Ima (health guidelines - haj)

avoid fluids to prevent you from using the toilets. This can Islamic Medical Association have disastrous consequences (heat exhaustion and It is preferable to adjust your periods 3-4 months before Hajj dehydration). Do not rush to stone the Jamarat. Wait for a using hormones so that no adjustment is needed during the suitable opportunity and enjoy rejecting Shaitan. Wear Hajj period. It is possible and permissible to delay periods secured footwear. Avoid bending to look for lost footwear in for convenience by taking appropriate hormone tablets. crowded situations. You may get pushed to the ground. Your doctor/gynaecologist can guide you.
If an injury is sustained, clean it well with an antiseptic solution or water, use an antibiotic or antiseptic cream if THE MARBLE FLOORS available. Seek medical help for deep wounds or severe The marble can be very slippery when wet. Please take extra care to avoid slipping. Severe injuries can occur on the elbows, wrists, back or hips from a fall. Yellow Fever and Meningo-coccal (4 strain) vaccines are In bright sunshine, the white marble shines brilliantly. essential for all pilgrims from Sub-Saharan Africa. Take the Those people who have sensitive eyes should wear sun vaccines at least 2 weeks or earlier before departure. If you glasses. Walking on the marble bare feet can cause the feet are unable to take any of the vaccines, e.g., pregnancy, a to dry out, e.g., during Tawaf. Wear ordinary or leather letter from your doctor to verify the pregnancy is required socks, if this becomes a problem. Use urea-containing It is highly recommended that you take an Influenza Hepatitis A vaccine should also be taken, especially if you are going to eat foods prepared outside the hotels.
Dr. Farouk Haffejee
Avoid going into large crowds. Go to the masajid ½ hour SAHUC MEDICAL MISSION before adhan and leave the masajid ½ hour after the On arrival in Saudi Arabia, familiarize yourself with the salah has ended. Take this opportunity to make more location of the SAHUC Medical Mission. The Medical Hajj is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. Mission will help you in treating any acute medical Hajj is compulsory for those who can afford it. problems. Do not rely on this source of medication for your It is therefore very important for those chronic medicines as it would be impossible to carry all the medication everybody would need.
performing Hajj to be both physically and From the 1 of Dhul Hijjah, ensure that you are physically spiritually prepared to perform this once in a and spiritually fit for the 5 days of Hajj. Treat any conditions lifetime ibadat. that require attention. Do not over-exert yourself. Have Every returning Haji must take one 500mg Ciprobay tablet, adequate rest. Try to connect with Allah Subahanahu Here are some health guidelines to make the 24 hours prior to departure. This is prophylaxis to prevent Watha'ala. The main purpose of your visit is close. You your relatives from contracting Meningococcal Meningitis. performance of Hajj and Umrah such that more need to be in peak condition.
This tablet is available free from your agent from the SAHUC quality time can be devoted to ibadaat. THE FIVE DAYS OF HAJ Be as helpful as possible to all around you. Do not push under any circumstance. Keep a space in front of you so that Adequate preparations for one of the most important Hajj and Umrah are easier for physically fit people. One your feet are not injured. Protect the vulnerable in your journeys in your life will, Insha Allah make the performance should improve physical fitness about 6 to 8 weeks before company. Remain focused on your mission. Avoid people of Hajj a successful and memorable experience.
departure. Brisk walks for about 30-45 minutes 3 to 4 times a who distract you from your purpose. Carry your medication week going up to 5 to 10 km. at a time would be ideal. Start in a safe, dry place. Insulin must be kept with a cold pack. May Allah Subahanahu Watha'la take you safely and bring slow and increase. Walk in your "Ihraam" footwear and your Do not carry unnecessary items in your luggage. Avoid the you back safely. May you have a successful and acceptable backpack if you are doing the walking Hajj, to break them in so "just in case" syndrome. that the footwear and the backpack become user-friendly. By taking care of your health, you will not compromise Continue your fitness in the Haramain. If you are over-weight, someone else's Hajj.
Islamic Medical Association of South Africa
go onto a low calorie diet and exercise to lose weight. The less Please take your medications on time. Watch your diet if P O Box 701063, Overport 4067
weight you carry, the easier it is to do the physical aspects of you are diabetic. Durban, South Africa
Hajj and Umrah.
Do not over-eat. Eat small meals, have adequate fluid intake Tel: 031-207 2250 Fax: 031-207 2260
Wheel chairs are available free of charge in Makkah and and keep out of the sun unless necessary. Do not OFFSET PRINTERS 031-2079410/1 / SEPT 2010
Because of the very hot, dry weather conditions, hydration Visit your doctor 2 to 3 months before departure and get Avoid back strain, especially if you have a history of back is important. Tap water is not safe to drink. One can brush optimal diabetic control. Make sure that you have enough problems, as healing can take anything from 2 – 6 weeks. teeth and make wudhu with tap water. Zam Zam is freely of your medication and test strips to last you for at least a Travel lightly with bags with wheels. Avoid lifting heavy available. Drink as much Zam Zam as possible. Bottled week after your expected return, just in case your flight is items. If you have to lift, ask for help or lift with a straight water is also available and distributed free on the days of delayed. Keep on a strict diet during your stay. Monitor your back by bending your knees. At the first sign of back pain, Hajj. Fruit juices are also available. Diabetics should make glucose levels frequently. Beware of fruit juices that have stop whatever activity is causing the pain to prevent it from sure that no sugar is added to the fruit juices. Fluid intake sugar added to them. Take extra precautions not to injure becoming worse. Seek medical attention early.
should be about 12 large glasses a day. If your urine is yourself, especially on your feet. Leave enough space in concentrated, your fluid levels are down. Restricting water front of you when walking in crowded situations. Consult a intake to avoid going to the toilet can lead to heat doctor if your glucose is persistently high or low or if you develop an infection.
Drinking very cold Zam Zam can cause a sore throat, as it is Those people who suffer from arthritis of the back, hips, chemically cooled. knees or ankles should lose weight as fast as possible prior to HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE departure if they are overweight. Start treatment before departure to get the arthritis under control. Be guided by Visit your doctor 2 to 3 months before departure and get your doctor or physiotherapist on the exercises you can do One should continue to eat a healthy, well balanced diet optimal control of your blood pressure. Take your to strengthen your muscles before departure. Stronger and should be weary of unusual foods. One should be medication on time. Those on diuretics may need their muscles take the pressure off the joints. Carry your cautious about food purchased from street vendors. Make medication adjusted in view of the climatic conditions medication with you.
sure that your fibre intake is high to avoid constipation.
there. This should be done on the advice of a doctor. Consult a doctor if you experience blurred vision, unexplained headaches, dizziness, disorientation or swelling of the ankles and feet.
Continue your preventative medication diligently and Constipation is usually caused by inadequate fibre and/or continuously. Take the medication for controlling an attack fluid intake. The fear of using "unknown" toilets can lead of gout from your doctor just in case of an attack. Be strict one to postpone the use of the toilet. Familiarise yourself with your gout diet.
with the toilets, take in adequate fibre (bran cereals, dried The dry weather conditions in Saudi Arabia can cause fruit, fruit and vegetables) and insist on adequate fluid cracking of the skin, especially on the heel area. Deep intake. Constipation leads to piles and anal fissures, which fissures can develop with a possibility of infection. are unpleasant and painful. If you have a constipation Cellulitis can occur, requiring the person to keep the feet problem despite your diet, take a stool softener daily elevated for 3-4 days. If this occurs before Hajj starts, it can (Lacson, Laxette, Movicol, etc.).
make it very difficult. This is especially important for Most medicines are available in Saudi Arabia. Your diabetics. Moisturize regularly with a good moisturizer like particular chronic medication (medicines you take daily) Vaseline, heel balms and urea-containing moisturizers. Use DIARRHOEA AND VOMITING may not be available in Saudi Arabia. Please ensure that you socks, ordinary or leather to protect the feet on the marble have adequate supplies of your medication, taking an extra Gastro-enteritis (diarrhoea, vomiting and fever) is usually floors. Beware of slipping on wet marble.
weeks' supply just in case your flight is delayed. Also, keep spread by viruses or by infected foods. Make sure that the Because of the rubbing of the scrotum against the upper some money in reserve just in case you have to purchase food source is clean, wash all raw fruit and vegetables thigh whilst walking in Ihraam without underwear, a painful some medications.
thoroughly, peel fruit before eating. Cooking kills the viruses rash can develop. Avoid this by applying large amounts of and bacteria. Viral gastro-enteritis is usually spread by Vaseline on the inside of the upper thigh throughout Umrah It is essential that you take a letter from your doctor contact with an infected person. Keep away from people and the first 3 days of Hajj. This applies more so to people specifying your illnesses, the chronic medication you are on who have the virus. If this is not possible, wash hands who are going to walk throughout Hajj. If you are and the dosage. Otherwise, all medicines you take must regularly after touching the infected person. Do not kiss or unfortunate enough to get this painful condition, a steroid have your name on the labels. It would be helpful for hug an infected person until the virus is gone (about 5 days). cream helps very quickly.
doctors if you carried a list of your medications and your If you are infected, keep away from people. Stop vomiting hotel card on you at all times.
by using anti-emetics like maxolon, valoid, etc. Do not stop the diarrhoea as the body is trying to get rid of the virus. Use FUNGAL INFECTIONS Medicines that may be helpful to take include pain-killers, buscopan or scopex to stop stomach cramps. If diarrhoea tablets for nausea (maxolon, valoid), for stomach cramps Fungal infections, especially of the feet should be treated occurs more than 6 times in 24 hours, then lomotil or (buscopan, scopex), for diarrhoea (Imodium, lomotil), for before departure. Dry the areas between the toes after Imodium may be used to slow the diarrhoea. Drink extra runny nose (Actifed), for infections (co-amoxycillin, wudhu. Use an anti-fungal cream regularly. Fungal fluids especially, Zam Zam, rehydrating fluids, honey water erymycin if allergic to penicillin), citirizine or loratadine for infections can also lead to cellulitis.
and fruit juices.
allergies, etc. Do not carry liquid medicines in bottles.


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