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Felix I D Konotey-Ahulu FGA
Dr Kwegyir Aggrey Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics, University of
Cape Coast, Ghana and Consultant Physician Genetic Counsellor in Sickle Cell
and Other Haemoglobinopathies, 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF, England.

Name: Felix Israel Domeno Konotey-Ahulu
Place of Birth: Odumase-Krobo, Ghana
Key Achievements: National and International Awards
(1) 1972 in Philadelphia "Dr Martin Luther King Jr Foundation Award for
"outstanding research in Sickle Cell Anaemia". Konotey-Ahulu was invited to deliver the Keynote Address. Also honoured were Nobel Laureates Linus Pauling and Max Perutz, with Roland Scott, Hermann Lehmann, A C Allison, J V Neel, Graham Serjeant, James Boweman & others. (2) 1974 Accra, Gold Medal of Ghana Academy of Arts & Sciences for "the most
outstanding contribution to knowledge in the Medical Sciences by a Ghanaian between 1952 and 1973". (3) 1976 London. Guinness Award for Scientific Achievement (GASA) in the
Commonwealth for "his work in applying science to the service of the community". (4) 1999 Senegal, Dakar. President Diouf presented him with the 1998 Third World
Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Award in Basic Medical Sciences "for
outstanding contributions to haemoglobinopathy and Clinical Medicine, and
advocating ethical dimensions for genetic programmes, and highlighting public
health measures as the best tool for long-term sickle cell patient management".
(5) 2000 University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Awarded Doctor of Science (DSc Honoris
Causa), and a Personal Chair, ‘Dr Kwegyir Aggrey Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics'. (6) 2007 African American Museum In Philadelphia [AAMP] Humanitarian Award
"presented in recognition of your distinguished service and exceptional contributions to the people of Africa and to the world". Lecture: "The Remarkable African Ear: Phenomenon of Mid Pitch Arrest in Krobo/Dangme-Gã Tonal Languages of South East Ghana", May 5. (7) 2007 Award Citation for Meritorious Service presented by Nene Sakite II, Konor of
Manya Krobo who conferred on him the title "Klo HingmεThe Eye of Krobo"
after Ghana@50 Lecture on Tonal Linguistics, Ghana Academy of Arts &
Sciences, Accra, 30th October 2007.
(8) 2008 Ghana National Award by President J A Kufuor ORDER OF THE VOLTA –
OFFICER "for distinguishing yourself in MEDICINE/RESEARCH INTO SICKLE
(9) 2008 University of Ghana awards him LEGON HALL DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI
(1) Felix Konotey-Ahulu is the first person known to have traced hereditary disease in his forebears, generation by generation, with all names, right back to 1670
AD Not been done
(2) Haemoglobin Korle Bu, the first example of intra-genic cross-over was the
discovery of Konotey-Ahulu and collaborators] Konotey-Ahulu FID, Gallo E, Lehmann H, Ringelhann B. Hemoglobin Korle Bu (α2β2 73 Aspartic Acid  Asparagine), showing one of the two amino acid substitutions of Haemoglobin C Harlem Journal of Medical Genetics 1968 Vol 5 pp 107 -111] See Publication 11. (3) Konotey-Ahulu F I D, Kinderlerer JL, Lehmann H, Ringelhann B. Haemoglobin
Osu-Christiansborg. A new beta-chain variant of Haemoglobin A (52 D3
Aspartic Acid  Asparagine in combination with Haemoglobin S.
Jour.Med.Genet 1971. Vol 8, pp 302-305 [Publication 28].
(4) The numb lower lip sign of sickle cell crisis. Konotey-Ahulu FID, in Lancet
1972 Vol 2, p38 "Mental nerve neuropathy: a complication of sickle-cell crisis" See Publication 43. (5) Audible Parkinsonian tremor. Konotey-Ahulu F I D. Lancet 1968, Vol1, p 752
[Been called ‘Kaps sign' – Konotey-Ahulu Parkinsonian Stethoscope Sign]. See Publications vi, 214, & 235. (6) ‘Gnathopathy' a word Konotey-Ahulu coined in Clinical Medicine to describe a
maxillary physical sign which he graded ‘1', ‘2', ‘3' Archives of Internal Medicine 1974, Volume 133, pages 611 – 619. [Publication 51] Konotey-Ahulu invented a mathematical Index for Population Genetics.
Published in the British Medical Journal 1980, Vol 281, pp 1700-1702 "Male
procreative superiority index (MPSI): The missing coefficient in African
". [Publication 92]
(8) African Tonal Language Discovery: Konotey-Ahulu has described an African tribe (his own Krobo/Dangme) where everybody has perfect mid-pitch. They
isolate mid-pitch, and assign it to particular words. "Mother tongue: Introducing
the Tadka Phonation Technique For Speaking An African Tonal Language
Krobo/Dangme-Ga of South-East Ghana
" T-A'D Co 2001 UK ISBN: 0-
9515442-4-1. Not described before in Tonal Linguistics. [Pubs. 164 & 238]
(9) He invented the kanad for genetic counselling [See illustration below]
Family History: Born second of 11 children of Rev David Andrews Konotey-Ahulu
and Mrs Christiana Mamle Okleyo Konotey-Ahulu (née Matekole). See Genealogy
back to 1670 AD in Married in
1962 to Rosemary Moss - 1 son and 2 daughters, and 11 grandchildren.
Education & Qualifications: Achimota Kindergarten 1935; Presbyterian Schools
1936-1946; Achimota School 1947-1949 Cambridge School Certificate Grade 1 &
London Matriculation 1st Division; Mfantsipim Pre-University (Picot Hall) 1950-1951;
University College of the Gold Coast (Legon Hall) 1952-1953; Norwood Technical
College 1953-1954; University Col ege London 1954-1956 (2nd MB); Westminster
Hospital School of Medicine 1956-1959 MRCS LRCP & MB BS(London); Liverpool
School Tropical Medicine DTM&H 1962; Hammersmith Hospital Postgraduate
School of Medicine 1962; Westminster Hospital Postgraduate 1963; Royal Free
Hospital Department of Medicine 1964-65 MRCP (Glasgow), MRCP (London);
Christ's College Cambridge University Schofield Postgraduate Fellow 1970-71 FRCP
; London University MD (Doctorate in Medicine) 1972; Royal College of
Physicians London FRCP (London) 1975. DSc UCC conferred 2000.
Work & Life Activities: Post-registration House Jobs in Medicine (London, Bethnal
Green Hospital) June–Dec 1959 and Surgery (St Albans City Hospital Jan–June
1960); Medical Officer Ministry of Health Ghana at Korle Bu Hospital July 1960 - Dec
1961); Physician Specialist Korle Bu Hospital 1965-1979; Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
University of Ghana Medical School 1965-1972; Appointed Honorary Consultant to
the Ghanaian Ministry of Health by Brigadier General Odartey-Wellington,
Commissioner of Health 1976; Director Ghana Institute of Clinical Genetics
[Managing Trustees of VALCO FUND & Ministry of Health] at Korle Bu Teaching
Hospital 1973-1979; Pension from Ghana Public Services approved by General Fred
Akuffo on 22nd Feb 1979 to commence 12 July 1979 [Ghana Pensioner No. 118851);
Consultant Physician BUPA Medical Centre London 1979-1983; Consultant
Physician Locum East Ham Memorial Hospital London 1979-1982 and Royal
Northern Hospital for Dr D Geraint James 1983; Consultant Physician Cromwell
Hospital London 1983-2005; Consultant Physician Genetic Counsellor in Sickle Cell
and Other Haemoglobinopathies 10 Harley Street 1979 to date 2009 & 9 Harley
Street November 2008 to date 2009; Dr Kwegyir Aggrey Distinguished Professor of
Human Genetics, University of Cape Coast, Ghana 2000 to date 2009 featuring
Annual Kwegyir Aggrey Prize Exams paid in Guineas.
Some Activities: Was Annual Visiting Professor to Howard University Hospital
Sickle Cell Center Washington DC from 1972 to 1975, and March of Dimes National
Foundation Visiting Lecturer to 11 University Medical Institutions in the USA 1972.
WHO Consultant 1968, 1969, 1970, and invited by WHO Director-General in 1976 "to
serve for a period of five years as a member of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on
Human Genetics", and extended annually "for a further period of one year".
International Conferences and Lectures including the University of Edinburgh
MacArthur Postgraduate Lecture on Nov 22 1976: "The Sickling Phenomenon:
Historical, Genetic, Clinical and Public Health Considerations", and the University of
Ghana Alumni Lecture, Legon, on 20 March 1980 on the Topic: "Genes and Society,
and Society and Genes". Was the 3rd Editor of Ghana Medical Journal after Professor
Silas R A Dodu and Professor Harold H Phillips.
First to travel through tropical Africa to assess at the grass roots the beginnings of the AIDS epidemic – See Publications of 1987 to 1991 especially Publication 105. Invited to partake in important First Symposia in Human Genetics as shown here:- Invited to contribute: (i) First International Symposium on the Role of Recombinant
DNA in Genetics, Chania, Crete, Greece May 13-16 1985 [Publication 103] (ii) First
& Second International Conferences on The Achievements of Sickle Cell Disease
Patients, Royal Society of Medicine, London 1993, and Accra 1995 [Publications
137a&b (iii) First International Symposium on The Human Genome Diversity Project,
POLITICS and THE LIFE SCIENCES, Lake Superior State University, Sault Sainte
Marie, MI, USA, September 1999 [Publication 154] (iv) History Of Medicine in the
20th Century, Wellcome Trust Witness Seminar on History of Haemodialysis in the
UK, London, 26 February 2008 [Publication 256] (v) First Post Inaugural Symposium,
Howard University National Human Genome Center, Washington DC on "1000
Genomes Project: On The Frontier of Personalised Medicine". Invited Topic: "Global
Genome Sequencing – Some Ethical Considerations" January 23, 2009 [To be
published]. Other participants from Johns Hopkins University and the NIH, Bethesda.

Present Preoccupation: Presently I am occupied with teaching a novel approach to
Genetic Counselling and Voluntary Family Size Limitation [GCVFSL] in Sickle and
other Haemoglobinopathies, not only emphasizing the need for Ethical Principles in
Genetics and Genomics [See Publications], but also involving ‘Patient Achievers' in
the Counselling Process which (using my invented kanad method) ensures that the
message that aims at reducing the burden of sickle cell disease in the next
generation gets through, and can be demonstrated to even lay men and women, and
young students by jointly throwing two dice with the opposite sex. Kanad stands for
‘konotey-ahulu norm ache dice' of six cubes – 2 have ACHE printed on all six sides
in dark red, 2 have NORM printed in green on all six sides, and 2 have NORM and
ACHE alternating on the cube surface. Human phenotypes are NORMNORM, or
NORMACHE or ACHEACHE with respect to beta-globin genes. Felix Konotey-
Ahulu's parents are NORMACHE and NORMACHE. They had 11 children (as stated
above) who shared the phenotypes NORMACHE (4 of us), NORMNORM (4 of us),
and ACHEACHE (3 of us) who suffered hereditary cold-season rheumatism, or
Sickle Cell Disease. Only the ACHEACHE have symptoms. The kanad enables
anyone who knows his/her phenotype to find out which phenotypic pairing will
guarantee a non ACHEACHE offspring [Publications 44, 225, 236, 243, 254]. One in
three Ghanaians is NORMACHE. These do not know they carry an ACHE gene,
because they (like the NORMNORM) are symptom free from hereditary rheumatism,
known as chwechweechwe and other tribal names so they must be identified and
counselled whether abroad, or at home.
Meaningful Genetic Counselling
and Voluntary Family Size Limitation
Health Education in the Mother Tongue: I have developed a novel way of writing African Tonal Languages to facilitate comprehension, especially valuable in Public Health Education in the Mother Tongue – See Publications 164, 218, 238. MILLENNIUM HYMN: I wrote a Millennium Hymn, "TIME WAS CREATED", with 7 verses and Music (Tonic Solfa & Piano) ready for the turn of the Millennium 1999/2000. My hobbies include Piano and Writing. I was involved in founding Accra Chapel in 1967 on the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital compound in Accra, Ghana PUBLICATIONS, INVENTIONS, OTHER OUTPUT:
Of about 300 publications over 46 years listed (xxxvii + 261 + a, b ,c) in none, however brief and insignificant, is without a message. I reproduce about 1 in 3 of these publications below, retaining their numerical position in the original list that can be viewed on line. Where available, the internet identification is given so that they can be down loaded and assessed as to their value in contribution to medical and other knowledge. Notes are added to some in the list of publications for clarification. (1) New African, a popular international monthly based in London, conducted
a 12-month survey of a readership of nearly 200,000 to find who readers thought were "THE ONE HUNDRED GREATEST AFRICANS OF ALL TIME", and why. Published in September 2004, the voters mentioned Felix I D Konotey-Ahulu in the list which had Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Kofi Annan, W E B Du Bois, Haile Selassie, Maya Angelou, Gamel Abdel Nasser, Bill Cosby, F W De Klerk, Desmond Tutu, Wole Soyinka, Maheru Mhotep, Abedi Pele, ‘The African Woman', Jomo Kenyatta, Hannibal, to mention some. Konotey-Ahulu asked to be replaced by Dr J E Kwegyir Aggrey about whom he wrote an article for New African ("Aggrey of Africa") published in the Oct 2004 issue, p. 50 to show how altogether greater was Dr Aggrey. [See Publications 174a & 174b]. (2) Professor Helen Ranney MD, Albert Einstein University College of
Medicine, New York, has stated: "There is no single clinical experience in the United States comparable to that of Dr Konotey-Ahulu" [page 320 in SICKLE CELL DISEASE, edited by Abramson/Bertles/Wethers; Mosby Co 1973]. (3) Professor Roland Scott MD, Howard University Centre for Sickle Cell
Disease, Washington DC "This is a meritorious addition to the medical literature and Dr Konotey-Ahulu has been disclosed as a seductive narrator as he tells the story of Sickle Cell Disease" in Foreword, p ix, 1991 ‘The Sickle Cell Disease Patient'. (4) Professor Sir David Weatherall FRS MD FRCP Oxford Univ., in Lancet
June 29 1991, Vol 337 p 1590 "'The Sickle Cell Disease Patient' is a fitting tribute to a physician who has done as much as anyone to improve facilities to deal with this condition in Africa". (5) Professor D Geraint James MA MD FRCP, Royal Free Hospital, London
University, in Sarcoidosis 1992 Vol 9 p 73: "This thesaurus or treasure trove of information adds a new dimension to the world of sickle cell disease". (6) Professor Alastair J Bellingham MB FRCP FRCPath, King's Col ege
Hospital, London University, in Tropical Diseases Bulletin, 1993 Vol 90 No 3, p 164: "This remarkable study must represent the largest compilation and report of a single person's clinical experience … For professionals working within the community and hospital I can recommend it as a marvellous feast to delve into". (7) Dr Maxwell Wintrobe MD PhD, Distinguished Professor of Medicine,
University of Utah, USA in his book Haematology, The Blossoming of a Science – A Story of Inspiration and Effort (Lea & Febriger, Philadelphia) 1985 pp 378-380): "Dr Konotey-Ahulu has contributed to our understanding of the clinical manifestations of sickle cell disease and other haemoglobinopathies in Africa…His contributions are especially noteworthy; the value of his work has been widely recognised". SOCIETIES
Fellow of Ghana Academy of Arts & Sciences; of Ghana College of Physicians and
Surgeons; of African Association of Scientists; of Third World Academy of Sciences;
of Ghana Medical Association; of West African College of Physicians; of Royal
College of Physicians Glasgow; of Royal College of Physicians London; of Royal
Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene London; and Member of British Medical
Association; of Royal Society of Medicine; and of Christian Medical Fel owship,
Selected 30% of Publications from 1965 to 2009
Full list of what was published every year since 1965 is
seen at
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Feb 26. (Commenting on Professor Golden's "We are ignorant about the aetiology
of kwashiorkor" Jan 29, p292, and stressing what the Krobo-Ga-Adangbe tribes people meant when they first took the kwashiorkor toddlers to Dr Cicely Williams in Ghana in 1933). PMID: 7906796 [PubMed-indexed for MEDLINE] 135. Konotey-Ahulu FID. Probing anecdotes in traditional African therapeutics.
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Comments by Professor Roland Scott, Professor Geraint James, Professor Sir David Weatherall, Professor Alastair Bellingham, Professor Helen Ranney, and Distinguisehd Professor Dr Maxwell Wintrobe. 138b. Konotey-Ahulu FID. What Is AIDS? Watford: Tetteh-A'Domeno Co, 1996
Reprint of 1989 book. ISBN: 0-9515442-3-3 with Dr Thomas Mensah's Review.
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Journal of Health Sciences
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and Lola Oni (BMJ 315: 656 -60) "what I feel is more important in the day to day
management of patients with a view to keeping them out of hospital, is clinical
epidemiology which includes the circumstances of crises. Two examples suffice to illustrate what I mean: . I fear Davies and Oni's statement that ‘The Central Middlesex management protocol uses morphine infusions' will make morphine the accepted drug for sickle crisis management. The consequences of such an approach are dire, especially when some UK hospitals are already making diamorphine their first choice".] 148. Ringelhann B, Konotey-Ahulu FID. Hemoglobinopathies and thalassemias in
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of all time'. I was even more surprised that Aggrey of Africa was not mentioned at all, which made me agree totally with your comment (NA, August/Sept) that in certain respects ‘the results are disappointing'. I would like to make two pleas. First, that my name be replaced by that of Dr James E K Aggrey, and secondly, that you allow me to write an article for a subsequent issue of New African which could not only help your readers worldwide realise why that great man was called ‘Aggrey of Africa', but also make those who voted for me forgive my suggestion that I be replaced by somebody else. Professor Felix Konotey-Ahulu, London, UK". [Editor's note: See Aggrey's on p 50 of this issue] See Reference 174b. 174b Konotey-Ahulu FID. Aggrey of Africa: "Only the best is good enough for Africa". New
October 2004 pp 50-51. [ Brief account of Dr James E Kwegyir Aggrey 1875-1927,
the Ghanaian visionary] "My people of Africa, we were createdin the image of God, but men have made us think that we are chickens, ad we still think we are, but we are eagles. Stretch forth your wings and fly! Don't be content with the food of chickens" Dr J E Kwegyir Aggrey. [Editor: This tribute for Black History Month was written by Prof Felix I D Konotey-Ahulu, the Dr Kwegyir Aggrey Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana]. Access article at'Only+the+best+is+good+enough+for+Africa'.(BLACK+HI STORY.-a0124444704 175. Konotey-Ahulu FID. There is nothing mysterious about Kwashiorkor. BMJ 14 May
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Benefits of Exercise in the Workplace: Ryan Henderson 32 BENEFITS OF EXERCISE IN THE WORKPLACE The general idea of this study is about the benefits that exercise has in the workplace, primarily a manual labor workplace such as construction. Heavy research has been done on this topic along with experimentation. The study shows why it is important for an organization or

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COSMETICS EUROPE: GUIDELINES ON THE MANAGEMENT OF UNDESIRABLE Table of Contents: Section I – Introduction 1. Introduction 2. Definition of terms Section II – Undesirable events 1. Management 1.1. 1.2. Registration - Opening a case file 1.3. Case information and documentation

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