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Presentation #1, FAUS Convention working right and what can be done to make Alexaneria, VA, 6/27/97 correct it. So my career has been basically to Biological Basis of Autism and PDD learn how to tow away stalled cars and get them off of the road so that the freeway can run well again - a glorified traffic manager.
Great Planes Laboratory Urine contains the sum of everything that 9335 West 75th St.
has gone on in the body and so is the best sample Overland Park, Kansas 66204 for measuring what is going on in metabolism. So one goal was to be able to identify every single chemical in urine. I start with mass Introductions by Lynn Murphy president and spectrometry, today's most sensitive technique for Pat Palmer public relations of FAUS: Dr. isolating and separating chemical compounds by Shaw had found a group of people in which seizures were triggered by adiphic acid. He weight. The peaks in the traces show the amount knew it was in certain products but could of the compound present. The profiles of normal never find the ingredient on food labels. And urine samples show hundreds of compounds but FAUS had found over the years that some with most of them in very small amounts. people's seizures went away when they were A data base of urine profiles for children on the Feingold diet. The FDA allows adiphic with autism, though, shows many more acid to be listed as "flavoring," and FAUS was compounds that hardly register in normal able to supply its list of foods without these hidden antifungal ingredients. So began the samples, some of these new ones in large working relationship between Dr. Shaw and quantities. What really caught my attention initially and started the course of my investigations was that the mass spectrographic Metabolism can be thought of as profiles of two autistic brothers. The profiles analogous to the LA freeway system. It's very were strikingly similar in their differences from complex, and there are lots of ways to get from norm. And in addition to autism these boys also one point to another. A freeway slowed or had severe muscular deficiency and renal leakage, blocked in Santa Monica, might effect traffic in symptoms sometimes associated with autism. It downtown Los Angeles, the effect depending on turned out that virtually all the abnormal mass the severity of the blockage. But even if a spectrometer peaks present in the urine samples freeway is totally blocked, traffic will find of these boys are derived from michroorganisms alternate routes. The same interplay occurs in in the intestinal tract. And the quantities were metabolism. Sometimes the blockages are caused astounding. About 80 % of the compounds by genetics. Sometimes the blockages are caused present in the urine of these boys was due to the by foods or medicines we eat, or sometimes by presence of yeasts and bacteria in the intestine. the michroorganisms in our intestinal tract and (Results published in Clinical Chemistry, 1995.) the chemicals they secrete. The more severe the blockage, the more alternative "traffic" there is Identifying the compounds shown to be going to be for a particular pathway. My goal present by the mass spectrographic results is a was to be able to determine which pathway is separate task. One abnormal compound prevalent being adversely effected when something is not in these autistic brothers and in many but not all p.1 Shaw, FAUS 6/27/97 autistic and ADD children is tartaric acid. One the first autistic child's treated this way dropped little boy with autism every day produced almost to about half after a month, to normal a little later the twelve grams of tartaric acid reported to be and after two months to nearly zero. It often lethal to humans. I also found it later in patients turns out that the antifungal medication has to be having a disorder called fibril myalgia with continued for a while to prevent relapse. The symptoms of chronic fatigue and extreme muscle patients apparently have weakened immune weakness. But no one could tell me where the tartaric acid came from in these children. It is not The species of intestinal yeast involved is manufactured in the human body, and there is no probably sacryomycies seravisci, the same yeast evidence that any mammals produce it. you bake with in your kitchen. There are two Malic acid, a very similar compound, is strains of it, one used in baking and one in wine produced and used in the body in key chemical and beer making, but they are essentially the processes. Tartaric acid is almost identical but same thing, and under the right conditions both has an extra OH radical on it. When in the body can produce tartaric acid. Some aids patients it performs as what is called an "analog." It is so have been found to have it systematically, that is similar to malic acid that the body attempts to use throughout their body, and some cases of vaginal it metabolically. But then the pathways that infection are from sacryomycies seravisci.
normally utilize malic acid become blocked and There are an estimated 500 kinds and a 10 dysfunctional because of the presence of tartaric to 100 million total count of one-celled acid and its abnormal chemical reactivity. microorganisms in the normal human gut. In Commercially tartaric acid is a byproduct some people the number of bacterial cells is of the wine industry. It is a sediment that nearly the same as the number of human cells in accumulates during the yeast fermentation their body. The bacterial cells are smaller but process. It's found naturally in grapes, grape none-the-less metabolically quite active and juice and grape jelly and plain grapes and is also producing lots of unusual things. Taking oral a food additive in a lot of the carbonated drinks antibiotics can wipe out 80 % of them, this and any grape or lime flavored beverages. It is in leaving the resistant bacteria and all the yeasts. some brands of baking soda. The FDA calls it an In one study on animals oral penicillin was found acidulate and lists it as GRAS (generally to reduce the bacterial count by a factor of 1000, recognized as safe), so food ingredient may just especially the beneficial lactobacilli bacteria. The list it as flavoring. The household product cream presence of harmful bacteria on the other hand of tarter is pure tartaric acid. was found to increase by a factor of 1000 above Tartaric acid is not produced by Candida, the normal balance and in these test animals and the main yeast that has been of concern in the gut, in many cases actually to move out of the gut into but its abnormal presence in so many of these the lymph nodes in response to the penicillin autistic patients suggested that anti-fungal medication might be a good thing to try. Nystatin Most of my work has been done with was used because it is retained in the gut rather autistic patients, but exactly the same kinds than being absorbed systematically like Dyflucan anomalies are involved in ADD/ADHD. The or Nizoral. The tartaric acid level in the urine of median values of abnormal compounds in the p.2 Shaw, FAUS 6/27/97 mass spectrographic urine analysis of ADD/ begets likelihood of further infection in the ADHD patients is usually up by a factor of two to three. For tartaric acid the median factor is three. It appears to me that oral antibiotics are High yeast compounds show up in 80-90 % of probably the leading cause of child ADD/ADHD children sometimes with individual developmental disorders. Injectable antibiotics compound factors twenty times normal. Those were used initially during and after World War II. negative for yeast typically show other factors They have minimal effect on michroorganisms in like adiphic acid. Nine major studies have now the gut. In 1950 the use of oral antibiotics was shown that children with ADD/ADHD have a minuscule. Widespread use started in 1957 and statistically high correlation with frequent use of then sky rocketed. And over the same time frame oral antibiotics in their early infant years. (The there has been explosive use of oral antibiotics in authors of those reports were unaware of the animals as well. The FDA requires removal of yeast connection and typically concluded that the antibiotics prior to slaughter of animals used for causal factor was something like a hearing meat, but residues from the abnormal deficiency change due to many ear infections.) michroorganisms persists in our food supply.
ADD, ADHD, PDD and autism are a Statistics of many types are given in my spectrum of disorders beginning with mild book to appear this fall. In one practice only 1 % exposure to adverse chemicals causing mild of treated children under 3 had autism during learning disabilities as in ADD and progressing as 1965-69 , but the number rose to 17 % during the biochemical abnormalities become more 1994-95. Some of this must be due to increase in severe to autism and even occasionally psychosis. education and awareness, but some of this is An analogy is carbon monoxide poisoning. A undoubtedly a real increase. Ear infections and small amount in the blood is easily tolerated. We the use of antibiotics for treatment have also all have some because we drive cars. But with increased dramatically, apparently with carboxi-hemoglobin reaching 0.15 % nausea, interlocking synergistic feedback. Many of the head aches, blurry vision and depression begin to autistic children in my clinic have had fifty set in. Michroorganisms confined to the gut incidents of ear infection before the age of five.
produce byproducts and toxins that circulate in the blood and are an integral part of our body's The currently accepted medical view biochemistry. What's important is the amount. concerning metabolites from michroorganisms is Just as with carbon monoxide, everyone has a 1) that these compounds are not produced in the little tolerance for poison. Everyone has a little metabolism of humans, 2) that they are inert, and bit of the harmful compounds from intestinal 3) that they are not important. I think that this michroorganisms, but ill health creeps in if the view will change in a big way stimulating a huge quantity passes a tolerable level. One of the vested-interest commercial war by the year 2000. known mechanisms for weakening of the immune My working premise now is that normal system, for instance, is fragmentation by gleo development and function requires the toxins of the DNA in white blood cells. These are appropriate interaction of both human and one of the compounds produced by yeasts and microbial biochemical systems. Dysfunction in most species of Candida. By this kind of either leads to abnormal development of human mechanism infection treated with oral antibiotics p.3 Shaw, FAUS 6/27/97 potential. We need to be concerned about far Books on the intestinal yeast problem include: more than immediate disease-causing agents.
"Candida-Related Complex," by Christine For the Feingold Association and the Winderlin (Taylor Pub., 1996); and the older dietary control of ADD/ADHD I recommend the standards "The Yeast Syndrome," by F. P. addition of an anti-yeast diet including low use of Trobridge & M. Walker (Bantam Books, 1986 refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, and few $3.95); "The Yeast Connection" by W. G. yeast products as described in the book by Dr. Crook (Vintage, 1983); and the original "The William Crook. A few months of prescription Missing Diagnosis," by C. Orian Truss (The anti-fungicide may also be needed. A systemic Missing Diagnosis Inc, 1982). Truss and the drug like Dyflucan may sometimes be needed older books describe asceldehyde syndrome and instead of or in addition to Nystatin which treats "pickeling" of neurotransmitters, immune the intestine. Retesting can meter the progress. system components, tissues including nerve There are at least a dozen non-prescription anti- fibers, etc.), but predate Dyflucan and fungal products as well such as aprilic acid, awareness of additional factors like leaky gut deodorized garlic, pau darco and others. Before syndrome, the opiate effects of partially and after testing of urine samples in my digested proteins, enzyme damage or adverse laboratory show that they work. They can't be synaptic function with altered pH. advertised as such so just ask at a health-food Initial awareness of a wide range of symptoms associated with food allergy (and addiction), chemical sensitvities that are now often atributed to side effects from intestinal yeasts, comes from the clinical ecologists of the 1940's and late 30's. There are many books from this era such as "Human Ecology and Susceptibility Reviewer's Notes: to the Chemical Environment," by Theron G. Randolph (Charles C. Thornes Publishers, 1952, A more technically complete talk was given by hdbk, medical) and "An Alternative Approach to Shaw a year later at the autism conference in Allergies," T. G. Randolph and R. W. Ross, England. His book is titled "Biological (Bantam Books, 1986, easy reading). What is Treatments for Autism and PDD," 1998, now called ADD/ADHD, manic-depressive and available at The Great Planes Laboratory, 9335 the like can be seen as tabulated in a spectrum West 75th St., Overland Park, Kansas 66204, of cerebral and other disorders on a rating scale from -4 to +4 on page 38 of these observations The type of chemical analyses reports provided from the ‘40s.
with chemical testing at Dr. Shaw's laboratory (The stool by dry weight is 60 % include: bacterial compounds, yeast and fungal compounds, Krebs cycle, adiphic acid and several of the food additive compounds, hydroxi hypuric sylicelate byproduct… p.4 Shaw, FAUS 6/27/97

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