PRC-2090 Tactical HF radio system
Features include:-

1.6 MHz to 30 MHz continuous coverage
Lightweight and compact
All modes J3E (USB, LSB), H3E (AM) J2A (CW) J2B
Fully immersible to one metre
Detachable display for remote extended control
Advanced tactical handset
Enhanced DSP noise reduction for superior reception
Fully automatic antenna tuner
Intuitive operation
3 year warranty
Available options include:-

Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)
Advanced frequency hopping
Internal data modems
Encryption and scrambling
Rapid Docking System (RDS) vehicle and base
docking solution -125 W PEP
The PRC-2090 is a rugged fully featured tactical transceiver solution delivering reliable field deployable communications with unparalleled value. Bayonet whip adaptor, BNC
Display, complete with the handset,
connector underneath for 50
detaches from the transceiver unit.
ohm antennas
This enables the operator to wear the
display unit on his front webbing
General I/O port for external
and have full operational access to
ESU (for frequency hopping)
modems, encrypted handset
the manpack
Automatic antenna tuner
Lightweight and Compact Design
Whips and untuned wire antennas are Using the latest lightweight alloys the PRC-2090 weighs 3.9 kg (5.2 kg with simply deployed using the inbuilt, fully 10 Ah, quick change, Lithium Ion battery cartridge). Its small physical size automatic antenna tuner. For temporary makes it comfortable to wear and operate when deployed as a tactical fixed station operations various lightweight broadband and tunable tactical antennas are available.
Designed for the harshest field environments, the PRC-2090 complies with MIL-STD 810G and is fully immersible to a depth of one metre. Intuitive operation
Barrett's well known intuitive operator
Advanced calling features
interface ensures that operating the PRC- The PRC-2090 transceiver is fully interoperable with a number of advanced 2090 is very simple. Principal key functions digital selective calling systems commonly used by many peacekeeping, are performed using a large six key cluster mounted on the advanced tactical non-government and tactical operations. The PRC-2090 tactical transceiver handset. The operator is guided by a large 128 x 64 LCD graphics display. provides for multi-standard four and six digit Selective Call facilities. These The advanced tactical handset plugs into the remote display. The display has include telephone interconnect, SMS text, GPS tracking, status calling, point adjustable backlighting, allowing maintenance of night vision or high levels of to point Secure Call and remote transceiver disable capabilities. These luminescence in poor visibility. Network station addresses and telephone features are included as standard.
numbers are stored in easily accessible address and phone books and as little as two key strokes will initiate a call.
Detachable display
The display, complete with fully featured handset, detaches from the
Extended operation time
transceiver unit. This enables the operator to wear the display unit on his The low current consumption of the PRC-2090 transceiver enables it to front webbing and have full operational access to the manpack without operate for over 20 hours on one battery cartridge. Spare quick change removing the manpack. battery cartridges are small and lightweight. The battery cartridges contain the charge management system and can be charged when connected to the For tactical base and mobile applications, the optional extended control transceiver or separately with any available source, including solar, hand interface allows the transceiver unit to be located at a convenient position crank or wind generator. away from the operator. This is ideal for command post operations or vehicle mounting.
Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) (optional)
The PRC-2090 is available with full MIL-STD-188-141B 2G (JITC certified),
Enhanced DSP noise reduction
FED-STD 1045 and MIL-STD 141-188B ALE. When selected, the Barrett The standard DSP noise reduction system provides outstanding voice PRC-2090 is fully interoperable with other military and commercial quality by reducing radio frequency interference (RFI), and the effects of equipment complying with this standard.
electrical interference by enhancing audio signals to provide easier listening. The level of noise reduction can be easily selected to suit prevailing Advanced frequency hopping (optional)
The unique, easy to use frequency hopping option (option requires an Australian Department of Defence Export licence) requires no central synchronisation station, has no entry or late entry time delay and requires no handshaking. Hopping rates of 5 or 25 hops per second, using a 10 digit hopping encryption key, and with a user selectable hopping bandwidth to suit the antenna type in use, the system provides excellent protection against Electronic Warfare (EW) attacks.

PRC-2090 Tactical HF radio system
Internal data modems - Clover 2500 or STANAG 5066
PRC-2091 HF Tactical Mobile Package
- P/N 2091-00-10
The PRC-2090 can be fitted with either Clover 2500 or STANAG 5066 internal data modems supporting high speed data and email transmission, The Barrett PRC-2091 HF Tactical with effective data rates up to 14,400 bps. Data modems are supplied with Mobile Package upgrades the our custom PC software which provides email, file transfer and short text convenient vehicle docking station a n d t r a n s m i t t e r p o w e r amplification to 125 W PEP. With Encryption and scrambling (optional)
options for either 12 VDC or 24 The PRC-2090 can be fitted with a variety of scrambling and digital encryption options for voice and data security. Options include Secure Call flexibility of dismounted use of the PRC-2090 transceiver when not in (an innovative narrow band voice scrambler providing secure point to point the vehicle (additional accessories or point to multipoint communications), DES56 bit and AES256 bit digital may be required), the PRC-2091 encryption (AES256 option requires an Australian Department of Defence HF Tactical Mobile Package can be Export licence) assuring secure voice and data operation. installed in a wide range of vehicle types with antenna options to suit. The standard package comprises:- The PRC-2090's front panel connectors provide an interface for external PRC-2090 HF Tactical transceiver OEM voice crypto devices enabling operators to maintain interoperability Advanced tactical handset between multi-vendor sourced security solutions.
Vehicle docking station Rugged external mount speaker Rapid Docking System (RDS) vehicle and base docking
Mass matched vibration mounting platform solution - 125 W PEP
Tactical Installation Kit The Barrett PRC-2090 RDS's unique design enables the PRC-2090 Barrett PRC-2090 operation and installation manual transceiver to be cassette loaded into the docking station for convenient base and mobile operation. Preconfigured to accept a wide range of AC & DC voltages, antenna systems and ancillary equipment, the transceiver automatically increases transmitter power to 125 W PEP and makes the PRC-2092 HF Tactical Base Package
appropriate base or mobile antenna selection automatically.
- P/N 2092-00-10
T h e B a r r e t t P R C - 2 0 9 2 H F Tactical Base Package, like the PRC-2091 Mobile package PRC-2090 HF Tactical Manpack Package
provides convenient docking - P/N 2090-01-10
station and power amplification to 125 W PEP as well as the The Barrett PRC-2090 HF Tactical Manpack Package is ideal for communications when the PRC- extended portable field operations providing the tactical user with accessories may be required). comprehensive communications The HF Tactical Base Package with remote sited command can be installed in a number of locations. The HF Tactical Manpack Package includes all command configurations powered from a variety of AC and DC power sources. A range of antenna options are available to suit different installation battery and backpack carrying configurations. The standard package comprises:- system. The standard package comprises:- PRC-2090 HF Tactical transceiver Advanced tactical handset PRC-2090 HF Tactical transceiver Vehicle docking station Advanced tactical handset Battery pack – 16.8 V 10 Ah Lithium Ion Rugged external mount speaker Collapsible whip 3 metres with gooseneck Tactical Installation Kit Counterpoise earth kit - single wire Barrett PRC-2090 operation and installation manual Long wire throw out antenna Framed backpack for manpack (British woodland or British desert Barrett PRC-2090 operation and installation manual

PRC-2090 available options
Frequency Hopping (option requires an Australian Department of Defence 56 bit DES (voice/data) 256 bit AES (voice/data) ALE MIL-STD 188-141B Internal/external high speed data modems 3 kHz bandwidth filter (high speed data) Tactical solar power supply Hand crank generator Tactical headphones Tactical broadband dipole Tactical wire dipole antenna PC programming kit PRC-2090 Specifications
Frequency range
1.6 MHz to 30 MHz Tx, 250 kHz to 30 MHz Rx (reduced sensitivity 250 kHz to 500 kHz) Channel capacity
Up to 500 programmable channels (simplex or semi-
Operating modes
J3E (USB, LSB) - H3E (AM) - J2A (CW) - J2B (AFSK) Frequency stability ±0.5 ppm
-120 dBm (0.224 μV) for 10 dB SINAD - J3E Mode pre- amp on -115 dBm (0.398 μV) for 10 dB SINAD - J3E Blocking
-20 kHz and +20 kHz better than 71 dB (max. usable Frequency hopping 5 or 25 hops per second with external synchronisation
unit (ESU) supplied when the option is fitted. The Barrett frequency hopping system requires no master station, all stations are synchronised and ready to communicate on switch-on. Synchronisation is not affected by propagation or local interference and there is no late entry synchronisation delay Rx intermodulation Better than 89 dBμV
RF connections
Whip or long wire using internal automatic antenna tuner or 50 ohms connector RF output power
30 W PEP ±1.5 dB, 10 W PEP ±1.5 dB (125 W PEP ±1.5 dB) when in vehicle or base docking station (voice -30°C to +60°C, IP67 Programming
Head Office:
Barrett Communications Pty Ltd
PRC-2090 tactical transceiver with 10 Ah Lithium Ion 47 Discovery Drive, Bibra Lake, battery cartridge 5.2 kg WA, 6163 AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 8 9434 1700 PRC-2091 HF Tactical Mobile Package (excluding Fax: +61 8 9418 6757 PRC-2092 HF Tactical Base Package (excluding Standards
Meets AS/NZS4770:2000, CE, MIL-STD 188-141B MIL-STD 810G immersion, shock, vibration, dust and Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice

Source: http://www.radiowave.co.tz/component/phocadownload/category/9-barrett-communications?download=10:2090-brochure


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