Easington Primary School Dalvey Primary School Approximately 402All shelters are closed Submitted by: Ms. Miliicent Blake, Disaster Coordinator for St. Thomas
Date & Time Submitted:
September 24, 2008 at 10 a.m.
Type: Tropical Storm Gustav Introduction and Background
As a result of Tropical Storm Gustav being threat to Jamaica with warning that it would make landfall by August 28, 2008, the Parish Disaster Committee members were put on the alert to include Zonal Committee Members. An Emergency meeting was held on August 26, 2008, PDC members gave information on their state of readiness. Bulletin which was received from ODPEM was given on Tropical Storm Gustav. It was confirmed that the EOC would be at the Port Antonio Fire Brigade which is one of the alternate EOC to that of the Portland Parish Council. Esso and Texaco Service Stations agreed (verbally) to reserve gas oil etc for the emergency services, however at the National Level commitment needs to be obtained for same.
Representative from the various Agencies of the PDC were asked to be at the EOC. It was agreed that representatives were to operate on a shift basis or to do regular checks at the EOC.
Summary of areas damaged destroyed such as critical facilities routes etc.
There were reports of fallen trees which blocked roadways in the following areas: Buff Bay, Swift River, Tranquility, Chepstowe, Hope Bay, Fellowship, Port Antonio, Windsor, Breast work, Hospital Road, Mill Bank, Nonsuch, Spring Bank, Seaman's Valley, Alligator Church, Balcarres, Bangor Ridge. National Works Agency, Community Members, National Works Agency and the Portland Parish Council worked assiduously to have the roadways cleared. The Fire Department assisted in clearing two (2) roadways in the Fellowship area.
Water Supplies and Electricity were disrupted, causing the parish to be without electricity and some areas to be without water.
Water Supplies were affected as follows Dislocated pipelines Dislocated pipe, electricity Discussion of Response
6. Summary of response conclusions PDC members (Government/non-government organization/Volunteers) responded to Emergency Meetings/Emergency Operation Centre/Operation of Shelter.
7. Local level response The Emergency Operation Centre was activated at approximately 7:00 a.m. on August 28, 2008.
Operation Gustav at the Portland Fire Brigade was well-equipped with telephone lines transferred from the Portland Parish Council to include two (2) of the Port Antonio Fire Department lines. The numbers for the EOC were 993-2665/2765, 715-6762, numbers used for the Fire Department, 993-3041/4489.
Members of the Parish Disaster Committee were committed to the EOC and worked throughout the night of August 28, 2008.
Food was provided for the EOC and persons were well catered for by staff of the Port Antonio Fire Department.
Emergency items were obtained from ODPEM.
At approximately 8:00 a.m. August 31, 2008 duties were resumed at the Portland Parish Council.
b. Government agencies Jamaica Public Service Company
Hurricane Gustav – August 28, 2008 – Approximately 1:00p.m. Portland had a disruption
in the electricity supply due to failure of the transmission system from St. Mary feeding
There are two distribution feeders in the Parish of Portland – one feeding the from the
Sub Station – (Anchovy to Quaw Hill and another from Anchovy to Dover)
Approximately 31km of the conductors was destroyed through out the Parish. Total
of 129 poles destroyed with the majority of poles and conductors being on the East.
Other fixtures and fittings including transformers, streetlights and insulators were
Based on assessment damage streetlight – approximately total 28, 18 for East Portland and 10 in West Portland. Approximately 12 transformers damaged.
In terms of restoration 99.9% customers were restored by September 10, 2008. A 100% restoration on the West and 99.6% on the East. The target date for completion of the 20 customers out in the Long Bay, Reach and Windsor Forest area are schedule for restoration by September 11, 2008. Please note however that customers who are without electricity as a result of individual complaints such as, damage pot head, meter pole, load side (private line) need to have those corrected before reconnection to JPS system.
Inaccessible road/bad terrain, trees falling and mud slides in areas, such as Comfort Castle, Ginger House, Coopers Hill, Dumpries, Moore Town, Cornwall Barracks, New Eden, Cascade, Claverty Cottage.
In several of these areas Crane Trucks were not accessible, therefore poles had to be manually carried for long distance by workers or private hired tractors.
Jamaica Fire Brigade
The Fire Department worked assiduously to assist members of the Parish Disaster Committee, and accommodation and hospitality was well given to the PDC.
Officers from the Fire Brigade assisted in clearing roadways in Fellowship.
Nineteen calls were received during the passing of Tropical Storm Gustav. Thirteen (13) were Genuine, six (6) Dwelling houses were affected one (1) occurred during Tropical Storm Gustav and six (6) adults were left homeless.
Rural Agricultural Development Authority
80% banana and plantain destroy; within the next 8-10 weeks banana and plantain might not be available. There is no produce available for export. Two thousand seven hundred (2,700) farmers have been affected.
Registered vegetable farmers will receive vouchers to purchase seeds and fertilizers. Registered banana and plantain farmers will receive benefits. Unregistered farmers will receive benefits after registered farmers have been given assistance.
Farmers are encouraged not to take too much of their produce
to market at the same time.

Assistance for poultry will be given as soon as poultry houses are rehabilitated. There s is a loss of approximately 6000 broilers. Areas are Swift River, Grants Level, Stony Hill Sherwood Forest, Manchioneal, Shrewsbury, Mount Pleasant and the Rio Grande Valley.
Portland Health Department
Monitoring was done in the areas of General Sanitation, Water Quality, Food Preparation and Shelters. Major food storage was checked and no evidence of spoilage was found.
Ministry of Labour & Social Security
Approximately 1662 assessments have been carried out across the parish.
Totally destroyed – 98Severely damaged – 668Minor Damaged – 80Damage to Household items – 82 Two (2) shelters remain open: Manchioneal with eight (8) shelterees three (3) males, one (1) female one (1) boy and three (3) girls and Mount Pleasant City Mission Church has six (6) one (1) male, one (1) female, three (3) boys and one (1) girl. National Works Agency
The following roadways are cleared except for Cascade.
Road dislocated in three Restoration to
be done by

Buff Bay –Balcarres Fallen trees, blocked drains, scoured road Balcarres –Wakefield Fallen trees, blocked drain, Reopen to landslippage, wash down Wakesfield – Hardwar Gap Fallen trees, blocked drain, Road closure landslippage.
beyond regale as a result of the severed roadway in three locations Regale, Cascade School & Cascade Spring Garden -Chepstowe Fallen trees, blocked drains, wash down silt single lane

School House Corner- Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage, wash single lane down silt Tranquility-Bangor Ridge Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage single lane

Buff Bay-White Hall Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage single lane

Churchill Corner-Muir Park Fallen trees, blocked trees, Reopen to blocked drains, wash down single lane silt Hope Bay-Chisphall Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage single lane

Chipshall-Durham Gap Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage, scoured road surface Rio Grande Bridge-Cuffies Fallen trees, blocked drains, scoured road Swift River-Mt. Herman Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage single lane

Package #2
Boundbrook-Rio Grande Bridge
single lane

Folly, Boundbrook-Allan Fallen tree limbs, blocked drains, fallen trees, land Fallen trees & limbs, land single lane

Fallen trees, blocked single lane

Fallen trees, land slippages, blocked drains, scoured road surface Windsor-Moore Town Fallen trees, blocked drains, scoured road Moore Town-Cornwall Barracks Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage, scoured road surface Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage, scoured road surface Seaman's Valley-Mill Bank Fallen trees, blocked drains, land slippage, scoured road surface Mill Bank-Bowden Pen Reopen to
single lane

Port Antonio-Nonsuch Fallen trees, blocked single lane traffic Nonsuch-Fairy Hill Fallen trees, blocked single lane

Spring Bank-Stony Hill Fallen trees, land slippage, Reopen to blocked drain single lane

Hector's River – Muirton Blocked drains, wash down silt & fallen trees single lane

Muirton – Fair Prospect Landslips to include fallen trees, sea surge and Fair Prospect – Folly Landslips to include fallen trees, sea surge, blocked drains & scoured road Williamsfield - Haining Fallen trees and blocked single lane

Muirton – Haining Landslips to include fallen trees, sea surge, blocked drains & scoured road Muirton – Ecclesdown Landslips, fallen trees, wash down silt, blocked by fallen trees. Work in

Ecclesdown – Fair Prospect Landslips, fallen trees, wash down silt, blocked Portland Parish Council
The Portland Parish Council parochial roads have been 90% cleared. Roadways blocked are Coopers Hill to Dumphries, Claverty and McCain in Swift River.
The Council continues to work assiduously to restore water supply to Mill Bank and Comfort Castle and to clear road ways. The Council assist in obtaining relief supplies from the ODPEM regional stores, along with joint effort from the welfare team.
Road way blocked, fallen Single lane, work in progress
Total clearance
Road way blocked, fallen trees Single Lane – fallen trees Drain blocked – fallen Drain blocked – fallen Johnnies Piece Road Single lane - tree limbs Cornwall Barracks Single lane - tree limbs Single lane - tree limbs Comfort Castle Area Single lane - tree limbs Single lane - tree limbs Single lane - tree limbs Drain blocked -fallen limb Fallen limb, land slippage Blocked drains due to BirnamwoodKildareMartha Brae (Long Bay) Barrack Spring (Bybrook) Fallen trees, blocked Fallen trees, blocked Durham/Coopers Hill Fallen trees, Land slide Fallen trees, blocked Fallen trees, blocked Blocked road way, fallen Single lane traffic Blocked road way, fallen Single lane traffic work in progress Blocked road way, fallen Single lane traffic Blocked road way, fallen Single lane traffic National Water Commission
All water supplies will be in full operation except for LongBay due to road access and dislocated pipelines.
Dislocated pipelines Dislocated pipe, electricity Port Antonio Police Station
Port Antonio and Castle Police Stations were damaged during Tropical storm Gustav. Looting were reported but as a result of the police responded quickly no items were stolen.
The Police also assisted persons to and from shelters.
Nineteen (19) patrols were on duty four (4) from the Port Antonio Police Station.
8. Interaction with critical hot spots (disaster areas) and actions taken As a result of Tropical Storm Gustav three (3) sections of road ways from Wakefield
to Hardware Gap in Cascade are dislocated, as a result citizens were marooned.
Humanitarian assistance was given by members of the PDC and ODPEM. Follow
up will be done with National Works Agency for restoration
Houses destroyed/damaged in the eastern section of the parish. Manchioneal and Hectors River were greatly affected.
Presently eight (8) individuals still remain in shelter at Manchioneal and two (2) at the Mount Pleasant City Mission Church. All shelters should be vacant by the end of September.
Welfare and Relief distribution
No of persons No of
who accessed families
still in

Appendix could have listing of shelters that were opened over the period. Description of goods /
Anti-bacterial Foam Pads Portland Parish Council Blanket (Fashion) Lantern (Coleman) Batteries (Kodak D) Tarpaulin (20x30) Tarpaulin (26x40) Lantern (kerosene) 10-HP Coleman Generator Generator Battery Tarpaulin (24x36) Tarpaulin (25x40) Blanket (Fashion) Flat Sheet (Double) Tarpaulin (24x36) Tarpaulin (20x30) Telecommunications and information processing
Recovery Activities to date in the Region
Ministry of Labour & Social Security Summary and Recommendations
Proposed Plans to
- Duplication of names submitted by - Committed Staff - Level of knowledge - Communities were & Competence of risk over estimatedmanagement submission of
alleged affected
- Need for
emergency supplies
to be stored in event
of an emergency
- 4 wheel drive
vehicle to respond
as it relates to
Distribution &
- Inter Agency Support - Lack of Manpower - Access to damage - E.O.C. Training facilitated good E.O.C. Operations - Reports received - Inadequate time to and actions taken were available on status charts/boards - Calls received were handled efficiently communication lines communication made to ODPEM for CB Radios to be E.O.C. and all communities across the parish Action plan for improvements
6. Description of actions to be taken a) Restoration of road surface at Cascade.
8. Associated costs and budgeta) NWA 9. Timetable for completion 10. Follow up responsibility a) Portland Parish Councilb) NWA Submitted by: Mrs. Denise Lewis, Disaster Coordinator for Portland
Date & Time Submitted:
September 30, 2008 at 10 a.m.
Type: Tropical Storm Gustav Introduction and Background
3. Tropical Storm Gustav On August 28 -29, 2008 Tropical Storm Gustav struck the Island of Jamaica leaving severe damages to housing sector, the agricultural sector, and our road network. As a result of this many persons were placed in shelters across the island.
The good Lord has been merciful to us in that he has spared us this time around. The Impact of Tropical Storm Gustav on the parish of Clarendon was not as devastating as we were anticipating. Our road network and agricultural sectors were the hardest hit. To date our utilities have been restored and life for the average person has returned to some level of normalcy.
Discussion of Response
On August 27, 2008 at approximately 4:00 pm a meeting of the Parish Disaster Committee was convened in the Councils meeting room to discuss the state of readiness of the various response agencies on the eve of Tropical Storm Gustav. The following persons were in attendance: The Mayor, Deputy Mayor Councillors, secretary/Manager & Staff, National Works Agency, Superintendent of Police, Supt. Fire, Red Cross, MLSS reps, MOH reps, JPSCO, NWC, RADA, NSWMA, SDC, Shelter Managers.
Critical drains that would probably pose a problem were identified and recommendations made for them to be cleared immediately. It was also agreed that persons living in low lying areas would be evacuated and placed in shelters.
The Jamaica Public Service informed the committee that they would be shutting down their system if the need arose. The National Water Commission assured the committee that the hospitals, police stations and the schools that were being used as shelters would have adequate supply of water.
The Parish Emergency Operation Center (PEOC) was fully activated at approximately 8:00 am on Thursday August 28, 2008. All Shelter Managers were placed on alert. Mattresses and blankets were pre-positioned at the priority shelters and persons living in high risk areas were advised to relocate to the shelters. All calls to the EOC were responded to promptly and each reported case was referred to the relevant agencies for action. The requested reports were made to the NEOC via the Regional Coordinator. Notwithstanding, the PEOC communicated on a regular basis with the NEOC at ODPEM and the Department of Local Government.
The EOC was equipped with the necessary tool to carry out its responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
Interacting Systems Agencies and programmes
See appendix
Welfare and Relief distribution
A total of Ninety-five Thousand Dollars was spent by the Ministry of Labour & Social Security to purchase basic food items for persons in shelters and some affected communities.
The assessment of persons whose houses were damaged during the passing of Gustav is still on going. To date 32 families have been assessed, that is: 4 families that had total damages 5 had major damages 23 had minor damages No of shelters activated by Parish No of shelters currently open and supporting figures No of persons No of
who accessed families
still in

Appendix could have listing of shelters that were opened over the period. Relief Clearance and Regional Stores Activities
Relief Clearance

Description of goods /
Description of goods /
Telecommunications and information processing
The Parish Emergency Operation Center was able to communicate via telephones (Cable & Wireless land line and Cellular phone and Digicel Cellular phones), fax messages and the Internet. We had the various Media Houses calling in periodically requesting information. Each request was dealt with accordingly. Was the manner in which information communicated / transmitted to you appropriate? How can it be improved? Gaps identified e.g. Training needs for all areas.
Yes they were but I think the volunteers at ODPEM need to be streamlined in that you don't have several persons calling the parishes requesting the same information.
Recovery Activities to date in the Region
Summary and Recommendations
Action plan for improvements
11. Description of actions to be taken12. Assignments13. Associated costs and budget14. Timetable for completion15. Follow up responsibility SHELTERS OPENED IN CLARENDON
Name of Shelter
Number of persons
Action taken
Date Shelter
was Closed

30 blankets & 25 foam padsWere pre-positioned 25 blankets 25 foam pads were pre-positioned. Persons in shelter also received food items Portland Cottage 25 blankets and 25 including children foam pads were pre-positioned. Items of food was also delivered Mitchell Town Baptist Food delivered to Food delivered to Pleasant Valley All 3 blankets 3 foam pads and food was also delivered Community Center.
Mitchell Town New Items of food was Tarpaulin, 3 foam pads, 5 blankets and food ChurchPinders Valley All Food was delivered SchoolTreadlight Primary Central High School INTERACTING SYSTEMS AGENCIES & PROGRAMMES
Police Department They were present at the EOCPatrolled the communities to prevent lootingVisited the shelters Present at the EOCResponded to special service request (rescue in areas that were flooded)Responded to fire calls Were available on call if neededMonitored Vector controlReminding the public of the importance of boiling drinking water National Works Agency Cleared roads that were blocked as a result of land slidesCleared critical drainsAvailable on call if need arose Jamaica Public Service Co.
Activated their own EOC at their May Pen OfficeAvailable on call National Water Commission Supplied Shelters, Hospitals and Police Stations with waterAvailable on call Telephone CompaniesMinistry of Labour & Social Security Present at EOC.
Welfare Committee Assisted with delivery to the sheltersProvided basic food items for the sheltersAssessment of affected persons Red Cross (Welfare Committee) Assisted with damage assessmentProvided relief items to affected personsPresent at the EOC Parish Council (Admin Staff) Present at the EOCProvided and prepared food for EOCAssisted with delivery to sheltersCoordinated activities and response.
Parish Council (Roads & Works Assisted with delivery of water to affected communities.
Cleared block drains and roadsCarried out assessment of damage to Parochial road ways & minor water suppliesRoads - $264,554,000.00 damageMinor water supplies - $2,080,000.00 Parish Council (Poor Relief) Present at EOCAssisted with delivery to sheltersAssisted with assessment of affected persons Present at EOCAssisted with the evacuation of persons in low lying areasKept the EOC informed of activities in the communities.
Carried out assessment.
117 hectares of crops valued at over $71,000,000.00 was destroyed while livestock valuing over $3,000,000.00 was also destroyed. It was estimated that approximately 3,000 farmers were affected.
Reported Incidents
Gale Housing Scheme flooded Glenmuir /Manchester intersection flooded Sand bar blocking the drain preventing discharge from the drain to the sea in Rocky Point thus blocking the drain mouth resulted in flooding Harris Street, Howard Avenue, West Park Ave. flooded as a result of the Jacks Gully drain being blocked persons living along these avenues especially Harris Street and West Park were asked to evacuate to higher ground.
Fernleigh Ave. /Main Street flooded.
Bridge between Trout Hall and Crooked River broken in two.
Alston main road blocked as a result of land slippage Milk River Bridge from the Predie end is impassable.
Simon and Ginger Ridge roads in Rock River Division were blocked.
Prospect road blocked in two (2) places Alley Bridge impassable.
New Danks, Mitchell Hill and Dry Hill roads were blocked.
Beckford Kraal Road blocked near Cotton Tree.
Submitted by: Ms. Charmaine Williams, Disaster Coordinator for Clarendon
Date & Time Submitted:
September 30, 2008 at 10 a.m.
Type: Tropical Storm Gustav The Municipality of Portmore is located south of St. Catherine and bordered by the Kingston Harbour. Base on its geographical location a number of communities are located adjacent to water body and therefore are prone to flooding. Tropical Storm Gustav made landfall in Jamaica on Thursday 28, 2008. The Municipality of Portmore was no exception to the impact that is associated with the system; however damages were not as devastating as other areas. The residents of Portmore have experienced heavy rainfall, which caused flooding in homes and roadways as well as gusty winds over a period of two days.
Reports received during the operation of Emergency Centre
 Gully located near the West Cumberland Community over flow along the  Rio Cobre River overflow its bank Dunbeholding Route was impassable as a result of flooding  Collapsed drain wall in Guretuca Area Other areas affected by flooding include:
1. Waterford Community : Mystic Way, Douti Way, Section of Ramble Road and Timbrel Way 2. Gregory Park: Dover Avenue 3. Southborough : From the stop light to round-a-bout 4. Greater Portmore, 2 East Activation of EOC
The EOC was fully activated at approximately 7:00 pm on Thursday, August 27, 2008. Arrangements were put in place for shelters, shelter managers Agencies that were on duty during the operating of the centre are:  The police JUTC staff Public Health Officers  Fire Prevention Officers MLSS Volunteers  PMC staff members Opening of Shelters
Three shelters were opened but only two were occupied. Shelters opened are Name of Shelter
No. of person(s) in Adult
Kensington Primary Ms. Carmen Morris Mr. Lloyd Bennett NB. Cadets were stationed at the Portmore Heart Academy to ensure
safety and order.
Persons who were admitted to shelters returned to their place of residence by Friday night.
Deactivation of EOC
At about 1:00 p.m. Saturday, August 30, 2008 a debriefing was held with staff members and persons working at EOC with regard to deactivate the EOC.
Post Tropical Storm Gustav
Water receded from communities and road ways few hours after the heavy showers of rain. Few calls were received from person who had suffer minimal damages during the The Council had done a tremendous job in putting mitigation measure in place prior to tropical Storm Gustav hence reducing the level of impact the T. S. Gustav Distribution of water by NWC
 Portmore Municipal Council E – Services 100 Man Police Station Lion Civic Centre Tarpaulins and food packages were given to some Councillors to distribute in there division to persons who were mostly affected by the storm.
Relief Clearance and Regional Stores
Port of Entry
Description of
Plastic Sheeting Submitted by: Ms. Phillipa Ricketts, Disaster Coordinator for Portmore
Date & Time Submitted:
October 10, 2008 at 10 a.m.
Report of Tropical Storm Gustav
On August 28, 2008, Tropical storm Gustav struck the island leaving severe damages in some sections of the island to homes, personal livestock and agriculture. As a result a number of persons were placed in shelters across the parish (shelters include private homes, churches, and schools). The parish was not affected severely. As of August 31st 2008 critical services such as water and electricity have been restored within the parish and all roadblocks have been cleared. A number of weaknesses were highlighted during the pre-disaster, straight through to the post disaster efforts, and recommendation will be put forward to prevent re-occurrence. PRE EMERGENCY REPORT
On Tuesday, August 26, 2008 the Manchester EOC had a meeting to discuss the Approaching tropical storm and to discuss problems in the parish that needed resolving before, during and after the storm. All the members of the EOC were present except NWC and the JDF. On Monday August 25, 2008,all the shelters managers in the parish were sent text messages informing them of the approaching Tropical storm and they were told to be on alert for any change in weather. Calls came in regarding information on shelters that were operational, hurricane preparedness tips and drains that residents needed to be cleaned. The Manchester EOC had scheduled a meeting to discuss the areas most vulnerable areas in Manchester and how to keep communication with these areas during the storm on Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 10 pm but was cancelled because members did not reach on time. Councilors were called and ask to make reports to the EOC of incidents such as blocked roads, flooding etc. Vulnerable areas in Manchester
1. Evergreen area/Comfort Hall area (flooding) 2. Porus (trinity) (flooding) 3. Harmon's / Greenpond Area 4. Content-prone to flooding 5. Hampton Road- prone to flood 6. Melrose –prone to flooding 7. Redberry- prone to flooding 8. Hanbury- prone to flooding 9. New Hall-prone to flooding 10. Alligator Pond (South Coast road included)) 11. Prospects, New Forest –prone to flooding 12. Coleyville- landslides 13. South Manchester- Butt Up Gutters, Downs (all prone to flooding) 14. Bottom Chudleigh- prone to landslide 15. Craighead- prone to Landslide 16. Bronte- prone to landslides 17. Brockery- prone to landslides 18. Sharon- prone to flooding 19. Sections of Greenvale-prone to flooding 20. Berrick Town- prone to flooding 21. Sections of Broadleaf –flooding 22. Newgreen Road roundabout- prone to flood During the emergency a number of calls were made to the EOC about persons sheltering in an unfinished house in shirehampton that needed help, a new mother was also among those needing help she just gave birth to a 3 week old baby and both needed medical assistance. All calls made to the EOC for medical assistance was past on to the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JBF) and Mandeville Regional Hospital. Calls came from councilors, Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and affected residents. In addition, a number of weaknesses were identified within the EOC structure; personnel from key agencies were not present at the EOC. This can be attributed to the fact that all these agencies had their individual EOC's and first responsibility was seen as foremost to their organization. In some cases where agency representatives were not present a direct line of communication was established, in the form of cellphones or a direct landline to the EOC. This system worked effectively expect with the utilities companies Jamaica Public Service (JPSco.), National Water Commission (NWC), Cable and After the hurricane had passed, the need to have an EOC opened seemed oblivious to some. There was a drastic reduction in the number of persons who were at the EOC. Ironically, it was one of the approximately 5 persons trained EOC procedure that was present during the course of the EOC. This is a clear indicator that training is necessary for each and every member of the EOC to have training and for them to know their responsibility before, during and after and emergency. During the days following the Tropical Storm a structure needed to be in place to support the EOC and the Disaster Coordinator FOLLOWING any incident. Manchester E.O.C opened on Thursday August 28th 2008 at 10 am.
During the Tropical storm a number of reports were made to the E.O.C. These included: Fuel spill on Spur Tree, road cleared, tanker still there Mudslide on the Alston Main Road. Reported to NWA (Mr. Hendricks) Pregnant woman at Shire Hampton, taken to hospital Infirmary, leakage on female ward No water at Hospital, Supervisor from Roads and Works informed and NWC Asthmatic child at Kendal basic School taken to hospital, being treated, Parish Health Office contacted, will provide Ventolin if needed Impassable roads: Woodlawn, near de Carteret College, parts of Ward Avenue, # 32b & #53 and Greenvale Road, near Glenrock Hotel. Manchester Road, at the Keep Left also impassable All these reports were referred to the necessary agency and persons with responsibly for them.
Manchester has 118 shelters but designated 57 for use with trained shelter managers
identified. On August 28, 2008 Manchester had 24 shelters activated with 13 shelters been occupied. The 13 shelters had 134 sheltees with the youngest been three weeks old and the eldest been 95 years old.
Approximately 13 shelters were confirmed opened in the parish at 10 pm Friday August
29, 2008. These shelters are Grove Place SDA, Somerset Primary, Bethabara Primary & Junior High, Kendal All-Age, Fairfield Mountain SDA, New Forest Primary & Junior High, Bryce Primary, Mr. Mullings house in Shire Hampton, Woodlands Primary, Woodlands Basic, Cross Keys High and Marlie Hill Primary. All the 13 were deactivated August 30, 2008 except Grove Place, which remained activated until Monday September 1, 2008.
Another problem was that some shelter managers were not in the island or the parish, while others decided that is was better to secure their families and homes than offer there services during this time. In addition, a number of shelter managers reported that they were unable to do their jobs properly due to inadequate equipment such as flashlights, rain cloaks and inadequate transport since some lived far from their shelters they manage. Recommendation was that sponsorship be sorted from the service clubs and the bauxite companies for shelter manager's kit, in addition to what is provide by the ODPEM. As it related to lack of transportation, it was recommended that shelter managers be placed at shelters that were in walking proximity to their homes. The Parish Council Municipal Police, the Salvation Army, MLSS provided transportation for relief supplies to the shelters. Total figures for food distribution can be obtained from the MLSS. Selection for distribution was based on extent of damage by the storm, age, and financial need. This was done in conjunction with members of the Welfare Name of Shelter
Number of
Action Taken
Bed made for a sick Bedding and food Brought their food Bedding, food and tarpaulins were brought Bethabara Primary & Junior HighKendal All-Age Food and lanterns brought food and Fairfield Mountain Need bedding, have children, 4 adults) New Forest Primary children, 3 adults) 3 persons (2 families) Mr. Mulling's house in Shire Hampton pampers (adult & Ailing woman with 3 1 person Geoffrey Woodlands Primary – Ins. Campbell 3 adults, 5 children 574-4479414-4712/541-6368/ 373-8513 Cross Keys Police StationWoodlands Basic 28 Persons, adults & children – no 5 persons (adults) Marlie Hill Primary 2 persons (adults) Post-Emergency Report Manchester was one of the parishes that received minor damages during Tropical Storm Gustav on August 2008. The Storm didn't affected the parish, as a result persons leave their home as precautionary measure and moved into public shelters The Disaster store was and is embarrassingly under equipped to handle a disaster of any magnitude. With less than 100 tarpaulins, 30 beddings and less than 40 blankets. The Coordinator worked along with the Municipal police to distribute emergency supply to the shelters. The E.O.C was deactivated on Saturday August 30, 2008 at 1 pm.
The Manchester Health Department was supplied with a list of shelters, those that were opened and those that were to be use, in order that they may carry out inspections. As it relates to Vector Control, in the aftermath of the Tropical Storm the health department didn't complaints of mosquito nuisance. The Public Health Inspectors is been vigilant in observing, food particularly perishable items, meat products and diary products. ASSESSMENT OF REPORTS AND RELIEF
3 shelters were supplied with relief emergency supplies with bedding, tarpaulins, battery
lanterns and food supplies. A total of 12 shelters were opened.
The MLSS, ADRA and ODPEM representative Gregory Paragh did distribution.
However, special effort is being made through the Welfare Committee to have the done in a timely manner, particularity the MLSS, Disaster Coordinator, Salvation Army and The Agricultural sector in the parish was not affected severely from the passage of The Jamaica Public Service (JPSco) did not receive minor damage to its infrastructure and electricity was maintained with only a few outages occurred. On the day following the. Tropical storm, an office from ADRA visited the Parish Council office. The Welfare Committee was told of ADRA supplies, where they are and how to access them. Communication with ADRA's representative was maintained to the Tropical Storm.
The Red Cross conducted independent assessments. WATER SUPPLY
The National water commission system is heavy depended on the electricity supply from the Jamaica Public Service as a result but in many cases where persons did have electricity they did not have running water. Following Tropical Storm the National Water Commission (NWC) started to restore water supply to the areas that were without water.
Submitted by: Mr. Winston Palmer, Secretary Manager-Manchester PC
Date & Time Submitted: October 10, 2008 at 10 a.m.
Report of Tropical Storm Gustav
Introduction and Background
Tropical Storm Gustav affected the island on Thursday, August 28, 2008 and Friday, August 29, 2008. This storm passed along the south coast of the island.
Tropical Storm Gustav caused tremendous damage island wide. In St. Mary, several communities were affected by blocked roads, lack of electricity due to downed power lines and damaged poles and several houses were also damaged. Additionally, three bridges were damaged and another three were totally destroyed. The capital town of Port Maria was also flooded twice on Friday, August 29 due to the Outram river overflowing its banks.
Discussion of ResponseThe first emergency meeting of the Parish Disaster Committee was convened by the Mayor, Councillor Richard Creary at the St. Mary Parish Council building on Tuesday August 26, 2008 at 12pm. Present at the meeting were: The CustosNational Works Agency representativeFire Brigade representativeJamaica Defence Force representativeJamaica Constabulary Force representativeJamaica Public Service Company representativeODPEM representativeRADA representativeSDC representativeMinistry of Labour and Social Security representativeMinistry of Health representativeNational Water Commission representativeE. Pihl and Sons Construction CompanyVolunteers Zonal Committee MembersCouncillorsMember of Parliament (Western St. Mary) The Emergency Operations Centre was activated on Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 9am at the St. Mary Parish Council building. Incoming calls were handled by persons from the Parish Council, and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and appropriate actions taken. An incoming call log was also maintained. Interacting Systems, Agencies and Programmes The Fire brigade received and responded to twenty (20) calls requesting assistance. Their main rescue effort was the evacuation of persons fromdestroyed or threatened premises and transporting them to shelters. The Brigade (Port Maria and St. Ann) also assisted in the cleaning of Port Maria by washing away debris that had been deposited by the overflow of the Outram river.
No reports were received.
There were no reports of persons requiring medical assistance during the passage of the storm. Water had to be trucked to the two hospitals in the Parish. Public Health Inspectors were deployed to the town of Port Maria shortly after the floods to assess food safety in establishments that had been affected.
Cellular telephones lost service several times during the passage of the storm. Landlines however, continued to work.
Most of the Parish was without electricity throughout the storm Several power lines were down and poles destroyed as a result of the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav.
Welfare and Relief Distribution The Ministry of Labour and Social Security reported that following the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav, six hundred and seventy seven (677) houses were assessed. Of the number of houses assessed; twenty (20) were totally destroyed, one hundred (100) suffered severe and major damage, four hundred and forty eight (448) suffered minor damage, one hundred and six (106) had damage to household effects and three (3) had damage to clothing and other items. Tarpaulins hygiene kits, comfort items and bedding were distributed to persons as were needed.
Shelter Management NAME OF SHELTER
Annotto Bay All-Age Tacky High School Community CentreKirk United Church Community CentreDenton (Hopewell) Gayle Health Centre St. Mary Technical SchoolPort Maria High Summary and Recommendations During the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav, all agencies, committees and zonal committees within the Parish worked collaboratively to execute disaster and emergency management and relief activities. Citizens are still struggling to recover from the effects of the storm and some are now awaiting compensation for damages received.
A concern was that the same persons were being affected every time there was flooding in the parish and that persons were allowed to build in hazardous areas. A recommendation was that persons should be prohibited from building in areas that are prone to flooding landslides, and persons already living in such areas should be encouraged or forced to relocate. Submitted by:Yolande Williams (Miss)St. Mary Parish CouncilOctober 28, 2008 SUMMARY OF EVENTS TROPICAL STORM GUSTAV 1) Flint River, Richmond2) Sand River Road 3) Hazzard to Redding Main Road 4) Dean Pen – Guys Hills – Road Clear5) Hartland 6) Junction –Road Clear7) Kendal (Mt. Alto) 8) Throughout Richmond Division 9) Kilancholly – Cleared10) Crawle – Hampstead 11) Blue berry Corner, Islington (One lane traffic) 1) Galina to tower Isle (inc. Jack River and Hamilton mtn.) 2) Cane Heap 3) Port Maria 4) Most of the parish 1) Schleiffer's Lane – broken water main DAMAGED POLES AND WIRES
1) Lane at Cudjoe Bridge, Islingtion 2) Ranch, Highgate3) Harmony Hall , Highgate (SDA)4) Albion Mountain5) Barrieffe Hall, Oracabessa 6) Throughout Richmond Division 7) Dean Pen 8) Crawle – Hampstead 9) Preston ROAD BLOCK
1) Junction –Cleared 2) Dressikie to Gayle3) Sand River Road 4) Hartland Bridge 5) Wood Park to Cox Piece 6) Endeavour 7) Cascade8) Donnington9) Hazzard to Redding 10)Dean Pen – Cleared 11)Kilancholly – Cleared12)Throughout Richmond Division 13) Bonny Gate 14)Crescent (Fallen tree) 15)Barracks River 16)Orange Hill – Green Castle (reduced to single lane by falling trees) DESTROYED/ DAMAGED HOUSES

1) Broadgate – (7 washed away)2) Richmond ( 2 washed away)3) Richmond (landslide)4) Windsor (2 lost roofs)5) Hartland (2 by landslides) 6) Gully Road /Highgate (by fallen tree)7) Rock River, Richmond 8) Kilancholly ( by landslide) 1) Georgia (Westmoreland Bridge collapsed)2) Wood Park ( undermined)3) Hampstead (Barracks River Bridge washed away) 4) Mountrose Bridge( partially washed away)5) Richmond (Barracks River Bridge washed away) 1) Port Maria2) Cox Street 3) Baileys Vale4) Paggee5) Rock River 6) Bottom Albany7) Richmond8) Heywood Hall – Deer Hall9) Tryall 10)Hampstead 1) Highgate SDA- Closed2) Gayle Primary – Closed3) Castleton Community Center – Closed4) Denton Ormsby – Closed5) Annotto Bay High – 4 6) Gayle Health - Closed7) St. Mary Technical – Closed8) Broadgate Community Center – 159) Port Maria High – Closed 10)Kirk United – Closed11)Hartland Basic School – 12 12)Tacky High School – Closed Shelters still open – 3Number of persons in shelters - 31 Submitted by: Ms. Yolande Williams, Secretary Manager-St. Mary PC
Date & Time Submitted: October 2, 2008 at 10 a.m.

Source: http://www.odpem.org.jm/Portals/0/ODPEM%20Pdf/Parish%20After%20Action%20Reports_T.S.%20Gustav.pdf


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