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Original Six Reunion Volume 1, Issue 3 Newsletter 5 December 2007
Bits & pieces about Germany are the feature of Hessan & Nassau Page 1
t his week's Newsletter. We'll take a peak at Historical Places St Vincenz Page 2
what life would have been like for our Interesting Book Page 3
ancestors. Genießen Sie = Enjoy German fashion 1830's Page 1
Catholic Church - Hattenheim Page 2
Greville's Post Office 1872 Page 3
Spelling in Genealogy Page 2
What is the Duchy Nassau? A region and former duchy of central
Germany north and east of the Main and Rhine rivers. The region be came a duchy in 1806 and was absorbed by Prussia in 1866. The meaning of duchy - the domain controlled by a duke or duchess)
Nassau was a German state within the Holy Roman Empire and later in the
German Confederation. Its ruling dynasty, now extinct in male line, has been the House of Nassau.The town of Nassau was founded in 915. The castle of Nassau was built in 1125, and since 1160 the county was named after the town where the castle was located. Nassau, originally a county, emerged on the lower Lahn river in what is today Rhineland-Palatinate. 30 Aug 1806 Duchy of Nassau, ruled jointly to 24 Mar 1816 by the Duke of Nassau (formerly prince of Nassau-Usingen) and the Prince of Nassau (formerly prince of Nassau-Weilburg) 20 Sep 1866 Annexation by Prussia. Directing Ministers of State
1815 - 22 Jan 1834 Ernst Franz Ludwig Freiherr Marschall von Biberstein (b.
Where in the world is Hessen?
Hessen is a Land of the Federal Republic of the Federal 1834 - 1842 Karl Wilderich Graf von Walderdorff (b. 1799 - d. 1862) Republic of Germany, which is enclosed in central situation by the Lands of the Federal Republic Lower Nassau flag
Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg , 30 Aug 1806 - 20 Sep 1866 Rhineland-Palatinate and Nordrhein-Westfalen. State capital: Wiesbaden Signatures
We visit Hattenheim in this newsletter with some interesting tidbits for you. Hattenheim was one of the places where the Original Six inedressers met with Major Edward Macarthur to sign the contracts. Three of the Original Six came from Hattenheim, which is basically a hop, skip and jump from Erbach and Mittelheim. The six vinedressers were working together at a vineyard in Erbach when Edward recruited them. At the end of this newsletter I have attached a copy of the page These 2 sketches where the signatures of the Original Six and Edward Macarthur appear. I (left) give us an found it so very exciting to see my 3rd Great Grandad's signature for the idea of what they first time. I hope you feel something special when you see your ancestors' most likely wore signature.Thank you Lindsay Horner for providing the copy. If anyone can read the words and translate them into English would you let me know and I'll include the translation next newsletter. See page 4 Original Six Reunion 1 Catholic church in the district Rhinegau
The catholic district Rhinegau consists of six Pastoralen areas, in HATTENHEIM today is a small town of approximately 2,300
which 25 church municipalities are summarized. The district, in which residents and St. Vincenz is their Catholic Church, which dates
about 34,000 Catholics live, extends along the right Rhine side of the Hessian state capital Wiesbaden until Lorsch. The Rhinegau is characterised by numerous objects of interest. Frequent trip goals of many tourists are the Rheingauer cathedral in Geisenheim just like the pc. Valentinuskirche in Kiedrich, in which one of the oldest stil tapable gothic organs of Germany is to be heard. A characteristic in the district is that nearly al churches stand in Rhinegau under monument protection. In addition the Rhinegau ranks among the most important Chapel of St. Vincenz areas of cultivation of wine in Germany. There also the Bischöfliche ST. VINCENZ - the tower built 1739 to 1740 was the only part of the Wein gut lies in Rüdesheim with its vineyards. church not destroyed during the war and is today a part of the newer and larger St. Vincenz. Georg Gerhard, Johann Wenz, &
VISITOR INFORMATION PACK Casper Flick's families would have attended St Vincenz Catholic Have you requested a Free Visitor Information Pack from the Camden Visitor
Centre? The Visitor's Information pack is ful of things to see, places to stay and
maps that wil show you how to get there. If you would like a free copy of the Church in Hattenhaeim. Evangelical Church Visitor Information Pack mailed to you then go to this link please View of the lookout point of The Hattenheimer Castle, fol ow the original & The church - St Vincenz boundaries prior to German Descriptions translated
(Photo by Andreas Ambrosius Kais er = Czar, Emperor
Köni g = King
Prinz or Fürts = Prince
Herz og = Duke
Local Catholic Church & Family History & Genealogical Research Guide: Mark tgraf = Marquis
Catholic Church in Germany Herz ogtum = Duchy which is a territory
or domain ruled by a duke or duchess. Gros sherzogtum =
Fürts tum = Principality
Reic h = Empire or Greater Nation
Genealogy Humour Dorf = Village
Gem einde = Community
Genealogists say the funniest things!
Stad t = Town, City
These quotes are from copies of actual correspondence received by
District (County) the Family History Department of the LDS Church:
We are sending you 5 children in a separate envelope.
Did you know?
My Grandfather died at the age of 3.
"Spelling doesn't count" in Genealogy.
Will you please send me the name of my first wife? I have forgotten her
Frequently when you ask beginning researchers what surnames they are working on they will We lost our Grandmother; will you please send us a copy?
say, "Browne - with an e" or "Vaughan - that's The wife of #22 could not be found. Somebody suggested that she
an" or "Prichard - without the t." While it may seem that they are being extra careful to get the might have been stillborn - what do you think?
right family, they may be making a big mistake. Will you send me a list of all the Dripps in your library?
When it comes to old documents, spelling Further research will be necessary to eliminate one of the parents.
doesn't count, especially with names. Instead of He and his daughter are listed as not being born.
narrowing the field of research with exact I would like to find out if I have any living relatives or dead relatives or
spelling, it is important to enlarge it as much as ancestors in my family.
possible with every possible spelling. One researcher said she could add five generations A 14-year-old boy wrote: "I do not want you to do my research for me.
onto another researcher's line, but the second Will you please send me all of the material on the Welch line, in the US,
person wouldn't accept the information because England and Scotland countries? I will do the research.
the name was spelled Browne and her family The largest collection of free family history,
only used Brown. family tree and genealogy records in the world.
Note from Lindsay Horner (Wenz) As Georg Gerhard and Casper Flick are listed as coming from Hattenheim (as well as Johann Wenz), I thought I would have another look
for their names on the same LDS microfilm as I searched for Wenz. ((Microfilm 1270267 Births, Germany, Rheingau, Hattenhein 1818-
18 93). There were many entries for both (and I may have missed a few): Gerhard - 6 entries 1821 - 1836 (& 10 entries from 1840 to 1856) Flick - 23
entries 1821 - 1838 (and a further one in 1858) I original y thought I'd have the entries scanned (as I did for Wenz) but there were just too many of them (and so ha
read with the written German). So the only things I noted were the years of the entries, and the page numbers - if anyone is interested. Original Six Reunion 2 Did You Know?
That graves in Germany are recycled?
A note from Joy Banfield (Stein) They are recycled every 15 to 25 years. "I thought you might be interested to know, that a cousin (now Do the people have no say in the matter? Until 2000 one deceased), WALTER VEN had in recent years visited ERBACH, could continue a lease for as long as one wanted to. Not so Germany. He said that there are many JUNG relatives still residing today. The grave will be evacuated and used by someone in the village. Bernard Joseph Stein's mother was Eva JUNG. In m y else. However, the same plot may be used over and over mother's notes she wrote (from Walter): "In these vineyards your again for members of the same family. Some gravesites in ancestors laboured. In this (Roman Catholic) Church your kinsfolk Germany belong to individual owners, alive today. Whether worshipped. Inderal Heinrich and Eva Jung were married here in they will continue to be allowed to use the plot year-after- May 1840 and Bernhard and his sister Anna Maria were baptised year, without intervention by an outside authority, is here." Thank you Joy for sharing this info with us. questionable. For example one woman paid DM 10 monthly for her plot lease, from the end of WW-II until her death in 1992 her family have been informed that her grave will be VERY INTERESTING BOOK evacuated in 2012. "MURRAY'S HANDBOOK FOR BELGIUM AND THE RHINE"
What happens to the body? The remains are buried in a by John Murray Published in 1852
common plot or incinerated, along with the coffin. The stone Below is an extract Digitalised online at Google books is recycled and the powder reused for all sorts of purposes, inclu Download this beautiful brochure about the Rhine
Original Six Names found in research
Are any of these yours?
My Johann Justus AKA Justice and his two sons John & Philip are highlighted –
Not sure who the other Justice is.
Greville's Post Office Directory for 1872 Search via surname or place Should you come across any useful information to share through the newsletters, please pass it on? [email protected] Volkswagen Group Australia has responded positively to the Sponsorship Proposal I posted recently. This is a good step and I hope and pray German Telephone Book online English version they will come to the party! As they say!!! Original Six Reunion 3 Copy of contract signed by the Original Six & Major Edward Macarthur in October 1837 submitted by Lindsay Horner (Wenz)
Original Six Reunion 4


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