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Bachelor's thesis Degree programme – Test and Prevention BACHELOR´S THESIS ABSTRACT TURKU UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Degree programme Nursing Completion of the thesis 44 Instructor: Heikki Ellilä & Mari Lahti Author: Grace Kamau CERVICAL CANCER ; TEST AND PREVENTION The main target group for this bachelor's thesis was mainly the female, having just basic information on cervical cancer the author sought to know more on cervical cancer in depth forcusing closely on the cause of cervical cancer,ways of testing cervical cancer as well as possible ways of prevention. A few of treatment methods have been mentioned although not much emphasis was put on it since the author was dealing mainly with prevention.


Udredningsopgave for Fødevarestyrelsen Kostens betydning for læring og adfærd hos børn En gennemgang af den videnskabelige litteratur Institut for Human Ernæring Det Biovidenskabelig Fakultet Københavns Universitet Kostens betydning for læring og adfærd hos børn 1. Forord _ 3 2.


Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® Do you want to embrace great health – as naturally as possible? Do you want to relish that fantastic feeling of total wellness? From boosting your energy and resistance to infections to balancing your blood sugar and helping you lose weight naturally, extensive research has revealed that Marcus Roher Spirulina® provides many health and fitness benefits. What's more, it's also proven to be an excellent detox for your body.


de Letargo La crisis de refugiados a La que se enfrenta eL viejo continente además de PonerLo cara a cara con su indiferencia, ha hecho nacer debates y movimientos en su tabLero PoLítico y sociaL. → Por Cristina Hadwa desde París Con su programa Maldita Moda, la animadora no solo volvió


Volume 26 Etz Chaim Pictures from Purim Report from Board of World Holocaust Day and much much more! Kosher l'Pesach food is now instore at the Broadstairs/Westwood branch of Sainsbury's and includes some items not previously in Rabbi Sonny Herman Community Rabbi: Rabbi Cliff Cohen Vice Chairman/Treasurer: Honorary Secretary: Council Members: Brian Abraham, Hélène Cohen, Esther Solomon, David


WOMEN'S HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE This questionnaire is designed for women who are experiencing menstrual, menopausal and/or gynaecological health concerns. Your answers will assist your practitioner in gaining information about your presentation and assist in the creation of your treatment plan. HOW TO USE THE QUESTIONNAIRE When answering, please consider your symptoms from the last 6 months.

A placebo-controlled trial of antimicrobial treatment for acute otitis media

A Placebo-Controlled Trial of Antimicrobial Treatment for Acute Otitis Media Paula A. Tähtinen, M.D., Miia K. Laine, M.D., Pentti Huovinen, M.D., Ph.D., Jari Jalava, Ph.D., Olli Ruuskanen, M.D., Ph.D., and Aino Ruohola, M.D., Ph.D. From the Department of Pediatrics, The efficacy of antimicrobial treatment in children with acute otitis media remains Turku University Hospital (P.A.T., M.K.L., controversial.


Pre-IBC Special • September 2009 Cooke First Look: Cooke Panchros Like the Phoenix rising in Harry Potter, the venerable Cooke In September 9, 1926, Kinematograph Weekly reported: "Over Panchro name is being revived, or should we say, reinvented. a hundred Taylor-Hobson Cooke lenses of various focal lengths Film and Digital Times has learned that Cooke is working on a

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1 According to the author of the module, the compulsory readings do not infringe known copyright. COMPULSORY READINGS Readings #1 and #2 List of relevant readings :FromTextbook Revolution-Taking the Bite out of Books http://textbookrevolution.org/chemistry/ 1. Virtual Textbook of Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry by Wil iam Reusch 2. Organic Chemistry by Richard and Sal y Daley 3.Organic Chemistry Practice Problems by Wil iam Reusch

Canadian contraception consensus

No. 143 – Part 3 of 3, April 2004 CANADIAN CONTRACEPTION CONSENSUS Amanda Black, MD, FRCSC, Ottawa ON John Collins, MD, FRCSC, Mahone Bay NS Diane Francoeur, MD, FRCSC, Montréal QC Dianne Miller, MD, FRCSC,Vancouver BC Timothy Rowe, MB, FRCSC,Vancouver BC CONTRACEPTION GUIDELINES COMMITTEE Elke Henneberg, Communications Message & More Inc., Montréal QC


Communicating Phonics Section 4 > Different types of speech, language and communication needs > Children with phonological delay/disorder Also known as speech delay or disorder General information Helping to access the phonics screening check A child with a phonological delay/disorder has Children with phonological difficulties are likely to find it very hard accessing the check because they haven't mastered the phonological


Position Statement of the National Lymphedema Network NLN Medical Advisory Committee Next revision: May 2011 TOPIC: AIR TRAVEL Air travel presents several considerations for individuals with lymphedema and for those at risk for lymphedema. It is the position of the National Lymphedema Network that: • Individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of lymphedema should wear some form of compression therapy while

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THE KETTLE FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY Casual Employees BENEFIT DETAILS Great-West Life is a leading Canadian life and health insurer. Great-West Life's financial security advisors work with our clients from coast to coast to help them secure their financial future. We provide a wide range of retirement savings and income plans; as well as life, disability and critical illness insurance for individuals and families. As a leading provider of employee benefits in Canada, we offer effective benefit solutions for large and small employee groups. Great-West Life Online Information and details on Great-West Life's corporate profile, our products and services, investor information, news releases and contact information can all be found at our website www.greatwestlife.com. Great-West Life Online Services for Plan Members As a Great-West Life plan member, you can also register for GroupNet™ for Plan Members at www.greatwestlife.com. This service enables you to access the following and much more, within a user friendly environment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week:  your benefit details and claims history

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Randomized Placebo-Controlled Phase IITrial of Autologous Mesenchymal StemCells in Multiple Sclerosis Sara Llufriu1., Marı´a Sepu´lveda1., Yolanda Blanco1, Pedro Marı´n2,Beatriz Moreno1, Joan Berenguer3, In˜igo Gabilondo1, Eloy Martı´nez-Heras1,Nuria Sola-Valls1, Joan-Albert Arnaiz4, Enrique J. Andreu5, Begon˜a Ferna´ndez1,Santi Bullich1, Bernardo Sa´nchez-Dalmau1,6, Francesc Graus1, Pablo Villoslada1,Albert Saiz1*


1988-2939 Vol. 3 (1) – Febrero 2009; pp. 93-110 © Derechos reservados/Copyright de Clínica e investigación Relacional y los autores. Reduciendo el Tsunami. Regulación afectiva, disociación y la sombra de la inundación1,2 Philip M. Bromberg, Ph.D. William Alanson White Institute El trauma del desarrol o es un fenómeno relacional básico en la configuración de la

Bsa troop 641 over the counter medication authorization

TROOP 505 OVER THE COUNTER (OTC) MEDICATION AUTHORIZATION This form authorizes registered adult leaders of Troop 505 of Naperville Illinois to dispense "over the counter" (non-prescription) medications to scouts under their supervision if in their judgment it is appropriate. Execution of this form is voluntary; however, under BSA policy, adult leaders are prohibited from

April 2010 attachment - nei 08-09, rev 6, "cyber security plan for nuclear power reactors."

NEI 08-09 [Rev. 6] Cyber Security Plan for Nuclear Power Reactors [THIS PAGE IS LEFT BLANK INTENTIONALLY] NEI 08-09 [Rev. 6] Nuclear Energy Institute Cyber Security Plan for Nuclear Power Reactors Nuclear Energy Institute, 1776 I Street N. W., Suite 400, Washington D.C. (202.739.8000) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This document has been prepared by the nuclear power industry with input and guidance from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Contributors to this manual include: Janardan Amin


Alternate, Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), and Prescription Summary of Changes PY13-14 Changes = Bold ALTERNATE Eligible Benefits  Major Medical - Pg. 6 • Breast Oncology – Evidence based mastectomy/lumpectomy and reconstructive oncology surgery of affected and non affected breast.


Consensus approach to the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes The London Diabetes Strategic Clinical Network recommends that a consensus approach to the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes be reached across London to ensure cross boundary differences in diagnosis are removed. Consistent with many CCGs across London and in line with the World Health Organisation1,2, Diabetes UK3,4 and NHS Health Check recommendations, we recommend the adoption of HbA1c for the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus* across London. Background Type 2 diabetes is a condition affecting 3.2 million (6%) of the UK population5, 6 and 418,346 across London7 with an additional 84,108 people currently undiagnosed in London7, 8. A study conducted in 2011 by the Clinical Effectiveness Group in Queen Mary's University reviewed 519,288 GP records in patients aged 25-79. This identified that 1 in 10 had a 20% risk of diabetes over the next 10 years9. The total cost (direct care and indirect costs) associated with diabetes in the UK currently stands at £23.7 billion and is predicted to rise to £39.8 billion by 2035/65.

Neither lavender oil nor tea tree oil can be linked to breast growth in young boys

Neither lavender oil nor tea tree oil can be linked to breast growth in young boys Robert Tisserand Introduction In 2007, a correlation was alleged between commercial products containing lavender and tea tree oils and breast growth in young boys. Three cases were seen in boys aged 4-7, who had all been using such products. In each case, the breast growth reduced to normal parameters within several months of ceasing to use the products. Subsequent laboratory testing showed that both essential oils had estrogen-like properties (Henley et al 2007). In the report, no information was given about any of the product ingredients, and there is scant information on product use. No analysis was carried out to confirm or rule out the presence of essential oil constituents. Case one In the first case, "The patient's mother reported applying a "healing balm" containing lavender oil to his skin starting shortly before the initial presentation." No further details of the product or its use are given, but a healing balm sounds like something that might only be applied to a small area of skin. If so, then it is unlikely that any ingredient could have entered the boy's blood in sufficient concentration to cause gynecomastia within a short time period. Case two In the second case, a styling hair gel was applied to the hair and scalp every morning, along with regular use of a shampoo. Both tea tree oil and lavender oil are cited on the ingredient list of both products. In a subsequent website report, it is claimed that the two hair products used in this case were manufactured by Paul Mitchell®, and that these were analyzed by a competitor. The shampoo was said to contain "very low concentrations" of tea tree oil, and the content in the hair gel was "virtually undetectable". Lavender oil concentration was not checked (Neustaedter 2007). Dermal absorption of fragrance from shampoo application has been estimated to be 80 times less than that from body lotion (Cadby et al 2002) and tea tree oil constituents are poorly absorbed by human skin. In one study, only 3% of the essential oil volume, applied as a 20% concentration in ethanol, was absorbed in a 24 hour period (Cross and Roberts 2006). If the website report is reliable, considering that shampoo is a wash-off product, and that there was only a negligible amount of tea tree oil in the hair gel, tea tree oil can be ruled out as a possible cause of this boy's gynecomastia. However, liberal use of a hair gel rich in lavender oil could result in moderate dermal absorption of lavender oil constituents (Cal 2006).


a quarterly newsletter for healthcare professionals Spring 2014 Why Does He Act Like That? Aggressive Behaviors in FTD Partners in FTD Care Do you have questions about how to Because many individuals with frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) are not aware of serve individuals with FTD? Partners their illness, they may become frustrated at limitations or constraints they do not

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A Weekly FAX from the Center for Substance Abuse Research CESAR FAX Buprenorphine Series March 31, 2003 to December 15, 2014 (updated January 9, 2015) Center for Substance Abuse Research University of Maryland 4321 Hartwick Road, Suite 501 College Park, MD 20740 301-405-9770 (phone) 301-403-8342 (fax) CESAR is pleased to provide this compilation of CESAR FAX issues focusing on buprenorphine. While research indicates that buprenorphine is an effective drug for treating opioid dependence, we feel that the potential for its nonmedical use and related unintended consequences may be going unnoticed. The most recent CESAR FAX issues on buprenorphine were designed to highlight indicators of the increased availability, diversion, and misuse of buprenorphine. CESAR will continue to monitor the diversion and abuse of buprenorphine and report on developments as they arise.


Serie: Schon gewusst? Alternative und ganzheitliche Vorgehensweisen halten jetzt endlich auch Einzug im Reitsport Ich werde keine Mühe scheuen immer wieder im Sinne des Pferdes deutlich zu machen, wie wichtig eine ganzheitliche Betrachtung ist bei physischen und psychischen Unpässlichkeiten bis hin zu Problemen mit dem Pferd .

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th Biannual Meeting of the Hellenic (Greek) Society for Basic & Clinical Pharmacology Professor Arthur Christopoulos, B.Pharm., Ph.D., Drug Discovery, Monash University, Australia Today's science, tomorrow's medicines Athens 23-24 RegistrationYoung Investigators ForumChairs: Dr. E. Papadimitriou

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